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The Secret Agent

The Secretthree
Dominoes Agent
SETTING 15 ___ is not bad-looking and is given money by different young
Choose the best answer. women.
a Inspector Heat b Ossipon c Sir Ethelred

1 Verlocs shop is in ___.
d The Professor
a Greenwich b Knightsbridge c Soho
d Westminster 16 ___ wears glasses and carries a bomb in his pocket.
a Ossipon b Stevie c The Professor d Yundt
2 Verloc first met Winnie ___.
a at her mothers house in Belgravia b in Brittany 17 ___ does not like his job and hates the English weather.
c in Paris d in Milan a Michaelis b The Assistant Commissioner
c Vladimir d Yundt
3 Verloc goes to meet Mr Vladimir ___.
a at Michaeliss cottage b in a bar c in a foreign 18 ___ is still optimistic after fifteen years in prison.
embassy d in a small Italian restaurant a Michaelis b Ossipon c Verloc d Yundt
4 Verloc was working ___ in France for some time. 19 ___ is a big white-faced man who doesnt like details.
a as a secret agent b as a shopkeeper a Inspector Heat b Michaelis c Sir Ethelred
c for Inspector Heat d with the French police d The Assistant Commissioner

5 Vladimir wants Verloc to plant a bomb at ___. 20 ___ gets information about international revolutionaries
a Greenwich Park b Greenwich station from Verloc.
c the Greenwich Observatory a Inspector Heat b Sir Ethelred
d the Houses of Parliament c The Assistant Commissioner d The Professor
6 Verlocs revolutionary friends meet at his house in ___. 20 marks
a the kitchen b the sitting room
c the shop d Winnies mothers room
7 Ossipon meets the Professor in ___. Who said this?
a a bar b Greenwich Park c the street
21 You are too fat for an anarchist.
d Verlocs shop
a Inspector Heat b the Assistant Commissioner
8 The Assistant Commissioner meets Sir Ethelred at ___. c Vladimir d Wurmt
a a rich and important ladys house b an Embassy
22 I need nothing but death and that makes me strong.
c Michaeliss cottage d the Houses of Parliament
a Yundt b the Professor c Winnie d Vladimir
9 Verloc dies in ___.
23 Ill get you in the end.
a Greenwich Park b Michaeliss cottage
a Inspector Heat b the Assistant Commissioner
c the English Channel d the house in Brett Street
c the Professor d Vladimir
10 Winnie dies in ___.
24 Bad world for poor people.
a Greenwich Park b Ossipons arms
a Stevie b the cab driver
c the English Channel d the house in Brett Street
c Winnie d Winnies mother
20 marks 25 Everything I leave here is yours now.
a Stevie b Verloc
CHARACTERS c Winnie d Winnies mother
Choose the best answer.
26 If he gets lost, hell soon arrive home safely.
11 ___ is thin, and like a little child. a Ossipon b Verloc
a Stevie b The Professor c Winnie d Winnies mother
c Winnie d Winnies mother
27 Ive been to the bank to take out all the money.
12 ___ is a large man with a dangerous look in his sleepy eyes.
a Ossipon b the Professor
a Inspector Heat b Ossipon c The Professor
c Verloc d Winnie
d Verloc
13 ___ talks about other things when she is worried. 28 Did your husband say when he would be back?
a The Professors landlady a Inspector Heat b Ossipon
b The rich and important lady c Sir Ethelred d the Assistant Commissioner
c Winnie d Winnies mother 29 A lying dog of some kind.
14 ___ is fat and cant walk very well. a Michaelis b the Assistant Commissioner
a The Professors landlady c Verloc d Vladimir
b The rich and important lady
30 Did you do this by yourself?
c Winnie d Winnies mother
a Inspector Heat b Ossipon
c the Assistant Commissioner d the Professor

20 marks

Three 1/2
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Secret Agent
Dominoes three

VOCABULARY 47 The Assistant Commissioner goes to Verlocs house

Choose the best answer. because ___.

a he doesnt trust Vladimir b he wants to help Verloc
31 a piece of paper or cloth that you fix to something
c he wants to know the truth about the bombing
a envelope b ink c label d proof
d Sir Ethelred wants him to arrest Verloc
32 to have difficulty speaking
48 Stevie plants the bomb for Verloc because ___.
a sigh b spoil c stagger d stutter
a he does everything Verloc asks b he likes fireworks
33 overweight c he wants to be a terrorist d Verloc pays him
a abroad b fat c huge d mad
49 Winnie attacks Verloc with the carving knife because
34 for very few people to know she ___.
a fake b hoarse c private d unsigned a doesnt love him any more b thinks he killed Stevie
c wants to run away with Ossipon
35 to fix pieces of cloth together
d wants to take Verlocs money
a rattle b sew c trust d whip
50 Ossipon leaves Winnie on the train because ___.
36 to hit your foot against something and fall

a he is terrified of her
a complain b spoil c support d trip
b he must look after his dying mother
37 person who does violent things to get political change c he wants her money
a anarchist b comrade c proletariat d she starts to cry
d terrorist
20 marks
38 to stop being angry with someone
a bury b forgive c identify d protect
Total marks
39 ajar
a abroad b disappointed
c glad d half open
40 something that makes a bomb work
a destruction b detonator c rubber d tube

20 marks

Choose the best answer.
41 Verloc doesnt have problems with British Customs
because ___.
a he never does anything wrong
b he sometimes helps the police
c he works for an embassy
d the police are too soft
42 Stevie likes to ___ in his free time.
a draw circles b explode fireworks
c read books d take messages to people
43 Vladimir is going to stop paying Verloc because ___.
a Verloc is fat b Verloc is lazy
c Verloc once went to prison d Verloc has a wife
44 Verloc decides that ___ can plant a bomb for him.
a none of his anarchist comrades b Ossipon
c the Professor d Yundt
45 Verloc gets the explosives for the bomb from ___.
a Inspector Heat b the Professor c Vladimir
d Yundt
46 Heat knows that Verloc was the other man because ___.
a he finds bits of tin in the remains
b he finds the label in Stevies coat
c he worked in Paris
d Verloc sent him an unsigned note

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The Secret
The SecretAgent

Test Key
1 c 6 b
2 a 7 a
3 c 8 d
4 a 9 d
5 c 10 c
11 a 16 c
12 d 17 b
13 c 18 a
14 d 19 c
15 b 20 a
21 c 26 c
22 b 27 c
23 a 28 a
24 a 29 d
25 d 30 b
31 c 36 d
32 d 37 d
33 b 38 b
34 c 39 d
35 b 40 b
41 b 46 b
42 a 47 c
43 b 48 a
44 a 49 b
45 b 50 a

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