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22nd National IAPHD Conference, 2017

Abstract Submission Format: Category 4

Paper Presentations for Clinical trials/ original research
on indigenous products for dental use
For all MDS students/Staff
(Structured Abstract)

Name of the Presenter: Dr.______________________________________

Mobile Number of the Presenter: _________________________________

Email address of the Presenter: ___________________________________

Designation: MDS student: I II III


IAPHD Membership No: __________________________________________

Conference Registration ID: _______________________________________

Name of the Institution: ___________________________________________

Address of the Institution: ___________________________________________________


Please stick to word limit of 250 words (Microsoft Word Document)




Material and Methods


Public Health

Guides Signature HODs Signature &Seal

22nd National IAPHD Conference, 2017

Guidelines for Category 4: Paper Presentations

(Clinical trials/ Original research on indigenous/ natural products for dental use)

Abstract title: Short, precise and not more than 15 words

Abstract text: Abstracts should contain no more than 250 words.
A presenter can send abstract for only one category (Category 1/ 2/ 3/ 4).
Only individual participation in paper presentation is allowed.
All MDS students i.e. I/ II/ III / Staff can participate.
Abstracts will have to be submitted by email only. Hard copies or faxes of abstracts will
not be accepted.
Abstracts should be sent to scientific.22ndiaphdconference@gmail.com by 30th September,
Abstracts will not be accepted after the stipulated deadline.
Once an abstract is submitted online, there is no provision for abstract replacement.
External sources of funding, if any, should be disclosed by the researcher.
Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed by the researcher.
Figures, charts or tables are not to be included in the abstract.
Abbreviations used in the abstract should be elaborated before use. Example: ANOVA
(Analysis of Variance).
Conference registration is mandatory for participating in any form of scientific session
(Category 1 to 7).


The presentations should be made using Microsoft Office PowerPoint software.
The power point should be compatible with Microsoft Office 2007.
Only completed studies will be allowed to be presented.
A total of 10 minutes will be allotted for the presentations (08 minutes presentation, 02
minutes for questions/answers).
The compatibility of the Presentation including other media formats utilized in the
presentation should to checked by the presenter before commencement of his/her scientific
session in their respective halls.
Two chairpersons will be convening each scientific session.
22nd National IAPHD Conference, 2017

Each presenter will be awarded a certificate.

Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed by the researcher.
External sources of funding, if any, should be included in the presentation.