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Board of Directors

Property Owners Association

La Reata Ranch

March 11, 2007

Subject: La Reata Board Meeting Minutes

1. Call To Order:
The meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm. Present were David Sager, Nick
Collier, David Bell, and Bonnie Collier (Recreation Committee).

2. Old Business:
a. Minor changes for clarification were made to the February 2007 minutes and
the minutes were approved as changed.
b. Budget. The Board Secretary presented a draft budget based on the 2006 end-
of-year Profit & Loss Statement. Adjustments were made for reduced income
as a result of lower property owners fees.
c. Signed signature cards.
d. CCR Voting. The board is in receipt of a number of property owner opinions
regarding the number of ballots required to approve the CCRs. All members
of the board were in agreement that 2/3 of all property owners must vote in
favor of the recommended changes in order for the recommendations to be
approved. A quorum of 70% is not applicable to this issue inasmuch as the
quorum is for purposes of calling a meeting for purposed of taking the vote.

The association is currently 10 votes short of minimum number of ballots

required to take a count (115 of 172 property owners in good standing).

The motion was made and approved to designate May 30, 2007 as the
absolute final date for collect ballots for the CCR recommendations. Board
members will personally contact property owners in residence who have not
cast ballots. Renewed efforts will also be made to contact non-voting
members who do not live in the subdivision.
e. The board discussed and approved to provide Kevin Cochran a $2500.00
retainer to file a “hold action” or intent to sue against the property owners
involved in the subdivided lot to preclude any further sale or title action
involving the property in question.
f. Lot 171. A special warranty deed was executed to correct the records for sale
of this property.
g. Entrance. Flags are up. Work has begun on landscape projects for the
h. Park. Signs to be completed. (D Bell and Stephen O’Donnell).
i. Spring POA Meeting. The meeting will be held on April 28 in the park.
Efforts will be made to use the First Baptist Church of Smithville Fellowship
Hall (inclement weather) and a band for entertainment. Details will need to be
finalized and notices mailed by end of March.

Possible presentations: Fire safety (3-N-1) (Nick), animal control (David B),
wildlife management (David S), POA issues.

3. New Business:
a. Lot 83. The POA is in receipt of a notice (as lein holder) of foreclosure filed
against this property for failure to pay property taxes. A copy has been mailed
to Kevin Cochran (POA attorney) for action on this matter.
b. Loose Pets. New complaints have been received concerning pets (primarily
dogs) running loose in POA. It was recommended that the upcoming
newsletter include an article concerning the CCR requirement for property
owners to control their pets. Property owners will be encouraged to
communicate with their neighbors or notify the appropriate county authorities
to assist in control. The POA Board of Directors has little or no control of this
issue, particularly if the complaint does not contain information specific
enough to identify the animal in question of the responsible property.
c. Wildlife Management Legislation. Discussed draft legislation on wildlife
d. Newsletter. Bonnie Collier has agreed to handle writing and producing a
periodic newsletter for the POA. Publication of the next issue is planned for
early April. POA committees will be queried for information appropriate for
the newsletter. The Board secretary will ascertain who the committee chairs
are and will notify Bonnie with this information. It was suggested that the
newsletter include information regarding the Spring Meeting, CCR ballots,
maintenance, useful websites, e.g., burn ban map, local movies, etc.
e. Next meeting will be on Sunday, April 1, 2007.

4. Adjournment:
The meeting was adjourned at 6:13 pm.