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In the secular judgment, religion just be considered as a part of culture

habit so if there is a religious figure misunderstands and it turn misapplied, then
the religion will be regarded as the cause of problem, from the regional until state
and nation level. The results of the 2017 International Transparency
Researchshows that the world's most corrupt countries based on government
revenue sources and business capabilities are successively Somalia, South Sudan,
North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, GuniaBissa and
Venezuela.Meanwhile the countries which can anticipate the corruption are
Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore,
Netherlands, Canada and Germany. In this case Indonesia is ranked 90th while
South Korea is able to change from 55th to 46th rank.
Because of that, the writer feels right to do the research with title
"The Implementation of Islam" (Case Study in South Korea and Indonesia).From
the descriptions above, the writer formulates the research,Why is Islam left behind
in progress with the modern states in the world?How can Islam getthevictory in
progress with the modern states in the world?
The purpose of qualitative research is to try to understand the social
symptoms in such a way and does not require quantification, because these
symptoms are not possible to be measured, then appropriately the researcher are
required to understand, inspire and describe the lives of society, to appreciate their
interactions and ask their perceptions of their own lives.
This research is descriptive which aims to sharpen the characteristics of
the symptoms studied by looking for the relationships among social phenomena in
the presence of state and religion,The location of the research was conducted in
Republic of Indonesia and Republic of South Korea, while the time of the
research was since 2016 to 2017 and the cost of the research was obtained from
the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.
From all the explanations above, the writer concludes, as follows:Islam is
left behind in progress because the Moslem figures are less in speech about
democracy, justice, and service; however they prefer to focus on the spiritual
activities more.The way to get the victory must based on Al Quran and Al Hadits
comprehensively (kaffah), moreover the Azans (the Islamic call to prayer) word
which is taught by Prophet Muhammad is hayya alalfalaah (Reach for the