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MY BRIEF HISTORY STEPHEN HAWKING Copyright © 2093 by Seen W Haig Aleatocwenes dehy asm No ain he Ra He Paige i of Rank Hae LL Pep akan Ha Paes ned Kil y Beso Pepe ‘nei warty renein seem rp che eye or mgt yer amigo 192-2 Pay inet ay Comey te Asma) Ta ‘ociimaas aes o moxtumndtcsn CONTENTS Cover tle Page Copyright 1 Childhood 2_St. Albans 6 The Big Bang 7 Black Holes 8 Caltech 9” Marriage 10 A Brief History of Time 1_Time Travel 412_Imaginary Time 13 No Boundaries Dedication Mlustration Credits Other Books by This Author About the Author