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This template shall be used for creating a

brief description of a new idea.
Idea Descriptor

1. General Submission Information

IDEA TITLE DICOM RT Plan for Automated LINAC Commissioning

IDEA Reference No Idea-yyyy-00x

Idea Initiator:
Catalin Tudor / Physics and Innovation
(Name / Department)
Date 18.03.2016

2. IDEA Description and General Information

Describe your idea with a reasonable Context
level of details. The beam setup required by the commissioning procedure is
- What shall be created? currently done manually: the beam parameters are manually
- What will be the outcome of the specified via the LINAC console (as the OmniPro Accept is spec-
Any supporting information (e.g sketches, pic- ifying). Here in my opinion is space for improvements.
tures) can be attached additionally to this
document The idea:
It shall be possible to compute a DICOM RT Plan based on an
OmniPro Accepts queue. The RT Plan could be sent/loaded to
TCS using the TPS or R&V systems (Monaco and Mosaiq for El-
ekta). The execution of the plan will be automated and will not
require intensive human intervention (only confirming and trig-
gering the beam execution).

Figure 1: Automated Commissioning Workflow

Regarding the RT Plan structure: There shall be one plan per

queue. The plan shall contain a beam for each energy defined in
the queue (one beam for the queue items having the same en-
ergy). For each queue item, a control point shall be created in
that beam matching the queue items energy.

Figure 2: Creating a RT Plan for automated commissioning

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This template shall be used for creating a

brief description of a new idea.
Idea Descriptor

Who would be the potential cus- All the (potential) customers of OmniPro Accept.
tomer(s), user(s) of product idea?
Describe main customers pains , if The beam setup required by the commissioning procedure is:
known: manual task;
- What customer problem(s) would time consuming task;
be solved by the idea?
- What benefit would the idea bring
involve intensive human intervention;
to the customer(s)? prone to human errors;

According to you, ..
. can we already envision eventual No Yes Dont know
technological/ market risks that IBA
should consider? (Describe if any)
. is there a competitor who is using No Yes Dont know
similar idea into a product?
. does the idea align with IBAs strat- No Yes Dont know
egy? If yes, how? Automated procedures for LINAC commissioning
is IBA already familiar with possible No Yes Dont know
technology needed to realize your
is there a potential market for the No Yes Dont know
idea? If yes, where?
IP Protection: did you communicate No Yes
the idea outside IBA?
(Describe, if yes)
Would you like to participate in this No Yes P&I - Prototyping the concept
idea development if it moves forward?
If yes, in what role?
3. IDEA Evaluation (G0- Meeting):
Positive: The idea adds value to existing IBA product portfolio or can contribute to a development of
new product
Intriguing: Idea adds curious things that could be at value for existing IBA product portfolio
Negative: Idea may remove value to existing IBA products
Concerning: Idea worries things that could remove value to existing IBA products

4. G0 - Decision
Idea fits with the business strategy Yes No

Idea could support a balanced pro- Yes No

ject portfolio
Idea can be realized with available core Yes No, but .
Final Decision based on above consid- Idea shall be moved to outlining stage;
erations Next Step: Prepare a Score Card
Idea wont be outlined;
Next Step: Document the rational; inform idea initiator
Score Value

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