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for the “double credit” for a running long jump was ability to blend into his surroundings. My question is simple: Could accounted for by dividing the distance of the 11. — KM of power. it may be true that “iron blame anyone for not quite understanding how rations are not very expensive. as complete as we try to make As soon as your letter arrived. and 10 sub. the extra “rules” incorpo. Lunenburg. are not as detailed as monster descriptions whatever we were doing.vie . monster: Whenever an eye of the deep takes Howe Audacious damage from an attack by the character it is Greedy Hollow. Look for a large truck to back up into DRAGON 3 . My be considered “correct. I can’t say how nice it was to hear from you. After reading it I was left with one major ques. so that two weeks’ worth would take up +2 or +4 depending on the number of claws I wondered how long it would take someone to 150 gp worth of weight and space in a soldier’s holding the victim. the unlikely that a character’s fate in an adventure have room for a supply of food. although it’s a good idea that might work like this because you think the monster is too and send them off to me. a supply of iron rations. many of the soldiers Marietta. Each soldier would also have to carry a holding the adventurer. It’s be able to carry all their necessary gear and also hit? When attacking with two weapons. because always your decision. Only one week’s worth.i . In the example where Jan could be. We can’t give a yes-or- no answer to a question like “Does dexterity affect this penalty to hit?” Whether it does or not is up to you. I have a question about the article on the eye of Eric S. but while on the march. it should be explained a little better. ach. You can’t count higher a character’s dexterity is.lus. Which is correct? sell. someone who is able to detect invisible objects (by a soldier function normally if given only iron foot jump in half. the creature is trying to conceal itself in appropri- expensive and last a long time without spoiling. N. a the deep (#93). give a character with high dexterity less of a that doesn’t address the problem of how to feed penalty to hit when he’s being grabbed by an eye Dear Editor: the animals that are traveling with the army For of the deep. and spent Zweihander is chasing a halfling thief.” issue #94) and I was glad that someone New Ulm. But if you will buy another copy of your magazine next all the problems of how to feed an army on the want to tinker a little more to maintain a balance month and maybe write you another nice march. N.” since it appears in a list the result might be that many soldiers wouldn’t question is. so we can’t On a small scale. which is why (according to the table urisk — which is more like a “chance of failure. wouldn’t elaboration. so all you have to do is make a mules. does dexterity affect this penalty to of pronunciations that we regard as official. Minn.000 one-week portions of iron rations to Dear Dragon. portion of iron rations has an encumbrance value deep grabs hold of one of its victims. Divid. Would you know the base percentage chance for one success- I read Katharine Kerr’s article on feeding an explain this a little better. iron rations to last him throughout the journey. it states the of iron rations for every soldier — assuming that Eye examination pronunciation of Titivilus as ti . Andrew Peterson finally outlined a system for feeding an army. similar circumstance to being grabbed and held And even if every soldier could carry enough by an eye of the deep. chance of jumping instead of 80%. but the amount of detail you use is three days making you a complete set of all the the halfling’s extra jump number be 1. The tion.000-man army that’s about to go on a march that could take as long as two weeks. It says that when an eye of the Greenlawn. holding. commandeered all the drops” (issue #93). I would like to Dear Dragon. old issues.. In issue #94 it says that urisks have the natural tracted from 11 is 1. Y. — KM The last word a 1. on the equipment computation in the example is correct. changed to 10 Dear Dragon. Mass. alive and able to do their jobs. and they would have to find it while they’re Attacking with two weapons isn’t really a on the move. it will reflexively squeeze its pincers Jump adjustment tighter. Yes.000 gold pieces to buy two weeks’ worth In the pronunciation guide (#93). Shouldn’t this apply here. it attacks at of 75 gp.” — KM would not be able to pack all the food they would need. etc. it would the DMG. Travis Boelter are any modifiers to this base chance. then leave well enough alone. — KM army is not solved just by having each man pack done “automatically” in the text of the article. so you can do anything you want with them — or nothing at all.lus. Now that I have complimented you. Goldstein According to Appendix O of the DMG. There’s always room for a little more photocopy machines in the company. If you do this for me. try an adjustment of +1 for every great. . tih . foot horizontal jump with no running start. doing twice normal damage (4-16 points) Dear Howe: to the held character before releasing him. following the system on page 70 of I just discovered your magazine and think it is the reasons described in the article.” But let’s imagine the example worked. because of the claw notice those conflicting pronunciations. little more detail on top of the new information are sold out. rated into ecology articles are not official changes. I understand that many of your old issues some food along the way to keep all of the horses. so the only “chance of success” Jonathan Zaleski distance is only ½ higher than her modified jump involved is whether or not an onlooker sees the Selden. In the Players Handbook. It would Dear Editor: cost 10. Rational question because of a running long jump. That ate surroundings. I need probably still be necessary for the army to find point of dexterity over 15. the less of a will ever depend on whether he knows how to on being able to pick up non-edible equipment penalty. his attacks are made at -2 record.p. Ariz. its (effective) invisi- I think a soldier could “function normally” if ing the distance in half accomplishes the same bility will probably be negated — and certainly it all he consumed was iron rations and water. but thing as doubling the character’s jump number will become visible if it launches an attack from the problem of having enough food for a large for a running long jump. All that does is add a a favor. given in the article. iron rations are listed as costing 5 g. you can add in a “reflex attack” for the letter. For the gear. for these reasons: not explained when it was performed. number of 5. because This ability is played the same way as an elf’s list. iron rations would not solve tough. I in some situations. Ecology articles. but it would be a lot easier to Seth Walther it is nice to all be able to speak the same “lan- find food along the way. too? pronounce someone’s (or something’s) name. Y. — KM Urisky business his modified jump number is 5. If you use a dexterity benefit photocopy of all the pages from those old issues So. So he would have a 30% ability to hide in natural terrain. the pronunciation given in issue #93 can substantial amount of non-edible equipment.tee . . So.” on page 22) her chance of success is 80%. The division step was its hiding place. The halfling’s chance of success virtue of magic or intelligence) can see a urisk if rations and water? Iron rations are not very was calculated as if she were attempting a 5½. and if held by one claw and at -4 if held by two. but it does seem logical to One good turn . Ohio guage. while the the leader of the army can find a merchant who earlier article “Nine Hells Revisited” states it as has 2. please? fully doing so. Note that if the urisk moves.tiv . Dear Dragon. Also. I would also like to know if there army in motion (“An army travels on its stom. all us of dropped I have a question about “Short hops and big them.

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is an excellent system for unarmed combat. . and ter in the game have the purpose of setting up article entitled “Poker. he showed me the list of monsters his character had encountered. or one plays something else. Or making major personal comfort. outside the D&D or AD&D game system. I could build myself a castle. if Gary hasn’t said it’s By considering alignment only a general area since it is not official. but better than the standard Because alignment is only meant to prevent games. Once cerning the AD&D game’s official rules on grap. since Mr. (A person who believes in the basic right of inclusion in your campaign. I will only use ones published be? Could a person who believes in sacrificing and off since 1979. tailored to the AD&D gaming system. . it would not solve the problem of his well written and very informative article in then why isn’t it published? what to consider the belief that humanoid young issue #93 entitled “The making of a milieu. and overbearing: “I have playing the game has a DM who uses Lakofka’s consistently. you might say that whatever some. drastic change). Gygax about the use should be killed in order that they not grow up to article and others like it in DRAGON Magazine of non-official rules. the ruthless humanoids to save friendly peasants. or pass would be considered “evil. con. for through the harsh penalties inflicted when a AD&D games. . The DM can tend to use a very simple system which we ini. AD&D tournament. If I decide to use a new system. changes.” 500 gp for a longsword that is now only just as would be a lesser penalty because it is a less In issue #83 Roger Moore offered what I think good as the longsword his partner paid 15 gp for. for as a corrupt dictator who overburdens the people some discussions among the readers of example. Gygax freedom and personal property. of DRAGON Magazine. These AD&D game system does not allow the injection issue #83 doesn’t seem to be a major change. does that mean that when I official. etc. Up to now I’ve discussed new rules. In have helped me immensely in preparing my Magazine mainly to keep track of official rule such circumstances it would seem that this belief world and campaign. He asks the basic question of what is “good” and what is “evil” in the AD&D and D&D game systems. usable character’s beliefs or personality. . . example. I introduced him to some people who were going to play that night. rather. This is done then be made. Alignment. pummeling. Gygax isn’t either. while another official. As for encumbrance: I had a friend who wanted to give the AD&D game a try. . then it isn’t.” continues to use a different system than the one game system” type of material I gave examples David Miller in the DMG.” the existing ones. I weapon quality system and later switches to a they were part of the alignment. . Fla. then I guess Mr. I could put a kidney-shaped moat around it. If I had a silver piece for every time someone used a bas- tard sword in a crowded bar without hitting anything or anyone except his opponent. the article “Let the horse buyer set a character’s alignment through common touts some magazine or game as being useful for beware” presented what I thought was an excel- sense. I would like to compliment David Godwin on his letter in The Forum of issue #93. If a person decided upon. Lenard Lakofka wrote an believe. I have some questions I am correct in assuming that what Mr. and the AD&D when they do. treasure and magic (Turn to page 24) 6 A PRIL 1985 . which may be one reason why it seems this way. Still. with that of another FRPG.” This Overall. . they are no longer “reality. damage a character can withstand. (I have never been to a GEN CON convention. Similar methods can be used for it does. and created a practical. DM who doesn’t. it doesn’t look like it.) I’ve never played with a DM who took weapon speed factors into consideration. “making up” suspects are opposed to him? the rules and their implementation. and kills all he even slightly The main question I have concerns many of changes to the armor class system. After the game. Align. In issue #65. Fine — but right to life. Next time someone In issue #92. freedom is “good. replacing the AD&D combat system with taxes. buy a longsword not as good as a character changes alignment. as Gary said.” In this article he wrote that “The However. it is important to me. the most that can happen is penalize the player for changing his belief just as tially developed for such close-quarters combat in that the player gets a bit baked at having laid out he does for a change in alignment (though it about 1974. Such games are not D&D or fered a system by which a character could. Either you play TSR’s D&D or AD&D magical +1 sword. I am not playing the real AD&D game? If Gygax meant when he referred to “extraneous adventure. Again. Yet. Now I’d like to ask about the present ones: Mainly. or you play variants of them. If it were to be decided that “good” believed in the absolute I would like to compliment Arthur Collins on system he decides to use is official. Chess. does anyone use them? From what I’ve seen. these systems and ones like kills people for no reason is “evil. the weaponless combat system in will relate how dextrous a character is. Gary Gygax wrote an seen so many people doing exactly that. radical changes of belief and behavior. it is best to hodge-podge system . of beliefs.” them do not seek to replace any rules. Though he leaves the question unanswered. consider the follow. Adding non-official material puts your game In my opinion. make any drastic changes in the game. the bottom line is. or you use a 15 gp longsword listed in the Players Handbook. of extraneous material.” In the next paragraph he writes. . one allows for greater variety in any use it. yet other than for a few “trial runs” because I feel “official” AD&D game magazine. I hope that what Mr. I have not started to DM in DRAGON Magazine since it is. because I try to adhere to the “official” rules of the game. but in a well-done campaign with much variety it would not solve the problem. This sounds nice. I As far as adding “spurious rules and material.. They don’t mining alignment.” system. However. Either one plays the doesn’t replace a set of rules. . Gygax did of.“) After deter. invent the game.” He of- changes in a character’s behavior. I hope that I also believes in the right of those peasants to that I am not quite ready. be just as “evil” would like to put forth as a means of starting meant by “extraneous material” would be. it simplified ment is the characteristic which regulates the AD&D game. I have All numbers and statistics regarding a charac. illogical he says that “no claim to playing either game can article entitled “Keep track of quality. It statistics are only half the game. etc. the player role-playing them as if regretted them ever since [their publication]. In issue #67 your own character classes for PCs. Although this might seem like a moot point to North Miami Beach. was created to prevent radical. They are upon the details of the character’s beliefs. though. for me. the player must then decide Yet in the same issue he also writes this. If I had a gold piece for every 5’4” half-elf I’ve seen carrying a 4’6” bastard sword.” while a person who constantly ing. lent system for buying quality horses. these details must be followed pling.” subtitled “The official word on what’s playing the AD&D game. I agree with Mr.” A certain value will tell one how much system. is concerned with naught else but his DRAGON Magazine. if he material” was the “major change” and “other “lawful” and “chaotic. “.” But how could this Although I have played the AD&D game on one on to my DM. I subscribe to DRAGON cause trouble for humans and demi-humans. In his letter David seems to lean toward the idea that the definition and specific beliefs of each alignment should be determined before a cam- paign and then adhered to.


] The level limits for non-exceptional clerics are one less than the As with all other similar tables. i. 16 9 8 8 6 4 especially that regarding division of experience points equally among 17 10 9 9 7 5 classes. 9 10 18(51) 16 16 vide for the races of demi-humankind. and halflings — being more nature-oriented While it is not possible to renounce further progress as a paladin than the other demi-human races — deserve admission to the druid or a monk in order to pursue another profession. For consistency. a lawful good thermore. let’s look at some new. 6th for minimums which must all be met for the character to rise to the elves. However. with level limits the same wisdom of 16 required).e. and that’s not all By Gary Gygax Copyright ©1985 E. elven. The downward progression for elves follows the are as follows: same pattern as for half-elven rangers. I believe that the Demi-human rangers level limits set in the AD&D® game system (as expanded through Elves are no longer prohibited from entering the ranger sub-class. half-elves. and those with 17 strength Level limit by racial stock of cleric can rise no higher than 6th level. In both examples. In a “world” where humans are the principal population. ability scores given here represent number shown on the table below. or can 15 8 7 7 5 — be triple-classed as druid/ranger/magic-users.) Furthermore. Demi-human druids Paladin and monk dual-classing Elves. and rule of most states is by mankind. can move to that of paladin or monk. be either PC or NPC clerics. All limitations apply. the new limits indicated level. logical as follows : concepts for demi-humans which are not destructive to the underly- ing game concepts. All rights reserved. as for members of the regular fighter class. which 12 14 19 18 18 appeared in DRAGON ® issues #58 through #62 and were reprinted 14 17 20 18 18 in the Best of DRAGON Vol. Gentle Readers. paladin. exceptional: no change in alignment occurs. 18 11 10 10 8 6 19 13 11 12 10 8 Special note on cavaliers 20 16 12 14 12 10 If your campaign uses the cavalier class (described in DRAGON issue #72). just as half-elves have always been. i. although on a limited basis (minimum both elves and half-elves may be cavaliers. Halfling ability scores Highest WIS CHA Druid level 15 15 6 16 15 7 16 16 8 17 16 9 17 17 10 18 17 11 So you think that my extension of levels for demi-humans with 18 18 12 exceptional statistics was stingy. the prohibition against PC clerics of dwarven. etc. and by Roger Moore’s articles herein so as to pro. From a non-conflicting profession. elven rangers with less than 17 strength are limited to 5th level. articles published within these Hallowed Pages.New jobs for demi-humans Dwarven clerics. and halflings are likewise now able to about which more was said in last month’s column. elven rangers. For clerics with exceptionally high wisdom. half-elven rangers are also given Humans would be an inferior species if the limits on demi. or gnomish stock is abolished. III anthology. All scores above 18 — 18 13 despite all assumptions to the contrary. 7th for dwarves. Level limits for elven and half-elven rangers are now humankind were removed. and as eventually in keeping with the same reasoning that now opens the druid sub- redone in new Players Handbook editions) are correct and necessary. there is no logical reason to 10 11 18(76) 17 17 exclude their clerics from play. do you? Well. Ranger level Elf Half-elf STR INT WIS Demi-human clerics 7 8 18(01) 15 15 With expansion of the deities in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ 8 9 18(01) 16 16 Fantasy Setting. it is important to include the paladin as a sub-class of Note that these new limits apply to player characters and NPCs cavalier. Similarly. more potential. a thief of lawful alignment might determine that but able to advance as high as 13th level if the ability scores are the monk profession is now a desired occupation. not as a direct sub-class of fighter. class to that race. Gary Gygax. I do not dislike characters of (maximum) non-human stock. [Editor’s note: The aforementioned 11 12 18(76) 18 18 articles comprise the “Point of View” series on demi-humans. a human PC within the druidical ranks. the opposite is not sub-class. WIS Dwarf Elf Gnome Half-elf Halfling Both elven and half-elven characters can be druid/rangers. Fur. and the activities of the new class do 8 A PRIL 1985 . halflings can become PC or NPC druids of 5th level or cleric with sufficiently high ability scores might decide to become a greater — limited to 5th if either wisdom or charisma is below 15. For example. this reorganization is forthcoming in the Unearthed Arcana volume.e. Elves are now unlimited in their ability to rise in levels necessarily true. (More information on alike — that is.

. It is one you me on the carpet for singularly poor phraseology. simply informing the retailer of your desires. rent. and has done her best to see fantasy role-playing. in a swords & sorcery milieu akin to that of supplier. portions of modules. taxes. for your good offices in behalf of role-playing and for ing or redirection of those disciplines. I must use more many financial obligations. I recommend it to all role-playing game enthusiasts for deed sufficient inducement to any wise proprietor. then a paladin he will remain (unless A very important point which was brought up in Susan’s letter his paladin status is removed for some reason related to magic. rather than (perish the loathsome thought) elsewhere. you. Apply imaginary profession of many Worthy Gamers. then you are missing a prefer to shop there. Do Reader pointed out that harsh words are usually ineffective tools — mention this problem to your fellow enthusiasts. leaving an unsalable remainder behind. not the least of which is that it will assist in proper is employed at a Waldenbooks store. Susan. pertained to pilfering. This I have uttered to myself several bills. In her letter she calls enjoyment and much support for your RPG activity. Inc. The style of writing is neither Thus. a proper AD&D game campaign. and reduce the viability of the store. for losses of this sort are annoying. DRAGON 9 . is in. That Kindly necessary indeed — without these receipts. and it loses that store your patronage. understanding. Nevertheless. or alignment change). Such evil activity jeopardizes the continued availability of Humble pie department these goods. For $2. The these items. These real-life particularly when seeking a result that requires cooperation and thieves should be excluded from campaigns. shouldn’t miss. including employees to pay. I am duly cor. bless her. caring enough to write and correct me. It is a dark work. Each retailer has isn’t the case here! On to my ample serving. and politely heroic nor swashbuckling. you must go elsewhere to buy them. and you thinking persons of totally unscrupulous sort are making off with won’t be far off the mark.not conflict with those of the previous class. and so it is also for a monk. An earlier issue of this Invaluable Journal (#90) contained a suggestion from me that Enthusiastic Gamers be firm in A good “game” book demanding materials not carried by their favorite retailer. It is not possible to take rected and contrite.. Just as evident is the fact that if you avidly seek good book which relates closely to the AD&D ® game. Garrett. utility care when expressing concerns. it is one fine bit of fantasy there. It seems that un- this same line of reasoning to any other dual-class question.95 this book will provide both reading that RPG products are carried by that shop. regardless. give our hobby a This particular dish can be accompanied by homily grits. Option Black Company reads as if it were a literary adaptation of actual two is undesirable because it takes you away from your choice of adventuring. If a character begins his ad. Tom Doherty Associates. they take what they like. venturing career as a paladin. that the author plays FRP games. . let alone any of TSR’s offerings. many reasons. as it were. and so on. Howard in requesting that they be carried so that you may purchase them the book. The small margin of profit from each sale is times after reading a letter from Susan M. so to speak. there can be no store. but that bad name. 1984). Obvi. unfortunately the actual sort rather than the behavior. you wouldn’t be in a store asking for a product if you didn’t Books. There is none of Robert E. two. Susan. the retailer must carry but somehow he has captured the essence of them. authorship. since the mental determination required for ness elsewhere” should not be used in this case — if ever! Thank initial membership in the paladin or monk class disallows any lessen. and your favorite retailer does not carry those goods. . or. then only two courses remain open: One. If you haven’t read The Black Company by Glen Cook (Tor ously. Words such as “demand” and “take your busi- the opposite route. I can’t swear the products. Breaking the plastic wrap around such products.

What good PCs are made of
Play characters with more substance than statistics
by Katharine Kerr
One of the most enjoyable things about player who wants to create a well-developed to say, of course, that no medieval parents
the AD&D® game and other fantasy games PC with a life of his own. Although players loved their children, but such love was a
is role-playing a player character — taking will have to consult their DMs to fit their rare thing.
advantage of the chance to “become an- characters properly into the game world, In upper-class families, children were
other person” and to live out another life in they can do much on their own to flesh out seen mostly as heirs, meant to continue the
a strange and magical land. In an ongoing existing PCs or to add depth to new ones. family line or consolidate family power by
campaign, developing a solid PC is the DMs may also want to give this article to accepting a properly arranged marriage
player’s main opportunity to be creative their players to encourage them to be crea- when they finally came of age. These little
and to contribute something of his own to tive on their own within the context of the political pawns were usually put into the
the Dungeon Master’s world. Using this DM’s world. care of nursemaids — or, among the bar-
kind of creativity can be very satisfying. A barians, foster parents of a lower class — as
well-made PC is a miniature work of art, Growing up medieval soon as they were born. Although the par-
like a character from a good novel or movie, The old cliche is true: no person exists in ents supervised their education and train-
but all the player’s own. a vacuum. Not only is everyone born into a ing, they had little actual contact with their
Yet all too often, players deny themselves specific family, but that family exists in a children until the children were thirteen or
this particular pleasure simply because they society with its own distinct ways of behav- fourteen, when the children were considered
fail to create a true character — someone ior and moral codes. During childhood, a to be full-grown adult members of the fam-
different from themselves in most respects person’s most basic attitudes toward life are ily. These new “adults,” however, had no
with a personality and a mind of his own. formed by the events she’s experienced as control over their own lives until their fa-
Many gamers have a standard character well as by the treatment she receives from ther died. The father announced whom the
style that they return to over and over again her family. Although few gamers give much daughters would marry and sent any sur-
in play, though this character may have a thought to their PC’s early life, understand- plus sons either to the church or to a place
different name and a different set of stats ing that background is a valuable tool for in another lord’s castle. By law, the children
from game to game. Some of these standard creating a PC’s personality. had to obey his decisions.
characters are very much like the players Most of us assume that the way we’re Among the lower classes, children were
running them, and some are wish treated as children is the way that children considered as an economic asset, another
fulfillments, embodying all the strengths have always been treated at all times. We pair of hands to work on the farm or in the
that the player doesn’t have and never will. have a strong concept of “childhood” as a family craft shop. Toys were only for the
Allow me to use myself as my own bad special time of life for being irresponsible, very youngest children. As soon as a child
example: my standard woman warrior protected, and loved. In our society, adults could walk, she was given useful work to do
never compromises, never takes guff from spend a lot of time worrying about their — watching the geese, sorting good beans
anybody, and backs up her pride with a children and about the effects that their own from bad, and other such simple tasks. By
sword — a very different soul from your actions will have on their children’s lives. In the time they were eight, boys were ex-
typewriter-bound author, who would proba- the western medieval society that forms the pected to be doing a full day’s work along-
bly cut her thumb off if she ever picked up a backgrounds for most game worlds, nothing side their father, while girls were doing
real blade. could be further from the truth. (In ancient much of the cooking and clothes-making to
Playing this kind of “compensatory” Rome, or in Constantinople and other free their mother for money-making work in
character can be psychologically healthy at civilized areas of the medieval world, chil- the fields or in the shop. By the time they
times, but always running the same basic dren were raised in a more protective and were fourteen, most lower-class people were
PC drastically limits the enjoyment players loving manner in the middle and upper married, but still living under the control of
get from gaming. Creating a truly different classes, but among the poor everywhere, their father or father-in-law.
character, on the other hand, seems like an what follows will still apply.) In all classes, children were more likely to
imposing task to many gamers, because it In general, growing to adulthood in a be neglected than fussed over. At meals, the
requires some of the skills of both an author medieval society or among barbarian tribes adults were served first, and the children
and an actor. First, the player has to create was a pretty chancy thing. The average fought over the leftovers. Even in the upper
the character in detail, then pretend to be woman could expect to give birth to eight classes, children’s clothing was cut down
that character during the gaming session. children, of whom at least one would be from the adults’ worn-out garments and
The creation is the most important part of born dead and only three of the others rarely washed. The lord’s daughter and the
the process, because a player who really would live to reach maturity. As a result, farmer’s daughter were likely to look much
knows his PC’s background, attitudes, and children simply weren’t cherished; it was alike when it came to their dresses. Few
mannerisms can respond in character much too heartbreaking to grow attached to a adults spent any kind of time with their
more convincingly and spontaneously than child who would probably die in a few children, except to give them orders or
one who only has a vague idea of the PC’s years. What’s more, since so many women teach them how to do various kinds of
general nature. died in childbirth, many children grew up work.
Although inventing an entirely new per- with either no mother at all or with a step- Medieval children were also exposed to
sonality from scratch is a difficult job, any mother who was even more indifferent to violence on a regular basis. Children who
gamer can add some depth and life to his them than their natural mother would have made mistakes, appeared lazy, or merely
PCs with just a little thought and creativity. been. Rather than being in the center of the angered their parents were beaten. For that
The problem is knowing where to begin. family as they are now, children found matter, most would have seen their fathers
This article offers some guidelines for the themselves on the edge of things. This is not beat their mothers as a matter of course,

10 APRIL 1985

too. The amusements of these times were attitudes. However, since Roger Moore has based on the character class of the PC and
genuine, not simulated, blood-sports: duels already explored the cultures of the various which use percentile dice rolls:
to the death in barbarian societies, jousts non-human races in his “Point of View”
and tournaments in medieval ones, as well series of articles for DRAGON® magazine Thieves Fighters
as the omnipresent cock-and-dog fights and (reprinted in the Best of DRAGON Vol. III 01-20 very low 01-05 very low
such refined pleasures as bear-baiting. anthology), there’s no need to cover the 21-50 low 06-15 low
Children were usually taken to watch the same ground here. Any player who is build- 51-90 middle 16-50 middle
public punishment of criminals as well, ing up a non-human character can refer to 91-99 distinguished 51-70 distinguished
because their parents enjoyed watching the the appropriate article in that series for the 00 noble 71-00 noble
floggings, maimings, and hangings meted necessary background and the innate atti-
out by their overlords. Barbarian boys, of tudes of his chosen race. Magic-users Clerics
course, learned early that war and death With this basic background in mind, 01-10 very low 01-10 very low
were part of everyday life and the true we’re ready to turn to the individual PC. 11-25 low 11-25 low
pursuit of real men. After rolling up his character and making 26-60 middle 26-60 middle
With such a start in life, the average PC adjustments for his chosen race, the next 61-85 distinguished 61-75 distinguished
comes to maturity with a pretty grim set of thing a player does is choose the character 86-00 noble 76-00 noble
attitudes. (Although there are always excep- class — the profession — of his PC. Built
tions to any cultural conditioning, it’s sur- into the game is the assumption that the PC Add 10 to all rolls for paladin characters.
prising how many historical figures of the has been apprenticed to a master in this Subtract 10 on all rolls for druids.
Middle Ages fit the pattern described be- class for many years, an assumption that’s
low.) First of all, he realizes that life is short historically accurate. The average child Once the player has rolled on these ta-
and harsh, and that he’s lucky to be alive at would have been sent to his apprenticeship bles, he should try to flesh out the raw
all. He’s seen several brothers and sisters, at nine or ten years of age, depending on result with some circumstances. For in-
and maybe his mother, die from natural how bright and capable the child was. Al- stance, a cleric with a noble background
causes while he was still young. If he’s a though the player should always choose the might have been a younger son of the house
barbarian or a noble, it’s likely that he lost PC’s class himself, he can work backward who had no chance at inheriting the title, or
his father and several uncles to warfare, too. from that choice to fill in the events and a daughter who preferred religion to an
He thus accepts the sufferings of other influences of the PC’s early life. arranged marriage. Any PC who rolls “very
people with an attitude that would strike us Ideally, of course, each player should low” can be assumed to have shown such
as extremely callous, provided that these invent all these details for himself with the great natural aptitude for his class at such
others are strangers rather than someone active collaboration of the DM, as if he an early age that he was adopted by an
important to him personally. were writing a short story about his PC, but upper-level member of that class and raised
What’s more, from early on he learned many players may simply not know where away from his family — except for thieves,
that no one was going to take care of him if to begin their PC’s “biography” or which where poverty is a natural incentive to learn
he couldn’t take care of himself. He’s had to facts to include. the trade.
squabble to get enough to eat, push and This article provides a set of tables to
shove to get enough room in the bed he randomly determine certain basic facts Family life and background
shared with his brothers and sisters, and about the PC. These rolls, however, should Results of rolls on the following progres-
fight over the few toys and amusements that only be starting points. The player should sion of “tables” will help a player develop a
the family shared. Thus, he has an arrogant think about each result and decide what detailed background for the character.
and grasping side to his personality. Even if emotional effect it had on the PC and how
he’s from the noble class, he’s used to hours this effect influenced the character’s person- A. Is the PC a legitimate child of his father?
of hard work and drudgery. Noble boys ality. To give them real meaning, the player (01-75 = yes, 76-00 = no)
were sent to other castles to work as pages has to turn the dice rolls into a story, even if 1) If illegitimate, was the PC raised
at eight years old; noble girls put in their it’s only a sketchy one. with the father’s family?
share of hours at spinning, weaving, and (01-75 = yes, 76-00 = no)
sewing family clothes. Social class 2) If not raised with the father, was
Finally, his attitude toward his family is The social standing of the PC’s family the PC raised by the natural
quite cold. Since they never did much for should always be randomly determined, mother (01-50), placed into fos-
him, he truly doesn’t care very much about simply because we’d all like to be rich no- terage (51-95), or raised by charity
them, either. Perhaps he had an unusual bles if we could get away with it. But since as an orphan (96-00)?
chance to grow attached to one parent or a only the DM of a given campaign can de- 3) If placed into fosterage, roll for the
favorite sibling, but it’s more likely that he cide exactly what the term “social class” foster family as well as the natural
sees his siblings as rivals and his parents as means or includes in his world, the follow- family in the next steps. If raised by
distant authority figures who stand between ing tables have been purposely left nonspe- charity, ignore steps B and C.
him and his inheritance. If he’s a barbarian cific. Here are some examples of how each
or a noble lord, he does have a feeling for class might be defined: B. Does the PC have any living siblings?
the honor of his family name. This feeling 1. Very low: serfs, slaves, beggars, a (01-75 = yes, 75-00 = no)
means that he’ll avenge any family member hereditary guild of charnel-house workers. 1) If yes, then how many? (01-40 =
who is murdered or shamed, but he’s just as 2. Low: farmers with a small holding, one, 41-90 = two, 91-00 = three)
likely to kill any family member, male or servants of the rich. 2) For each sibling, roll to determine
female, who besmirches the family honor. 3. Middle: farmers with large holdings, sex (01-50 = female, 51-00 = male)
The people who truly matter to him are the craftsmen with shops, midwives and herb- and age (01-50 = older than PC,
friends that he found for himself, not the women, tavern owners. 51-00 = younger than PC)
family with whom he grew up. Since these 4. Distinguished: lawyers, physicians,
friends are the real source of love and affec- clerics, magic-users. C. Were there any family tragedies that
tion in his life, he’s likely to be fanatically 5. Noble: members of a hereditary aris- affected the PC?
devoted to them in an emotional way that tocracy. This class can be based either on 1) Did the PC’s mother die when
we moderns would find embarrassing. landholding, as was done in the Middle the PC was young? (01-60 = yes,
In fantasy worlds, members of the non- Ages, or on sheer wealth, as in ancient 61-00 = no)
human races will have different kinds of Greece or modern America. 2) Did the PC’s father die when
childhoods and thus a different set of basic Now for the tables themselves, which are the PC was young? (noble class:


01-60 = yes, 61-00 = no; all other ager? (01-75 = yes, 76-00 = no) herbalist, the father found a reputable
classes: 01-40 = yes; 41-00 = no) 2) If the answer above is no, the magic-user to take Evan on as an appren-
3) How many siblings died when the player has to decide if the PC has tice, but the father was not well off enough
PC was young? (01-50 = three, made contact with the guild on his to apprentice him to the best available
51-75 = four, 76-00 = five) own since reaching maturity. master. Although Evan’s master was a fair-
minded man, he was too engrossed in his
D. Is the PC’s attitude toward the family I. If the PC was trained by his father, the own studies to pay personal attention to his
normal for his culture (01-65), more lov- player should still roll on steps G-1 and apprentices, but the boys made friends
ing than normal (66-90), or more hostile G-2 above. among themselves. It’s likely, given his
than normal (91-00)? general cultural attitude toward friendship,
J. Where was the PC born? that Evan is closer to the apprentices of his
E. Was the PC’s family poor by the stan- Obviously, the player will have to consult youth than he is to his family.
dards of its social class (01-30), reason- with the DM to answer this question. Next, we can see what this story tells us
ably secure by those standards (31-75), or The player should also ask the DM for about Evan’s basic personality. Since he had
very well off by those standards (76-00)? any relevant history of the PC’s birth- such a secure and peaceful upbringing for a
place, to see if the PC lived through any man of his times, he is likely to be a little
F. Did the PC’s father have the same profes- important campaign events as a child, naive and inclined to trust everyone he
sion (i.e. character class) as the PC? such as a war or a plague, that would meets. His fond memories of his hard-
1) M-U: 01-10 = yes, 11-00 = no have helped to form his personality. working sister make him treat women with
Cleric: 01-35 = yes, 36-00 = no respect. On the other hand, since he saw
Thief: 01-60 = yes, 61-00 = no Making up the story many a public hanging and so many natural
Fighter: 01-75 = yes, 76-00 = no Now let’s look at a couple of examples of deaths as a child, he knows that the world is
2) If the answer from F-1 is no, what how to create a PC using these tables. Basi- a harsh place where death comes fast. This
was the father’s profession? (To an- cally, the percentage breakdowns on the knowledge makes him grateful to the gods
swer this question, the player will tables are weighted to allow a fairly “nor- for his luck with his family and for making
probably have to consult with the mal” background for each character class. it possible for him to study magic, his real
DM. If the social class is middle or For example, a fighter PC is likely to have a love in life.
lower, however, it’s 85% likely that fighter for a father, who most likely is a We’ve just seen how the dice rolls can be
the PC’s father was a farmer.) member of the middle class yeomanry, the worked into a solid-feeling character, partic-
3) If the PC has a different profession distinguished class sergeantry, or the noble ularly if the rolls give typical results for the
from his father’s, was he/she ap- class of warrior lords. It’s still possible, PC’s character class. Even unusual rolls,
prenticed in a regular manner to though, to get some unusual or even contra- however, can be turned into a good charac-
a teacher of that profession? Thief dictory series of rolls. These peculiar combi- ter with a bit of thought, as in our next
class: 01-75 = yes, 76-00 = no (If nations of rolls are often the most fun to example.
answer is no, skip section G.) All work with, because the player’s creativity is The player of a female thief manages to
other classes: automatic yes. sparked by trying to think of reasons behind roll 00 for social class, making her PC a
the “decisions” of the dice. member of the nobility! What’s more, she’s
G. If the PC was an apprentice, rather than First, let’s take a magic-user who got a a legitimate daughter, not an unwelcome
being trained by his father, what was the fairly typical series of dice rolls. He comes bastard child. She has three living brothers,
apprenticeship like? from the middle class, was a legitimate son of whom two are older than she, but both
1) Did his master treat him warmly of his father, and has one living sibling, a her mother and her father died when she
and considerately (01-20), decently sister who is older than he. He lost his was young. Her attitude toward her family
but coolly (21-80), or harshly and mother and three other siblings early in life, is normal, but her family was poor by the
erratically (81-00)? but his father is still alive. He thinks of his standards of the nobility. Although as a thief
2) Was his master’s status high family more fondly than normal, and that she would normally have a high chance of
among his peers (01-15), normal family was reasonably secure by middle- rolling that her father was in the same pro-
among his peers (16-80), low among class standards. Since his father wasn’t a fession, the DM rules that it’s extremely
his peers (81-95), or that of an out- magic-user, our lad was apprenticed to a unlikely that her noble father was a thief or
cast from his profession (96-00)? (If master of normal status among mages, who that she was apprenticed at an early age to
the master was an outcast, then the treated him and his two other apprentices the thieves’ guild. Thus she’s a self-taught
PC traveled with his master from decently if coolly. Since our PC was never thief, although her roll on Section H-1
place to place.) singled out for special favors by the master, shows that she was indeed contacted by the
3) How many other apprentices did he got along well with the other boys. Add- local guild while a teen-ager. Between them,
the master have? (01-10 = one, ing some details from my campaign world, the player and the DM decide that the thief,
11-75 = two, 76-90 = three, we also know that the magic-user, Evan, Lyssa, was born in a war-torn region of the
91-00 = four) grew up in a prosperous, peaceful city, game world where poor lords are common.
4) Did the master favor the PC above where his father was an herbalist. Now it’s up to the player to make sense of
the other apprentices? (01-50 = yes, Already these bare details are beginning her PC’s early life. She decides to start with
51-00 = no) to form a coherent picture of Evan’s life. Lyssa’s position in the family, the only
5) If above answer is yes, did the PC Let’s add more color to them by using some daughter among three brothers. Since war-
get along well with other appren- imagination and by extrapolating from the rior lords tend to favor their sons anyway,
tices? (01-25 = yes, 26-00 = no) nature of life in medieval worlds. As an and since her family was poor, it’s quite
herbalist, Evan’s father must have known likely that Lyssa was even more ignored
H. A thief who was not taught by his father how to read and write and would have than usual in this family. Once her father
or by a member of the thieves’ guild has taught his only son this skill early in life. died and her eldest brother succeeded to the
been stealing since early childhood for his His interest in the powers and properties of title, she was doubtless thought of as noth-
own reasons. The player should decide plants sparked the boy’s interest in magic. ing more than a pawn to be married off to a
what those reasons were; some common Since his mother died, we can say that the political ally as soon as possible. Stealing,
ones are the challenge of the act, sheer older sister took over Evan’s care, and since then, became Lyssa’s way of getting some-
greed, and resentment of the rich. his attitude toward his family is more loving thing of her own, a small revenge on her
1) Was the budding thief contacted by than usual, she must have treated him brothers. Probably she started out stealing
the local thieves’ guild as a teen- unusually well. With his connections as an extra food when the cook’s back was turned,

12 APRIL 1985

For few people even know exist. For fighters. since vation is to ask why the PC chose his profes- manor. gracious. person wants out of life determines how that that will give them power over things that woman. no matter how great the of study necessary to become proficient in ing in a warrior lord’s castle has made her reward. PC. A fighter who grew up in After making up this reasonable story to other players in the campaign. er’s castle. the reward is glory. for instance. the player next needs to develop his promise of a certain kind of reward and ring to use her brains rather than to force PC’s motivations in life. on the dangers of trusting people too much. a warrior whose main goal is to will have to have a love of knowledge for its timid on the outside. but they would have been afraid — at least until she bilks him out of his best way to start determining a PC’s moti- to approach the sister of the lord of the local share of a treasure. the mysterious lore dard training in the manners of a noble. There. of course. DRAGON 13 . because what a learn secret knowledge. At the same time. Any magic-user good front — very sweet. she must be able to put on a very person will act in any given situation. as someone who to a distant town to live by her wits. Since local imagine a game where Evan the magic-user that sort of conflict would have to decide thieves were doubtless blamed for her is interacting with Lyssa the thief. The player of a character caught in member of the thieves’ guild. along with a little lecture here is the PC’s reasons. Lyssa’s giving the DM some ideas for dramatic had little choice of profession if every able- player now has some good insights into her confrontations during city play and other bodied man were being recruited. crimes. the activities. sketched out a general personality for his ever. Likewise. After all her years of PC’s motivations is the key to staying in users. coupled with her stan.then graduated to lifting small valuables no stranger to violence. and example. The player decides that the ar. prefer. since she fell After he’s made up a background and Beyond the press of circumstance. (The player has his ranged marriage in the offing provides a ers. grew up in the game world. might be tempted to do a cowardly deed if swer is how Lyssa made the transition from We can see the value of all this effort put that deed would save the life of his dearest petty pilferer at the castle to a professional into developing backgrounds for PCs if we friend. a cleric who was born into a low social class pendent and headstrong young woman to might have seen the religious life as the one have managed her escape from her broth. Understanding the offers its own distinct satisfactions. Lyssa ran away bilked him out of. On the other hand. that another this class. If she has to. Evan is so different from her crude broth. use her dagger and short sword to good main goal. The whys and wherefores way she could better her fate. perfect answer. have the chance to living a double life. but hard as nails on gain glory and honor will never stoop to a own sake in order to endure the long years the inside. slower-moving parts of the game. character while role-playing. Lyssa might have a soft spot in her own reasons for choosing a character class. purpose. as well as a war-torn country. what counts choice of a husband for her. Magic- direct confrontations. each character class holds out the she’s essentially a devious person. sion in the first place. The warrior of the example The next question for the player to an. they would have been aware of her trusting Evan will be putty in Lyssa’s hands Since motivations can be so complex. might have explain the unusual dice rolls. It’s possible. At the same time. Appalled by her brother’s heart for him and return the treasure she based on the game mechanics.) It’s possible the local guild contacted her and made her a The interplay between these two characters that events in the PC’s life made him choose late-come apprentice. cowardly deed. will provide a lot of amusement for the a particular class. her upbring. to begin with. Lyssa must be a very inde. she’ll motivation might conflict with a person’s from noble guests. PC’s character. Poor which motivation was the stronger. how- back to thievery to get her way as a child.

the most important thing a entirely too interested in her activities. turing life with his comfortable background that their reputations will outlive them. or per. not merely the what harder to motivate toward the adven- earning a place in a bard’s song or a saga so motive that made the PC become an adven. is getting out of his snug position as head of the cult. he concept as dangerous. A character with a low current town doesn’t hold enough opportu. turer. He may be a restless soul who the other hand. Let’s continue players and to the players of the other PCs vated each PC to take to the roads in search our example of Lyssa the thief to see how in the party. which the player can gradually develop her On the other hand — and perhaps at the With her background. tremely implausible that he would be of any understanding on ethical issues. Although he’ll be exasperated by her lack of chose his profession. for instance. probably when result of a disastrous war or a plague. and that these beings and Although all PCs will be motivated by the monsters as possible.” How these two leading settled lives in or near the place tions and goals. it’s unnecessary for the player commit. personal goals. One magic-user the player. Although its’s quite possible that accommodation can be worked out — much face the dangers that adventuring brings. he should make sure that it’s nation but more than willing to go along table of die rolls can possibly be flexible consistent with the PC’s background and with him. A Lyssa’s motivations in life can now be every trait and whim. possibly in collaboration with player has no wish to play an evil character. because it indicates the in the local magician’s guild. leaving the authorities chants who’ve upset the natural balance by To begin with. what really reasons. with a high one. he faces the next inter. He seems like the Clerics. When consistent with it. it’s an important tool for his hometown and work his way up slowly earn a high status in society and a place in a good role-playing. because no however. same time — the PC may have decided to rob poor people. good loot taken from someone whom she intelligence score. We can ity to live outside the law and their self. though. As motivate him thusly. This decision might be rein. not general nature and motivations. while an. For thieves. for by the player. The first other may have her sights set on that temple In some cases. her street smarts and wily ways if he’s going adventuring? Unless the society to which ments are unlikely. overall way that the PC views the world and hand. it’s ex. to have a complete catalogue of the PC’s fought on the losing side of a civil war. player can choose the PC’s alignment. they’re the PC belongs is in a state of chaos. she needs to live. add those little details of behavior that make Perhaps his family was disgraced. Lyssa could be of an evil alignment. hoarding wealth. Lyssa’s thievery Once the player has developed her PC’s It’s possible. especially women — it just Although the PC’s background may play become an adventurer for psychological seems beneath her dignity. the alignment is chosen for step.respect in the eyes of others and the hope of all the PC’s motivations. All too often players ignore their PC’s and easygoing nature. At the beginning of haps he was framed for a crime he didn’t allows her to have this rather rare choice for a PC’s career. some great hatred for law and the good. his alignment is lawful good. Since deepens with experience. In his rage at this discovery. of course. as the Whether the alignment is chosen for or bound to come in conflict. player needs to create for her PC is the PC’s Alignment is another important factor in Evan. tonly kill someone decent just to rob them. may want to rid the world of as many evil unlawful ends. her to everyone’s amusement during the game. to survive. it might have been. is some. while another may want the intellec. her independent town militia who know her too well. just because he’s “too rich. In the example of Evan the gently of magic have also amassed large fortunes. sa’s alignment. for instance. Once the player has decided why the PC raised magic-user. because such details cleric may have made the head of her tem. and even the neutral align. for instance. will develop naturally as the player runs the ple hierarchy so jealous of her abilities that self without upsetting the natural balance of PC over time and the PC’s character she was sent away to search for ways to life by doing undue harm to others. She’ll be amused at his moral indig- vations in choosing the class. some good role-playing can be the to the player to decide upon his PC’s moti. may love arcane knowledge only for its own the PC’s class can only have a certain kind Hence. he should figure it in from the she casually slits the purse of a merchant instance. On the other respected hierarchy. If the PC is a fighter. The player needs to look at his ing because the small town where she spent were. should decide what this motive — and therefore opts for neutral good as Lys. and since she’s good at does need. Creating some such dramatic event in reason why she shouldn’t steal the surplus. because most of these perverters enough to create truly individualized PCs. he may have a thief’s alignment. will proba- nities for her. for instance. arts for the good of all mankind. The player. however. On a part in his various habits. way of talking. for instance. of course. that his society and his upbringing PC’s background and find reasons that are her apprenticeship has become a bit too have had to mold into a personality. PC was born with — the raw material. can rationalize as “deserving” of being bly talk in a very different way from a PC forced by a job that wasn’t as successful as robbed. It’s up certain alignments among the PCs. right along with the PC’s PCs reconcile this conflict will be up to their where they were born. she can the PC’s life forced him to leave home. the player should always keep these nature may have made her decide that her gladly sign up for any job that promises abilities in mind. Sooner or later. background and personality. she also refuses to PC’s complete personality. there- the thief. the landscape. If the party. while a chaotic evil their polluted magic items are lying all over main goals of their profession. In our example of Lyssa small — not enough loot and too many working out mannerisms for a PC. mannerisms are also the foundations upon the PC as a person with a history. she’s ecstatic. She’s adventur. most people in that society are start when he’s making up his PC’s motiva. One self and cause as much suffering for others he made a vow that he would devote his life cleric may want nothing more than the as he can in the process of fulfilling his to stamping out such misuses of the magical chance to serve his favorite god. a lawful good PC who pervert his beloved magic for their own money they steal. such as nasty monsters or mer. Yet something moti. loves to wander for wandering’s sake. the DM. she sees no identify the PC as an individual. their abil. different heist. either because the rules say that town and finding some of the misusers. as it counting. while motivated primarily by the alignment except in the most general way. Filling in the details or combination of motives — was. have a slightly different emphasis. She’ll fore. from the PCs of the other players. result. framed as doing as well as she can for her. During his studies. sake. he’s on the road. defines what certain of his goals will be. Since no one can actually 14 A PRIL 1985 . After all. These the PC’s life will give the player a sense of but she would never turn bandit or wan. or he pinch from a noble lord who reminds her of These abilities represent the traits that the may have always dreamed of riches beyond her brother. daring persons are well as having his own personal reasons for discovered that there are certain evil beings even more important rewards than the mere adventuring. each PC will type will want to get as much gold for him. nature. but doubtless some kind of of adventure and has made him willing to this works. if she can make a good counts here are the rolled character abilities. The DM accepts this rationalization and a PC a distinct creation. of alignment or because the DM wants only If Evan and Lyssa end up in the same tual power over others that it brings. our example magic-user. he’ll need esting question: Just why is this PC out evil alignment. kind of person who’d be content to stay in love of their gods. What the player glorify her god’s name. that an event in was the result of childhood pressures. also have the chance to but used properly. is a set of distinctive are always in danger of finding their home lifting material goods that other people mannerisms and modes of behavior that town too hot to hold them after a successful carelessly neglect to guard. Thieves. somehow.

the magic-user might insist on looking at tive that he gives his loyalty unthinkingly to we know instantly that Indro the thief is every single inn and tavern in a new town any true-born king. Adding this kind of habit to a ment. Exaggera. structure of her part of the game world. while despising any speaking. These misconceptions seem to fall explore the intersection of these tunnels into the character creation process in the into two main categories: first. let’s once had to ask a player either to change his even opposes the rest. Their worshipers also see mannerisms whenever she’s speaking in have great respect for any well-run govern. ab- thief! I’ll smash that door to kindling. being a member of a polytheistic religion “Um. even if they personally don’t agree gods are whimsical and capricious. PCs who were so antagonistic to elven PCs tionship to the gods. are built means. because he insisted on running dwarven clerics would have any kind of active rela- fying who’s speaking each line. Another PC might always waggle one finger have an opinion is the government or power but also limited in what they can do by the at whomever she’s speaking to at the mo. these misconceptions is a third: that only The reader should have no trouble identi. Evan PC may find the idea of kingship so attrac- accent. politely asked to appear before the local lord slang. Finally. his opinions to himself as much as possible. In presence and conflicting needs and demands ment. men who wrote these classics were highly whenever possible. and so on. the political example of a group of adventurers who are speak precisely. Whether out how a person of his PC’s character class that’s consistent with his opinions. others throw in a lot of structure of his homeland. but the player should try class should find ways of role-playing those sions of the classics we read in school. our only that each player identify his PC instantly by Any player whose PC has a strong dislike acquaintance with polytheistic thought using his name or class. there are role-playing was spoiling the fun. while some parts of the game world. Some character. but this sort of thing has to be han. for example. If the player acting. she would never the night will depend on the opinions that works into it as a matter of habit. such as the well-known em. that most promptly. Every time she enters a tavern. and his religion. have a great effect on his of ah’s and um’s. for instance. while still turned away from their religion toward down the door. the effect is very convincing. or second. These divine beings heavens whenever he’s mad at his gods. One chaotic guttural voice with something of a Cockney look the place over before she goes in. using allow them to change with experience or There’s one final subject that should be of lots of long words. when they’re making up their PCs. chaotics will see laws has any acting skill (or doesn’t mind ham. go out of her way to help a noble lord unless the party members hold about government tions are always easier to remember than she sees the chance to steal from him. which announce something like. Likewise. keep the banter light. goal of role-playing is to have fun. I picks out one favorite god and ignores or “Oh. Running along with get on with it!” ways or to leave my group. in their societies. ship distasteful and see it as essentially pattern of that speech and the words that his Beyond these rather superficial kinds of lawless. not to real and that they can intervene in human vous. the player’s also gives the player a feeling of physical with some of the laws. other character classes. the player should make his PC’s Evan the magic-user. His defense was that he was society are involved with their gods proba- should make every effort to speak in charac. unless of course we find evidence AD&D® game (and some other games as people in a polytheistic society have little to that the orcs in question have indeed well). “My fighter is going to try to batter in sarcastic banter. rapid way. or otherwise removed from everyday name isn’t . The to speak as the PC rather than for the PC opinions without causing fights at the gam. however. The player should figure The PC should then always act in a way to give an account of themselves. them as distinct and different beings. making this example. while Lyssa the thief develop refinements as the player gets to importance to every PC but which is too would be direct and more at home with know his PC better. It ment. Most people in a polytheistic world firmly One might have the habit of running his Players should always remember that the and completely believe that the gods are hands through his hair whenever he’s ner. she should try giving the actions or a pattern of behavior that the PC or more of the leaders of the government PC a distinctive voice or an accent of some always performs in certain circumstances. Everybody has a distinct behavior. for instance.see the PC during the game. how- Inventing some distinctive mannerisms is depend on the fighters in his party and keep ever. PCs of any lawful alignment will of other gods. or my user who thinks all fighters are crass stract. unless she was The question of racial prejudices has to most game worlds are polytheistic societies. such as the various conduct during the game. the bly has its roots in the attitude toward reli- ter during the game. . often left to the clerics — religion. these broad guidelines. do with religion.” it’s a lot more fun for to respecting each other’s feelings enough to abstract and skeptical philosophies. and great contempt voice is her main instrument for creating identity with the PC. Although oaths than polysyllables. affairs if they choose. structure. which is a real boon during con. using her courtly wiles to fool somebody. since Lyssa the thief has such a time or merely leaves town in the middle of pattern exaggerated at first until the player low opinion of noble lords. not en. a magic. “Out of the way. Some people races. For or not the party shows up at the appointed and intelligence would speak. These men were the exceptions. by every god and his mother. which to stay. the player can work up a set of and rulers as nuisances. The idea that few people in a polytheistic ual way of talking for his PC. not the rule. playing in character. but in this case. which is part of good for any disorganized or inefficient power the illusion of being her PC. and Greek writers. Certain ers — seem to have very little idea of what thing like this: racial dislikes. One of the players in my campaign. some are DRAGON 15 . of course. for example. Another subject on which the PC should are seen as powerful beyond conception. such as during a of either another race or another character comes from whatever watered-down ver- complex combat.” butchers should remember that his life may life. the player should also give his PC A PC’s opinion of the people in power style to their speech. has a PC who talks in a deep Lyssa the thief might stop at the door to many individual differences. Some people use a lot some opinions about certain important will. A dwarf and an elf might engage educated members of an upper class who say. while a lawful PC who grew up in a Any player who’s too embarrassed to try PC gives the illusion of a character whose free city or some other form of representa- a different voice can still personalize his conduct is consistent over time as well as in tive government may find the idea of king- PC’s speech by paying attention to the the moment. another good way to individualize a PC. for instance. Once the player has invented an individ. it seems most advisable for us to nity between elves and dwarves. In in general and lordships in particular. subtleties. A be very carefully considered by players many gamers — and even some game writ- conversation between them might go some. Conversely. We can take the speak in a clipped. . personally appealing or charismatic. might opinions rather broad in the beginning to Not for clerics only speak very deliberately and slowly. PC chooses to use. gion expressed by the great ancient Roman times when the game mechanics demand hancing it. before he allows the party to choose one in kind of oligarchy or democratic govern- fusing parts of the game action. run by other players that they were disrupt. the player ing the game. general. For most of us. or shaking a fist at the assert the worst sides of our natures. When the rest of us hear that voice. Although it’s easier to ing table. If the player acts out such general. Of course. taught that the gods were symbolic. and so on. Within sort. is room for for example. that everyone passed—” dled lightly or it can cause real problems. unless they find one ming it up a little). for instance.

that the characters had better worship them cerned about having a right relationship to In a truly polytheistic society. 248179. for instance. each should have a part in every PC’s behavior — and still is. Block 16. Aguiar (AD. Even evil gods have that his life and the lives of his men de. By the time Ironstone Road 4404 Telgte. like Neptune unknown god. 202 might learn that thinking before charging 110 Greenlands Crescent Bogota. A dwarf who started out Damman 31471 Kucukyali Istanbul. India 21st Street. 17 Kainui Road life. for instance. plus gaming preferences. #12 Yokohama City. such folly instance. There was even an altar marked “for the India might have shuddered at the very important to a certain person. theon of the world and find out what actions ignorance. Yet as the story proceeds. an im- Phil Caughley (DD.O. PCs who follow different gods remember them and to salute them when. Believers make the effort to attend religious wars and certainly none of the want to keep the favor of their gods.TS. Brazil Calle Sojo. 50143 Firenze. By the same token. first presenting his PC to 3 Enoch Street Dan Lipp (AD. she should misleading — but all of them are approach. single god or goddess they had ever heard worshiper. which may teach them that their cher- full address. A good role-player is in the 8000 Munich 70. 12 3000 Helsingor. this importance did offended some divine being. 16 Switzerland of their own. 52 ment. Seutter (AD. because he firmly believed the great temple in Athens. A. To a committed cleric. No Greek or Roman To a polytheistic worshiper. G. one would have thought of closing her not mean that the person worshiped only This polytheistic attitude toward the gods temples or forbidding her worship. Clontarf 4019 Luca Somigli (CH) Av.GW) Hilo. then no captain would have allowed better example of this kind of tolerance is stamping out or bad-mouthing other peo- one on his ship. where the ple’s form of worship. Venezuela 16 APRIL 1985 . there are no along with the rest of the populace if they the gods. after all. Italy a goal well worth working toward. he other. if having a and altars for them in Gaul using the typical should be interested in learning how newly woman crew member would displease Nep. In the first few P. sphere of influence. and he disaster. West Germany author’s position.SF. that monotheistic religions have given us. The process is analogous to Elrik Schwartz (DD) 55-457 Moana St. New Zealand Apt.reliable and bound by law.TS) 1915-23 Kamariya-Chu pression which has to be consistent and c/o Woodstock School Challengers Gaming Group Kanazawa-Ku recognizable.RW) Corrado Coda (AD) the player adds not only to his own enjoy- El Escorial.O. She was that god. Box 10322 Samantha Hayman (AD) change his mind after an elven PC saved his Christian Raute (AD. you can be included in the Box 110. Hawaii 96721. the fighter who always Calle 126 A #24A-54 Hataitai trusted blindly in his skill with a sword Russel Davidoff (AD. to millions of people — as was equally important in his or her own in the game world. Colombia Sunningdale Jonas Runberger (AD) into the enemy pays off in the long run. Turkey Gary G. he one or two gods that would be especially beneficent. Guam 96910.GW) Wellington 3. Begin- ning PCs. they incorporated many Celtic interested in them. even the gods of respect. Sweden develop too. S. P. then prayed to Vesta to give his remember to give all the gods their due able by worshipers who have the right in. An even heard-of gods relate to his own deity.” in case they had left out and mention of Kali’s name. The DM should appoint certain days quite likely to show up just when no one might need a little help from Mars or Jupi. PC has experienced have made any change P. West Germany impression of the main characters. not in tune. for instance. temple architecture of their time. in which case the god will often He never would have argued with or made offend or please her most important gods. Box 3241 Agana. Although a person in ancient Although one god might be particularly of. DRAGON ® Magazine.T) the gaming group as a distinct personality. some are always came home from a voyage. S.A. A. Africa RYD As the campaign develops. When our sea captain Although the player of a PC can pick out Even though the player has to give his PC strong opinions to hold about religion as well as other things. to give sacrifices to the gods. not only the clerics. fun of a soldier for worshiping Mars or a then try to avoid the one and follow the Since these gods are also omnipresent. Yahn (AD. to World works. Box 54 Cumhuriyet cad.DD) hating elves. would result in shipwreck or some other gods into their pantheon and built temples all divine knowledge is important. ished and unthinking opinions are gravely flawed. for only be tolerant of other gods but actively sacrifice to Neptune or Poseidon.O.CC) Sao Paulo 13100.SF. reading a well-written book. Taiwan #8 Lutzelsteiner Weg Maya Matsudaira (MSH. not engage in banter about which is sailor. would have dreamt of his enemies are real and worthy of respect. 13 Kat: L in his personality. no to the ship’s captain. It’s Mercury to get him a good price on the player should ask her DM about the pan- also possible to offend a god out of sheer goods he’d brought back from his voyage. real and holy as the benevolent Krishna.S. better or stronger. Soren Petersen (AD.AD) 38600 Farjestaden. U. Even clerics should not starting a voyage without an expensive When the Romans conquered the Celts. Duygu apt. a good Robert E. P. P. after all. some are downright hostile and would have first thanked Neptune for the important to her character. U. the reader gets a quickly drawn Taipei. Japan characters take on depth and come more Urb.O. wife another child while he was home and to respect whenever it’s appropriate. make the offender pay for his folly. but to that of the group as a whole — El Rosal. the PCs will David Baker (DD.AD) 1000 Berlin 33. No. Heitor Penteado. Lake Geneva WI 53147 U. temple rites. Australia Via Neri Di Bicci 22 Parque Taquaral. S. by William Vernon (AD.RQ) Innerkoflerstr. Box 39-244 David R. As the campaign develops. Residencias working out a solid. Likewise. of the year as religious holidays and hint expects them. Caracas 1060.MSH) Selauk Gozubuyuk (AD) role-player considers whether the events his Fluor Arabia Ltd. safe trip. U. South America Johannesburg 2192. The tentions and who know the correct rites. Denmark 13051 Biella. for instance.O. Australia Robert Stockdale (AD) knows these people and that they have a life 1245 Collonge Bellrive Wayne Percival (AD. Italy ceeds. are considered to be If you live outside the continental United Gamers Guide.SF. ler Piso. States and Canada. ter himself one day. For a young people just starting their adventuring World Gamers Guide by sending your name and full explanation of how the World Gamers Guide life. Urbanization Gefionsparken 4 Via Costanzo No.GW) Patrick Hogan (AD.SF) Laie. 1653 then refining that character as play pro- Queensland. should treat each other’s favorites with ever appropriate. Greeks erected statues and altars to every their place in the universe to a polytheistic pended on Neptune’s good favor. he should remember The World Gamers Guide that opinions change over time as people learn from their experiences in life.MSH. Although it may take some effort. Puerto Rico 00630 Am Raestruper Bahnhof 32 their experiences deepen them. Sabana Gardens Alfred Shook Bradford into focus as the author fills them out and Mark Kemperman (AD) Carolina. the Mussoorie. lawyer for worshipping Jupiter. to “my god is better than your god” taunting Likewise. Hawaii 96762 pages. three-dimensional PC. Since all the gods were real. Campinas. might very well Saudi Arabia P. see page 14 of DRAGON issue #95.RQ. believers are all very con. West Germany Michiel Krohne Forreston 5233 the book is finished. No. the reader feels that she 6 Chemin de Bacounis South Australia.




Elminster did not disappoint.” — although he had muttered an aside to me “But why then does he not fight?” Eram- that it had better only last this one night. He longed for battles and otyugh and neo-otyugh). a usual hushed. the Kitchen Midden. wary silence). I asked Elminster he could swing his shining sword and win about them some time ago.) and said. he’s a man to El. and Featherdale — and . so tranquil (that was not the word he used) “Gather round. in the wars with Thar and from it. or strike down the upstart though. since Oraun never seemed to fight. “Scardale. and it’s strong because of your father.” eastern Dales — of Harrowdale on the “But father has enemies. ews had settled at his feet.” He waited until the The swordmaster. and his pipe had boy. Erammon was a young prince like any other. “Harrowdale’s at peace because it’s strong. strong in battle. I had introduced him as “Uncle with the outcasts of Sembia.” said Eram- Inner Sea. of course. was wise and by Ed Greenwood just. and it happened the day and walk into the taverns in Har- that upon his next visit the house was — rowdale to a hero’s welcome (and not the unexpected by us both — full of children. the elven-woods. and well respected in the Dales. reckless and fun-loving and The Gulguthra. “and I’ll tell you of Erammon and fighter. “Why does he not raid into I’ll set down the tale as he told it — al.” and he was enjoying the role gleefully be feared over blades. mon. replied: small whirlwind of visiting nieces and neph. the Erammon was a minor lordling of the fewer to come at you all at once.” he said with a twinkle in and why his father was so respected as a his eye. are strange and ravening monsters and fell wizards so that deadly creatures indeed. His father. or “Dung-Eaters” (the full of himself. even then a sleepy farmers’ land. “The wise man fights only when he has to. I drawn into life. without the voices’. old Thaeron. the Lord Oraun. One day he captive audience to any sage worth his asked his swordmaster why Harrowdale was tongue. green smoke rings rising fought with him. in Scardale?” (Elminster is a master vocal mimic when he Thaeron fixed a cold eye on the prince wants to be.. mon persisted. The fewer enemies made.

broke the quiet. “Only your snatch warriors off their feet. “Some visitors disappear. take care that you direction of the feasting hall. still bewil. Erammon nodded. a scavenger of the brigand!” Erammon protested. or his mind leaped ahead. this the other mon peered into the midden as he had been ends. pointed out into the fetid pit beyond. . attentively as Elminster began to read. some say. has not come to reclaim his seat since elers as well as among those who live in Lashan’s fall. where servants were scrubbing face the prince. and of course Oraun died of gulguthra’s reach (tentacles can grow up to “Those who disappear are brigands. if Thaeron was already pulling the door these creatures is near. for the benefit of my hidden tape look around for another even more fear- theirs? No one dares to use poison in the recorder. shifted in my seat to hide initiate such communication. Erammon fairly screamed. so it does. heart-shaped gripping protect — and they vanish. . itself. be sure to spies in our kitchens? Nor your father in asked. Certainly his body has not Notes Harrowdale. There they mate in mass gath- warrior said sarcastically.” ters. talk travels. A buried otyugh watches its surround- any strangers with swords. helm. I flushed a bit.” Erammon thought for a moment. he does not look hard. Thaeron turned on him a and sat for a time in silence. ?” so well is working properly.” told. such “Aye. Only rarely. But why?” (primarily) brown. The oty- “He does a good job. garbage? And where do the kitchen-maids From a report by Phiraz of the Natural- you’ll see their swords. and fling them aside as children throw dolls. . arrows from that balcony until the whole remains of many ancient creatures lie in “So. the neo-otyugh. your father throw the garbage?” ists to the Commissioner of Public Sewers protects the dales to the south from the fell “In the midden. “Word spreads. lest all the other lords retaliate. otyughs mate only seldom “What. “What is a corpse but boy — when the hate overcomes the fear. nor locked gaze with — eyes. where the earlier line of discourse. some foe! Dales. at least. or a “Have you not wondered why the bal. Remember that.” The sage 14 feet in length. will-o-the-wisp.” Thaeron shook his head. unlocking the last chain and share the form of a pile of festering dung what might have been a grin. Bend thine ears. . tale to answer your query. “It turns out Thankfully. then?” that Lashan. or asleep when Elminster finished the tale.” said the prince again — and then They were tucked into their beds.” replied overlooks the stink of his kitchen midden?” ugh and its larger cousin. and the elves. one lying in wait. so dangerous — “Yes . I’d make sure he was in They are under no circumstances to be had brought him here. The greatest of the nuisance crea- woods along the river Lis. but made the same journey. opening a discussion I pile. and know higher intelligence of the latter creature hall. so “Only brigands threaten with swords. up from the ground like a worm!” look for it when you suspect that one of boy. barred . ringed ance.” stared into the fire and shrugged. Erammon saw the festering garbage approach of a creature. body is lumpy. “What about Erammon?” erings with others of their kind who have “And how not?” said Erammon in an “He lives. hurling its bar aside. . tentacles with large. come uninvited. among trav. his archers emptied traveling by night and subterranean routes the swordmaster asked. “dungheap” or otyugh. I have brought otyugh’s telepathic range is 6”. . but bers for wine and sweets. wrinkling his moustache into Thaeron asked. could wait no longer to have. enjoying the serve to guard treasure. . out there?” attack and kill parties of three people or hastily. and as a doppleganger. Then I conceal at the very bottom of their offal recoiled as though menaced by a dagger.3 irritated tone.” Elminster replied. your father tells the gossips. But I have more than a with creatures up to 4” away.” Thaeron answered. less. .” as though the refuse itself was alive. and dung — protrude two long1 ridged your father. “An eye — coming ings constantly by means of this stalk.” he said.” Thaeron agreed. more dangerous or energetic) creature. is it not?” Thaeron fastened chains and set bars in they consume carrion. Encountering an otyugh is bad “No! You think the other lords have no “That was an otyugh in the midden?” I enough — but if you do see one. mottled purple. do they not?” overran Harrowdale. head!” he barked. “Uncle El” and I took up mugs of cocoa even a beholder. The otyugh is most often solitary. and leaned forward “Aye. then — and enables it to communicate on a more so- the far end. or. but they are enemies who fear him will not hold Harrowdale for long. . hiding in exile. you learn nothing else from me. his face was Otyughs are terrifically strong. armor and all. be sure that recording instrument you hide phisticated level with creatures it encoun- “The kitchens? You mean we eat . . From this delightful bulk — which the Thaeron was silent for a moment. knew of it — when he (perhaps once in every seven years or so). “Aye. do they not?” The children were petrified.” Erammon said.” “Was. creature is wont to bury in piles of rubbish then said. Elminster provided precise details of a “Aye. which they always look of such cold disgust that the prince peace of the evening by the fireside. indeed. father can tell you that.” the old midden was aflame. The pair kept walking through the with me a certain document.” Erammon said. returning to his flasks of oil and then quiversfull of flaming to bonepits deep under the earth. hidden from view beneath the otyugh thrust.” fought a1one. . his eyes cold and level.” wooden door. “Interest. and look for an enemy. or so heart-stop some winters ago. yes. more than they hate him. with a toothed maw set into it. ettin. . then. in the city of Scornubel: elves. waving an arm at the place for a long time before he turned to ware this predator! great hall. or thrilled. and said.” Eram. will a gulguthra The prince gasped and began to go pale. armies . follow.” been found. but an instant before it slammed An otyugh is never surprised by the swordmaster paused. fully extended) and senses. able to and dusting and filling lamps with oil for blank. dung.” “An eye!” he cried. . jerked his head in the shut. and by a stout palisade of weathered timbers. For such creatures they poison?” At that. and a flesh-colored and segmented lords know. . Thaeron. and Thaeron made a gesture toward more besides. green. they will eat fresh meat as readily as “This is where all guests come.everyone’s an enemy of Archendale. may exist in symbiosis with another (often Thaeron continued. undulating right before his wide eyes or your men are not in turn surprised by “Come. . a good mood when I asked him. . and the brigands who live in the ing the swordmaster up to a stout. and brigands. An otyugh can communicate telepathically “But — no bones? No corpses on the ing times. . Be- Thaeron replied. When he did. . An otyugh’s “But how do the other lords think these “Oh.2 “And then they go to your father’s cham. however. and the dered. ripple. Thaeron died fighting Lashan’s 1. “Learn that. “You mean . Besides. Erammon. not understanding why the swordmaster “And if I were you. the evening ahead. Otyughs often happily “To the hall?” Erammon asked.” The closed. cony of your father’s audience chamber strangest appearance and habits.” vast layers. and suddenly realized that he had wormlike stalk containing two yellow-purple “But I’ve never seen any fighting. “Those who come threatening “Look out to the base of the wall there . “One so dense my embarrassment. tures that will plague your system is the “But I’ve never even seen an elf. even you have noticed that. and the creature stumps and Harrowdale’s force of arms so strong?” Thaeron swung open the door and about on three fat legs of similar appear- the prince demanded. or offal. following “But — but — what is it. for it has little DRAGON 21 . the neo- battlements?” Erammon asked.

once every seven winters. slap that hits its target. is both immune or at least highly resistant to these. but only when it is not grasped opponent and hurl the victim into a ory until it reaches others of its kind. Both eyes ing the creature’s grip or the force of its as Jovriam of the Mines. Phiraz again is vague. a jellylike creature that comes within range of its ing for 2-4 points of damage per round until “eggmass” and travels underground (in a visual powers is instantly detected. nor readily discern typhus (treat as a parasitic infestation. its eyestalk and eyes function as neo-otyugh also likes to use a grasped crea. and even in this semi-dormant pit or against a wall. In some manner not yet under- detecting approaching creatures. tentacle their information boils down to this: When truth (periodic journeys far underground) of strength of 16) than mature specimens. see species can fertilize any eggmass. patient journey) by instinct and mem- creature does sleep. and any about an opponent within range. Elminster has other sources. stood. he merely grow to maturity within 4 months. never having fought a known cases of gulguthra suffering from tual urge to find warmth and food. having a mistrust of legends. The presence of a torch or its suckerlike. for the purpose of ture as a shield. both out to a range of 9”. toothed mouth. and expelling it again. and can also curl Every gulguthra is bisexual. another gulguthra can fertilize any function very well in gloom or darkness. even though either they cannot track prey. or perhaps some internal light — for which reason the creature lives and will try to push such prey into reach of organ. and they are thought to be turning to its birthplace years later to breed scholar and not a fighting-man. The eyes of victims with force equivalent to 18 (no reported it briefly and without comment. 22 APRIL 1985 . vague and brief as to their fighting style and 3. There are no “newborn” creature is driven by an instinc- 2. periscope-style. Phiraz. his research had Gulguthra young are smaller (3-5 HD) abilities. a gulguthra have infravision and ultravi. and was able to glean the follow- stalk. constrict. Due to the An eggmass that is fertilized. flailing the victim about to task done. svirfnebli. and likewise that customarily surrounds them. probably due to the dung and decay anyone bitten will suffer both 2-5 points of only produce another otyugh. (An otyugh eggmass will acuity. but this does not contribute to any A tentacle does 1-8 points of damage on a ing facts and observations: lack of alertness because the eyestalk contin. that part of its though it were awake. into its mouth. percentile) strength for purposes of match. and will gulguthra and having viewed only one such any such diseases carried in waste and filth wander off to seek its own “fortune. and certain are positioned on the same side of their thrust against the strength of an opponent.) The eyes fend off attacks from other adversaries. duces. below ground. in its turn. Each pro- ually swivels. Elminster checked with the sorcerer known sion. pages 13-14 of the DMG). but Either sort of creature can sense when a eggmass (except its own) by taking it briefly narrow to mere blurred slits in bright sun. (The the hold is broken. an otyugh’s tentacles erupt a legend concerning gulguthra mating — are otherwise identical to their parents. vided the eggmass.” re- encounter through the eyes of a sedentary themselves. and gone so far as to confirm at least the partial and weaker (damage of 1-6/1-6/1-4. Then threatened. if left undis- the casting of a light spell can sometimes so creature’s favored habitat (proximity to turbed. but it is attacking. and so damage and a 90% likelihood of contracting for the neo-otyugh.) This the true natures of disguised creatures. Gulguthras cannot smell with any (wastes are spat back out of its mouth). will develop in one week’s time into disconcert these creatures that they do not dung and carrion) and its digestive system a miniature version of the parent that pro- attack. The otyugh can lift a slow. the more intelligent it regurgitates the eggmass from a second- state. and from the concealing pile of offal and slap but. grasped opponent is weakened or disabled.to “say” to any other creatures. ary stomach and wanders off.


The party explores the hostile lands of the uncharted west. levels 15-25. you! ONE-ON-ONE™ Gamebooks are two paperback volumes packed in a lightweight slipcase. . I have I start to DM regularly. are official. and country or land of all. or an adventure and every so often during it? Do have exactly alike. Riches and terror await the brave-hearted who dare LAIR OF THE LICH travel along the Savage Coast. For JUDGES SURVIVAL PACK ENDLESS QUEST® Book #27 D&D game characters of levels 4-14. I feel that and he had magic items that I would expect to see for a DM. The THE GOLDEN GODDESS group is torn apart when the Dragon INDIANA JONES™ Game Module IJ4 Highlords attack Tarsis. his empire — the known world! An Used under authorization. but I intend to takes it into account. and the adventure RAIDERS OF THE THE EARTHSHAKER each other. before Do DMs “out there” go through the process of makes each character an individual. and the winds In this mission. Choose your character and likenesses thereof are trademarks of the use the information in your book to Marvel Comics Group. a division of Cadence Industries out. Each book por- trays the adventure from an opposing THE SAVAGE COAST character’s viewpoint. NRRT Box 1364 when I become one. origin. it seems that the people who follow all Imperial Beach CA 92032 24 APRIL 1985 . But can The epic quest continues as the action-packed game. ©1985 Lucasfilm adventure for D&D game characters of Ltd. the Judges father has developed could wreak DRAGONLANCE™ Chronicles: Vol. though. he was carrying about 2 tons of gold any. place. ©1985 Marvel Com- outwit your companion — but watch ics Group. I’ve tried (From page 6) make an intelligent estimate? All the DMs I’ve DMing a few times using everything down to the items obtained. class. he’ll be trying to do the same to Corporation. and the courses of rivers have changed. Neves in this unique two-person game. Another example: When an outdoor encounter the “nitty gritty” rules and consider things like occurs. when he or she has to decide whether the rules should be followed for the system to possessed only by characters of much higher or not a character would have prior knowledge of work correctly. The character was already 2nd level. 2 Survival Pack expands the rules of this havoc in the wrong hands. . and told me about the adventure. the ground has split asunder. Yet. When I looked at the list of money alone. By the rule of 10 gp = based on race. I feel that this history is a very useful tool make your decision. a particular person. and to keep the game from degen- level. LOST ARK™. small band of friends discover infor- tion protect you when you enter the mation leading them to believe that foul passages of the lich’s lair? crystals known as dragon orbs can be used to control the evil dragons. Before his tread canyons cardboard model of Indy’s biplane. “nitty gritty” rules. have crumbled. Overall. And on and on. your newfound powers of mind projec. So. group now doesn’t require a written history on like to know! and use the movement rate as a means of telling our characters (which I provided anyway). Overall. religion. and you must use common sense when you and silver. do DMs use the system given in the character history and world history in their DMG for determining the distance between the campaigns are in the minority. but he Joseph M. Dornbierer how much time has passed in the dungeon? I’ve does recognize the value of character history and CTT1 USN never seen a DM do this yet. INDIANA JONES™ Role-Playing Somehow an evil lich has managed Game Accessory to break into your wizard father’s More bad guys! More vehicles and castle and make off with his chases! A combat computer! A must spellbook. D&D® Expert Set Module X9 A new module for players who enjoy the challenge of wilderness adventure. plus a 3-D has arisen. by rolling the appropriate dice and modi. 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THUNDER OVER JOTUNHEIM™ MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Game Module MH6 CASTLE ARCANIA The home of the Norse gods is ONE-ON-ONE™ Adventure Gamebook threatened and only MIGHTY THOR™ It’s your choice: You can play the can save it! A solitaire adventure using knight Eric Sunsword or the wizard the MAGIC VIEWER™ screen. played with have done it the latter way. Of course. You know the spells your DRAGONS OF WINTER NIGHT for all players and referees. All rights reserved. or event. I would like to find out: totaling the weight being carried by PCs prior to seen many people play all the characters they Do people really use the “nitty gritty” rules. social status. or no rule exists at 1 pound. I I believe in making up a character history. Although the rules parties. and it can really be a pain. alignment.

even mere hired gunmen are more Mearan dissidents. even with its flaws. After all. has escaped from genre. and DRAGON 25 . and members of a rebel faction of Meara. The Bishop’s better than this one is. he becomes a hero by the tale’s end. a good deal better than the average fantasy imagination long after the last page has ters who react believably to demanding novel is. In the past. Kelson’s old Moonheart than in most efforts in the horror enemy. deviously their path. sheds interesting light on the theory into the trap of assuming that the series star and practice of neutrality. with one significant variety of aeons and cultures are expertly of the Deryni is also a disappointment. Canada. Also. And. Instead. More a superficial level. keted as a psychic thriller. In de Lint’s is always right. the does not involve inept prose. Katherine Kurtz is Moonheart is still an intriguing and well- Heir would likely be a major achievement. even without rose- Kurtz’s overall quality when she is at her price for a book that could have been much colored glasses to dull the critical faculties. they possess a tenuous claim to Kelson’s RCMP inspector John Tucker may be the own throne. crafted novel that can be appreciated on from hers. confined exile to renew the long-standing The reasons for all that interaction — a struggle between church doctrine and the quite considerable amount. and all the evidence than stereotypes. And there is though it contrasts sharply with the less such adjectives tend to erode professional most definitely an ancient evil lurking in the pronounced background of the earlier tales. Settings and characters from a But unlike her earlier novels. and mixes a familiar more character interplay can be found in conflict with a new threat. high adventure. Besides being part character As a result. De Lint’s prose is much the end. Moonheart only resembles a horror yarn on date. quotable superlative. But occasionally. it be- the medieval period in which the Deryni gins and ends in Ottawa. she has difficult. Very few writers can match justifiably balk at paying the hardcover All praise aside. best. concerning their claim to Gwynedd’s throne All this scarcely scratches the surface of is of highly dubious validity. however. a druid whose consistently as she drew her protagonists.95 intent only on getting from point A to point fantasies. while waiting for several levels. and he has taken the time to fill in all the details. in the novel is connected with relatively design. From any other hand. it is merely an average stretching novels. a book appears shadows. and Thomas Hengwr. Readers are easily drawn into chronicles the efforts of a mysterious special the atmosphere of the author’s world. and a great deal Kelson Haldane. credibility. The touch of contemporary fantasy. situations. during the reign of Stephen King’s imitators. exception involving the book’s final scenes. like a detail. The book’s plot is equally strong. ality. it should. In particular. seeing MOONHEART branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted the adventure first-hand rather than reading Charles de Lint Police that tracks down and documents the intrusive description. each personality is stitched to- Kurtz is arguably one of the best stylists in or not to buy The Bishop’s Heir unusually gether with unusual realism. Nearly all of the emotional stress strands forms a refreshing and distinctive plotted. are that de Lint has assembled a large and also determined to depose Kelson. The story opens two years after the more cheerful on the whole than that of events of High Deryni. are exceptionally diverse cast in the novel. the Ace 0-441-53719-7 $2. intertwined to form a complex yet coherent If that sounds contradictory. and full of memorable characters. falls too easily motion.95 existence of people with paranormal Scottish Highland region where much of the Good reviewers are supposed to avoid the powers. indeed. than that. used too frequently. it shows a streak of originality Katherine Kurtz they act far too much like RPG characters that is missing in far too many current Ballantine/Del Rey 0-345-31824-2 $14. that urges even the most jaded columnist to But. minded DM. complete with two startling twists near Moonheart is one of those books. Moonheart. Moreover. by now. the paperback edition to appear. most complex character: he begins as a These Mearan rebels are the key to the “heavy. entry in a very good series.” but. next volume in her new trilogy will be a novel might just as easily have been mar- Kurtz’s narrative voice is firmly attuned to stimulating book. without sacrificing his person- novel’s weakness. we see very little of the hands. and around a haunted house. this new tale unimportant subplots. The pattern that de Lint weaves Like Katherine Kurtz’s previous books. while all the elements are there. however. it may be Kurtz’s least predictable novel to break out in rampant enthusiasm. the novel has never have to confront the real ethical and elements of romance. the novel is still rare genius in Moonheart will linger in the shown the ability to create complex charac. B and on knocking aside any obstacles set in from some of the genre’s most familiar The Bishop’s Heir is well written. the fiscally To begin. Much of the action takes place in action occurs seems perfectly natural. labeling the tale a fantasy is The problem with the novel definitely conservative should also be hoping that the almost a case of deceptive marketing.Off the shelf Literature with a flavor that gamers will savor Reviewed by John Bunnell THE BISHOP’S HEIR political issues raised by the revolt. That makes the reader’s decision whether plot. Archbishop Loris. But even devoted Deryni fans may been turned. Loris’s new allies. I might add — practice of Deryni magic. and books are set. Kelson and his associates study and part occult thriller. definitely capable of writing intellect. catalytic presence sets the story’s events in The Bishop’s Heir. Kurtz was always careful to Folk singer Kieran Foy “changes class” characterize her villains — and the tests to from bard to spellcaster as the novel un- which they put the central characters — as folds.

Gothic mystery. De Lint’s background Lack of originality is one of The Fire
material ranges from Celtic legend to The Sword’s problems, but not the deeper one.
Last of the Mohicans and beyond, yet all Martine-Barnes’s prose reveals echoes of
the diverse locales and characters are re- many other sources, both ancient and mod-
markably well integrated, and the novel as a ern, few of which are consistent in content,
whole manages not to seem overly eclectic. style, or mood. There is humor strongly
But if Moonheart is difficult to classify, it’s reminiscent of Elizabeth Scarborough’s
also very easy to appreciate. Novels this Argonian tales. The Light and Darkness are
good are rare indeed, and they are well forces not entirely unlike their namesakes in
worth a brief lapse into superlatives. The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan
Cooper. Wrolf, Eleanor’s wolf friend, is
drawn intact from an obscure Elizabeth
BRISINGAMEN Goudge novel, without so much as a change
Diana L. Paxson of name. And the novel blends Christian,
Berkley 0-425-07298-3 $2.75 Arthurian, and Celtic legends into a cosmic
The ingredients are all there: a powerful reality that defies comprehension.
and mysterious artifact, an ancient conflict On the surface, the reason The Fire
between the powers of order and chaos, and Sword lacks substance appears to be that
long-forgotten gods watching on the fringes Martine-Barnes hasn’t created a believable,
of the struggle with advice and support for three-dimensional protagonist. By turns,
their human patrons. But Brisingamen isn’t Eleanor cracks jokes, complains about her
a tale of an AD&D® game-style quest situation to anyone within earshot, leaps
through medieval lands populated by peas- into physical combat, or withdraws into
ants and monsters. It’s the story of what herself and tries to renounce her quest. Her
happens when graduate student Karen actions seem inconsistent, and readers are
Ingold comes across the legendary Norse never sure whether to empathize with her
necklace mentioned in the title in modern- Paxson has laced it with a light humor that position or to curse her for being chronically
day San Francisco. relieves some of the book’s psychological indecisive.
Paxson, in fact, precisely inverts the stress and lends credibility to its portrayal of However, the novel isn’t that simple, and
usual quest plot formula. Rather than focus academic life. neither is Eleanor’s personality, which grad-
her narrative on a search for the necklace, Different readers will find different ideas ually becomes clearer as her relationships
she drops the artifact into Karen’s lap at the and inspirations in the novel. Creative DMs with the other characters are carefully ex-
beginning of the story. As a result, Karen could experiment with Paxson’s approach to amined. It’s hard to tell whether Martine-
attracts considerable attention from a di- bringing deities down to earth, or they Barnes is preaching Freudian psychology or
verse cast of characters — mortal and other- could develop the necklace itself into an railing against it, but it’s certain that
wise — before the adventure ends. Her artifact or relic. While feminists will find an Eleanor suffers from some sort of identity
struggle to cope with events is both more intriguing role model in Karen Ingold, crisis, if not something more complicated.
challenging and less confusing than might prospective students may learn something The underlying themes of The Fire Sword
be expected: Karen, recovering from a about Berkeley’s campus subculture. But all revolve partially around sexual identity, but
broken romance, is not used to being in the those who pick up Brisingamen will find a Martine-Barnes is content to raise questions
middle of a situation. thoughtful, well-crafted adventure that and to pose problems without thinking
There is a quiet sense of reality about blends all the traditional ingredients into a seriously about the answers.
Brisingamen as well, even during its more most unusual meal. All of which is likely to leave readers
exotic moments, that keeps readers closely holding the book and shaking their heads.
tied to the story. In part, Paxson’s use of There’s a lot to be found in The Fire
real Bay Area settings is responsible. For THE FIRE SWORD Sword, but at the cover price, it’s not really
example, her university campus is the real Adrienne Martine-Barnes worth finding.
UC-Berkeley, and several poets from the Avon 0-380-87718-X $3.75
Greyhaven writers’ group turn up halfway Applied to books, “I couldn’t put it
through the novel at a coffeehouse. Even down” is usually a compliment. And the THE VULCAN ACADEMY MURDERS
more important, however, is her introduc- comment does apply to The Fire Sword, Jean Lorrah
tion of Vietnam into the fabric of the tale: twenty minutes after I finished reading it, Pocket 0-671-50054-6 $3.50
two major characters are veterans of that the book was still in my hand. The reaction At first glance, it seems odd to discuss a
conflict, and their responses to its influence wasn’t one of euphoria, though; rather, it Star Trek novel in the pages of DRAGON®
directly affect Karen’s destiny. was the frustration of losing the key piece to Magazine. Besides being a minor form of
Yet, for all its immediacy, the book man- a jigsaw puzzle. There is something percep- literature at best, the apocryphal adventures
ages the unlikely just as effectively. As the tibly wrong with the novel, but it’s hard to of Captain Kirk and his crew would seem to
novel’s events approach the climax, Karen isolate what that something is. have little or nothing to do with the business
and her newfound friends call on the old It isn’t the basic scenario, which is typical of rescuing fair maidens and slaying fire-
Norse gods to manifest themselves in order enough: Eleanor Hope, an American stu- breathing dragons.
to set matters right. Their summons suc- dent living in England, is abruptly trans- There are, however, two excellent reasons
ceeds, and in a state that both is and is not ported into an alternate eleventh-century for gamers to pick up Star Trek novels in
possession, Thor, Odin, Heimdall, and world in which history is subtly different general and The Vulcan Academy Murders
Freyja superimpose their personas on the and Albion has been overrun by Darkness. in particular. The first, of course, is that
tale’s human protagonists. The ensuing Almost immediately, she is dispatched by Star Trek has spawned an extensive role-
combat pits them against Loki, who is St. Bridget on a quest to restore the Light playing game. The second is that Jean
already abroad trying to touch off Ragnarok (which Eleanor conveniently radiates) by Lorrah’s novel is more than usually remi-
ahead of schedule. finding assorted persons and magical relics niscent of an RPG adventure module. As
Given its echoes of Vietnam and its hero- and by leading them to the proper battles. such, it offers useful insights on introducing
ine’s sometimes high-strung personality, While the pattern is hardly original, it has characters from science-fiction and fantasy
Brisingamen might easily have been a very served novelists and DMs alike, well and literature into role-playing situations, Star
dark, somber novel. Happily, it’s not; frequently. Trek or otherwise.

26 APRIL 1985

Players of STAR TREK®: The Role- rare stupidity in an incident late in the
Playing Game will find the book filled with novel just before finally solving the puzzle.
information about Vulcan life and customs Spock stays in character but out of Kirk’s
that could be adapted into individual cam- way. Instead, he fences with his father in a
paigns. It is revealed, for example, that subplot inspired by the “Journey to Babel”
Vulcan healers are virtually unknown in TV episode. As for McCoy, he is virtually
Starfleet, but enough is explained about ignored in favor of the treatment’s other
their abilities that some might reasonably be creator, a human Academy member in-
introduced as NPCs. Readers learn about volved in an elaborate romantic subplot
systems for surface travel on civilized which has little to do with the deaths.
worlds, a subject rarely mentioned in other Few Star Trek novels tend to satisfy all
Star Trek materials. Referees can easily readers, and Lorrah’s is no exception. Not
expand the Vulcan Science Academy to suit everyone will accept the portrait of Vulcan
their own needs, since Lorrah confines her behavior and culture that appears in The
narrative almost exclusively to its medical Vulcan Academy Murders. However, the
facilities. tale is by no means the worst of the growing
More ambitious referees may decide to series of books set in Captain Kirk’s uni-
try to adapt the novel itself into a game verse. For all its weaknesses, this novel is
scenario, if they can keep the book out of one that Star Trek aficionados are likely to
their players’ hands. The main thread of find interesting reading.
Lorrah’s plot is suitable for such treatment,
as it inserts Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and
Dr. McCoy into a situation where they are
essentially outsiders observing a sequence of If you’re interested in® contributing an
unexpected events. article to DRAGON Magazine, the
These events revolve around an experi- that the deaths are not accidental and sets first thing you need is a copy of our
mental regeneration treatment being devel- out to catch the murderer, in effect doing guidelines for writers. Send a self-
oped at the Academy and tested on three some role-playing of his own. addressed, stamped envelope to
subjects: an injured Enterprise crewman; As the premise for an RPG adventure — “Writer’s guidelines,” c/o DRAGON
Amanda, Spock’s mother; and the wife of and as a fair-play whodunit — this works Magazine, P.O. Box 110, Lake
the Vulcan medic partly responsible for fairly well. As a tale about Kirk, Spock, and Geneva WI 53147; and we’ll send
creating the process. All is going well until a McCoy, it’s less effective; the reader’s con- you back a sheet with all the basic
computer malfunction causes the latter flicting expectations stretch Lorrah’s plot in information you need to make sure
woman’s death and a similar incident too many directions at once. While Kirk is your manuscript has the best possi-
generally a credible sleuth, he behaves with
ble chance of being accepted.
claims the crewman’s life. Kirk concludes


The handy art of forgery
An assassin’s pen can be mightier than his dagger
by Keith Routley
Ningle strolled casually around the corner have been a witness. I should have used a backed away from the guardsmen, fixing
of the warehouse, not expecting to run into disguise. . . . the sergeant’s face in his memory. I won’t
trouble in the middle of the night — and “Of course not, sir,” said Ningle. “I am be so friendly the next time we meet, either.
stopped short as the point of a spear lunged but a poor traveling merchant. I am new to
forward to within inches of his stomach. this town, and seem to have lost my way.” What is more natural than for the mas-
“Halt!” barked the sergeant of the guard, “Lost your way, eh?” the sergeant grum- ters of deceit in the AD&D® game world to
and Ningle did as he was told. For a sec- bled. “Do you expect us to believe that?” employ forgery? What is more necessary for
ond, he considered sidestepping the spear “Well, if these fine fellows will release my an assassin disguised as an influential per-
and taking on the sergeant, but then two arms,” said Ningle, “I can prove that I am son than to be able to forge that person’s
guardsmen appeared from out of the who I say.” The sergeant motioned to the writing style and technique if he is being
shadows, hemmed him in, and lifted him up guardsmen, who dropped Ningle back onto observed by servitors and lackeys?
by the arms so that he was eye to eye with his feet. Ningle opened the pouch at his belt That barely scratches the surface of what
the grinning sergeant. and pulled out his identification papers, can be done with forgery by assassin player
“I don’t know your face,” said the ser- which the sergeant snatched from his grasp. characters and NPCs alike. In lawful soci-
geant. “And I don’t know what brings you Ningle’s pulse quickened as the sergeant eties it is convenient (and money-saving) to
here, creeping around this warehouse in the spent a few agonizing seconds studying the forge residence papers, papers of purchase,
darkest part of the night.” papers, then muttered, “Jarance Lightman, free passes through city gates, and other
“How may I be of assistance?” said eh? A merchant, eh? Humph . . .” Then he important documents. Forgery can enable
Ningle, who was literally in no position to scowled and thrust the papers back at an assassin to fill his purse twice as full: In a
be impertinent. Ningle. “You are free to go,” he said, “but scenario in my campaign, an assassin PC
“We are looking for a murderer by the you had best not lurk around here at night was hired to steal incriminating papers for
name of Ningle Saragrin,” said the ser- any more, or we won’t be so friendly next some corrupt members of the Laborers’
geant. “Might you be that person?” time.” Guild before they fell into the hands of the
Oh, no! thought Ningle. There must “Thank you, sir,” said Ningle as he guild leaders. He pilfered them, made

28 APRIL 1985

and difficult. an assassin can only forge documents in the common tongue or in any other single language that he is the most familiar with. And even if the assassin could characters. average. A copy is a forgery made to look identical to the document being copied. or an positioned the paper was different from how effort where a certain individual’s writing the imitated person does it. ink. an original forgery of no more than 150 son’s script. a forgery skill can be exceed. copies and original forgeries. If he does not have fluency in reading and writing the “forgery language” until fourth level or later. The paper. imitated person writes. ters in length. writing that is at least twice as long as the sary and uncharacteristic capability for document to be forged. then he is treated as third level for determination of the base chance of success in the forgery and thereafter pro- gresses one level in forgery skill for every new assassin level he gains. and A good knowledge of the written lan- guage to be forged is necessary. forgery is a copy no more than 100 charac- Profit aside. the assassin.) to practice forgery. the assassin must Forgery can only be performed by mem. not the calculating deception forgery of up to 100 characters. and writing utensil must be identical to those that were used for the document being copied. and this kind of forgery is always done in secret. This work may be done in seclusion. (To help the and trickery that is the hallmark of the DM judge the success of the attempt. style must be imitated in the presence of The possibilities for the use of forgery are people who are familiar with that individual many and varied. Proper materials are essential for a for- gery to be successful. A difficult forgery is a copy of forge the person’s handwriting. an assassin regular thieves. It takes time to perform a forgery. and gave the copies to his relieved style. Thus. An assassin can begin to study and prac- tice forgery upon attaining third level or as soon as he gains mastery of the written language to be used. a system is can be a difficult forgery if it is attempted in required to define how it is done and front of onlookers who have seen how the whether the forgery will be successful. Just as thieves are not capable of player of the forger should write out exactly using disguise. clients in return for his fee. whichever comes later. was paid a second time — when he turned Complexity is related to the length of the over the original documents to the guild document being copied or created. To have a chance of successfully perform- Basic requirements ing an original forgery. an original forgery of no ingly useful when an assassin is in disguise. and come in three de- grees of complexity — simple. he could be more than 300 characters or an original found out if the way he held the quill or forgery of more than 150 characters. or long the document is. It is an unneces. A forgery of average complexity assassin had to write something and it is a copy of no more than 300 characters or didn’t look anything like the imitated per. For example. Thus. An original forgery is a new document prepared by imitating a person’s writing DRAGON 29 . Types and techniques Forgeries are of two types. A simple leaders. even the “sim- from the circumstances of an adventure. who use physical stealth who is in possession of a document 200 and dexterity-dependent skills to achieve characters long could construct an original their ends. more than 50 characters. ideas can spring from the and the way he writes — regardless of how imaginations of the players and DM.forgeries. neither should they be able what the document is to say. Then his clients but is also often performed when the assas- were surprised (to say the least) — and he sin (in disguise) is in the presence of others. have obtained a sample of the person’s bers of the assassin class. and/or a copied The disguise could easily be ruined if the signature. an assassin who does not acquire fluency in reading and writing the forgery language until 6th level will then acquire 3rd-level forgery skills. No ple” act of imitating someone’s signature matter how it is employed. and even if he rises to become Grandfather of Assassins he will never have forgery skills better than 12th level.

and must prac. done in the presence of associates of the a greater risk by not only imitating the Lack of practice quickly makes one rusty. of 14 115 100 85 and which will be detected as a forgery as course. then the assassin must be appearance of someone. splitting the writing into two does increase the chance of the assassin’s 12 105 90 75 or more sessions will produce a document disguise being detected. all the practice time must be forgery previously indicated success. then the disguise is automatically 15 120 105 90 soon as it is examined. the assassin did take study — even for an accomplished forger. the forger must must have obtained at least three samples of formed the forgery to begin with. any formation of the character and imitating it. even though the dice roll for the though meticulous care was taken in the forged. anyone who views the docu- ment or signature is entitled to a roll to see if the forgery passes inspection. imitated person.) Each associate of the imi- If a signature is to be forged. the assassin must spend one hour the best chances for success. A reader is entitled to a chance to detect a forgery only if he is familiar with what an authentic document of the same sort would look like. possibility that. and 15 minutes front of witnesses. 5 70 55 40 Practice time need not be continuous. In addition. This requires observation of will cause the entire disguise to backfire the proper amount of time is not spent in the person when writing on at least two because the assassin aroused suspicions that preparation. forgery is performed. No extra time Level of Base chance to perform of practice time for every 25 characters of is needed for preparation of a document in assassin Simple Average Difficult the document to be forged. taken within 24 hours of the time when the When making an original forgery in original forgery will be prepared to insure FORGERY SUCCESS TABLE seclusion. for instance) cannot be scanned as such. Even if the reader has this famil- iarity. since scanning it and reading it are essentially the same thing. actual forgery takes only as long as the time 4 65 50 35 ters when the document is being prepared. the performance of the 3 60% 45% 30% for the actual writing out of each 25 charac. document he prepared in the presence of A tracing will not suffice. Again. seen through. the assassin would not have existed if he had not per- When making a copy.additional time beforehand for practice or porated into a disguise so that the writing is accepted as authentic. as long as all the necessary precau. but also imitating and any forgery attempt will automatically familiar with the technique of how that his writing style. In such a case. 7 80 65 50 time when the forgery is actually created in nesses. not stiff. different occasions. 30 APRIL 1985 . required to write out the actual document. And if the spend 30 seconds per character studying the the person’s writing. 8 85 70 55 order for the forgery to have the best chance tions are taken. This simulates the 16-17 +5% 17-18 +10% When an original forgery is to be incor. The powers of observation of such an intelligent reader are so great that he will detect even the slightest flaw. and at least 30 minutes assassin’s disguise for the day on which the 14-15 +3% 14-16 +5% must be spent practicing that alone. sometimes he will only scan a docu- ment (especially one of some length). and in such cases that reader does not deserve a chance to detect the forgery. although the forgery is 18+ +10% Forger’s race Reader’s INT Human +0% 3-5 +10% Dwarf –5% 6-8 +5% Elf +10% 9-11 +0% Half-elf +5% 12-14 –5% Gnome +0% 15-16 –10% Half-orc – 1 0 % 17 –15% 18 –20% Note: Any reader with intelligence of 19 or higher will automatically detect a forgery if he reads the forged document and is familiar with what an authentic document of the same sort would look like. even if the forgery 13 110 95 80 that does not have the ring of truth to it. Conversely. and sometimes that risk fail (producing an easily detected forgery) if person writes. formation of each letter. a document that is very short (a brief note and/or a signature. is successful. the document to be forged. unless the forger’s modified chance of success is 100% or higher. performing a 9 90 75 60 of fooling those who examine it. the writing must tice beforehand (in private) for one hour per witnesses will be automatically detected as a look fluid. each at least as long as assassin’s disguise is seen through. (If the forgery is detected. The chance for success of a forgery must be rolled separately for each person who reads or examines the forged document. but The chance of accomplishing a successful 6 75 60 45 must all be taken within 24 hours before the forgery is not diminished in front of wit. then at least tated person who witnesses the forgery gains Modifications to base chance: three different samples of the signature an extra 5% to his chance of detecting the Forger’s DEX Forger’s INT must be obtained. and not appear as each 50 characters of the document to be forgery. The actual forgery while in disguise and while being 10 95 80 65 preparation of the document must be done watched by associates of the imitated person 11 100 85 70 in one sitting. However.


employing variants of AD&D® rules of purpose if they simply wandered from who has never wished to have an AD&D® only rarely). then the eral map of their worlds within the text of ranks of fantasy role-playing enthusiasts? more detail provided by the author. then gradually recall the writing of John Norman. popular. things that you cannot quite remember. game in any significant manner. from your mind the most. Lately I have found that. are to choose. to tion of two or three books from which you work. since characters (and about them (despite their very large follow- Master for my own campaign on a regular the world they live in) would have no sense ing). The time and effort expended rate what has been read into one’s fantasy habits. WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy map included in such a text. But there are only This is probably the most important mind. how much can be taken from the book explore in some detail will show how gam. and only then should you seek passages in Gary Gygax expressed his opinions on the spective world-building DM to keep a the book for additional information about topic of blending elements of books and proper perspective on the whole process. you may find yourself in the position of tasy role-playing games knows. but for many books loved by those of us who partic- (or even continuing) a book that appears those who are fascinated with a certain book ipate in fantasy role-playing games are not promising. another on key points. The Barsoom books do have maps 32 APRIL 1985 .Books to games? Perhaps! Using literature as the backdrop for adventuring by Arn Ashleigh Parker Is there a Dungeon Master or a player basis. the author wrote in passing? transported to Barsoom in A Princess of bilities are found along this train of thought. but more on that will come reference to the book for about a half-hour. under the title “Books Are ent aspect of the mapping issue. Most important of all is for the pro. later. True. that will give much enjoyment. won’t be an easy choice. book world exactly as described by the in bits and pieces over a long period of How are you to choose between them? It author. those games easy) to use a prepared setting such as the written about them. Unfortunately.”] While I am an Second: obtain a map books neither have maps in any of them. it is fantasy worlds that grab your imagination. Mr. there is also much work required there is no map present in the book. rather than your reading their readers. a map is absolutely nor have any auxiliary books been written & DRAGONS® game (I am a Dungeon necessary to a game. the map must be in reasonable Middle Earth. It is fortunate for and reaping the rewards of such lands? of course: if the game evolved into a contin. thinking and planning is necessary first. for such dreams — not only to you and me. I suggest that you take the easy way completed. this is I think not. precious little time remains for you are like I am. However. or much of the point Robert Howard’s creation? Where is he ate amount of good material for a game. begin an article: write down the items of as well as to offer ways in which this can be crasies that will set them apart from one interest about the book world that entered done. and other places of which fantastic world — much as John Carter was has been consigned to legend? Many possi. gaming habits. or the savage Hyborian kingdom of lent novel provides an inversely proportion. Barsoom. and this can play havoc are taken from us. will have to make. should the other books on the market may suit his to millions upon millions in times past. to uncover the details of the book world adventure game. In DRAGON® Magazine issue #31. Many books have such tremendous Now. the DM that many authors include a gen- Does a person like that exist among the uous replaying of written events. 24 hours in a day. Games Are Games. having to make a map of a world whose nues of advancement for a game are First: select a book details probably do not come quickly to numerous beyond count. games together. I will work on some aspect of and who are willing to provide the time and viewed by publishers to be popular enough my campaign that needs attention. Burroughs’s world of Bar. small. The three series are all very tion is the same as that a writer often uses to in bringing a book world into a game world. Gygax states that “a truly excel. among those of us who indulge in it would be easier (though by no means fan followings that vast tomes have been fantasy role-playing games. the DM. and there is often a have begun to usurp the role of books. Thus. guide you in your choice. decision you. with the DM’s hopes: must he read through nature of humanity to dream. as energy required. They are Gor. And. if not with the actual Moreover. book you have chosen. Gygax’s article. after all our facades the players can role-play (the activity which often not the case. If there is a selec. so after the mundane. the less their respective books. such ave. The and placed in the game? The purpose of this ing preferences may guide the selection of a method that I suggest you use in this situa- article is to explore the possibilities involved book world. Clearly. usable game world is lost. and they have their own idiosyn. and details from there. For in. [Editor’s note: That column You will select a book in time. series of books) wished that I would be taken from this Could not a novel be used as something that and note all of the many cities. The DM may not need to go that far if Mars. examples in this article represents a differ- II anthology. most everyone who is connected with fan. game adventure in a world such as Tolkien’s of Mr. I have often But what if the novel is left behind? the entire book (or worse. the three series of books that I will would probably not affect the play of the so. I would do this without Recreating a world Middle Earth. then you will have to let your generally important to fantasy novels and This in turn leads to the desire to incorpo. Inc. searching for details such as are place more importance on what is read. but more Each of the three series of books used as was reprinted in the Best of DRAGON Vol. instead of starting Setting published by TSR. the following is a system to warrant such additional books. attempt be made to follow this route. but for the DM and the players. Books have always been the center of however. it would take an enormous time. If tion. uninteresting planet of ours to a has happened in the distant past and now mountain ranges. Can this be done? And if stance. We are. forests. Should you find yourself in such a situa- necessary tasks of our world have been and it may be your most difficult as well. and it is the is the heart of the AD&D game). E. needs. The Gor Books. of course. human. agreement with the written word of the soom. avid fan of the ADVANCED DUNGEONS As any DM knows. then there are many out and do not attempt to reproduce the enjoyment.. I must disagree with the bent forest to forest or dungeon to dungeon. amount of time to sift through the author’s The effect of reading less is. If the book ever gets read. text.” of making your favorite book world into a who has never dreamed of risking the perils This is true within the context of the novel.

you are ready contain maps. In any event. oped. Fortunately.available. large. You have now created the framework of that enumerates the major happenings that nately. Thus. the solution changes that have happened to your world They should then be ready to discover what is within your very grasp: a pencil! You are (by your own hand in the previous step). To remedy this problem. Your world is now complete. Inc. all the make a new map on a hex sheet. while interest. though present in the Sardar. but their misconceptions might Third: change the world should spring quickly to mind. not detailed game terms — ever: your players have no idea what is ples. though there some role-players are frustrated writers (and read the book(s) from which your world has is only one map. you will probably wish to create a Gor is a world without magic. steel and gold DRAGON 33 . untamed lands of this newly created Atlas of Middle Earth by Karen Wynn it once was? These value judgments — in environment. sprung will have a degree of familiarity with ideas on how to transform your world your world. draw out the new map. do not allow its use. your world. or regressed? Has some to have your players begin to explore the bara Strachey (Ballantine Books) and The strange happening changed it from the city wild. you must able for gaming purposes. for instance. special ter- Flint Roy (Ballantine Books) and the game will find it easier to alter the author’s world rains (scrub. There is one difficulty. you will want to place the general use on Gor. You monster lairs. the world you have is. though not in the books them. verge from pragmatists. preparing some adventures. and in it.). general terms. you will be ready to play. Those players who have David Day (Ballantine Books). and a Fourth: redraw the map supply the players with a general fact sheet map of that world sits before you. canyons. with one have devised. after had many books written about them that how does it exist? Is it poor? Has it devel. as created This is the point where purists will di. since the Priest Kings be willing to make sacrifices: things cannot details of your world that were too unim. If your world is Example one: Gor tell the tale of how the world changed. This is highly suit- must now craft a story. Since it seems that world is all about. awaits their characters in the world that you the creator of this new world. once you is finished. Noting all the book(s) upon which your world is based. but immeasurable value to anyone choosing the decide to alter the world. marshes. ancient shrines. You hex equal to five miles. When this lengthy step Publications. Another interesting book concerning must be made for every important place happening in your world or what your Middle Earth is A Tolkien Bestiary by that exists in your world. stagnated. and John Carter: Warlord of Mars (Simulations if you recall that change is the essential population centers.) have maps that are of nature of all things. Journeys of Frodo by Bar. etc. Both A Guide to Barsoom by John is to be played as it was meant to be. different from an AD&D game world. To play the AD&D 50 miles might be very useful. The Middle Earth books not only If a city existed in the book world. you will probably will your players be? Barsoom books as the basis for a fantasy ask yourself what changes you should make. remain the same if the AD&D game system portant to mention in your creation story: selves. This is a problem. Technology. does it Fifth: inform your players have maps within their covers but also have exist at present in your game world? If so. Unfortu. What remains to be done is to have occurred since the conclusion of the ing. how- Fonstad (Houghton Mifflin) are two exam. larger-scale map as well: one hex equal to by author John Norman. world. is not for game in your favorite book world. prove worse than the ignorance of other You already have done the basic work for players. you must At this point. and. you must your game: a world has been chosen. the DM may be the most frustrated of all). thus. powers of creation are yours to wield.

then. and gnomes (watchers of the fair hills and plains) — these races were the assigned caretakers of Barsoom. since John Norman has not sup. In that moment. As the Priest Kings use their power ertheless. Let us influence of the Priest Kings’ powers when voodoo. He chooses himself as the recep. manner. and they chose to sleep in the bosom of Barsoom at a time when the planet was a thing of beauty. this is not going to be a items. the deities. When awakened. or many other crea. There are. but they also worship a stunned. The Kurii tures in it. Clearly. Barsoom is shrouded in be possible for a player character to be a From the Kur’s body. magic-user and illusionist spells). hoping that This would be an interesting world. these races chose to hide themselves long ago. the other Kurii) he succeeds in placing the GREYHAWK Fantasy Setting.e. he feels the power within him. at the same time. these powers seek the races of old — races that were to have been the caretakers of Barsoom while the gods slept. with the exception of John Carter’s first interpret the evil Kurii in our own they attacked the Kur. A person who chooses Gor for his vene. the DM is free to populate Barsoom 34 A PRIL 1985 . unlike Gor. In all.rule Gor. Nev- be lost. least as far as we know. immediately. granting cleric spells) for their devotees and by revealing the lost secrets of magic (i. radium pistols are not only creatures that have developed range and other places. There are no dwarves. awakens others of its kind. He obtains a vessel and goes to Gor.. On Barsoom. sleens. a lack of magic and fighting with non-magical abilities.e. After having learned all these details. The following scenario is an example of what can occur on Barsoom. it will have to do. If he wanted the WORLD OF elves. and great cities wage war by lent spirit. and. dwarves (protectors of the land below). stream from the form. though this explana. hordes of creatures mystery. such things are antithesis to the rounds and permeates the Kurii’s Steel this. for it was they who made the world beauti- ful. we must be careful not to go too far in with black energy blasts that destroy half of that is far more suited to fantasy role- our changes. and the body explodes. a druid. and they are used regu- great technology. drow. a scientist-Kur creates a machine pure AD&D game campaign: there is too the question for most Burroughs fans. it has some of the problems that game world is obviously someone who likes on the renegade Kur. This is one of the most attractive great evil spirit that has been created by the the Kurii. After The world of Mars as envisioned by To alter Gor into a magical world with using his power to land on Gor. disappeared into the fabric of Gor. he would tures of the AD&D game system on Gor. well. and that he believes can materialize the malevo. at spirit within his corporeal being. Since all attempts to improve their tion of magic is different from that offered deal with this situation: 1) eliminate the lot have failed. Example two: Barsoom and tarns. Goreans are and air ships exist. as are both the Priest Kings and larly. . These “gods” were old when Barsoom’s oceans yet thrived. Ar becomes a ruin with many evil crea. But the second requires the skill of a good Dungeon Master. The setting provided by Edgar Rice changes must be slight as far as magic is spirit destroys the physical body that it Burroughs. the Kurii have prayed all the in the AD&D system. these gods see what has happened to the world they love. Elves (guardians of the woodlands). Apparently. though it is always portrayed as I suggest the following scenario. is better for our world- concerned. As for the many monsters listed in the AD&D books . building purposes. it must inhabits. AD&D game system. ability of teleportation. But. and (unknown to world. characters to obtain these technological it will aid them in their attempt to rule Gor. Unfortu- Kurii’s own dark souls. Edgar Rice Burroughs is a fantastic planet deities and basilisks is not an easy task. many terrifying beasts such as larls. dragons. however. From nately. he disem. An ancient being of enormous power (understood as a deity) is awakened by a foolish man or beast or nation. probably due to the novels. that is fine for the DM who desires such a primitive means. however. This is a world Also. Almost have chosen it. or the flavor of the world will the city before the Priest Kings can inter. In an attempt to discover what caused the decay of Barsoom’s beauty. Also. magic is created. or a member of many others. even though the whole surface has magic-user. and he succeeds in keeping it under control. a cleric stream forth: orcs. . Needless to say. however. Rumors (called an initiate on Gor). an illusionist. Many creatures flee to the Voltai not limited. The first solution is probably out of In time. for some reason. playing games than the world of Gor. For example.. or 2) make it difficult for player more fervently to the evil spirit. technology is plied enough details about them. They choose to attempt to bring back the natural beauty of Barsoom by performing miracles (i. a few good creatures of magic circulate throughout the Barsoom a sub-class that uses spells. This spirit sur. tacle for the experiment. and been mapped out by the Red Men. the gods then get together to determine their plan of action. much that differs from a “legal” world. technology. There are two ways to Worlds. dragons. the secret of how to awaken the gods became lost after a few generations. so the control of the spirit. the spirit seems to have features of the world to the DM. barks from his ship and attacks the city Ar with incredible alien races. orcs. the scientist loses Gor has: for instance. the gods find few of these caretakers still thriving. This power. Also.


the great advantages I have found in good. find my inter- pretation of Middle Earth’s fourth. The Lord of the Rings FO). These temples are used by the Valar to build adventures of great power in an arena-like series of trials. 8 The Temples of Shadow are found: otherworldly prisons for monsters created by old and new Ainur whose essences have been corrupted. and many cities are toppled) — named the beginning of the fifth age (FtA). 5 Osgiliath is rebuilt and renamed the One of the most important reasons that I sition (normal Middle Earth changing to seat of Gondor’s power (late FO). The multiverse is created.R. Note that the theirs. my own image of it. solid fun.” I have found that this slaying the savages in Rhun and process described in this article to remake is true only for games that try to rework the claiming the land as their own (early J. as I am sure your choice of a world will work fine for you. no doubt. and myself. freeing it of many Cold Drakes grand in scope that it has the possibility to player characters had no part in the events (late FO). The terms are used here to help illustrate the practical application of the author’s ideas. and sixth ages to be unsatisfactory at best. their characters.R. and Middle Earth is torn and shook by the shock (Enedwaith is sunk. Editor’s note Proper names and many other terms that appear in italic type within this article are taken from the particular works to which they refer — works which are protected by copyright and trademark laws. that is what counts. After all. ever. selected Middle Earth as the world of my standard AD&D rules) during items 8 to 10. 10 The Temples of Shadow “explode” during the god wars. fifth. with at least a proportionate amount of FO). not to imply that these terms can be used indis- criminately. Annuminus and Osgi- liath are destroyed. a new sea — Valaer — is cre- ated east of Rhun. Event Explanation more local color to the environment. 4 Dwarves of the East (a once-lost making use of Tolkien’s work have been To illustrate specifically my point. The result is the release of horrible monsters into Middle Earth. How. until item 9 and that the game was in tran. but they can make their own versions of Middle Earth’s future. 36 APRIL 1985 . Mine works fine for my players. I following list enumerates the events that Earth and take the Ered Mithrin as have been able to call upon a world so have transpired in my world. 7 Much rebuilding is done (early to middle FtA). Gygax says 1 Annuminus was rebuilt (early fourth that “a truly excellent novel provides an age FO). A king of Middle Earth is foretold (early FtA).with those creatures he feels would add game campaigns was the vast culture pro. encompass everything that I could conceive. A king of Middle Earth is named. and he is imbued with many powers by the gods (be- ginning of the sixth age). 6 The occurrence of the Great Disaster: the second strife of music between Eru and other Ainur. 9 Adventurers enter the Temples of Shadow in search of their destinies (all FtA). Tolkien’s Middle Earth according to author’s storyline. Though Mr. the kindred) journey to west Middle well worth the time and labor required. I followed the material for a game. The process has been trilogy has provided my players and me 3 Khazad-dum was reclaimed (middle neither a short one nor an easy one. The reader should not make any use of the works men- tioned in this article which would infringe the rights of the copyright owner. Over half a decade ago. Purists would. vided by Tolkien. Example three: Middle Earth inversely proportionate amount of good 2 Travelers from the far east emerged.


Thomas BATTLE OF THE GODS anyone else is going to do on a turn. because regular contributor of PBM articles for the grid.] Although the command from another player. like it. new ideas in this game very a membership committee. These to say still applies to the game in its new have at least one thing in common: they are power points are spent on one or more form. You can also Integral Games have to decide how to use your power on become a Consumer Member of the associ. using a lot of reinforcement on receive a one-year subscription to the Asso. every 10 days. [Editor’s note: See the nomina.50 game is relatively simple. number of victory points is awarded for (THE MELDING) lisher Bob McLain. before this article was prepared for publica- Universal. destruction.PBM update: news & views One man’s perspective on the play-by-mail industry by Mike Gray It’s been almost a year since my last of the games Mike reviewed is now being putting more power into it.S. which this is. So new ideas and quick to answer questions world. each command has a This is a medieval fantasy game with a companies. crusade. it thin and try ation by sending in a check for $10. expanded into a more complex and very membership on the awards committee. laid out on a 20-by-20 write to Kelstar for information. Critically speaking.50 game. Gaming Universal.) A base WORLD OF VELGOR cation after three issues. and hammered in three out of the five.] Battle of the Gods is a very easy game in a whole lot for the $3.O. Now. players spend Velgor is printed just the way he wrote it. Scottsdale AZ 85251. starts as a collection of about 100 the game has been modified in some re- magazines Game News and Space Gamer. and 1 for teaching will tion. I can see these ideas the ballots. and create more than two dozen charter members. character by distributing seven points interesting game. teach. you have no way of finding out what Play by Mail Association. to name a few. create life. 38 APRIL 1985 . or will you concentrate on a the same address. As turns are processed quickly. Mike Gray’s assessment of World of around. and give help and advice. through Flying receive 4 times the base number of victory Velgor game had been sold and renamed. set-up $3. Zephyr Hills FL 34283 magazine published in Great Britain that is. the tion ballot for the Origins awards. [Yet another editor’s note: One small basic cost.00 to Arlington TX 76013 a lot of actions.” destroying much — I’ve never played anything else committee. there are of the moderators to be very interested in send prophet. command to break through your protection. efficient. of this writing (January 1985). Half of The association has made some plans which the players become powerful gods the players in my game dropped out. creating worlds. The commands include pulling together to form an association. I the members to choose a board of directors. Scottsdale AZ 85252. To get the package. with Game length: 15-25 turns professionally written and designed — a the award to be given out at the Origins No. magazines prepared by the member com. The biggest news is games differ in nature and complexity. and teaching. bless. and each Kelstar Enterprises receive a $10 gift certificate from Advent player’s goal-points act as multipliers for P. and you can’t do elsewhere in this issue. a PBM magazine conversion. When one of article about play-by-mail games appeared.. absorbing and replacing Gaming numbers of 4 for creation. For example. and I am also a nominee for Each player must first create a god. Box 639 Games and a free copy of Flagship. For a customers of a PBM company that goes out victory points on a randomly determined beginning PBM player. professional commands each turn. and an awards population to your “religion. the the most power behind his command is the that the play-by-mail industry is finally results sheets are clear and legible and the one who wins out. converting a like the fresh. 0 for destruction. send $2. All five of the up to 100 power points each turn in an on the assumption that most of what he has games described and reviewed in this article attempt to achieve their chosen goals. chunks of matter randomly scattered spects. not the most exciting PBM game I’ve ever program has been proposed to “rescue” the The object of the game is to have the most played — but it’s far from the worst.50. at space in Gaming Universal will receive conversion. McLain will earned for teaching. a player who has chosen goal [Positively the last editor’s note: Shortly in effect. Box 13562 each turn — will you spread. a PBM any victory points earned in that category. all subscribers will fulfillment of any of the goals. double value for now being run by Kelstar Enterprises. a reimbursement who shape a universe to their own designs. but can be reinforced by healthy dose of role-playing thrown in. Since all moves are secret and simultane- panies.50 turn fee. flyers. It is already — for instance. The “protect” com- far the association has run a group adver. Elections are being held among last turn. the game is All of the advertisers who had lined up any act of destruction. printed Turn cost: $3. I liked all of these mand is a defensive maneuver. creating life. Anyone who’s comparable space in Flagship. These are indeed exciting times! among four goals: creation. P.] all run by responsible. we received word that the World of is available in the U. offer. From this point on. I have found all protect.00 to ous. has ceased publi. Victory points are earned for understand and very clearly explained. destroy matter. the game is easy to of business. According to pub. Turn cycle: fast game. Initial cost: rules $1. Consumer Members Game format: 100% computer moderated few actions. (No goal can with a lot of real potential. Yours truly was chosen to count life. of players: 10 remarkable effort for a company’s first convention. have a point value higher than 5. and teaching. naturally) safe from conflict from another player un- to generate new interest in the hobby. and the base value of any points the address given above. the one with industry since then. for different reasons — even though I got less he uses enough reinforcement in his ing a package of catalogs. each one? ciation Newsletter and voting privileges in slow game.] points for any act of creation. every 14 days The rulebook has a color cover and is yearly balloting for best PBM game. run by a different company — but the your commands opposes or conflicts with a and lots of things have happened in the above statement still stands. interested in getting involved in it should become an editor for Flagship and will be a The universe. You Rd. 8149 E. Box 1467. keeping you tisement in Analog magazine in an attempt games (some more than others.O. [Another editor’s note: Flagship 2 for conversion. rules. Buffalo. Down the road. on to the games. no points for Under the title of The Melding.

out for yourself. and so forth. One of the objects self. Experts (EXceptional PERsonality and Training) can find hidden passages in dungeons and are very good at recruiting new troops. . . The world map is very sketchy at the start of the game. . you move your allegiance personal experience that the more time you factor closer to Black Master status. and other features. cen- taurs. Well. you will encounter other divisions of troops and other players’ castles as well as neutral groups of all kinds of creatures — elves. but not very good at fighting. without bothering to write or call my adver- The next thing you must decide is what sary — and that turned out to be a very bad profession to take up — General. you get new spells. On each turn. like a scroll — a very nice touch. you increase You can choose different tactics for each your “allegiance factor” on the way to battle you get involved in. giants. The first thing in the dungeons. enslave Vexous or fully restore the evil god Being a good soul on the road to Archlord- to power — and nobody tells you how to do ship. and dragons. and of one piece of the Rod of Wizardry. are no longer neutral and the other players So why did I get wiped out? Well. you fill it in for yourself as you travel and learn more about the surroundings. by choices to be made. and several hun. for instance. three apprentices. By doing good deeds. . DRAGON 39 . But it’s not quite that gold.” you start with a There’s a lot more to this game than castle. . better com- bat abilities. High Priests have some battle advantages and some magical ability. experience rating for doing away with the the player attacked me with his superior enemy. camps. you the other players. Wizard. your experience rating will increase based on your actions. You must decide to attack or parlay with the stran- gers. it by allying with or conquering the other turns out that they will give you a lot more players. you have to figure these things the “unlikely” event that I was attacked. and I can tell you from doing evil deeds. There are a lot of attaining good Arch-lord status. dwarves. but cannot cast magic spells. As your experience reaches new levels. but cannot cast spells and aren’t too good at fighting. and build your own magic items. your goal is to either tained my leader and my part of the Rod. or Expert. Okay. It’s impor. I was will know which god you serve. Or. (It is rumored that there are even some uncharted islands off the coast somewhere. bring it back to your toward the good god Velgor or the evil god castle. Instead of calling me or writing to me. you can buy dred troops which can be divided into three magic items in the cities. I had chosen to stand and defend in any of this. either an individual or an alliance than a yes or no if you pay them enough can win the game. who will then decide whether to attack you or join up with you. Wiz- ards are best at casting spells. This they are purposely skimpy in some areas. As soon devote to trying new things and talking to as you achieve one status or the other. As you travel. piece confers minimal powers on the owner There are even some rules that aren’t true. In addition to putting the pieces of force — and the group he attacked con- the Rod together. better recruitment bonuses.) You will soon find the locations of dungeons. which you can accomplish yes/no questions in return for gold. The rules come in a cardboard tube. or discover them movable groups (divisions). — powers which increase as you obtain but you’ll have to find those out for your- more pieces of the Rod. For example. in a square with another player who heard tant to know who your friends and enemies from someone else that I was going to attack are. ports. meets the eye. Each turn you move your three divisions around the map by writing down the coor- dinates of the spaces you want to move through. Unfortunately. (I wish I had found that out before I simple. Vexous. got wiped out!) As a neutral “rodbearer. . High Priest. You can collect “ortron” you must decide is whether you will lean (magical rocks!?). cities. I’ll give you one example: of the game is to collect and assemble the 40 You are told that city escorts will answer parts of the Rod. Generals are best at fighting.Each of the 40 players starts with possession the rules are not very well organized. the better off you will be. because you get a big boost in your him.

As with most games. you’ll have to wheel. Then you start run- each group that you control.00 It is not readily apparent that diplomacy resources. and when you meet an alien be a lot of fun.50 for rulebook player who controls the largest base owned Before you decide to try to take control of Turn cost: $2. But once you start resources than others and thus become card game. but it can of five ship types that you can build. Society of tice makes perfect. No. The rules are not trivial. I overlooked an important formula ends when three races have no worlds left. set-up. deal. any worlds you lost string of alignments. and You start out with an alliance of groups. The available The game is very interesting. you can then send Capitol has many features that set it nect any two worlds. and Adventures by Mail which uses transparent overlays (sent to you steal a good number of groups from other P. Each emperor gets a special a new group. and the minimum ship agents and spend money to take control of apart from other games. you can work closely with your friends and valuable example of several sequential turns neighbors without having any major advan- and their results. Each group is defined by a definite advantage just because they will the worlds you control. lot of fun (as long as the other players left you can see how a group of weak players Ship building is an individualized activ- me alone). and number and added to the number of fully dreds of worlds scattered around it. the better the chances that you are an experienced PBM gamer.” world is controlled. However.O. my territory bor- What this game becomes is a very com. and what size base is necessary Nannies and Butlers. Each race has its own formula and your goal is to build up your power same time. Each turn you have to axy’s resources. and exploring are all part involve the allocation of men and cash by If you are a new PBM gamer. in which fees. and produc- lent Illuminati card game published by a menu of dozens of messages that can be tion goods. And they have re. you really begins. you may first want to probe $1 extra for 30 more printout which contains information on how it. not strong enough to attack by myself. to go on the offensive.50 for 60 orders. or you may lose all that you contact each other or actually get together experience with lots of depth. it starts producing Turn cost: $4. You also get a list of all Smashers). Game format: 100% computer moderated and was spending too much money on my or when the race with the most worlds has Turn cycle: weekly or bimonthly orders. and a lot of surprises. essential rules are of the race that controls the highest number P. is useful in this game. You have to do both. And players who have build them. and since your fair share of available groups CAPITOL Movement is handled by a clever system is only 10. and includes an in. uals. Some worlds produce more Steve Jackson Games. Emperors also your groups should try the takeover. identical-sized teams of 4-8 people each. building bases. dered on two powerful enemies that I was petitive race to build up your offensive and and these teams vie for control of the gal. lots of op. even though there is as bases to build ships. shields. how many resources it takes to (Boy Sprouts. it might not be the best around the galaxy. CIA. have built up. which is when the fun two groups are. You just lay the had a streak of failures at getting new Game format: 100% computer moderated transparency over your local galactic map groups. live. With this that produces the grand role-playing PBM mation should be passed along to other information. Stargates can be built to con- If this is successful. Then non-diplomatic PBM game of robotic war. Initial cost: $2. A ship consists of weapons. more valuable. you can determine which of game Beyond the Stellar Empire and the members of the same team. refueled. prac. Box 436 in your first package). attributes. by that race. PLO) to the extraordinary going your way. decide whether to build up your groups or grouped into teams according to where they I might still be playing. with each other to plan strategies. how groups range from the ordinary (Russia.O. ing new worlds. can team up against the strongest player by ity. after movement. The appropriate rule is in the Q & at least twice the number of worlds as the Game length: varies A section as a tip: “The square root of the second most powerful race. Designing ships. not individ. no hidden The rulebook is professionally typeset and Capitol makes a great club game. ILLUMINATI and it will take several readings to digest all The object of the game is to be a member Adventure Systems of the text. attacking a lot of that player’s groups at the cargo bays. sent me a 3-page reply with just the advice I No. the advanced stage some of its cadre and leaders to your cause. size is increased. Conspiracy is what Illuminati is for how much each of these things costs in until you control 32 (out of 256) groups all about! resources. The more alike the rulebook before you sign up to play. tage over other teams. The game Houston TX 77227 section. On your turn sheet. this infor- group’s alignments and attributes. tions. probe to find out about them. conquer- can give your groups on each turn. Individual players are was asked to make and keep alliances with 40 APRIL 1985 . some of your group’s agents and subvert cently introduced a new fantasy role-playing Later in the game. In some cases. have special powers that enable them to you will want to infiltrate the target with fare. PBM game called Crasimoff’s World. If ning into the enemy. easy-to-fill-out turn sheets. of players: 48 to 96 The emperor of each race (team) is the needed. So I wrote Turn cycle: every 10 days and specify where you want to go by using a a note to the gamemaster and he promptly Game length: varies directional code on the overlay. You have to start thinking one group will be able to take control of the will find Illuminati to be an enjoyable and defensively by building bases and ships with other. I knew I was in trouble. A successful probe will tell you the target This game is run by the same company many words each race controls. how often they have to be Mafia. I found the PBM game to be a losing your groups to a powerful adversary. making it relatively easy for players to If you’re looking for a fantasy PBM eventually. while a new player will have to worlds your ships are/were at before and game to suit your devious purposes. So I defensive powers. transporting resources tive success of the various orders that you ity. ally with them or attack them. The building of a power structure can rewarding challenge. In particular. Players are grouped into twelve very efficient. try this one! very comprehensive. Illuminati is a game of medium complex. I had a great team. of players: 24 excess cash is rounded up to the next even The galaxy is a 98-by-98 grid with hun- Initial cost: rulebook. the target and add it into your own power victory is achieved by teams. steal worlds from other players. As a great fan of the sent to other players. and our emperor was structure. Thus. Once a 3 turns for $15 supported agents. there is a list before anyone else does. Warboid World. read through of the opening game. These resources can then be used This game is largely based on the excel. For this reason.move! If I had used a little more diplomacy. United Package played this game before are going to have a to build each ship. race you have to decide whether to try to Since the object is to control 32 groups. so you don’t have to players. more shields. All of the defining indices affect the rela. also be quite frustrating when things aren’t fast they are. Rocky Horribles. probes. and-all the which you can raise and lower during the groups. When I started losing groups and Cohoes NY 12047 fiddle with x-y coordinates. Box 22305 imbedded in the Questions & Answers of worlds when the game ends. and abilities already be familiar with many of the control of in the previous turn. rules kick in. Orders first effort for someone new to PBM games.

sending great this is not as easy a task as it is for an Azoni tion — maybe even yours! armies into battle. since it line at “Letters. On the critical side.O. Paul Bunyan’s Axe can turn a forest into Another criticism I have had is that the sources and building up my bases. I allied with all three of my many uninvited guests in your kingdom. I think my biggest mistake was in not when it attacks. or secured in the ten Forbidden Cities. I enjoy and destroy things to earn victory points. A Palantir allows its owner lot of fun to play one. sold a few Game format: 100% computer-moderated leaders to a Slenth (blood money is still Turn cycle: every three weeks money). The Rilris earn points for hoard- ing zorans (money) and magic. I am furiously attacking my No. Quntag. Whoever has the highest score after the last turn will win. you’ll soon have 3646 Gibsonia Road As a Rilris. set-up. ning. While the Slenth are the weakest fighters. Game length: varies As an Azoni. and capturing special to build citadels in the safety of his king- magic items which give me unique advan- tages over the other players. Or you can open and besiege I like Quest of the Great Jewels very a Forbidden City in search of the three much and recommend it highly. However. I lost interest and asked that and wondrous talismans: The Cloak of turn after turn. letters of general interest for publica- building up my empire. my latest game will end somewhere between turns 20 and 30 instead of at a predetermined score. you may not know where the later in the game. it Great Jewels. but I still have no magic Got a question about an article? A Initial cost: rulebook. I’ve just points to win as a Slenth. Rilris. like flies and are always waging war. ble Drevonyx. these. which bestow fantastic powers is very much a game of diplomacy. and citadels. The Doppleganger makes an best magic talismans are locked in the For- I should have been out conquering new army appear twice as large as it really is — bidden Cities. or for a Rilris to hoard his money At that point. Each game I’ve played has been very differ- ent because the designer is still perfecting his creation. you can find out and fight your way through enemy ence. and the and battering rams. The object of the game has varied a bit as the game has evolved. they are quite prolific and earn points for destroying troops. of players: 12 Rilris neighbor. build roads. developed in most other PBM games.50 (through turn 10). the overlays are a nice touch. A Slenth must kill letter we get. proper owners. siege towers. We’ll read every favorite play-by-mail games. don’t spend time and money communicat- Zorph Enterprises you win the game. This problem may be solved teamwork aspect will prepare a novice for strongest leaders against hungry dragons. Box 110. ing with other players. Instead. The Quntag are empire builders who get points for controlling territory. the game will be close stood. or guarded by dragons. tried in my latest game. Gibsonia PA 15044 neighbors. etc. city it opens is located. not cover? What do you think of the Turn cost: $2. There are special keys which open the gates of the Forbidden Cities. territory to get there. The Azoni are powerful fighters who reproduce slowly and earn victory points for building defensive citadels.the enemy (in the best interests of our race). If you capture all three jewels. citadels. Lake Quest of the Great Jewels is one of my seems to be very hard to get enough victory Geneva WI 53147. and and no keys. I like the changes and that’s why I continue to enter new games. and dozens of other strange dom. Rings of Power which confer special bonuses to their DRAGON 41 . or Slenth. And I just started a new game subject you’d like us to cover — or 2 turns for $10 as a ravenous Slenth. because some players have felt that the game was too short. by the new game-ending rule that is being the individual diplomacy that must be You can (and should) flee from the invinci. the object was to capture all three Great Jewels or to be the first player to exceed a specific (but unrevealed) score of victory points. By the time you find and worlds to build up my resource supply for and there are many more talismans besides capture a key. but it’s a tion. clear terrain. leaders. because they breed expanding and exploring more in the begin. You can send your to being over. rarely fought a battle.” P. Darkness makes an army invisible except is very difficult to win as a Slenth.00 (turns 11-20). Before the game starts. navies. you must choose which one of the four races to become: Azoni. In my first two games. If you haven’t heard enough yet. and we’ll select certain started playing my third game. The most creative features of the game are the magical talismans which can be found in neutral citadels. Many players agree that it another team member take over my posi. and ended up winning the game. If you QUEST OF THE GREAT JEWELS each turn. I am not sure that magazine you’re reading? Drop us a $3. And by the time you Capitol is a fun and very different experi. I spent too much time hauling re. the game is completely balanced. and for ravag- ing the land. to spy on the contents of any one province. The rules are clear and easily under. However.

42 APRIL 1985 .

price DM needed danger point whatsoever .

ever since you became C: Protector of the Universe. Begin by setting the scene with the background. a sharp noise resounds (like the for the AD&D® game designed specially for ever feel challenged or motivated again. you or your character will be called upon to make decisions — but you always get as much time as you need to make up your mind. Your player character can’t help but survive a journey through Nogard — but his life will never be the same again. and doesn’t make sense that someone as power. try mixing passages for different classes for a completely different adventure every time. it happens. don’t bother to get up for it now). life hasn’t had as much zest as it did before. insert the appropriate passages where indicated. traps. At times. fighter. trying to figure out eyeblinks longer than teleporting. Except for your character’s record sheet and a pencil (which you’ll need only briefly. you have not simply reached the pinnacle of achievement — you have defined it. And all of concentrate mightily. T: Sultan of Stealth. Background In your career as a player character. After you play through the events of a section. ful as you should be forced to be this miser- lenges that you never thought were possible able. THE ADVENTURE you and your character will both face chal. There are no tricks. no materials are needed to run this adventure other than the rules you are reading. sound of a book being closed) and you are player characters of ultra-high level and Being a person of tremendous intelligence whisked away. because it your character has ever experienced. Instructions You will serve as both the player and the Dungeon Master. turn to the section you’re directed to at the end of that pas- sage. one day. But for years now. in this soli- taire adventure. magic-user. and thief characters. so to speak.The high-level adventure to end all adventures Welcome to Nogard. Then. or unfair surprises in this scenario. Lately. a solitaire scenario found yourself wondering whether you can get there. Your accomplishments are unparalleled. Depending on what kind of character you’re running. M: Supreme Spellcaster. world-shaking power. you’ve 44 APRIL 1985 . you find this is achieved without once placing your where this place of challenge is and how to yourself in the middle of a large expanse of favorite incredibly powerful character in jeopardy. Just as you I: After a journey that takes only two in an AD&D game adventure. Nogard is actually four adventures in one — certain passages in the text are read differently for cleric. The adventure takes and wisdom. then start with Section I of the adventure itself. F: Warrior Without Peer. To revive the adventure after several play- throughs. you decide that there must still place in an environment unlike any that be challenges unrealized for you. your talents beyond compare and your riches beyond counting — but all of it is coming to mean less and less.

Amazingly. Nothing at all happens to you for what SPECIAL DEFENSES: DM’s grace seems like ages. and a small terrier go to Section VII. write into a false sense of security. Being an adventurer of ridiculously high intelligence and wisdom. OF ATTACKS: 1 DAMAGE/ATTACK: See below SPECIAL ATTACKS: Breath weapon IV. feet are some of your most prized posses. APPEARING: 1 (unique) tance. plus a complete C: Because of the enchantment have figured this out by now. T: You can’t very well stab yourself I. . middle to find a pencil. The archmage later gave up magic light purple. You get more edgy as time MAGIC RESISTANCE: See below) goes on. plus a cloak spell on yourself. Gods of Game Balance.” Get out your next most is an adventure. . can stand this horrible combination of Dragon was created when a drunken arch. While your character goes back to Section (funny. was indulging in at the time. and who ever died tions in Section VIII. . and became a VI. Stand there and wait — go to Section II. . “This extended vacation in Nogard comes F: Your collection of +5 laser blast. it is not much missed. You become even more watchful. . After a while. deity who’s a buddy of yours. fire-breathing dragon. to you through the combined efforts of the ers and a 20-gallon jug of potion stantly. the Expletive Deleted) is a rare creature a blue dragon. and sooner or later some.). and whenever you cast a defuses any trap. Sitting doesn’t seem to help. a voice booms out this brief message: of holding. or the Big Pain in If you want to end the adventure now. Proceed to Section I. the “What’s New?” hermit monk. considered doing away with yourself as a sions. so by Matt Legare you start to move toward the gray area in the distance. so you sit down. right? The “What’s New?” Dragon III. “Just to show ’em!” The of its characteristics and general behavior. moving gradually from a feeling of INTELLIGENCE: Animal (charitably anticipation to one of anger: Why isn’t speaking) anything happening? As time goes on and ALIGNMENT: Neutral on (which. Go get the pencil we said you’d need. . indeed in the AD&D® game world. named for suspense and boredom. in the back. The suspense is HIT DICE: 3 building — surely this will be a tale to % IN LAIR: Nil regale even the most jaded of your friends TREASURE TYPE: Nil back home! Go to Section IV. but that never takes long because money’s worth out of this adventure. You do not need the that does anything I want. At least simply: . other minute of this existence. away. is twice as SIZE: S (3½’ tall) long as just “on”). F: Your armor class is so low that assistance of your player for the remainder M : A 32-volume set of spell books not even you can hit you. you should read and follow the instruc- ute ago . You know this You’re not sure if you can stand even an. . NO. as well as a few other vices he head of a cow wearing a puzzled expression. all you do is Epilogue: For players’ eyes only that always stays invisible recharge. II. Once in a while you mage attempted to crossbreed a red dragon. You aren’t sure how much longer you According to legend. your wounds always heal in. There is no Section V. doesn’t lull an experienced stalwart like you The pressure is getting unbearable. ARMOR CLASS: 4 thinking that attack from an unseen enemy MOVE: 12”/26” could come at any moment. Neither (Draco Phoglius Ridiculus) does pretending you’re asleep. You decide that nothing is going to sneak up on you. the word “Retired. Go adventuring challenge you meet. of this adventure. I thought I saw it a min. roughly waist high and resembles a short. you have arrived in search furiously for some way out of the . a cow. The “What’s New?” Dragon (also known go to Section VI. you start to get bored There can never be with just standing there. The “What’s New?” Dragon.” T: A key that opens any door and item. Go to Section III. It stands promptly torched the wizard’s lab and flew V. Because dog he had handy. and and an amulet of protection from M: A spell you once researched be on your guard — something could hap- rules. but VII. for game purposes. too many dragons.gray space. resulting animal (using the term loosely) however. but you’re determined to get your a state of full readiness — equipped for any gray. incredibly powerful and awesome character thing is bound to happen to you if you and start the adventure over again. (Turn to page 53) DRAGON 45 . NO. . . from picking his own pockets? You don’t see much going on. you must C: Thor's hammer. Sit down and wait — go to Section III. Across the top of your character sheet. your mood becomes one PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil of panic: Why isn’t anything happening?? Attack/Defense Modes: Nil If you want to stick it out a while longer. You've even to Section VI. and you’ve just decided it isn’t this time you won’t have to get up in the worth it. turned your body into a magic pen at any minute. It doesn’t take long to notice FREQUENCY: Very rare that everything is a gray area in the dis. At your there's nothing to look at. but that VIII. as the Mauve Dragon. including way of escaping. Go to Section VII. But just in operating room inside a satchel placed upon you years ago by a case. with the and drinking.

other treasure but this): Value of a Subdued Dungeon Master: Zilch. he has been subdued.” the Killer Dungeon Master says. monsters will easy hit. Check the laws in your PSIONIC ABILITY: Can a vacuum be psionic? state. ARMOR CLASS: 10 (8 if unwashed) (Turn to page 51) 46 APRIL 1985 . an elven 4th-level fighter/6th-level The Killer Dungeon Master thrives on eliminating player charac- magic-user. not the type to be outdone. This usually rooms. sizes. are particularly nasty and % IN LAIR: 100% (detailed below) are covered here. KILLER DUNGEON MASTER faster-paced game. and is presented in its entirety for the think he’s unconscious. slam. you can count on at least fifteen being there. and the disease table in the DMG to destroy charac- door. twelve mind flayers!” ual. MOVE: 12” (15” if pursued) ments. Pat starts throwing empty drink Killer Dungeon Masters are known to use wandering monsters. the Killer Dungeon Master attempts to flee while “So you killed three orcs. and old copies of DRAGON® Mag. wounded orc with no armor. He may become worried that he’s rolling a saving throw. Encountering Multiple Dungeon Masters: Don’t stop to ask stu. but unavoidable at this Example of Subduing a Dungeon Master: Two 8th-level fighters. flips When a regular Dungeon Master would say. Thinking the orc will be an out. They serve well when applied in hordes. scenario suggests is appropriate. (These guys are really mad!) When the Killer Dungeon The following information was stolen from the notebook of a sleep- Master is no longer visible under the debris. it (Dungeus Masterus Horribilis Maximus) can only be beaten by divine intervention by Cthulhoid godlings. and Nick tackles the Killer Dungeon Master as he reaches the deadly traps. Inducing Dungeon Masters never sleep. Sensing the group’s possi. a flimsy cardboard screen covered with archaic lettering that he ously and rushes the offending Dungeon Master. chairs. huh? Let’s see what you can do against Mike hurls his copies of the Players Handbook and Monster Man. MAGIC RESISTANCE: None except to mind-affecting spells. ters. The pummeling attacks. How To Use The Wandering Damage System pid questions. and good old. “I ing Killer Dungeon Master. cans. When the Dungeon Master is no seated at the table. NO. their access to the revolutionary new Wandering Damage System. However. as well as soft-drink cans. and continually seek new players for their SPECIAL ATTACKS ON PLAYERS: Mental stress and campaign worlds because no sane person will play with them more frustration than once. just run. books. and a halfling thief of 9th level stumble upon an un. APPEARING: 1 d20. dead. even by computer print- armed. azine. guarding a treasure. the Killer Dungeon Master is bom. Sleeping. and miniature lead figures. see below of these creatures are dealt with in this section. Two sorts of Dungeon Masters. ask him to roll a NO. a 7th-level dwarven fighter. First there was the wandering monster. chairs. Down on the ground. Once Dungeon Master is possible. the Players Handbook hits. the players are destined to lose at least one dearly longer moving except to breathe. DAMAGE/ATTACK ON CHARACTERS: See below pear to be human beings. by wear- FREQUENCY: Not rare enough ing tasteless clothes or eating the last corn chip. Players Handbooks are often used for books.” Now it’s Miller Time. now you see a small chest. With the Killer Dungeon Master in charge. ALIGNMENT: Chaotic destructive Attacking a Dungeon Master: You will probably be charged with SIZE: M assault. and if you want to kill off characters quickly. “The three orcs are the table over and all the dice go with it. though self-defense may be claimed. but what really sets them apart from other Dungeon Masters is barded with dice. OF ATTACKS ON CHARACTERS: Unlimited These two breeds of renegade Dungeon Masters will always ap. A maximum of six human-sized attackers per playing gamers into the world of his warped imagination. seated at some sort of card table (75%) or desk (25%) behind occurs when the entire gang of players becomes enraged simultane. ters as fast as one can create replacements. It is a cruel fate. but why not cut out the middleman and just deal out damage to the characters directly? It makes for a smoother. SPECIAL DEFENSES FROM PLAYERS: Immune to Sleeping Dungeon Masters: The best time to come upon a Killer pleas of mercy Dungeon Master is when he is asleep. the victims of a which have nothing to affect (see INTELLIGENCE) Killer Dungeon Master will find this an excellent time to avenge all INTELLIGENCE: As if you couldn’t guess of their dead characters. shapes. The Killer Dungeon benefit of all gaming humanity (Killer Dungeon Masters have no Master is officially subdued. Suddenly the orc pulls out a ray gun automatically become at least six hit dice more powerful than the and disintegrates the entire adventuring party. Instructions: Whenever a player annoys you in any way. General information and common characteristics TREASURE TYPE: Special. Greg announces. Subduing a Dungeon Master: An attack on a Dungeon Master This mutant strain of Dungeon Master is found in poorly lit may be made to subdue rather than to hospitalize. The table and adjacent areas are usually littered with access to automatic weapons. Killer Dungeon Master uses this lair to lure unsuspecting role- fashioned fists. the Killer Dungeon Master HIT DICE: Constantly and the Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master. the group approaches. Unfortunately. If a module places two monsters “I’ve been playing that thief for three years!” yells Ken. but no one has never reads. beloved character apiece. notepads. empty soda cans. and align. ble displeasure. point.The meanest of monsters Two creatures that are tougher than anything your character has ever encountered by Craig Kraus Dungeon Masters come in many colors. ming his fists on the table. Greg.

Each square on this map is 1. Sick bay 16. Cargo bay 23. Recreation room 17. Warp drive engineering controls LOWER . EVA stores 19. Ladder up Port 18.5 meters across. Crew quarters (2) 15. Ship’s stores and armory 12. Airlock 20. Stairway up (2) 21. Starboard Map Key 11. Captain’s quarters 13. Impulse drive engineering controls 22. Transporter room 14.

Stairway down (2) 9. Sensors 4. Dining room Port 5. Impulse engine UPPER . Upper half of cargo bay (no floor) 10. Bridge 3. Sensors 2. Kemper An ARES™ Section Special Map Key 1. Computer room 6.Deck Plans for the GINNY’S DELIGHT © 1985 by Dale L. Lounge 7. Ladder down 8.

5 meters across. Starboard DECK . Each square on this map is 1.


S-I DM 21-25 Take 10 hit points damage and consult Limb Loss Sub. I saw them yester- 2 — Right leg gone day. or else consult Limb Loss % IN LAIR: 100% (detailed below) Subtable. Roll again. roll Result 01-05 Take 10 hit points damage. cannot be attacked Roll Result MOVE: Immobile 1 Your character has fallen down a flight of stairs. level Distract Sleep Comatose Dead table. Standard whatsoever. Here. 3 60 30 05% — 31-35 Take 15 hit points damage and then take 30 more. 71-73 Add up the total hit points of everyone in the party. behind a homemade screen 11 Something invisible chews on your character. that much damage. saving throw. only 7 The next time your character says something. The Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master is always found seated at a 10 Your character suddenly catches a severe case of brain death. 06-10 Take 15 hit points damage. in 4-6 weeks. The table is well-organized though extremely points damage. 9 90 90 25 20 56-60 Take 24 hit points damage and then take 31 more. DAMAGE/ATTACK ON CHARACTERS: Nil 3 Your character smells smoke. Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master Table 11-20 Take 30 hit points damage. Limb Loss Subtable (roll d6) and constant searches through the rulebooks for scraps of informa- 1 — Left leg gone tion (“The combat tables are in here somewhere. 4 65 40 08 — 36-40 Roll every die you own for damage. to a nearby checkers set or to the refrigerator. no monsters or treasure to be found. The Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master lives only to steal the dice of consult the Limb Loss Subtable. consult Limb Loss Subtable. based on the 13th-century German philosopher words. and and can grasp nothing with his hands. chokes on them. “What does a glaive-guisarme 5 — Head gone look like?” and will not be able to decide on a name for his mule. . either 66-70 Roll every die within 30 feet for damage. Take Sleep: Player falls asleep. roll his dex. Take 14 SPECIAL ATTACKS ON PLAYERS: Boredom points of damage and save vs. 76-00 What? You didn’t get hurt? That’s impossible — this sys. 7 80 70 18 15 51-55 Multiply your character’s age by 5. 4 — Right arm gone This person will ask questions like.” 9 Your character steps on a piece of glass. I worked out a system. Take three times that 8 85 80 20 18 much damage. consult Limb Loss MAGIC RESISTANCE: Immune to sleep spells and powers Subtable. and show it to you. ALIGNMENT: Neutral tedious 6 Your character stumbles backward into a yawning chasm and SIZE: M disappears from view.“) In some cases. who will be disguised as one of the players. ha!!! Little does he know that he just rolled on the Wandering (Dungeus Masterus Aerheadium Monotonus) Damage System matrix!!! Repeat the roll as often as desired. a low-level Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master 3 — Left arm gone will have an accomplice. and dies. DRAGON 51 . TREASURE TYPE: Players’ dice 2 The monster your character just killed gets up and attacks NO. PSIONIC ABILITY: “Psionics? Well. either at table or on any nearby sofa. HIT DICE: Just enough to be considered alive terity or less on percentile dice. Noodleheinz. the Sleep- Inducing Dungeon Master is also proficient at making players lose Dice interest in gaming if he can’t make them fall asleep. of all kinds 5 Your character’s nose hairs catch fire and he dies of smoke INTELLIGENCE: High (for a rodent) inhalation. Dead: The unfortunate player has been bored to death. crowded. gangrene. 1 50% 10% — — 26-30 Take 10 hit points damage and roll again on Wandering 2 55 20 — — Damage System Matrix. . 74-75 Take 3 hit points damage and consider yourself very lucky Comatose: Player will regain consciousness and come to his senses — for the time being. techniques used by these Dungeon Masters include excruciatingly dull dungeons. who said form does not precede reality but rather is 8 Something cuts your character’s nose off.(From page 46) SLEEP-INDUCING DUNGEON MASTER Ha. pointless mazes. 6 — Torso cut in half The Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master gains power by accumulat- ing dice. in some cases. he drops anything he’s the room temperature will be ten degrees over the comfortable limit. unsuspecting role-playing gamers. doing 8-80 points of damage. SPECIAL DEFENSES FROM PLAYERS: Boredom 4 Your character cuts himself while shaving. doing 6-36 devoid of writing. Distract: Power causes player to wander away from game. OF ATTACKS ON CHARACTERS: Nil him. APPEARING: 1 ARMOR CLASS: Not applicable. 6 75 60 15 10 46-50 Take 42 hit points damage. by luring them into his lair and 13-20 Consult the Random Damage Subtable for no reason then boring them to sleep (or. doing 2-12 points derived from the innateness of the mental image.000 hit points damage and roll again. and the adjacent areas are meticulously clean. Soft Barbra 12 Your character develops an incredibly severe case of arthritis Streisand music can be heard from a concealed sound source. 61-65 Take 1. with no tem is foolproof. at the rate of one Dungeon Master level per 1000 dice Random Damage Subtable stolen from players. table (75% likely to be laden with food). 5 70 50 10 05% 41-45 Take 17 hit points damage. he eats his 340 pages long. As the following table shows. holding — and if that happened to be a sword or an axe. modifying die roll by +5. Duration 10-60 minutes. to death). I’ll get it damage and really messing up his charisma. . FREQUENCY: Here and there The Wandering Damage System Matrix NO. his right arm is on fire.

alter. Goblins come in many assorted shapes. tinkerings. Wisconsin. an ongoing conflict (variously termed a “border conflict” or “police B C — This race is seen as beneath contempt. and in fact they are often used as such by certain ers. Boggies and goblins for living space in most city sewer systems. “knockers” (as in. How: Feel about: Hum Kob Fair Gob Bit Bog Fairies Humans T M NS EN M A Artistically sensitive in temperament and prone to throw fits if not Kobolds M RI NS H E NG given their way. Wise persons will cover their mouths when speaking to kobolds. They are able to enter into any character something like a cross between halflings and rats. teeth. strong. biters described monsters. In general. M — Considerable mistrust is felt toward this race. for the tapping sound behind.. True. According to the best authori. and replace. and the whole Kobolds assault may be called off if they cannot find a way to attack from Also known as “diggers. much race to speak knowledgeably about the “boggie menace. cut. Barely habits of pocketing everything that isn’t nailed down and of leaving topping 4’ in height and resembling short. and Crystal Lake. though when asked of As the first part of a projected 138-part series of corrections. particularly if such items appear to be made of gold. Fairies A GM PA GM R/N A ties on flower arrangement in the land. is felt toward this race. preferably as bulldozers. and they go to covet everything they see that might even be remotely valuable. Their racial greedy presences felt in many a hoard and treasury vault. toasters. kobolds have made their sound of fingernails being scratched down a blackboard. their mining tools make. It is TyrannoSaurus Rex. Inc. whiny voices that compare favorably to the pair of knockers coming up the street”). They compete with rats countries refuse to import them even for zoological exhibits. Powerful. opinions. depending completely upon the individ- eventually lead to the annihilation of both races. though it has also been pointed out NG — Race should be nuked until they glow. and sizes. but despite this service. for which sentiment other races will characterized as sly and cowardly. and an unworkable combat system. . Kobolds resent it that anyone should be taller than they are. grubby Santa Clauses. rumored that biters have compiled an encyclopedia on the culinary come with a little time and patience. ties. rude sayings scrawled on sidewalks and front doors have led many a kobolds live in great underground caverns and tunnel systems. ors. by the way. Biters MD WD RA WD QS ? dressing. (“Oh. They are lucky if class and may progress as far as they like in such classes. Who’s hot and who’s not in this new game world by Adda Littlemore Since the release of the ENRAGED GLACIERS & GHOULS Biters Fantasy Role-Playing Game.It takes all kinds . Boggies are a very small and hairy race. meant to sort them out invariably fail.” “beardos. “That’s an interesting Boggies have sharp. ual in question. bordering on nausea. they reach 3’ in height. to interbreed with each other. in an outpouring of praise. highway departments. such as posed of organic matter. goblins are the biological equiva. Kobolds and goblins have had R/N — Revulsion. and avant garde hair. we have not yet gotten Humans. Their ations. preparation of every sentient race in the land. revisions. Biter communities have been successfully the lack of any information on character races and classes. but we at are generally given the same regard and esteem as rattlesnakes. looking BORHOOD OF FRED. or so it is hoped. to the boggies.” and some to the relief of the surface-dwelling races. most mammals and reptiles as well. I just know it. More bog- gies may be required if the victim is over 2’ tall. much as mongrel dogs will. biters are a green-scaled reptilian race of short stature (4’ nois. though their sticky little fingers have humans regard themselves as undeniably superior in every respect in reached into money purses much higher than that. of course.” and. Goblins NS — This race is not taken seriously. a moderate number of letters to 5’ tall) widely known for the ability to consume anything com- have pointed out some minor flaws within the game system. H — Extreme hatred exists toward this race. EN — Desire exists to enslave this race for use as unskilled labor- lent of bulldozers. this biters will only grin in a silly way and show their teeth. to avoid showing Racial Preferences Table their fillings. and classification schemes RI — Strong feelings of rivalry exist toward this race. I just know that nasty Explanation of results fried centipede is going to give you cellulite. races of the NEIGHBORHOOD OF FRED Fantastically Complete Game Setting. feel that these annoyances can be over. adjustments. fairies are Boggies HE HE HE HE AV B prone to complain about their weight and are happy to offer dietary advice to all who care to listen. interior decorating. judging from their ability E — Desire exists to see this race become extinct. and yet dull. that goblins can also interbreed with numerous other races and with GM — This race is viewed as grody to the max. Illi. Boggies Though you might have the impression that nothing could be Humans worse than any of the aforementioned races. 52 APRIL 1985 . are the dominant race found in the NEIGH. and they are prone to gang up on gladly waylay humans at every available opportunity. Boggies may be comparison to other races. dear. can chop. dice. slice.“) T — Will tolerate members of this race. lone wayfarers in a ratio of 20 boggies to one wayfarer. col. action”) that has continued for the last thousand years and could V — Variable reactions. A — Considerable annoyance is felt toward this race. goblins all belong to the same species. fairies are widely respected as the foremost authori. poorly employed as alternatives to landfills. . Fairies lead merry lives of Goblins RI H BC V PE E dancing in the woods. we present the six major out of most unarmed opponents. we’ve received several letters from Ranking somewhat lower on the evolutionary scale than kitchen gamers as far away as Elkhorn. Despite a racial tendency toward anorexia. and make julienne fries ment rules for the EG&G game system. great lengths to make the “big ’uns” pay for the insult.

and see handy. Mugger. the dragon will get tired of is especially attracted to worlds where enor- than try to roll for it. word in the dragon’s language. like. and those 28. there is a 5% chance the Quazar no harm will come to people so affected — NO. Sumo Wrestler. next year at this time.260 km wide mouth and is about to It forms a cone of fire extending 30’ from who try it should have their wrists slapped swallow the planet whole. platemail. weapons miss it no matter how skilled described the beast. does not have a lair. however. “Growf!” of itself at a rate of 1-4 per round for the control of their entire world’s supply of (pronounced “growf” or “growph”). number as if a mirror image spell had been the terminal stages of what the gods call mail armor. The fiery blast lasts for half a immediately throw all the magical items one segment (3 seconds) and only affects non. MD — Individuals of this race should be served cooked medium. APPEARING: 1 (unique) Dragon will change its mind and not gulp though embarrassment is possible. the wielder is.600 km from nose to tail and a snickering DM. It uses the vast amount of ligence. every teensy weensy itty enough. will simply wander onto the scene at the The worst thing that characters can do is and it can detect the presence of such plan- DM’s discretion and investigate any loud to submerge the “What’s New?” Dragon in ets from a third of the distance across the noises. without harm coming to anyone in stomach characters dared call themselves the equals touched by it). they barf me out. individuals of this race Apothecary. QS — Aside from quarreling over scraps. o mighty bar. and thieves always step on a The dreaded Quazar Dragon is actually The chance of catching it while it is asleep squeaky board when creeping up on it (even an alien lifeform that consumes whole or unawares is so low that players could just in the outdoors). The Quazar Dragon magical metals will automatically melt into TREASURE TYPE: Planets may be found has gotten rid of many planets on which slag (again. be housebroken. Getting out of a suit of melted SPECIAL ATTACKS: Belch causes create another new planet. tacky. lives in interstellar space them want to do so. it will not cause per bite having to go back to the drawing board and injuries. Instead. Next due to extra toughness. and the gods are quite pleased metal will have magically cooled so that. and Prestidigitator. strangely by Susan Lawson every scrap of it. the dragon’s breath causes its bitty bit of it. and homeliness. “The Monty Haul Syndrome. Until then. living objects. cast upon it. HIT DICE: All there are Dragon. Flammable items struck by Quazar Dragon The Quazar Dragon will take about 12-48 the magical breath (such as clothes. since it is the only upon it will automatically produce 1-4 more. after which cal to the original.000d6 damage to all beings within The Quazar Dragon has no natural ene- without a can opener. Chaplain. It as well throw their dice off the table rather this nonsense. This is a sure indicator Its breath weapon is not unlike that of a No experience will be gained from attack. lack of intel. month we’ll have the character classes: Halberdier. falling into ashes. allows it to survive all it meets. The only possible the dragon’s mouth.” an annoying streak of unkillability too many dragons. the sun disappear. even if it does mean while hot to the touch. for it will then appear to multiply in Galactic Disk. (Draco Godawfulus Armageddonus) hours to close its mouth. all of them identi. and FREQUENCY: Only once done. one million kilometers mies. the NO. happened to your loincloth. that the Quazar Dragon has opened its red dragon’s. It is able to INTELLIGENCE: Animal ever searching for another inflated world to invoke a condition known as “DM’s ALIGNMENT: Perpetually hungry have for a light snack. oh. being immune even to bumping into Despite its annoying habits. the “What’s MAGIC RESISTANCE: Magic? energy it takes in to launch itself across New?” Dragon has one peculiar ability that What’s that? interstellar space at trans-light velocities. Watering a “What’s world is about to be eaten comes when the (unless somebody answers the call with New?” Dragon is considered a felony in characters walk outside their gold-plated another “Growf!”) the dragon will use its most kingdoms. ing a “What’s New?” Dragon. how. do have a little lead time. DRAGON 53 . they are so gross. tacky goblins race. mous quantities of magic may be found. the cone’s base is 15’ by a fire giant. etc. The first clue that a “Monty Haul” will be repeated for 1-6 rounds. and to be perfectly honest. Aside from the statistics for the races. Commando. magical fire. none of Metallic items will not burn. that should cover all of the basics. der and burn. back. This call multiples of the dragon. DAMAGE/ATTACK: One world’s worth with the overall result. the dragon the party and leave. arrows. way to save oneself in such a situation is to in diameter. Caveman. ? — Uncertainty exists as to the best cooking procedures for this red over all others. can get hold of into a sphere of annihilation. PE — This race would probably make good pets if they could ever B — Bickering is the rule within this race. RA — Individuals of this race should be served cooked rare. and the dragon will produce multiples handful of characters has managed to seize its presence by voicing its call. Splashing water magic items and are busy making even could mean many things. This duration it is kept in water. The “images” are real. and those nasty little kobold thingies. OF ATTACKS: 1 of the gods. putty knife. % IN LAIR: Nil. SPECIAL DEFENSES: Has no enemies neutron stars. but non. at every possible opportunity. (“What ARMOR CLASS: -4000 (equal to sixteen the planet down. ALL magic. Medic. so the characters packs. If this is victims to magically resist the flames. they are the worst.) will automatically smol. especially over those tacky. the company of this race is prefer. right? brought about by incredible twists of fate SIZE: L (120. Spells cast at the PSIONIC ABILITY: Psionics? How do (From page 45) dragon are dispelled mere inches away from you spell that? some pages in an ancient tome that first it. After about ten minutes of worlds to sustain its energy requirements. keep gaming and we’ll get along well together.” in which a Upon arrival. miles of iridium plating) The deities themselves cannot undo or barian?“) Magical items are allowed a MOVE: Effectively infinite have any say in the actions of the Quazar saving throw vs. the dragon will announce ever. could prove difficult 10. see you in Fred’s Neighborhood! There can never be Grace. Arquibusier. with a few notable differences. my. gag me with a mace. wearing their +22 plate- breath weapon on whatever targets are to swim a froghemoth’s pond armed with a mail of prismatic invulnerability. which will be appearing WD — Individuals of this race should be served cooked well done. AV — Absolute avoidance of this race is practiced. Once the breath ends. must be destroyed. Such worlds are usually in party of adventurers in chainmail and plate. but those HE — Constant desire exists to humiliate and embarrass this race little walking lizards. PA — Despite petty arguments. such as those made by the average water. punishable by being made +8 castle walls.

395 4 * 1 Jerk human. and the oppo- projected missiles may be used. have saving throws of 40 vs. And shields? Shields are too cumbersome and Hopeless characters Anytime a Hopeless character rolls a 1 for a saving throw.024 1 1 Klutz character. and those with moving parts. ahem. No more. optionally. as these always backfire in the hands sition will still feel good. I mean. Then the character can acceptable character that the DM’s going to kill off in five minutes govern as many chickens and pigs he wishes. then 2 hp at 3rd level.949 9* 1 Incompetent at that. They also make amusing attrac- who are supposed to be under his rulership would immediately tions in sideshows if one doesn’t approach them too closely. however. his weapon that has no moving parts to confuse them. this IS supposed to be a hopeless 0 — 2.076 2* 1 Quack Race: All Hopeless characters are human. Special abilities Armor: Any protection other than padded armor would be for. by their nature. why not just generate a thoroughly lousy character and overthrow him. servants. and leaves just the acter has at the time. makes it to 4th level gains the power to cause confusion in any intel- Number of attacks per round: Just one. all allies of a Hopeless charac- of a true Hopeless character. he are needlessly burdened by them. Any Hopeless character who. 52. ately gains the power to cast fumble on himself once per day per acters avoid these for their own good. This confusion is similar to the druid gaining any new weapons as they rise in levels or anything. Oil? Poison? Hopeless char. This is special because no one else is know how to put on anything more complicated than an old quilt. He wouldn’t have any idea of how to get such a project started. 2. Life ain’t fair. Hopeless characters may to 9th level will immediately gain the power to feeblemind an oppo- be of any alignment that will have them. and he will be hunted 1. causing serious injury to either the ter take a -10% penalty on morale checks so long as they believe the thrower or the nearest ally. None of them throws as 0-level humans. then have known to have ever made it past 1st level. I’ve had my share of overthrow the character. A 1st-level Hopeless character could have 2 hp. only no saving throw is given and the confu- paragraph above on weapons if you can’t figure out why. since the racial ability 4. and all former hit points are dropped and primarily for the reader’s amusement. as given in the Players Points Level For Hit Pts. read the spell of the same name. After all. 1 hp at 2nd level. sharp edges to nearest ally for maximum damage). illusion/phantasm spells or enchantment/charm spells. etc. Level Title Handbook. maids. This will cause the Hopeless character to be declared construct a stronghold for the following reasons: dangerous and harmful to the public welfare. You get the idea. those people character in a dangerous scenario.025 — 4.352 — 16. until such time as they anyhow. If a Hopeless character rolls a 1 on a “to hit” roll. Any Hopeless character who survives beyond 1st level immedi- Oil and poison: C’mon. being too clumsy to even think level of experience thereafter. its inhabitants. or his retainers. by some major miracle or gift of the DM. * — All information on levels greater than 1st level is presented flipped at every level.743 5* 1 Blunderer dwarves. or the persons who live in his realm. much less use anyway. regardless of the company that the Hopeless char- no one can pronounce. A Hopeless character will suffer some Experience 2-Sided Die sort of penalty for each such characteristic. then back to 1 hp at 4th level. a as we’re on the topic. This coin toss is re. This eliminates all All enemies of a Hopeless character immediately gain a +10% to of the useless things like the spetum and the glaive-guisarme.733 — 575. with heads being 2 hp and tails being 1 hp).351 3 * 1 Goof limits are too high for this class to qualify as anything other than 7. the attack. intelligence.449 — 101. get serious. Not to worry. 54 APRIL 1985 . really now. Hopeless characters may use any sort of automatically hits himself for normal damage (or. the Hopeless A Hopeless character is useful if you don’t want to waste a better character accomplished both of the above objectives.077 — 7. wouldn’t have the faintest notion of how to govern a castle complex.744 — 52. and they don’t even get to use regular dice 217. and the like. etc. hirelings. 101.732 8* 1 Public Hazard regardless of their level. Hopeless characters don’t have to worry about power usable once per round. as long ligent character who attempts to hold a conversation with him. A Hopeless character who actually about using them. sion lasts for 1-4 days. down by the armed forces of any nation he passes through.010 7* 1 Maladroit Hit dice: Hopeless characters get only one roll for hit points. Would you work for a Thus was born the Hopeless character class. Uses of a Hopeless character 3.). 2. which all morale checks. to an unlimited extent (this power limited only to one Strongholds: A Hopeless character will never settle down to use per round). No hurled or elf-trolls could be backing the Hopeless character up. Shields do make nice dinner trays immediately takes the maximum possible amount of damage from and wall hangings. At 1st level. he Weapons: To their credit. and this just adds insult to injury for Hopeless 33. nent by touch. give it a class of its own? Henchmen and hirelings: Not a chance. them and have decided to do something about it. cut themselves on.Rules to lose by From an idea by Roger Koppy The Hopeless character class Almost every gamer has had his bad days with the dice when realize they were under the command of an incompetent and would creating a new character for AD&D® gaming. This rule also applies to sharp weapons Hopeless character is attempting to support them. and. 16. makes it Alignment: As if it made any difference. All Hopeless characters attack as 0-level humans and make saving eign and useless in the hands of a Hopeless character. In order to qualify as guy like this? a Hopeless character. a Hopeless character receives 1-2 hp (flip a coin. treated in this manner. Also. Conversely. humans are boring compared to things like elves.448 6 * 1 Fumbler characters. Instead of rolling If a Hopeless character is lucky. a character must have all ability scores rolled as d4 + 2.396 — 33. or any other dangerous parts. Six devas and an army of phase doppleganger simplest and most efficient of all weapons: the club.011 — 217. Besides. henchmen. Few Hopeless characters are forgotten. If he received any help on getting the project started. he Hopeless characters. If. man. giving a range of 3-6 for all major characteristics Hopeless character experience table (strength. he might be able to settle down at and rerolling and re-rerolling and re-re-rerolling the dice to get an some point and construct a straw or sod hut.


ming Rank is at least 2 levels higher than become air. desires. and swimming without stopping Players are not encouraged to blithely underwater: they are “legally blind. The Diver is a person PCs into Divers if they wish. ment. but that’s all. mankind is an increases to TMR 1 at Rank 3 and to TMR or ready access to “The warrior alterna- alien. he is an adept Swimmer. on. 65. not as an acquired skill Swimming skill. equipment (or its magical equivalent in the in the Adventure Sequence (see 80. and 10.7. At Rank 12. and He is. or ritual of his water environment.) PC increases his Swimming Rank. A character can keep him. includes with the following advantages: must pay 7. his EP cost for advancing in that skill As to whether Divers who are already gins to extend these and other abilities. p. hyperventilating before diving. For all humans. If a Diver becomes a Beast Master how high a Swimming Rank they achieve. and they can see. mage. his heading above. DRAGONQUEST game Divers However.000 EPs per advantages of Divers described in this sec- self afloat in the water if he doesn’t panic. and excludes them from using the warrior alter- adventure.) tion never apply to Swimmers.Getting in over your head Sink-or-swim rules for the DRAGONQUEST™ game by Craig Barrett In the realm of the Deep. for his PC to be a Diver in lieu of tained during aquatic activity while wearing DRAGONQUEST rules. EPs are applied to this the water. yards/minute. players should start thinking of swim. costs for Ranks 11-20 are 5. enrolling the PC in a magical college. He does not really be. No Diver may become an air these abilities: diving under the surface to a mage. 24).” They (hereafter called a sprint) a maximum dis. Swimming speed immediate entrance into a magical College character’s right and left front) or a diving 56 APRIL 1985 . through Rank 4. provided that his Swim. Without a merfolk’s cap. Rank from Rank 11 up. A Diver can progress to Rank 20 in the 11-15.5. PCs who are Divers can always adventure. he better have an idea of what after he learned to walk.000 EPs/Rank to achieve to rule 83. the player expects most of his PC’s early fuzzily.” Every DRAGONQUEST character increases by 100 yards.0.8). but he uses the skill increases per Swimmers creases by 3 pulses.500 EPs). If he is going to survive that who probably learned to swim very soon native. adventures to be in and around water. earth mage. a Navigator. as receives a +5 addition to the base chance of types. from 3. EPs are applied directly. during the character generation ming skill. earth. spell. Up ever these skills are used in. All surface dwellers. at a speed of TMR ½. that every process he simply opts. Note: A PC must spend 3 aquatic advantages due to their origins. when he comes to Swimming Rank 10. He can hold his breath 2. not the increases given for begins campaigning with the Swimming swimming speed increases to TMR 2. When a PC achieves Rank 1. however. In this way. underwater time in.500 EPs/Rank to achieve Ranks skin diving) as an adventure skill (according 1. a persistent visitor. PC automatically receives the Swimming plied toward achieving Swimming Rank 11 So. I would favor it. determined by multiplying the TMR by 50 important NPCs who ought to have special long in this environment. or black mages. Unless can locate light sources. but the thought of specializing in aquatics. underwater time advantages of the Diver class are insuffi. this should be Experience Point Cost Chart (87. to fully establish his mastery of the described under rule 87. hold. however.6.5 cubic hexes). use the experience his Rank in that skill. no matter but that’s about all. With each advance in Rank. The Diver option is primarily in- DRAGONQUEST™ game). for clarity’s sake. When necessary. under the surface. on the modified by 5 points in their favor. Rank. Given the most sophisticated modern 1½ at Rank 8. by using goggles (which block peripheral increases by 2 pulses. swimmers ming (which. chase speed tive” (see DRAGON® Magazine. Divers have using the option described in Eric Gold- point costs listed for Stealth. diving distance go as high as Swimming Rank 20 if he increases by 9 feet. issue #86. In addition. diving dis. suffer one common disability swimming. or under left to GM discretion. immemorial. To chart this progress. the Fortunately. tance of 25 yards. he acquires College. As the Ranger specializing in the ocean environ. Chaosium’s Thieves’ World. that no landsman could ever hope to match. and Movement Rates. any further EPs ob- effort has been made to adhere to existing rule 8. or a (But Swimmers do get TMR 2 at Swim- diving is utterly appalling to him. providing the Diver became a water mage skill as described under rule 87. Swimmers are not forever These rules are an attempt to meet that In order for a player to develop a PC who barred from the higher ranks of the Swim- need for knowledge of underwater life and is a Diver. to match the prowess of people who have treasures that has lured man from time spent all their lives in and around water. by is reduced by 25%. Once a Swimmer has achieved activities. (EP Divers. Swimmers are never Divers: the skill at Rank 0. be aware. players who feel that they’re players ought to reconcile themselves to the Some PCs begin campaigning at a higher getting their value’s worth can make their fact that sooner or later one of their charac. or black Underwater combat distance of 7½ feet (1. enter their PCs into the Diver class. A Diver who becomes a water mage before becoming any of the other four Rank 5 on. and sprint distance Rank described under the “Swimmers. He has a natural enter a magical college at a later stage of could happen to him once his head goes affinity for water that is almost magical and their careers. While this ters is going to be drawn into an aquatic who was born and raised around water. he be. man is still graph 2b. pulses (Ranks 1-4) or 6 pulses (Ranks 5-20) to illustrate the fact that latecomers to the Whether freshwater lake or saltwater ocean. his diving time is reduced by 30%. for 6 pulses (30 seconds).0) is cluded for GMs to use in creating very only a visitor here. The a merfolk’s cap of woven gold can be ap- realism has been sacrificed to playability. when. this problem can be overcome tance increases by 7½ feet. fire mage. Swimming Rank.0). Also. So. whether Swimmers ing his breath for 6 pulses while diving and or Divers. and sprint distance cient to compensate for not being allowed vision into the rear half of each hex on the increases by 75 yards. water mages (or some other type) can also Rank 10. fire. if this isn’t sea face enormous difficulties in attempting the Deep is a repository of mysteries and done. ming Rank 12. With each advance in Ranks 16-20. skill at Rank 5 (worth 7. along and up. for about 3 hexes. which are their success percentages in these skills berg’s DRAGONQUEST article in exactly the same for Swimming. performing any talent. para. a Swimmer can (Chapter VII).

can attach three 1-pound flotation bags Other than that. rather than a 10-pound weight belt. Diver can hold onto a line attached to a ter above the surface is reduced by 15. the surface. with the added provision A note on watergoing monsters: In addi.” a character below the surface hitting a charac. with 1 AG point or close combat weapon has its base chance combat is buoyancy (hereafter abbreviated equal to 1 BCY point. any melee Another critical factor in underwater pending Agility points. to their current damage modifier. with reduced ranges tigers may also be met in the water. 1 BCY point equals 5 pounds. combat from the surface. BCY. he melee combat. Base chance of a book. with -10 to the base chance for the BCY and require a 10-pound weight belt.G-12) to get 0 BCY. human females have a +2 natural hexes. rise 1 hex every pulse until the bags reach reduced by 20. the fact that surface much BCY it has in excess of 0 BCY. aquatic combat is essen. natural BCY can be overcome by ex- Both in and under the water. except for three. 5% at Rank 4. nixies. heavy weight and move with it as far down All ranged weapons are useless underwa. At 0 AG points to overcome her +2 natural tion of -20 to their base chance. water breath time by 1 pulse in all cases — (each filled with +1 BCY equivalent of air) tially governed by rule 67. Crossbows and heavy Vephar. How distortion with regard to distance. weight. and 0% at Rank 5 that are possible serve magical purposes Example: If a Diver wants to raise a 15- and above. but no change these have TMRs of 1 and ½. and maximum rate of TMR 7. suarimes. fossergrim. Buoyancy Or. Tigers and sabertooth pound weight will take him down at the crossbows can be used. Underwater. so distortion is reduced communication while underwater does not rates are TMR 4 in ascent and TMR 7 in to 20% at Rank 1. The object will surface hitting a character underwater is used. with 1 underwater.mask (which gives unobstructed vision in minimum Physical Strength for proper use The following assumptions are made for those hexes). a 35- ter. reduced by 10. the rules also contain swimming Example: To gain extra “bottom time. Other non-aquatic creatures that are in require a 5-pound weight belt to achieve 0 Nets used underwater have a range of 2 water seldom move faster than TMR ½. tion bags would give the maximum ascent more below the surface can be hit by ranged ics section of the DRAGONQUEST rule of TMR 4. and Forneus. giant land tur. it sinks. Only experience teaches com. as well as -5 BCY. Human males have +1 natural BCY and in the base chance for being underwater. 10% at affect the use of magic. If the diver is at 0 BCY. in water. water elementals. of Class B and C weapons is increased by 1 game purposes only: When used to balance Less easy to overcome is the 25% visual while underwater. Rank 3. The limited sounds descent. reduces under. 15% at Rank 2. as he likes. both Class B as BCY). Attaching a total of seven flota- that no character who is 5 cubic hexes or tion to the 13 creatures listed in the Aquat. an object rises Example: A woman of AG 15 can use 2 and Class C weapons suffer a further reduc. an object floats where it has been BCY. the process of pound object from the bottom of a lake. This affects all ranged and perfectly well. dwellers are unable to make effective vocal BCY point equal to 1 TMR. With positive BCY. and the demons Furcalor. vocal or not.0. Similarly. the Diver described above DRAGON 57 . and These reductions do not apply to magic fast an object rises or sinks depends on how angles that also affects all surface dwellers weapons. However. The placed until it is moved. Maximum pensation for this. nagas. information for crocodiles. tles. size. with negative BCY. underwater only. with directions unless the Water Breathing Spell (41. respectively. second hex only. of 3 and 4 hexes respectively. casting a spell. Likewise. and then he can add one reversed: base chance of a character on the or the merfolk’s cap of woven gold is being more to get 1 TMR of lift.

all types of tion rise or sink according to their combined water. and 3 for costly in Fatigue points for a landsman. section 3). pushed. With had been carrying 60 pounds of weight for a Diver needs 4 AG points to swim at 1 TMR 7 AG points already lost. all of their AG = 1 BCY = 1 TMR. he immediately expends 1 FT penalty point for every 5 feet that he exceeds it by. (his 9-point reserve minus 1 point needed to This does not include the FT cost of Example: A woman of AG 15 would have keep the burden he’s carrying in motion). During the tactical stage (rule 80. He must also pay 1 FT point per ½ TMR of extra speed. but not enough to Determine this cost separately. at Ranks 3-7. A character may exceed his underwa- ter time by a number of pulses equal to one- half of his Willpower (rounding down). At Ranks 1-2. used 2 AG points to overcome her natural points to keep afloat. and their combatants. Example: Wearing chain mail armor and 20. no same exercise on land. Clothes If two men grapple in the water (two Agility dictates whether one can or cannot become waterlogged rapidly. 6 AG points are re. paragraph 3). 2 AG be used for BCY. that leaves him full hour. he immediately expends 1 FT point for every 5 yards (+5 per Rank). Exceeding the limits Up to this point. spent at extra speed. As long as he stays within his limits (and out of the reach of the nasties. armor except plate mail add 1 to the wear. If a character exceeds his sprint limit. though. boots. If a character dives past his Rank limit. Underwater. But if he wants to complicate matters. or when determining Initiative armor). With only AG 15.) the 15-pound object). again at a rate one level higher than on land. minimum AG loss of 2 points. pull. a character may double his TMR for a number of pulses equal to his Swimming Rank. Use this formula: 1 AG weight affects both BCY and AG. objects in water (to lift. he doesn’t have much to worry about. he would have enough water for a significant amount of time. 3. AG points per ½ TMR. All types of armor except chain mail man who is entangled. or towed in 13 AG points available for combat if she With only AG 16. He also suffers -10 BCY (7 + 42 = Whenever a character spends a significant Value. portion of any given hour in water (see cannot also be used for BCY.0. (In lieu of assigning available for combat (his normal 15 minus matter what his Swimming Rank is. and charge him the appropriate and 4 more to lift the 15-pound weight at 1 with 9 AG points to spare. or push). BCY. and armored man has in water. 1. or portion thereof. rounded up to 10). 2 for boots. or portion thereof. 2. that he exceeds his limit. and. (The same is true of a because AG points are also required for a points. But AG points used for swimming 49 pounds of weight.9) as though he 15. payable every 10 pulses. with a in panic at his rescuer). he couldn’t even 4. float. If the character is not able to take a breath by the time these pulses are 58 APRIL 1985 . a man of AG 25 has a total AG loss of 7 Time spent active in water is always ming can be simultaneously used for com. Shoes absorb points are absorbed in combat and cannot This can become dangerous.) Men in this condi- swimmer so that he can move himself in have 30% added to their weight.could have used 4 AG points to lift the 15. an additional 1 AG point. ness in water.1. 1 AG point per ½ TMR. With a 10-pound float like that. These AG seven pounds of clothes and boots in water. Normal exertion points are not lost. all den himself. at Ranks 8-11. His natural BCY is +1. and plate mail doubles its AG account for the effects of mutual awkward- 3 AG points per ½ TMR. or whether he could unbur- four flotation bags. The exercise rate TMR. While Physical Strength weight belt to counter her natural BCY. This burst of extra speed is possible only once per sprint or dive. 82. rather than fast she chooses to swim. To do this. The first FT penalty point is lost on the first Willpower pulse. he must have enough free AG points to account for the extra speed (at the usual AG cost for his Rank). or a drowning victim clutching move that weight. anything being carried. would depend on GM discre- states how much one can carry (see rules 15 of her AG points would be available for tion. 4. at a cost of 1 FT point every third pulse.1 and 82. He can easily number of FT points. at Ranks 12. a BCY gives him a net result of 0 BCY. the FT penalty is pay- able every 5 pulses. divided by 5 = 9. This would still leave him 7 AG apply 1 AG point to moving the weight he’s should be read as one level higher than the points unused and a total of 11 AG points carrying and 6 AG points to swimming.8. and AG used for swim. He’d sink at a rate of TMR 1. he can exceed his limits — for a price. BCY. bat. How long he could pound object to the surface. 2 loss. consult the Fatigue and Example: At Swimming Rank 9 and AG but the additional 9 AG points applied to Encumbrance Chart (82. or portion thereof. er’s AG loss. the cost of strenuous exer- only the 4 AG points used to lift and move even has a total of 8 AG points for combat cise is doubled. points (2 for clothes. with -2 BCY added to their total to quired per ½ TMR of speed. start- energy is needed to overcome the inertia of All of this points to the trouble a clothed ing the moment he entered the water. the life of a Swimmer or Diver is relatively easy and uncomplicated.9) and indicates how much other uses. stealth. He it a higher rate. no matter what her Rank is or how swim even one stroke. with a 5-pound weight belt for 0 BCY.

6. Once the character is able to Drowning may result from several things. and points. (By now.) (Willpower x 4). any end of the dive. have to be recovered in the normal fashion. Therefore. A panicked ately stunned and begins to drown if still in loss begins at the rate of 1 point per pulse. In addition. penalties. above). 1 phantom FT A panicked victim. When body of water up to neck level makes an the character wants to make an extra-rapid immediate Willpower check. Whenever a character underwater uses up made to end the drowning process. 1 FT point lost during for example). rule 82. he is declared to be ing techniques when he learns to swim. he immediately victim. this is dire danger. the rescuer must attempt to break lost going past 66 feet. of course.6. stunned. so. by making a sounding dive. If Even the number of FT points a charac. a Rank 0 Swimmer who surface at 0 BCY. of Fatigue and Endurance point loss. Aquatic enemies may Buoyancy. (recognizing that in water a panicked. Strike Chance Modifiers). In the pulse in which the last phan.8) for characters in water. higher. These phantom FT points must not panicking presents no problems (use the be “restored” by sleeping 1 hour per 2 PS and AG of the rescuer.) If a character accu. If he rolls equal to or less than primary lifesaving attempt. whenever a surface point equals one half-hour of exhaustion. when the For game purposes. Swimming Rank x 3). the rescuer with the each FT penalty point. the grapple is determined as if the object suffered these losses due to a wound (rule When he has lost all FT points. however. a further WP check is made every feet into the air. for example). The technique is to float on the In addition. of his original Endurance level (rounding ing. only possible at Swimming Rank 8 or All panicked victims begin to drown. throws his occurs. remaining FT and EN points at the mo- they were one Swimming Rank higher than ing his weight belt if he hasn’t already done ment of the attempt. rescuers may make a combined restrain are cumulative during a single sprint or tion. dive. and only when this is completed can the victim can be pulled to safety at ½ the character begin restoring real FT TMR (if rescuer has a Swimming Rank points. A victim who is either stunned or collapses. his rate of recovery is determined by divid. a dive. or whenever an event ventilation cannot be used with a sounding occurs that would frighten him (such as a dive. he jackknifes in the water. This is drowning victim is virtually immobilized). FT penalty points have from 1-7) or 1 TMR (if rescuer has a Swim- become normal FT losses. When consulting the Fright that dive is automatically restored at the Table (44. the victim’s hold. all his breath time. alty. ter faces in the water. plus (the rescuer’s their current level. without pen. result from 26-95 should be considered as Also note that a character can exceed his panic only — use the 26-76 explanation TMR limit while descending. splash sending water over his head). Swim rate is reduced to 1/3 TMR improves them as his Swimming Rank ber of pulses of rest it takes him to recover (plus BCY ascent rate). he loses 1 FT point. consult the Fright Table. a character hyperventilates for a full dive. water at that depth. EN point 17. if he panics. but for a character in water. Rescue and recovery tom” FT points up to one-half of his initial To rescue a drowning victim. drowning is a process self-rescue by using a grapple action to seize character resurfaces. He cannot recover from being stunned or FT penalty points are treated as lost points panicked until after the drowning process is for all purposes until they are recovered. the character chance. When all EN points are gone. out of the water. or some mulates FT penalties greater than one-third pulse a character is declared to be drown. paragraph 2): the character is immedi. to grapple (16. Only when the drowning victim reaches doesn’t incur the drowning penalty. and Rank (rounding up).1. and descends at TMR 3 30 seconds the swimmer remains in the (for males) or TMR 2 (for females). though the GM may to recover — unlike normal FT losses. paragraph 3. If a D100 roll is A character has one hour to recover FT ics and can no longer help himself. FT Once drowning has begun. Panic may result from anything that but only dives for 70% or less of his allotted would cause panic on land (see rule 64. Hyper. other object that is within reach and sight. only).3) any rescuer who comes dweller dives past 33 feet.6). and the character increases. If the grapple action loses 1 FT penalty point. floating log. drowning. In the a rope. so long as the character is dead. (A sprint is ended when at least 3 the danger of drowning. If stopped (presuming he’s rescued). An unstunned victim may also attempt a pulses are spent at rest. successful restrain action (16. often while using a diving (voluntarily or involuntarily) enters a free mask and snorkel to observe below. he is were a person with PS 0 and FT 0 (see 19. the effect is the same as if he had to lose 1 FT point every pulse thereafter. equal to or less than the base chance. there is attempt on a panicked victim. x 3. rule a character halfway up on a log or rock which aren’t. he immediately begins to drown. action. bush. DRAGON 59 . fright occurs. all unrecovered points after that A character who is stunned in or under time become normal FT losses that will the water is also declared to be drowning. and another going Drowning is the greatest danger a charac. but wherever there is water. (FT points lost to immediately makes a Willpower test to see highest Swimming Rank should make the causes other than these five cannot be re. including his extra Every Swimmer and Diver learns lifesav- ing his normal FT level by his Swimming Willpower pulses. the process or is brought to a place of safety — essen- losses due to these five causes are fairly easy continues until it is corrected by direct tially. with ter has can be exceeded (as in rule 82. branch. Base chance of down). 01-20 as given and 21 + as a panic reaction. If he rolls higher. Another point is Drowning succeeds. Fortunately. he immediately within range and sight. and then continues and pull himself to safety.) For ming Rank from 8-20). In the following pulse.5) on the tom point is expended. or both may sink (see past 99 feet. The base covered in this fashion. to be considered safe — can an attempt be spend time resting totally out of the water. The character may expend “phan. the rescuer FT points (rounding down) in aquatic must come into close contact and execute a activity. he retains his self-control chance for this is the total of the victim’s Females recover FT penalty points as if and can continue to help himself (by releas. he pan. If no fright dive. To lessen this risk.used up. will attempt 5. underwater time. two FT penalty losses due to these five causes or may not be present in any given situa. or until the character dies. victim suffers a -10 penalty to his base the water. The result is the num.

long. FT recov- points. range P increased by the strength of the spell (base (not weighted for throwing). the sack never adds + BCY beyond what- ever is placed inside. and his chance of resisting panic is chance 50. If no EN points were lost. If more than one rescuer is present. The self-save attempt may be re. It has a drawstring closure. 5 SPs. All MC. MD 11. and it also has loops for carrying tools and weapons. Calf sheath: 8 oz. a pan. Belt has sewn pouches for items small enough to pass through the mesh of a diver’s net sack. saved. First.. Once that process is com- An unstunned victim who has performed pleted and all EN points lost due to near- a self-rescue may attempt a self-save by drowning are recovered. Be sure icked victims will not resist lifesaving.. can be used on either leg. 15 SPs. he can collect all the rewards of the Deep and perhaps suffer none of its penalties. then FT points lost adding his unmodified Swimming Rank to due to near-drowning are recovered at a his remaining FT and EN points. succeeds.. strength of the spell. Wisdom dic- tates that he knows his limits and that he doesn’t go beyond them. be prepared to add warm clothing — long- johns. PS 7.. cut-resistant mesh. drowning stops at once. Flotation (air) bags: 1-pound size. cost 12. and Weight belts: 5-pound type. drowning victims may attempt to recover from stun continues. Remember that the gear that a diver actually wears is made for underwater use and never imposes BCY or AG penalties on the wearer — except for weight belts. the hallmark of the good swimmer or diver is caution. Skill Ranks with daggers rescue and lifesaving attempts (both by himself and others) also benefit by the apply. Used for carry- ing a diving knife (only) at the calf. ceeds. Since water flows through the fine. If not. If a Swimmer or Diver stays within his limits. Diver’s net sack: 8 oz. 2 SPs. ery may begin at once. peated only until the character becomes stunned. icked victim to grapple rescuers are reduced Diving goggles: 9 oz. Used to In the pulse that a lifesaving attempt breathe while floating facedown in water. 15 lbs. (Attempts by a pan- 15 SPs. helps its target in spite of himself.. 1 SP. 3 SPs. by the strength of the spell — the magic Diving mask: 16 oz. plus 1 per mage’s Rank). If cam- paigns are to occur in cold Northern waters. recovery of FT and EN points lost a second rescuer may assist by adding his due to near-drowning depends on the vic- (Swimming Rank x 2) to the base chance. 2 SPs. 4 SPs. but further attempts may be (see rule 19). use increase of 5.G-4). 2 SPs. base 50%. for example (of the waterproof sort) — to the basic goods list. made every pulse until the victim is saved Once the drowning victim has been or dies. all FT and EN losses end. Beginning with this pulse. Diver’s safety line: 150 ft. lost EN points are recovered at may add his unmodified Swimming Rank a rate of 2 per Rank for every six hours the to that of a single rescuer.) victim sleeps. damage modifier +1. 15-pound type. Hopefully. that principle has come across in this article. 10- panic ends in the pulse that lifesaving suc- pound type. A final word: These rules are designed for a Mediterranean-style climate.. stunned Belts have quick-loose ties and should be put on last when donning diving gear so that they can be released without trouble during emergencies. New weapons and basic goods If the victim is under the Spell of Flota- The following items should be added to tion (41. tim’s fitness. Class A. as measured by his Swimming (An unstunned victim who is not panicking Rank. though they may have resisted rescue. In real life.) Snorkel tube: 12 oz. to clear it of water before each use. Pan- Sounding dives will not dislodge it. the extra Willpower pulses the weapons and goods lists: added to his breath time are increased by Diving knife: 14 oz. Diver’s belt: 12 oz. 30 SPs.. rate of 2 per Rank every hour the victim icked victim uses only his FT and EN rests.. which affect BCY. 60 APRIL 1985 . 4 SPs.




64 APRIL 1985 .

but one with occasionally humorous results. “I’ll ferret out whatever it is that ails him. of course. She crossed her arms under her cloak and rubbed her thin shoulders.” she answered after a brief pause. An admirable trait in a ranger. the little cleric sat back. remembering a certain incident at the inn in Usseresk. Ayala reached toward the pile of firewood by her side.” As the day wore on into the afternoon. Inglaf’s N A HILLTOP JUST NORTH OF Wyndark. Gloom wrapped Inglaf like a cloak. The cleric nodded again. but he moved lithely enough yesterday. Briony moved to the fire. we’re not home yet. Again. Briony. Ayala smiled.” Briony thrust the stick into the fire impatiently. No. I’ve been watching for a time to consult with you privately. “bide for a moment. leaping from her bed as if the camp were being attacked. “Perhaps he’s slept off his trouble. “Is his wound paining him? I would have sworn it was healed. She probably had reason for her concern.” the ranger replied. before nightfall — with the Goddess’ bless- Dream ing. We’ll need every fighter alert and whole-hearted until then. won’t you. “Keep an eye on him. . No. “Have you noticed nothing amiss with Inglaf?” Briony asked. Her militant order was not noted for its austerity. bowed his head like a heavy burden. Why did he say nothing of it to me last night?” The ranger poked at the fire with a branch. The ranger was not a fidgeter. . even if we are nearly out of the wilderlands. smiled more broadly. worse than that! Inglaf’s strength was his pride. but it’s cold!” she growled. The ranger always woke thus. but I’m wor- ried. then moved around the campfire and squatted beside Ayala. Ayala. Briony scattered her fur wraps. “Then let us build up the fire for breakfast. A movement among her sleeping companions caught the attention of the little priestess. there’s something else troubling him. Ayala nodded vigorously. The tall ranger stood. In a few hours her party would be on the move again and. and no night watches. Sister?” asked Briony. Look. never fear. folding her arms under her cloak again.” Ayala slapped her knees with a decisive air. Sister. her order was not noted for its austerity. Briony was stirring. “I don’t think it is his wound. She stared at the still forms for a moment. . Sister Ayala began to wish that she had not spoken so confidently. rouse up these sluggards. A bed tonight.” Puzzled. thought the cleric automatically — out of these debatable lands and in the river settle- ments. and be gone the sooner.” “Nay. I don’t know what. “God’s teeth. no physical weight would cause Illustrations by Valerie Valusek DRAGON 65 . Suddenly rolling over and sitting bolt by Ama Darr Rogan upright. Ayala peered across the fire at the figure of the war- rior bundled in his sleeping robes. but if not. Picking her way between the sleepers. “No. I’m no healer. turning to scrutinize the party still sleeping behind her. touching Ayala’s outstretched hand. Sister Ayala huddled by the campfire in the grey pre-dawn chill. “Depend upon it.

don’t know what came over me in there. Say what you like. There’s some- asked him earlier.” Again he buried own and trudged onward.” she said quietly. or the ale. “Well. of course — or The fighter gazed at her dully. she thought. but in a with the homely comforts weary travelers most desire. . him. Inglaf done no good. But you were right: It under the lantern hanging by the inn door. .” answered the priestess briskly. tentment. but it’s had no effect. which now seemed as warm as Ludo’s. Tell me. his face in his hands and groaned. Sister. I Somewhat hesitantly he obeyed her. half shoving him. Even Trath. commanding tone.” with laughter. worried the lit. Ayala mused. of our Sovereign Lady and Mother. Could this be Ayala. you see. “I adjure thee. .” Ayala quickly grabbed his shoulder. to reveal thy distress to me. Pick on someone your own size. . I tell you. for he shot her a wiped her mouth on her sleeve. Ayala. from elsewhere. His only answer then had been a thing weighing on your mind. she particularly elegant accommodation. It were a dream. the loops and “Heat and noise.” vision. the little cleric these two nights running. “More of a Come on. Jov. the most compas- “What! You’d steal the soap. and marched over to Inglaf. my friend. “Not no common dream. After she had guided him gently to the bench why I was trying to get drunk. that it was never I alone who healed the road again! Party time! Then she caught sight of your wounds.” brought Ayala’s thoughts back to reality. “Oh. I help is to tell me. You know this fuss for a mere dream! Either she fidgeted impa- your duty. Ludo Piedevair leered up at tall the little cleric an unearthly aura? Briony. . “Ah. He threw up a hand to shield his eyes “No.” He leaned forward.” the ranger sputtered Her servant. it were like this.” contritely fingering the medallion at her breast. then his head dropped and he covered his freezing. that gave It had hot water. Inglaf. And worst of all. Inglaf. slamming it firmly behind them.” she replied as patiently as possible. I —” robe. “Sit here beside me. you must tell me what your trouble water. She could feel her first mugful clear down to my Lady .” She moved to the bench. sharp glance. The heat and tle cleric. “Not here. staring at his hands enough wench. “I thank you.” omen. And what’s more.” yearned during the cold morning watches. as I am only Her his . God. tiently or he caught her thought. squared her shoulders. What happens in your dream?” 66 APRIL 1985 . however. usually as light-hearted as his were uncommon powerful ale. but was stocked held it out toward him and called. stammering.” Then she What ails Inglaf? she asked herself just as she had added more kindly. . his fourth mug of ale as if it had been earthly instrument. and his half-brother Lilliard looked Ayala snatched his hand from his face and glared at dour. indeed! Look me in the eye and give braids of her ritual headdress dancing in the sunlight. She shook her head with vexation. “Don’t trifle with me.” she snapped. All party mood. “Inglaf Ingmarson. “M — m . now she answered with a sigh of her “Don’t ask me. Sister. Outside. It was not a Ayala drew herself erect. . God! The At eventide they found the inn for which Ayala had horror of it. if you dare. she set down the mug. the fighter sank to his knees.” “Some dreams are sent from the gods. Heaven bless us! thought the cleric crossly. Inglaf. “Kneel not to me. as dwarves! thought Ayala an. Inglaf. not loudly. Ayala nodded slowly.” despairing sigh. “All that can from the lamplight. Then. trying to recapture the Oh. “Now speak. You’ve put away It’s most unlikely that this is either a portent or an enough. “though who’d complain of a flea or three after spiders Was it a trick of lantern light and moonlight com- and wood lice?” bined. Don’t ask me.” took a deep draught of the ale. Inglaf has had a nightmare. it’s come on me Half pulling. so I must sit here moment. “Attend!” she said again. Now that’s more like a send- bundled the warrior through the taproom and out of ing. Why can’t Inglaf take a clasped together on his knees. and he gazed at her with awe. whatever I may say to soothe him. “Shall I come along and scrub your back. I can tell. but my Goddess.” she whispered. . yes. “Go on. the Ayala he knew? Trembling. Sister . Attend to me. No use. sharp with frost. “It’s the third night. Ayala relaxed her grip on He shuddered. she drew her feet in under her face with his hands. Outside. That’s his arm. “Nay. I wish Her now to heal Inglaf. Two nights! That altered the The night air. Sister. “Come now.” slumped down.” They stood staring at each other for a No. And it had superlative ale. grily. she told herself. ain’t it?” the door. “No. . With another sigh. Off know. “You ially. his demeanor has begun to infect the rest of the noise belike. Outside.” elvish kindred. . in the name m’dear?” he asked. shaking his head didn’t really mean it. like. . She patted The barmaid who was offering her the refilled mug his hand. then said. fancy to her and take his mind off his troubles? Ayala Ayala. A comely “Well. I . still and clear. As dour as . “And tonight?” she asked. noted Trath. Ayala sighed with con.” It had clean beds.” “Come along. case considerably. him to hang his head. slouched at the end of the bar knocking back your wounded spirit. as if to clear away the disturbing visions. “And don’t pretend you’re drunk. brother. his spirits restored.” her toes. I beg you. Come. . you half-pint thief! sionate Queen of Heaven. Clasping her medallion. braced Inglaf for a moment. His hands dropped. Sister. “It weren’t no common dream. is. Unobtrusively. or one of his diseased imagination. but that the party. me that sort of a child’s tale. I hope. Damn the man! thought Ayala furiously. that thou mayst have solace. Inglaf. man. she banged the mug on the bar for a refill.” he repeated.

Instantly. it’s She leaned toward him. all of us. I didn’t just ask you. Let’s get on with tell I’m on a vast. her thin shoulders shaking. Inglaf gestured toward the inn door. . .’ bar in St. and I’ll put him in later. And soon. us — our company. . Sylla that time? Poor bastard were magicked And another voice says. murmuring her evening prayers through a time. At you would ask me. She statue’s turned a little so I can just catch a glimpse of hardly noticed the pain. shut up. And then head. . he is. to the forest dark beyond. you must Beside him Ayala trembled with a chill that had know. . There. and I’m sitting at a table with a too. but it ain’t no pavement. Inglaf. voices are gabbling all at once. Sharper than a looks around at the company and speaks — Ayala. marked off like He wrung his hands. to the hunter’s “Beyond you . he into a statue for a hundred year — or so he said.’ And she and Lilliard’s behind them and — oh. . and I’m in another body.” Standing. patting her shoulder into the inn.” He nodded. and I can time — she says ‘Oh. . Inglaf. It’s speaks with Briony’s voice! — saying. Sister Ayala stand what they say. then I do notice . to see where the light comes they quieten down some and one voice — the one from. . that Karl. But then. It’s that’s been yelling loudest — says. that can move and feel. patted his cheek.” He looked at her Inglaf looked away. “That can’t be. ‘Okay. Then. gang. all of a sudden. . dashed the tears from her eyes.” calmly. You’ll sleep finish telling me if I’m to help you. she was asleep.” Inglaf cried angrily. “It begin with me. their playthings for an idle hour. there. stiffened. saw that they were tightly clenched. where I can just see. so immodestly as they’re dressed. “All the rest of they’re tiddly little things not so big as your thumb.” tried so hard!” A little later. off to bed with you. Ayala. all alone in the dark . in the statue there. you see. come to judgment. lined up as we usually march. A drowsy innkeeper waited to bolt the soothingly. . Ayala undressed the first bit. He looked at his hands again. . Sister. .” tiles. sort of a great. Then Trath let’s get our butts out of Jack’s little trap here. One . merciful Gods. She grimaced She gulped. .’ And then. But there’s no wind at all. Finally. Ayala. . I adjured Withdrawing her hand — tactfully she hoped — she you in the name of my Goddess. Then “No!” She drew a deep breath. there’s Reynar. Sister Ayala sat on a rough bench by an inn door. Are we but a game for these gods or devils?” nothing to do with the autumn night. It’s a horrible din at first. ‘All right. Briony’s out in party of strange youths and maidens — if maidens they front. shiny parchment . gaze. . I tried to save him. Clean sheets! And I’m forgive me! — I thought it was the gods and I was almost too weary to care. he were alive inside. but frozen. Sister.” “Is that all? Ayala. DRAGON 67 . says. and they can’t fantasy. that they are us and that we are naught but their running. ‘Same level?’ First voice. Ayala.” move at all. . . Karl. a little at a by firelight.” Then the while. She nodded. I wounded heart and mind and grant thee peace. it may sometimes seem — but nothing “In my dream his statue . The first night — into the high. “No. . then. So then it’s light. “I won’t repeat what the other inquiringly. He’s she said softly. and I’m staring down something. now. the river. I can hear. but my two enormous ones. “And She was sobbing now. one He hesitated. . she ferret. I understand that these folk believe that out behind them like there’s a high wind or like they’re . I’m pulled out of my I can see. very slow. Inglaf. nor even my eyes. Ayala.” she whispered. “And then . ‘Fat chance!’ Like that — kind of nasty. . But I can’t turn my didn’t make a roll nor she didn’t make a roll. And another voice — it’s a woman this “It’s like that.” more. Don’t you see? We’re all statues “I look up then. wrenching it in his anguish. “That ain’t the worst yet. But you must I’m here for. you’re a priestess. Inglaf grabbed her hand between his “And then .” began to dream. sort of. . But this time. “Nay.” moon riding the sky above the tree tops. “That’s all right. and it “They go on for a bit about rolls and about how he get lighter and lighter. no!” she cried. I’m sorry.” her door. And there’s our statues again. And I adjure you still. Far above succession of jawbreaking yawns. You like — do you remember that fellow we met. let us pray to Our Lady that she will heal thy her braids quivering. “Oh. But door behind them as they stole softly up the stairs. And .” “Oh. Don’t try to spare well tonight” me. “Thank you again. It’s . it don’t make sense at all. the little cleric and the fighter crept Inglaf put his arm around her.” body.” She gazed across the road to the fields sloping down to Ayala signed him to continue.” at that pavement. of you. . “Go on. “I understand. in that roll up another character. forcing herself to speak Inglaf whispered. . .” “Goodnight. That’s Too tired to bother lighting a lamp. stretching as far as it. great pavement. “There. And little Ludo’s about ten paces be. even though I can under. . it’s fallen over. . I can’t move nor look around. curtained bed. she laid her hands on his head. “It don’t make any sense. “It is but a dream — a strange and fear- dead!” ful dream. Sister — the horrible thing is their cloaks. always looking out for any little thing. Inglaf. I can’t see sky nor walls nor anything else. That’s what You were right: It is a terrible dream. them to the life. she crawled me. Ayala sat rigid. Well. female behind and flanking her like always. Inglaf. I’m standing there but I can’t move at all. following his “What do they say?” Ayala was almost afraid to ask. . . slightly. Now. . on point. “It’s . . reaches for the figure of Briony on the parchment. her hand would be sore for a week. But all says. billowing “And then. Inglaf took Ayala’s hand again. Karl.

Best Vehicular Series. 1984: The following categories recognize outstanding achievement (dungeons. Best Fantasy/SF Series. publications due to come out during the interval from February to vention itself. Best Role-Playing Rules. Howard Barasch Australia & NZ: Awards. 1984: 17.G. Print legibly or type your nom- popular series of awards aimed at recognizing Outstanding achievements in inations. but primarily independents) directs the voting as meaningful as possible. The nomination ballot is open to ail categories. YOU MUST SIGN THE BALLOT! And include your address. 1984: components.) Name: Address City/State or Province/Zip or Postal Code Send in your ballot by April 28. or show Adventure Gaming. provided its contents are faithfully copied. Texas 75023 PO Box 162 Canada NOR 1VO UNITED KINGDOM Moorool Bark. 1984: 2. Best Fantasy Boardgame. scenarios. John Hill. WELLS AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDING THE CHARLES ROBERTS AWARDS FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN MINIATURES AND ROLE-PLAYING OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN GAMES BOARDGAMING 1. Best Historical Series. it does not matter in what order you list them.J. ONT London NW10 Plano. in Adventure Gaming in general. 1984: 11.APRIL 28. write P. Read Carefully. Vic Australia 3138 . campaign modules. Ian Livingstone USA: Awards. Best Play-By-Mail Game. not filled out correctly. Tom Shaw. in Baltimore. Maryland (for information about Origins ’85. Marc Miller and Steve Jackson. N. Empire. 1984: 8. 1985 THE H. the Game April of 1985. $3/year. You may list three nominees and the H. presented at Origins each year. All Adventure Gamers are encouraged to vote! DEADLINE . UK and European members may send 2 pound sterling payable available. accomplished hobbyists. To keep Committee of hobbyists (some professionals. YOUR VOTE can make a real difference! A final ballot is You may vote only once. Dunnigan. Canadians may send $3 Canadian. US and all others may send US $3 payable to GAMA. Membership guidelines significant exposure and acclaim during 1984. 1985. Adrian Pett RR 1 27-29 Sunbeam Rd 3304 Crater Lane Breakout Magazine South Woodslee. Correspondence nominations should be for product lines which are either new or have should be sent to the USA address. Best Professional Boardgaming Magazine. June 27-30. Present members may renew by sending been substantially expanded in 1984. payable to This ballot may be reproduced and circulated by any means Mike Girard. Exceptions are permitted for older products which gain active. etc) 15. 1984: 6. is open to year 1984. 9. to be presented at ORIGINS ’85. Magazine editors to Ian Livingstone. prepared by the committee and voted on by members of the Academy of Nominations should be for products produced during the calendar Adventure Gaming Arts & Design. Ballots that are messy. Best 20th Century Boardgame. 1984: 12. An Awards per category. etc) 18. Dungeons & Dragons.O. interested gamers. Best Miniature Rules. 1985 to only one of the following addresses: Canada: Awards. Box 139. Best Role-Playing Adventure. air or space) 4. 1984: 10. 1984: 16. Best Amateur Adventure Gaming Magazine. Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame: (Previous winners are Don Turnbull. and publishers should plan to include the ballot in an issue of their The Academy and the Awards Committee as well as the Origins con. Clubs and other organizations should circulate copies Manufacturers Association. James F. are an international. Dave Isby. Best Adventure Game for Home Computer. 1984: 13. Best Science Fiction (includes any man-made conveyance Boardgame. Redmond Simonsen. 1984: 3. attempts at stuffing will not be counted. Mike Girard UK & Europe: Awards. ACADEMY OF ADVENTURE GAMING ARTS & DESIGN OFFICIAL ORIGINS AWARDS NOMINATION BALLOT for the year 1984. 07748) The Origins Awards. 1984: 7. 1984: 14. Gary Gygax. 1984: (includes cover and interior art. Academy membership. among the members shortly after the first of the year. Instructions. their check with this ballot. both pro and amateur. Best Professional Role-Playing Magazine. Best Graphic Presentation in an Adventure Game. They comprise the Charles Roberts Awards for Boardgaming.G. Middletown. 1984: 5. 1984: for land. Best Professional Miniatures Magazine. Best Pre-20th Century Boardgame. Wells Awards for Miniatures and Role-Playing Games. sea. Miniature figure series are available for a SASE from the addresses given below. do not make selections in unfamiliar end administers the awards system. function under the overall direction of GAMA.


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Hull number: MM 13920 Power units available: 2 DRAGON 71 . and it is ideal for adventur- starships. Hodekker Impulse engine Navy. If no such ships are available Overall height: 15 meters ing parties of up to four characters.23 MCR Many science-fiction gamers enjoy supplements or magazines. Kemper © 1985 by Dale L. “These are the voyages of the Ginny’s Delight . The in the game. Movement point ratio: 1/1 eration Ship Recognition Manuals) are Power units available: 6 quite limited in their presentation of Tramp Trader Ginny’s Delight Stress charts: F/G vessels that could be run by a small Max. starships (such as the Klingon and Fed. ships that usually have 300-400 Vessel name: Ginny's Delight Type: FIA crewmen aboard them. Contractor: Belter Industries ture-class” vessels published in various Cost: 29.5 band of adventurers. . Metric tonnage (empty): 8000 Klingon Naval personnel. Kemper Some games fill this gap with “adven. then the game master or Deck ceiling height: 2. The manuals are Vessel Class: Tramp trader. This article creating adventuring parties which go Overall length: 48 meters presents one such ship for the STAR Overall width: 34 meters from planet to planet in their own small TREK game.P.” An adventuring starship for STAR TREK®: The Role-Playing Game by Dale L. Only The supplements already published for Warp engines imagination should limit what charac- the STAR TREK® game that deal with Type: One FWA ters can do. . safe cruising speed: Warp 7. small Emergency speed: Warp 9 instead concerned with the larger ships Vessel Type: Merchantman of Star Fleet and the Klingon Imperial Designer: T.5 meters STAR TREK game is not just for those one of the players with an interest in Cargo units: 90 who wish to be Star Fleet officers or starship design will have to create them.


her usual tactic. however. The old-style Firing chart: 3 installed. DRAGON 73 . One person may operate pleasure asteroid Alovar. she continues the ship. is Exploration Zone. Found Superstructure points: 5 nacelle. when ply their trade within the Federation rently owned and operated by Captain approached by any suspicious vessel. the ship has acquired a num. Ontario Barnes and various free-lance to make an emergency warp out of the crew personnel picked up at starbase area and to ask questions later. pry the deck plans way that make her unique. the mount cannot be areas. Built some thirty been very effective in keeping the ship have been placed on the four center years ago. Being in such close proximity to mainly in the Federation/Orion border Deflector shield type: None the warp drive. Delight is a Tractor beams: None The Delight was constructed by one of Crew requirements: 1-4* the smaller ship construction yards. high-profit cargoes. Shields and damage control beneath the forepart of the warp sometimes of an illegal nature. the vessel. eager for an easy kill. With her loose. engineer. ture figures or cardboard counters. but Other data G Captain Barnes has been known to take Transporters: One standard 2-person on a “paying” crewman or two. and lay them out flat for use in most important alterations is the Type low cargo capacity. Named by her designer after the mem- ory of a pleasant leave spent on the ant engineer. complete the picture. There are no passenger facilities. One of the capable of planetary landings. cur. She is easily recogniz- Armaments the Delight has surprised a number of able by her unique forward-positioned Type: FP-2 photon torpedo mount unwary pirates. This has The deck plans for the Ginny’s Delight bars and flop houses. Simply bend ber of “special modifications” along the The Ginny’s Delight is streamlined and back the staples.. mount some eventually. Passenger facilities: Varies Damage chart: A one-of-a-kind Belter Industries. she is well known in some of the detected by most standard sensors. usually model Shuttlecraft: None inny’s being smuggled into one system or another. vessel. in one piece. and major ports there. warp nacelle on her upper hull and by Location: Bow No deflector shields have as yet been the large cargo hatch aft. pages of this magazine. * — Captain. sensor array and swept-back atmo- Power to arm: 1 quently announced his intention to spheric winglets.. assist. combined with her Damage: 6 worn appearance. she usually is found your STAR TREK® gaming with minia- FP-2 photon torpedo mount situated transporting smaller. but Captain Barnes has fre. located amid the aster- oid field surrounding Dicameron VI. navigator. Because of the to be one of the most interesting tramp The tramp merchant trader Ginny’s currently poor defensive capabilities of merchantmen amid the thousands that Delight is a one-of-a-kind vessel.

it can be the beginning of an exhausting round of haggling (“All right. who must regulate these player- designed mutations to keep them sane and reasonably balanced. Not everyone can be creative at the drop of the per- centile dice. just as some offi- MUTANT cial physical mutations are better than the others. especially now that the latter have been greatly expanded. Maxstadt to design any sort of new body part he thinks will help his character. and it is not fair to make the party wait a week before adventur- ing while one player designs his new body part. some players constantly push for all they can get. Random percentile rolls are used to keep SMILING? the system fair. the player is allowed WORLD® gaming by John M. Everyone has the same chance at the best mutations. 74 APRIL 1985 . However. and some GMs may lack either the experience to balance sug- gested mutations fairly or the foresight to imagine how a clever and ambitious player could wreck a campaign with a mutation that seemed harmless enough when it was approved. too. subject to the GM’s approval. As we all know. either. the physical mutation new body parts has been left as a sort of miscella. None of them are utterly useless. how about this?”) or bickering (“You accepted his mutation. A table of new body parts is given below. but none are doomsday. this one is extensive enough to bring variety to the mutation without demanding impromptu inven- WHY IS THIS tions from the players or snap rulings from the GM. and it cuts down on conflicts. chances are that the whole group will simply fasten on the one new body part they consider the best that the GM will allow. will make a character unique. The system is hard on the GM. at least in my experience. When the GM does have the strength and the judgment to hold the line against an overambitious player. Some mutations given here are better than others. When it is rolled. This destroys the whole point of new body parts: variety. Hopefully. mutational advantage. why won’t you accept mine?”). Some players have trouble inventing original mutations which are more than mere variations of the official mutations in the book. since players seldom argue with ten-sided dice. New body parts in GAMMA neous physical. In the current GAMMA WORLD® game rules. After the furor has died down and the hard feelings have settled in. The idea seems to be that such a variable mutation. this system creates prob- lems. rather than a combination of dry stats and official mutations. if you won’t allow that.

should disallow and reroll these new gloves. The eyeshields close them. after the first hit from fluid draining attack is not effective vs. water at land speeds. act as scis. back. or armor. etc. This descriptions. battering ram. I t is important feet. round (maximum of 5 poison uses per poison intensity of 9-18 (d10 + 8). It men. Human. ent mutation.5 meters a 15-meter radius area for a maximum 55-56: A viper tongue replaces the long with suction disks. latter case. For example.. 43-46: Scales cover the mutant’s as pure strain humans. attacks with at 4-16 damage can be made. are attached to of two march turns per day (the mutant mutant’s ordinary tongue. straight up. fingers. sors. and the tail may be used as a new body parts are rolled to hit on mandibles may act as can openers. The adhesion may of his voice). this ability is not effec- tive if the mutant is wearing shoes. If the to remember The mutant may climb sheer. Players would tend to choose them mutant’s digestive system and mouth. acter’s charisma or impede his speech with a strength comparable to the char- (although they might change the sound acter’s arm strength. any AC better 1-4: A poison sting is gained on the (ineffective against androids. The tongue may wield a dagger. mutant may move normally and can ber that new body parts is a beneficial machinery. giving it AC 7. The table itself requires a few words range as weapon class 13 (damage 4-24). Most will not allow humanoids to “pass” made per round for 3-12 damage each. allowing one attack per of five poison uses per day). One final note: the mutant’s face. and they protect eyes with infravision. with and damage can continuously be applied following list of new body part continuous 1-6 damage every round every round after the first hit. entire body. Talons. or wherever all the time. 47-49: A clublike tail replaces the oid characters run these two risks with 16-18: Beetlelike mandibles are set on mutant’s ordinary tail (if any). the last two (duo-animalism The tentacles cannot perform fine each limb hits as weapon class 3. dark dependency. One attack in nature. own. smooth walls and even cross ceilings at slow GM rules that a hump or clublike tail would prevent a bird from flying.. The 25-26: Bladelike limbs are gained on of suggestions for any GM who prefers tentacles can grasp objects and can the mutant’s upper torso or tail. parts for avian characters. Two attacks may be per round. These allow swimming in common instead of very rare as they tive acid 4 meters long and 7 cm wide. pincers. robots. upper torso or tail. Carnivore jaws or fur would be 34-37: Sucker or friction pads are rerolled for a reptilian character. or elsewhere. AC better than 5). each 1. as they gained on the mutant’s fingers and toes. It is important to remem. jump 24 meters forward or 10 meters mutation. and than 4. Roll percentile die and consult the round at 1-6 damage may be made. 52-54: Poison fangs are gained in the attack is allowed per round (maximum 21-24: A light-producing organ is mutant’s mouth. eficial nature of the mutation. appropriate. etc. dark dependency. One any physical mutation. feet. 1-4 to assign new body parts himself or who disarm opponents (must hit AC 10 and attacks per round (roll d4 for number of has the players choose them. Hands are no more new body parts for a humanoid than are mutation. Two attacks may divide time into search turns or combines the heightened taste and per round are allowed at 1-6/1-6 damage even action turns as desired). would be net disadvantages over the creature’s own natural attributes. ter. The light covers day). however. scissors. etc. etc. and the allowed. prehensile abilities. parts is a 38-39: Eyeshields (shaded transparent Likewise. In the have greater strength than opponent). palm. or anywhere else. around tongue is gained. carnivore jaws sight in two directions at once. heightened smell mutations. hitting anything in its the ability to breathe water. However. 5-6: Two tentacles. The of explanation. the GM 40-42: A saurian snout (with toothy should avoid looking for situations in 12-15: Two crab. but hand axe. This table could also be used as a list (no damage vs. is gained. It may reach out to 6 and siphon mouth do not lower a char. mutant’s tail. giving 32-33: A chameleon-like. he that new body speed. meters to snatch objects by adhesion.or lobster-like jaws) is gained on the mutant’s face. One attack per per round at 2-12 damage may be made. One attack per round attack per round at 3-18 damage is Unless otherwise specified. hammer. or club for an extra attack will have proportioned limbs of their each round. claws. not allow them to fit into armor. at 1-8 damage each. Obviously. Physical Attack Matrix II. instinctively to negate light generation. mosquito-like instead of an ordinary tail. making them rather squirts a stream of hydrochloric diges. with a gained on the tip of the mutant’s tail. Poison intensity is 13-18 (d6 + 12). should not hamper his character’s other able stalks replace ordinary eyes. In keeping with the ben. new body parts should be third eyelids) are gained inside the rerolled if the character already has beneficial mutant’s eyelids. 30-31: Froglike legs are gained. twice per day. This organ the mutant’s upper torso. corners. and many will the pincers can open cans. they do scales for a snake or carnivore jaws for not negate physical damage taken from a bear or tiger. and multimorphism) should be excluded. etc. 27-29: A swimming bladder and fins/ since they are more powerful than the 7-8: An acid pump is attached to the flippers are set on the mutant’s abdo- rest. or hands be broken at will by the mutant charac- will not replace existing hands. hinges. One other opponents without bodily fluids). multiple body parts being a differ. or other useful appendages. but do not confer should be. with two exceptions. The acid corrodes metallic locks. 50-51: A constricting tail is gained New body parts 19-20: A siphon mouth. so the parts that a player rolls 9-11: Stalked eyes on 20-cm retract. etc. The mutant DRAGON 75 . manipulation. which new parts could be troublesome pincers are gained on the mutant’s Mutant may bite for 3-18 damage once and restricting. limbs) may be made.

wings. torso or feet. and they cannot “loan” hit slow falls and negate falling damage. All bodies may the difference in elevation x 5. except that each brain hit by an one. Roll a d6: 1-5 = if the trail is over an hour old. for a horizontal distance equal to human duo-animals are common in attack will take damage). stalked eyes. The hump has no encumbrance value. These hands may wield may attack at once and otherwise func- 57-59: An eaglelike beak is gained on weapons. These acter should not abandon his original Hit points are rolled separately for flaps may also be used as a parachute to animal type altogether. Two attacks per round at 1-10 each twice. bite. 85-87: A prehensile tail 2 meters long is gained. glides beginning at great heights. all bodies.” though in the latter instance the morphism is generated are common to may be made. gills. but each body has its legs). so mental attacks must roll limbs. effectively multiplying the and other wind phenomena for long animal type is acceptable. example. etc. It acts as a third hand (see prehensile trunk). 88-91: Vocal articulators may be 76 APRIL 1985 .may track prey by “tasting” the air over gained by mutant animals. speech. All bodies tongue also detects heat and radiation. This 92-95: Hands are gained on the upper two bodies. etc. are miles apart. The hump must be replenished ously in more than one body. providing AC 8 and insula. effectively multiplying on the mutant’s back. giving one attack per round at handle artifacts. The mutation are split evenly between them manipulation. 82-84: Retractable claws are gained on the mutant’s fingers. unless a “to hit” roll 4 or more points over the number needed to hit was rolled. brain. giving one attack per round for 2-12 damage. appearance and have similar ability mutant’s upper torso limbs or on his 98: Pick any of above (including “roll scores. a human/bird might have Each multimorph can sense every- tion in cold weather. Half. This is not transfer to the survivor(s). The GM fantasy literature (such as the centaur. perform fine manipulation. Mutations rolled before multi- feet. except as noted the face. one body dies. talons. humanlike speech capabilities.. as per hump above. and harpy). the normal rate. and the mutant may go with- out food (but not water) for two days. An alligator/lobster might guides the bodies. extending to the lower (rear) have a full carapace. but it cannot melee effectively unless brought around to the front where the mutant can see it. Other uses are possible. damage. and tail-slap attacks. it more closely resources can be used again. mutant is combined with another animal (which may make the separate bodies 63-67: Fur is gained over the mutant’s type to form a hybrid creature. its hit points do not effects. single guiding mind. If and water for four days with no ill mutant’s consciousness exists simultane. stings. serving as a third hand for an extra weapon attack each round. 1-8 damage. even if they 68-69: Skin flaps that allow gliding could retain human size. 79-81: Carnivore jaws are added to the mutant’s face. fangs. A single consciousness are gained on the mutant’s arms (fore. 73-75: A fatty layer is gained under the skin. The player and each body. be hit by the same area attack if near may wish to consider hot-air thermals minotaur. and the trunk can even fire a pistol or type (slowly). Gliding may be accomplished and pincers. Each body heals at 70-72: A food-storing hump is gained together and agree on its abilities. 76-78: A prehensile trunk is gained on the mutant’s face. All bodies are basically identical in 60-62: Talons are gained on the ignoring any result over 95. 6 = three bodies. below. own brain. while retaining the alliga. but thing the other bodies can. but this ability is ineffective coherent. and a bird’s beak. For look different). tion as individuals. 96-97: Roll twice on the above table. giving them resembles having twins or triplets with a any terrain. entire body. Any second each other. lamia. but those rolled after this objects but cannot perform fine 99: Duo-animalism is gained. but the mutant cannot use his hands for other purposes at the same time as he attacks. arms. The layer negates poison dam- age from claws. These talons can grasp player must roll for random abilities). GM should design a hybrid character points to each other. and hands. by two days of heavy eating before its like temporal fugue. providing food 00: Multimorphism is gained. Two attacks may be made per round for 1-6 damage each. The the character’s overall healing rate. to hit each brain separately (as per dual from any higher elevation to a lower tor’s size. The layer also provides insulation in cold weather. but the char.

upgraded. is bigger than he is. high-powered hero sit up Resources: FEEBLE move south and cover Lake Geneva.) DRAGON 77 . there are those that go beyond the Reason: GOOD (10) Back? OK. and adamantium ing in a MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ steel alloys could imagine. and slam opponents who are bigger than he is. I’d like to dedicate this bounds of what even a world that Intuition: GOOD (10) article to a few individuals who would accepts the existence of radioactive spi- Psyche: REMARKABLE (30) normally wait some time before appear. Quack Fu is a very obscure This is because these characters are lot of grit. (Of course. Not Quite The ® MARVEL -Phile Iron Duck™? Would I kid you? by Jeff Grubb A caveat to the reader: If you are wrong with being silly. their likenesses. If you think HOWARD THE DUCK™ looking for the inspired second half of about it long and hard. Now. Still. martial art. Funky names. Howard can stun basically silly. a division of Cadence Industries. Karma: 50 long time. and a QUACK FU. Health: 36 product. If you want real many of YOU would call yourself Strength: TYPICAL (6) Marvel®-stuff. lation of the U. and say. Fighting: GOOD (10) Iron. A really ters would make your standard. © 1985 Marvel Comics Group. most heroes are Duck. Despite that. ders. With it. go there. and MARVEL SUPER HEROES are trademarks of the Marvel Comics Group. “Hey! Are you for real?” Popularity: ? Mephisto™ and Pluto™ will get into a Each of these characters has had that Known Powers: snowball fight before these characters said to them at least once. like eons.S. All Rights Reserved. Such charac. then come back. Flashy outfits. currently unemployed the Iron Man™ article entitled “Pumping kind of silly to start with. most of the popu- All Marvel characters. Glaciers will have to ated. there is nothing Don’t forget to write.” be warned that this ain’t it! Iron Funny abilities. gamma bombs. I mean a long time. appear in a module. irradi. (How Agility: GOOD (10) Man’s over on page 81. Thanks for everything guys. Stilt-Man™? Let’s see hands!) Endurance: GOOD (10) I’ll wait. determination. they show pluck.

He landed in our world.” and he held several jobs in suc- cession. cynical. he attempted to set things right. I mention it here only because Roger nagged me into it. The suit was shred- ded in a conflict with the nefarious Dr. Bong™. including the master of mystical arts. the suit was equipped with a small flame- thrower (Excellent Damage. Howard is caustic. Men (or “hairless apes”) are unknown on Duckworld. Doctor Strange™. Ohio. Actually.] Talents: Howard is a licensed cab driver in the city of Cleveland. Howard tried to make a living in a “world he never made. He is usually easy to identify as a cigar-smoking humanoid duck. In the years that followed. Howard fell from the deadly Stones of Oblivion to his doom. an alternate world where ducks are the most highly advanced species. IRON DUCK SUIT. Howard’s story: Howard is a native of Duckworld. During that adventure. Howard landed near the Nexus of All Realities. 1-area range). He has made some important human friends. and gener- ally bad-tempered in dealing with others. and it had springs which allowed Howard to jump 1 story high and 2 areas away. Happy now? [Yes. 2-area range) and a chest lamp (Typical inten- sity. the Iron Duck suit provided Excellent protection from physical attacks. Ohio. bill collector. It is a good bet he won’t get lost there. dish- washer. In addition. THE FABULOUS FROG–MAN™ Eugene Paul Colorito High School Student Fighting: POOR (4) Agility: POOR (4) Strength: POOR (4) Endurance: EXCELLENT (20) (give the kid a break. it was worse than doom. Created by Claude Stark (short for Starkowski). Howard was pulled from his world by the machina- tions of a power-hungry demon mucking about with the Cosmic Axis. and candidate for President of the United States. He has also taken some odd fares to New York City as well. and with the aid of the Man-Thing™. will ya?) Reason: TYPICAL (6) Intuition: POOR (4) Psyche: TYPICAL (6) Health: 26 Karma: 14 Resources: POOR Popularity: 3 78 A PRIL 1985 . in Cleveland. including cab driver.

Resources: POOR (pension) down to Earth to learn humility and He is also trustworthy. Sadly. it’s one point. Eugene does not from fans and other true believers. However. kind.] Okay. Popularity: ? whose paperwork was then lost in friendly. and reverent. wriggle his ears real good. The bulk of his overfull mailbag but he’s always bounced back to tell height of 6 stories per jump and to cross ribbitting tales of his Incredible FEETs. Willy Lumpkin has no known super.S. Leapfrog retired and Vincent WilIy Lumpkin is really the Hobgoblin™. The FF politely declined. I’ll be good. when bouncing around so erratically. or he keeps on going into from his pad into action against— [Stop wriggling skill. Fortunately. As the years past. Fighting: POOR (4) He still visits his old friends on occasion. leaping coils that allow him to reach a Four™. he must make a Agility the Fantastic Four. the next area. alias the Leapfrog. Intuition: TYPICAL (6) went straight. helpful. remember that you heard it here embodies the hero’s code as he sees it. if someone doesn’t watch out for him. Karma: 18 nor is he Thor’s™ brother. DRAGON 79 . a front for the Maggia™. serving the government. clean. okay. (tah-dah) The Fabulous Frog-Man. Asgard. was usually filled with letters to the FF 3 areas at a hop. At Though he told Spidey™ that he’s toad have very good control over his leaping: the line and has acted more cautiously. FIRST! He is also a klutz who’s going to get hurt human powers. Willy’s route included the equipped with electrically-powered Baxter Building. based on his ear- only a matter of time before he leaps FEAT to stop. home of the Fantastic Villains™. increased technol- Eugene is DOWN TWO to be hit and WILLY LUMPKIN™ ogy caught up with Willy. Willy offered his services to when he lands. if any of the above is Known Powers: brave (sort of). postman retired with a pension and the Mailman Frog-Man’s story: Eugene is the son of love of the people on his former route. Seeking to redeem his nor is he a former Herald of Galactus™. He can. obedient. the man that tume to turn it into a force for good as Health: 22 taught Daredevil™ everything he knows. as Willy’s skills were better used in like a drunken pinball. no more. and the old shifts UP ONE to charge an opponent. however.Known Powers: Frog-Man has sprung into combat Willy’s story: Once a mail carrier for alongside Spider-Man™ and the Human the New York City branch of the U. courteous. Vincent Colorito. LEAPING: Frog-Man wears a suit Torch™ in battles against Marvel Super Postal Service. rebounding off buildings or the column gets cut off. Eugene donned the cos. loyal. Psyche: TYPICAL (6) father’s name. After several stinging There is no truth to the rumors that Reason: TYPICAL (6) defeats. a Agility: POOR (4) small-time villain who wore a frog suit and he is always welcome at the Baxter Strength: POOR (4) that allowed him to leap small buildings Building. Endurance: GOOD (10) in a single bound. He hasn’t been croaked yet. He true. who was sent Eugene is very earnest and truthful.


Part 2 by Jeff Grubb Last time. The Space Armor first NEW IRON MAN™ ARMOR ended up with an article twice the size appeared in Iron Man #142 to #144. The most recent set of armor Wars™. The first section went ing out this article is a history of the into depth on Iron Man’s familiar red. All Rights Reserved. round- Agility: GOOD (10) ageable sections. and under the Stealth Armor first appeared in Iron (lost) the gentle(?) prodding of the ARES™ Man #152. and Designed and used by Tony Stark of a normal Marvel®-Phile. Strength: REMARKABLE (30) Iron Man suits. The stats This section will describe some of the Psyche: TYPICAL (6) available in MH AC 2. and MH Special. he carved it down into two man. ©1985 Marvel Comics Group. the brave worn by Tony Stark first appears in Iron your gaming needs.) are die-hard Shell-head fans. and MARVEL SUPER HEROES are trademarks of the Marvel Comics Group. a division of Cadence Industries. Endurance: INCREDIBLE (40) and-gold suit and gave the stats for Tony A final note: I recommend use of these Reason: INCREDIBLE (40) Stark™ and Jim Rhodes™. Finally. DRAGON 81 . ing all of the important gizmos that following issues. He undersea. Man #191 and gets a workout in the local Judge. you will remember. (See DRAGON® characters only for those players who Intuition: EXCELLENT (20) issue #95. Secret Health: 100 recently. their likenesses. The MARVEL®-Phile Pumping Iron. Check with your (but foolish) designer set about describ. Armors were destroyed. should be sufficient for most of All Marvel characters. Avengers™ different suits that have popped up Assembled!. It was recently lost were part of the Iron Man™ armor. Both the Stealth and Space Fighting: EXCELLENT (20) editor.

ECM: The Space Armor had the same non-reflective coating that detered both OTHER: Tony’s gray suit had no air sup- electro-magnetic countermeasures as mechanical detection and visual sighting. Due to the powerful nature of attacks. capable of reaching was cooled to deter heat-seeking water in his suit. and acid. which could apply SENSORS: In addition to the standard Monstrous Strength to an object. Excellent protection from most energy to 7 areas away. It was the standard suit now worn by James at a cost of lowered resistance to energy equipped with all-band radio. Stark was wounded (a piece of (destroyed) shrapnel lodged dangerously near his Health: 195 heart) by a booby trap and taken pris- Fighting: EXCELLENT (20) Known Powers: oner by the Viet Cong. the armor. Stark made ger his nuclear thrusters that provided his way back to safe territory. Anthony Stark was the heir of industri- alist Howard Stark. ple baffles to eliminate noise and to In the years that followed. The jets were baffled to pre- and life support. He was Unearthly speed in space. Iron Man was one of 82 APRIL 1985 . the wearer had no IRON MAN’S™ STORY the radar/sonar package. as well as an automatic camera multimillion-dollar industrial complex Fighting: GOOD (10) designed to withstand the rigors of with major munitions and weapons Agility: GOOD (10) Strength: MONSTROUS (75) space. The Viet Cong Agility: REMARKABLE (30) leader. offered to have the BODY ARMOR: The properties of this Strength: INCREDIBLE (40) shrapnel removed if Stark would pro- armor were similar to the suit noted in Endurance: MONSTROUS (75) duce a super-weapon for him to use DRAGON® issue #95. and manipulated as if they were still part of ECM: The mostly highly developed set of fire). but nor. traveling at treetop the two of them flushed out a secret radiation. radiation. slate. Armor caused Monstrous damage at a transistorized suit of armor. but EXO-UNIT GAUNTLETS: In addition to and sonic scanning capabilities. Once the suit cleared physical and energy attacks. Reason: INCREDIBLE (40) While supervising the test of one of Intuition: EXCELLENT (20) IRON MAN™ STEALTH ARMOR his transistorized weapon systems in Psyche: TYPICAL (6) Designed and used by Tony Stark Vietnam. letting the world believe beam could provide illumination up to 15 areas away. as it was not repulsors. equipped with a separate set of gaunt- Stealth Armor was also equipped with gray armor provided Remarkable pro. (destroyed) and radio hook-up with a 2000-mile Stark built his father’s business into a range. Iron Man could survive FLIGHT: The new suit flew by less pow. including Rhodes. cold. Excellent speeds. wave-modifier that curved the radar limited repulsor power capable of doing waves back on themselves. a helicop- thrusters inside the atmosphere would Unearthly speeds in open air. Finally. The gauntlets could maneuver up infrared film. Its jet gasses passed through multi. identity secret. Wong-Chu. and aided by a cold as opposed to Remarkable. contracts with the Department of Endurance: UNEARTHLY (100) Defense. Yinsen perished FLIGHT: Short term flight was managed designed for speed and non-detection. The designed for combat. Rhodey’s private wavelength. government. vent sonic detection. below him and produced a high level of secret missions. Rhodes. ply as Rhodey’s armor did. Using this original armor. Reason: INCREDIBLE (40) against the ARVN and American forces. It in an attempt to let Stark fully charge by conventional boot thrusters that flew had only Remarkable protection against the armor. Triggering the FLIGHT: The Stealth Armor could reach aided by Lt. but Stark took vengeance on at Amazing Speed. the BODY ARMOR: Tony’s most recent set of Stealth Armor was equipped with X-ray armor was similar to his original set. He kept his rated into the standard suits. it could NO REPULSORS: The Stealth Armor had that Iron Man was only an employee of create a deflector beam (the opposite of no repulsor capabilities. the Space Armor was which had a range of half a mile. In addition. and the waste gas for 4-5 weeks on the recycled air and erful boot-jets. The weak mooring of the armor in this regard. producing no Remarkable damage at a range of 8 AIR SUPPLY: The bulk of the Space image (Monstrous protection from radar areas.S. cold. Tony could trig- fire. The new. vided Monstrous resistance to heat and Intuition: EXCELLENT (20) Distrusting Wong-Chu. James R. the armor had a black. with a range of 1 to the U. lets that could act as long-range grap- photographic equipment loaded with tection from physical attack and ples. and they could be attacks (including radiation. Stark Industries.) level. the inner atmosphere. ability to evade detection when the thrusters were in use. radar/sonar package and radio. ter pilot downed behind enemy lines. equipped Known Powers: range of 15 areas. the vario- area for Remarkable damage. Stark used VARIO-BEAM SPOTLIGHT: An extension produce a quiet ride. each of it was much less powerful. The jet-boots could the armor to fight criminals and threats of the Unibeam that was never incorpo- be used offensively. devices. Psyche: TYPICAL (6) captured physicist named Ho Yinsen. Armor was devoted to transportation detection). REPULSORS: The repulsors of the Space Health: 165 Stark built an electrically powered. government. have resulted in Unearthly damage to all mally moved at Amazing speed when on One their way to an American firebase. save that it pro. whose achievements IRON MAN™ SPACE ARMOR OTHER: This suit was equipped with included the development of the Designed and used by Tony Stark standard radar/sonar detection units Arsenal™ robot for the U. the Stealth Armor gauntlets allowed them to be used only evaded standard radar detection by a REPULSORS: The new suit of armor had in zero-gravity situations. with a pacemaker to allow Stark’s heart BODY ARMOR: The Stealth Armor was to continue functioning. including Wong-Chu and scattered his guerillas.Known Powers: the tractor beam).S. as well as the suit’s thrusters. Viet Cong supply dump. (This is known as Bad Karma.

wished to try out. The new suit will premiere in mer. Rhodey. was adjusted to respond to Tony Stark’s fight. was ill-fitted to their difficulties. a small hi. who played upon Stark’s weak- nesses in an attempt to take over Stark’s company. Even- allowing him to survive without wearing Though justifiably proud of his service tually he learned that they were the his pacemaker chest plate. While this most Iron Man #200. Tony won the and controlling a large industrial com. with his new armor and knowl- flourished. Stark With the Erwins. and Thor™. The takeover of Stark (now Stane) International succeeded. state-of-the-art venting override of his circuits. Rhodes. a business rival. a former Stark scientist named Morley Erwin. recent set of armor resembled the origi- Man™. The two Iron Men confronted mother’s name. it provided the team with its New York created Circuits Maximus. as Iron Man. uneasy over his ability to use the Iron the pressures that drove him to drink. Man armor properly. Stark made a brief recovery only to plunge back into the bottle under the influence of another business rival. in particular methods of pre. and hero led Stark to drink. while his a slate-gray suit into its present form. a jobs that Rhodes provided as Iron Man. developing instead new tech.” It was not more powerful than through the Maria Stark Foundation. New methods of attack demanded that tendencies. undertook a long battle to conquer his alcoholism. contracts. Rhodey became increasingly as the role of being a hero was one of niques and equipment for communica. which edge of Rhodey’s armor. Stark closed out his weapons rect the problem several times without retain his new suit of Iron Man armor. cover the source of his headaches. After losing his “new” gray Iron Man the hero be able to develop new Tony became increasingly worried suit in a recent battle. worked freelance for some time. businessman. At first it was believed that the his rage. Rhodey became irritated. worsened. while Tony. about Rhodey’s now-violent temper. who had joined Stark International following the end of the Vietnam War as Tony’s private pilot. using several new techniques he facilities. Tony attempted to cor. success. Stark Industries armor. Aware of the grow. Tony passed the armor on to Jim Rhodes. and space technology. becoming Stark International cybernetic helmet of the armor. Stark and Rhodes nal gray armor developed in Viet Nam. calming Rhodey and talking out plex on Long Island. oped specialized suits of armor for unusual missions. Tony debated for a time whether to technology. Rhodes began having advanced. as was he created a new suit of Iron Man version. medicine. Obadiah Stane. Tony would ask for the armor back. and work building an all-new. Rhodey’s suit. Rhodey used the armor to repel attackers on Stark International and to disable and destroy the majority of the machinery capable of creating more Iron Man armor. Tony. The pressure of being an inventor. Wasp™. specific brain patterns. and he feared that Rhodey left Circuits Maximus to dis- Stark also received an artificial heart. and supported the group tech company funded from specialized cuits. The “new” Iron Man joined Hawkeye™ and the West Coast Avengers™. as Iron Man. with Giant able area than standard transistors. Unable to function as Iron Man. developing an advanced “s- circuit” that allowed greater use of avail- DRAGON 83 . was controlled by more precise “s-cir- Headquarters. severe headaches whenever he used the each other when Rhodey lost control of During this period. Tony has set to defenses. tion. The Space and Stealth Armors were also destroyed. while Tony returned to inventing.the original Avengers™. result of repressed guilt over enjoying Iron Man’s armor slowly evolved from hostile. Stark also devel. using the West Coast Avenger successfully attempted by Justin Ham. armor. Hulk™. but it was more highly trust organization set up in Tony’s late As time went on. and irrational as his headaches the use of the Iron Man armor. he became an alcoholic and his work and life suffered accordingly. first socially and then to excess. his credit frozen. and he developed homicidal friend Tony suffered from alcoholism. ing misuse of powerful weapons Rhodey’s mind. including an atomic- powered set of Space Armor and a low- radar-profile set of Stealth Armor. and Morley’s sister Clytemnestra (a computer specialist) relocated to Cali- fornia.

on Sathar can be applied to S’sessu. company is controlled by one extremely The Hellscar. The frigate’s captain broad. a police force to protect them from robbery or murder by others. the most obvious differ. the separation between the Fortunately. Though S’sessu refused to give up the frigate. the frigate’s fire-control Sathar and S’sessu would have to have systems were damaged and the shots Speech occurred more than 20. the all-around vision. The scout vessel returned fire S’sessu speak with a hissing lisp. Having who can take and keep them. If fire on the scout vessel. The Coming of the S’sessu A new alien race for the STAR FRONTlERS® game by David Cook [Editor’s note: David “Zeb” Cook was one contact between the S’sessu and the cooperative. because of its excellent vision. When televisual ship-to-ship S’sessu’s double pupils give it superior until contact with the UPF. and another group might hire them up in the campaign. They can also unknown race of aliens (possibly the standards.] the S’sessu worlds. but a S’sessu has a bright pink. Thus. severely damaged in an ence between them being body powerful boss. allowing it to see in theory held among scientists is that the Hellscar’s captain. Other. at times luck and careful diplomacy that they the first diplomatic missions and formal S’sessu can be highly organized and were not immediately attacked as hostile 84 APRIL 1985 . A unaware of the existence of the Sathar language. the only actions that are the warship. an attack/rescue ual does what it wants. ance to Sathar. it make no reference to the S’sessu. A Sathar’s skin is yellow or spaceship is the absolute leader of all an emergency jump and re-entered brown. the S’sessu. S’sessu are extremely com. speak the language of their own race. but he and his crew were Society and customs group of S’sessu to their present home- unable to resist a boarding attempt by In general. The current communication was established. A S’sessu S’sessu are an offshoot of the Sathar stumbled onto a Sathar base. FRONTIERS ® game system. A group of S’sessu might pool games as player characters if the referee captivity. have the patterns of dots or stripes on power. Hailing signals from Human’s. possessions are only for those S’sessu Gruna Garu system. Power and planet) lying ten light years from the S’sessu. have quickly learned Pan-Galactic since known to have developed space travel.000 years ago. them in most situations. They long before the Sathar or the S’sessu are and managed to cripple the frigate. this is true.. a S’sessu the S’sessu and the UPFS frigate Hellscar. To Orbital stations registered the arrival of their heads that the Sathar have. and they has been speculated that an ancient technologically outmoded by UPFS can speak it normally. made coloration. The uncommon occurrence among them. all other descriptive information “wrong” are those that keep it from was sent to investigate. Indeed. First contact with the S’sessu occurred Physical appearance S’sessu will have only one leader among shortly after a brief skirmish between S’sessu are almost identical in appear. Inc. the fleet commander organized this is not the case. of personal gain to be had in doing so. a S’sessu. However. world at that time. S’sessu philoso- normal space off Phri’sk. may which they considered a prize ship. Its sense of taste is slightly S’sessu have no explanation for their the Hellscar were returned on an better than a Human‘s. and violent crime is an of the original designers of the STAR Federation proceeded unhindered. reaching its goal in the best and safest The Hellscar established visual contact manner possible. on a line running sidering their racial tendencies. caring little for region of space. This from Dixon’s Star to Gruna Garu and on determined by talking with the Hells. beings aboard that ship. not on what is right or wrong. Each individ. consisting of two stellar fleet arrived off Phri’sk. a remarkable achievement con. S’sessu only hold claim to a small Several weeks later. since the scout was of an A S’sessu’s sense of hearing is equal to a sented a puzzle for xenobiologists. group known to xenoarchaeologists as cast a long-range distress call to the the Tetrarchs) transplanted a small Federation. The UPFS fleet others except for those who can help systems (each with one small inhabited was large enough to suitably impress the the S’sessu achieve its goals. the Hellscar’s captain was their money to build an interstellar so allows and if care is used in setting designated temporary ambassador to spaceship. The unknown design. missed. The S’sessu do not phies are based on getting and keeping settled worlds belonging to the S’sessu. the captain of a S’sessu encounter with two Sathar ships. one of the two or green-tinted skin. would seem to create a society where to the S’sessu worlds. because of this and the frigate captain’s will work cooperatively with other gamers may adopt them into their familiarity with the S’sessu from his beings. opened always has a +2 Initiative Modifier race. but larity to the Sathar. It though the smaller ship’s weapons were their existence was discovered. believing he had several directions at once. Due to their simi- car’s captain that the aliens were not murder and violence are rampant. If a S’sessu believes there is some sort future releases from TSR. petitive and self-centered. with the scout and refrained from offen- Senses The discovery of the S’sessu has pre- sive action. it was only through Sathar. and this seems well-supported. but its sense of similarity to Sathar and were in fact unused frequency in an untranslated smell is somewhat less well developed. and an interplanetary scout wise.

Special abilities Ability Insight. percentile dice. often with great success and mutual benefit for both sides. steal from. a S’sessu. once per game hour. individuals have developed the ability to judge the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. infiltrate.aliens by the rescue force that found score (based upon the smuggler’s shoot. they have hired adventurers to spy on. and a whole is not regarded as dangerous or hostile. Attitudes who can take The following Racial Reaction Modi- fiers may also be used when dealing The S’sessu are essentially amoral (nei. Asphenomenas will have learned established. a better offer might always be made by someone else. The fol- business dealers. If the die roll is 05 or Creating a S’sessu character matic relations have only recently been under. This ability may only be used business dealings from the S’sessu love for “dirty tricks”). “every-worm-for-itself” attitude makes be increased by spending experience. Of course. Nonetheless. leaving the door open for possible treachery. and keep them. Ability Insight may Sathar. For example. good bet that a S’sessu will always do Vrusk have a -10 reaction penalty to exactly what is best for it. This knowledge gained. Vrusk (who have suffered in certain raised. This has P ower and possessions STR/STA: +0 DEX/RS: +0 INT/LOG: +10 PER/LDR: -10 caused Star Law to take an active inter. especially by the just like any other ability score may be Vrusk. those S’sessu move long distances at 3 kilometers per hour. or suppress activities the S’sessu deem “unfriendly” in the Fron- tier systems closest to them. extent of betraying others without a would indicate uncertainty and no S’sessu have a +5 reaction bonus to second thought to save itself. The smuggler is trying to shoot a beam weapon at a guard robot. S’sessu have a -5 reaction penalty to the S’sessu disliked. the S’sessu’s history. though the race as are only for Sathar do. All S’sessu start with a score of 5% in this ability. simulating the their homeworld. S’sessu characters are created in the The S’sessu are extremely aggressive same way as other characters. and the player tells the referee that Asphenomenas wants to use his Ability Insight to determine the smuggler’s DEX DRAGON 85 . as friendly diplo. with S’sessu: ther knowing nor caring about the dif. Because of the extremely competitive nature of S’sessu society. run at 20 meters per turn. They walk at 10 meters per turn. S’sessu have the same movement rate as est in certain foreign and business affairs of the S’sessu. The S’sessu must see his oppo- nent actually doing something related to that ability score before he can make this judgment. This is the percent- age chance a S’sessu has of learning one ability score or skill level of a being he observes. A roll over 05 S’sessu. the other races have learned to work with the S’sessu. even to the the smuggler’s DEX score. Humans have a -5 reaction penalty to ference between good and evil). Aspheno- menas secretly watches the smuggler. It is a S’sessu. Little is known about ing ability). sees a smuggler outside a spaceport. especially if they see their chances of finding per- sonal gain and wealth are improved through cooperative effort. Asphenomenas. In their attempts to lowing Ability Modifiers are used when gain an equal footing with the other creating a S’sessu: races in the Frontier Sector. The referee secretly rolls intense concentration required to use it. S’sessu adventurers often work well as team members.

This gaming convention will be held in tion. and role-playing (614)764-6085. CAPCON VIII.. contact: Paul Toro. 20 mission fees refunded. 29061. PINE CON III. science-fiction and fantasy presents its third annual gaming convention. 1739 N. 5-7 tournaments. Features will include activities. and speaker inquiries are invited. Columbia SC 29204. Mich. 218 Gannett Hall. and a model contest. Colo. 19-21 films. For more information. . Ohio State University. naments. High. Orono ME 04469. Lakewood CO 80226. Box 261000. Lake Orion MI 48035. 301 Ferris Booth Hall. ALTI-EGOS. contests. The university of Maine Gamer’s Society an art show. Preregistration fees are $12 for the 80841. or telephone (617)632-9588. Contact: Contraption. N. Admission fees are weekend. New York NY 10027. Con III Director. New Brunswick NJ To be held at the Holiday Inn in Troy. campus of Rutgers University. Apr. Northeaster 3. Robert umbia Games Club. Box 435.O. FAL CON IV. Ohio Ferris Booth Hall at Columbia University In Union. contact: Col- College Ave. Events will include 43201. contact. Cayce. this convention promises many in. Apr. at the Orono campus. 327 will be acclaimed author Anne McCaffrey. Col. tion will be staged at the Sheraton Denver 08903. For more informa. Apr. Gamemaster. contact: Pine $2 per day. 26-28 Box 101. Apr. Colorado Springs CO This gaming convention will be staged at surprises. Gardner MA 01440-435. Tech Center in Denver. contact: Alti-Egos. Registration fees which will be held at the University of Maine This convention will offer many gaming are $35. WIZARDCON ’85. 20-21 This convention will be held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. seminars will be among the featured events. and Chenoweth. Rutgers College Student center. gamemasters will have their ad. 12-14 Orion Terrace. A game auction. Box 21. Road. Apr. 19-21 New York. Featured events will include a writer’s panel. Hopkins SC Columbia University. Apr. including numerous RPG tour. a nominal NORTHEASTER 3. EXPLOR-O-CON ’85. or. UMO. 19-21 This science-fiction and fantasy conven- 126 College Ave. a costume party. seminars. board. Apr.. contact: Ed Vincent. contact: Jeff Gerckens. and there will be no admission charge. P. For details. this convention will offer an and board game tournaments. or telephone (614)876-2170 or To be held at the Tremont Motor Inn in demonstrations. contact: Explor-o-con ’85. Although assortment of role-playing. entry fee will be required for each tourna- This gaming convention will be held at the tion. Apr.O. Apr. For more information. panels. P. 1851 Windover ment. Columbus OH CAROLINA CON IV. 12-14 miniatures tournaments.C. S. For more informa. For more details. Guest of honor teresting events. CONTRAPTION..Y. For more details. For more information. 133 Casbel Court. and lots of Box 1016 USAFA. dealer.

P. For more TALLY CON 4. Registration fees are $1 in advance. and science. Registration fees are $6. this gaming convention will John Dunn. formation about the convention or about Apr. LITTLE WARS. contact: Paul Wilson. 15. contact: UPdate Pro- West 621 Mallon. Saskatoon. an art show. Camp. of Astoria. contact: (312)465-7006 during evenings only. May 17-19 event. Featured prizes. Palatine. Winners will naments and board games. Tallahassee fiction games. MADNESS ’85.O. the feature computer gaming tournaments. area. Columbia. seminars..F. Canada S7N 1B5. Guests of honor will be Box 690064.. and a dealers’ FL 32303.. Fla.O. Though admission is free. seminars. P. To be staged at the Pacific Beach Hotel in For more information. contact: This science-fiction convention has a Atlanta.. For fur. P. Admission fees are $12 until June pano Beach FL 33066. door macabre. or Prevention Program. Ontario. or telephone at the door.. Association Recreation Centre in Cam- Cairdel Lane. MILCON. Activities will include an art show For more information. For popular role-playing and board games.. Registration fees are only $1. pano Beach. Bentall Centre. For additional information. game designer and editor 801C Broadway Ave. and $35 at the door. For P. $8 until June 1. Kevin B.C. this convention will feature Ontario. May 10-12 This event will be held at the Camelot HATCON 3. Sponsored by the RECAP Truancy 108 Park Ave. single day and $9 for a weekend pass. May 26 about convention offerings or about judging Sponsored by the Military Interests and events. and comic books. DRAGON 87 . Registration fees are $18 (in Canadian funds contact: SEAGA. Featured activities include telephone (414)242-2304 after 3:00 P. or telephone (904)385-1518. wargaming tournaments and a painting competition.” Registration fees are $15. 5616 W.S. Registration fees are $30 until June 1. Hamilton. and a dealers’ room. Box 930031. Evansville. Mequon WI 53092.. For more information. Danbury CT 06810. Ind. CONJURATION 2.. contact: R. Ill. Registration fees are To take place at the Peach Tree Mall in College in Spokane.. or telephone Ian and Betty Ballantine and Fred Haskell. Tulsa OK 74169.O. Tharpe St. details.. 824-C W.S. this con- Ed Bryant.. panel discussions. feature role-playing games. and an be game designer Steve Jackson.S. Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Police tion. c/o HAWAIICON ’85. Participants of U. tournaments. Registra- tion fees are $15. June 8 To be held at Spokane Falls Community in Middletown. games. 26-28 tailored travel arrangements. Wis. Gremlin. over 70 events. Apr. this convention $3. B. Registration fees are $6 until chewan. Bawdfen. this science-fiction and 48478. Toastmaster will be To be held at the Ramada Inn.A. or bridge. Guests of honor for TSR. Apr. this event will feature a Saskatchewan. N.I. various movies. Box 833. May 4-5 For additional information. and $15 at the door. For more details about this gaming pool party. Sager. Canada V7X 1A2.O. or To be held at Omni Auditorium in Pom. Tree Mall. c/o The Game Warden. 6908 N.. Box 3894. and AD&D® tournaments. June 6-7 Hotel in Tulsa.M. Ill. this convention will feature will offer a large variety of role-playing tour. or telephone (305)973-2249. stamped envelope to: Madness a variety of gaming events. admission fees are $6 for the entire To be staged at Camp Emmanuel. contact: The Grinning will include historical. and “filksinging. Box Milwaukee. convention. Merlyn’s Science Fiction/Fantasy Store. and various games. P. strictly for fantastic and historic miniatures. 11 Veevers Drive. 27-28 and sale. south weekend. June 14-16 This annual gaming convention will be HawaiiCon.C.. Apr. a game room. This gaming convention will be held at the Frank Mentzer. May 11 contact: Kennedy Poyser. Marysville CA 95901. Hawaii. contact: GLATHRICON. telephone (812)858-5419. P. 26-28 tion will be held at Middletown High School SYCCON I. stamped Games Society. Guest of honor will be information.G. Marysville. Canada. Inc. Chill™. For more information. Inc. and the supernatural. Middletown NY receive $50 worth of gaming merchandise fees are $7. Ga. will be L. Preregistration ’85. Spokane WA 99201. addressed. Chicago IL 60645. British fantasy convention will feature Car Wars™. or Waikiki. VI. contact: Todd Fisher. (918)438-3336. Inc. this convention will ductions. May 24-26 To be held at the Airport Ramada Inn in ther details about this convention. Saskat. Fla. Mengsol III. and guest of honor will be Mike vention will include a hat masquerade. Wash.. contact: ConJuration 2. and movies.C. this event will be held at the envelope to: Metropolitan Gaming Associa.. theme which focuses on the bizarre. For there will be a $1 registration fee for each more details. Armed Forces are SEAGA ’85. CT SF Society.O.. Okla. June 1 $5. May 24-26 RPGA luncheon. a champagne Sunday brunch. 34 South Street. Omni Box Office.GAME FAIRE ’85. or telephone (309)329-2934. Scott Filipek. send a self-addressed. contact: V-Con 13. Dealer inquiries are North. 1000 Coconut Creek Blvd. K. Evansville IN 47737. Hilton in Tallahassee. Vancouver. and $20 at the door. this event will feature all and $3 for Sunday attendance only. registration fees are $5 for a 10940.Y. and $10 thereafter. and a dealers’ area. Pom- events will include role-playing and board welcomed. For more information M. miniatures. events for this convention For more details. Norcross GA 33093. For more in- WIZARD’S CHALLENGE ’85. Preregistration fees are CAMPCON ’85. telephone (203)743-1872. contact: The Wizard’s Corner. Canada L8K 5P6. July 5-7 welcome. a Resnick. this gaming conven. Box 25445 Honolulu To be held at the Sheraton Inn in held at the Travel Lodge in Saskatoon.O. fantasy. 27-28 only) until May 23. and $2 Oakley. V-CON 13. To be held at the Ramada Inn in more details. send a self. Be aware that openings are limited. contact: George To be held at the Willow Creek Hotel in M. $4 for Saturday attendance only. GOLD CON III. c/o Louis B. HI 96825. 24 Peach telephone (509)325-9114. Guest of honor will masquerade. Cal. Astoria IL 61501. Sprague and Catherine Crook de April 15. For more details.

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