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TOP 20 MOST COMMON SPELLING MISTAKES DO YOU FIND ENGLISH SPELLING DAUNTING AND CONFUSING? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all make spelling mistakes - that’s how we learn. Spelling baffles even native English speakers! Thanks to its irregularities, rules and exceptions, English spelling isn’t always as easy as ABC. Let's dive right into the most common misspellings, shall we? I'll pay him a SURPRISE isit tomorrow. SUPRISE Let's go shopping TOMORROW! TOMMORROW WIERD The price includes ASOMMODATION only ACCOMMODATION. We missed the BEGINNING of the film. COMMITTMENT Than yeuch COMMITMENT! Do you hear that WEIRD noise? IMMEDIATLY We should leave IMMEDIATELY. COMMING Are you COMING to the party? WRITTING I'm WRITING an essay now. introduced one NOTICABLE The update ct remet OPORTUNITY This job is a great OPPORTUNITY to grow your career. My most prized POSSESSION POSESSION Ht is my dad's watch. broth SUCCESFUL Be SUCCESSFUL business. ‘The Raven’ was WRITTEN WRITEN by Edgar Allan Poe. Budapest is the most BEATIFUL BEAUTIFUL city in Europe. This film is DEFINITELY DEFINITALY worth your time. What local dish do RECOMEND you RECOMMEND? The Internet is a big part EXISTANCE of our everyday EXISTENCE. I have FINALLY finished my studies. FINALY Her KNOWLEDGE of S| ish KNOWLEGE * == impressive: ~~ & Powered by respelt