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Herbal Prawn Feed

Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is specially formulated to prevent and control bacterial
diseases of Vannamei Shrimp. It is a unique combination of nutrients and herbal medicine.
Combining herbs and nutrients for medicinal use is a time-honored art and science that
has been practiced for thousands of years in Indian healing tradition. Ancient knowledge,
modern techniques, methodical research and practical field application trials were woven
together to obtain the best out of the Herbal formulation. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed
consists of all natural ingredients. No chemicals, No antibiotics and No harmful synthetic
substances. As all ingredients are natural, no side effects or harmful residuals.
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is available in five sizes. Starter 1 and Starter 2 are
crumbles. Size 3, 3P and 4 are pellets. The sizes are to International standards, suitable to
the age of the shrimp. The water stability of the pellet is minimum 90 minutes. Most
modern pellet mill is used to produce the feed.

Naturalle Herbal Prawn feed is being produced after more than three years of intensive
research and extensive field trials in thousands of farms across India. It has a success rate
of almost 99% in effectively controlling and curing White Gut, White Fecal and EMS
diseases. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is used both for prevention and cure of bacterial
diseases of Vannamei Shrimp.

Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed when used in farms infected with initial stages of White Gut
or white fecal syndrome will start eradicating the disease from day one of feeding and
complete control of disease is visible within 5 to 7 days.

100% Prevention: To prevent the incidence of bacterial diseases like white gut, white fecal,
early mortality syndrome (EMS), Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed should be given one time
(Preferably early morning meal) every day by skipping normal feed during entire culture
period. Dosage is same as normal feed. Normal feed shall be used for other three or four
meals as usual.

Herbal Prawn Feed Benefits

Naturalle Herbal Prawn feed is highly useful in preventing and controlling bacterial
diseases like White Gut, White Fecal Syndrome, White Muscle, Early Mortality Syndrome
(Acute Hepato-pancreatic Necrosis Disease - AHPND). These diseases are causing
enormous loss to the Vannamei Shrimp farmers, due to high mortality and early forced
The formulated feed is a combination of different herbs for their synergistic effects and
health supportive benefits. Mammoth care was taken in selecting appropriate herb for
eradication of specific bacterium like v harveyi and v parahaemolyticus which are causing
maximum damage to shrimp culture.
Directions to Use the Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed shall be used both for prevention and cure of the diseases.

For preventing diseases:

Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed should be given as one meal per day, by skipping the regular
feed for that ration for the entire crop duration from day one of stocking. Dosage is same as
the regular feed. Farmers can use the regular feed for rest of three or four rations which
they are using. By using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed, farmers can avoid all kinds of
medicines, chemicals, hormones, vitamins totally and save enormous money. The herbs of
the feed eradicate disease causing bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract, which is the
digestive organ of the shrimp and provide immune stimulation to resist further infections

For curing the disease:

If shrimps are already infected and suffering due to bacterial diseases, Naturalle Herbal
Prawn Feed should be given all four meals of the day for 5 to 7 days continuously. This will
cure the disease and shrimps will gain health again.

As this feed contains all essential nutrients like Protein, Fat etc, shrimps are benefited by
way of being fed both prophylactic medicine and nutrients at the same time. As the animal
is always healthy because of natural immunity and disease prevention, growth will be
better by using one meal of Naturalle Herbal Feed. There is no extra expenditure on
medicines or extra labor for chemical spraying. it gives health to shrimp and wealth to

When it should not be used:

If the disease is virulent throughout the pond and shrimp stopped consuming feed it is not
advisable to use Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed for therapeutic treatment. As the shrimp in
the pond cannot consume food, even Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed will not be consumed.
Hence the results cannot be expected.

It is advisable to start feeding of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed from the initial stage of
disease, the day we notice floating of fecal matter in the water or check tray. At that stage
the disease can be controlled and cured.

Results can be seen within Seven Days

The performance of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed can be observed within seven days of use
by the farmer. As the gastric system of the shrimp is cleaned by the medicinal substances of
the herbs, the animal is relieved of stress. Hence the feeding pattern will improve
instantaneously. In most of the field trials, it is observed that the feed intake improved by
30 to 40%.

Within seven days of herbal feed consumption, shrimp looks better in its swimming activity
and clear hepato-pancreas can be observed. As the health gets better, growth also improves