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For(18): the road went on for miles.

At(7): I held it at arm's length, can you read a car number plate at fifty meters?
Carry(10): the kick carried 50 meteres into the crowd.
Range(5): the missioe has 2000 km range. see: longrange.
Range(6): the car has a range of 200km.
Block(4): the house is few blocks away. See: length.
Far(adv): How far is it to your house from here?
How far is Boston from New York?
How much further is it?
We'll go by train as far as London, and then take a bus.
We didn't go as far as the others.
I'm not sure I can walk so far.
At Interval: flaming torches were placed at intervals along the terrace.
Step(3): its steps away, she moved a step closer to me, he turned and retraced his
Radius(2): they deliver to within five miles raduis of the store.
Way(10): a little way up is the Museum of contemporary art, September is a long way
off, you came all this way to see us? we still have a way to go to reach
Haul(n3): they began the long slow haul to the summit, our camp is only a short
haul from here, take the coastal road it will be less of a haul.
Reach(n1): as a boxer his long reach gave him a distinctive advantage, his shot was
well beyond the reach of the goalkeeper, cleaning fluids should be kept out of the
reach of children, he lashed out angrily hitting anyone within his reach, use
shears with long reach to cut high hedges. see: within grasp.
Range(4): the child was now out of her range of vision.
In/ within range of sth: he shouted at anyone within range.
Apart: the houses stood 400m apart, the two birthdays are 3 days apart, the two
sides of talks are still long way apart.
Away: few miles away, the date is few months away, the hospital is a minute's walk
away from here.
Clearance: there is not enough clearance fir vehicles to go under the bridge, a
clearance of one meter.
Clear(13): the planeclimbed until it was clear of the clouds, make sure tompark
clear of the entrance.
Clear(adv1): stand clear of the train door, by lap two imwas meters clear of
Clear(adv2): she could see clear down the highway into the town.

Keep your distance from sth,

Keep back from sth: keep well back from tne road,
Keep sth back from sth: barricades were erected to keep back the crowd.
Back(adv2): stand back and give me some room, barrierss kept the crowd back.
Keep sth off sth: keep your hands off me, they lit a fire to keep off wild animals.
Give sth a wide berth: he gave the dog a wide berth.

Equidistant: all points on the circle are equidistant from the center.
Halfway(adj): I got the ball in the halfway line.
Halfway(adv): It's about halfway between London and Bristol, he left halfway
through the ceremony, I'm afraid we're not even halfway there yet.
Midway: we had reached the midway point between london and bristol when the rain
halted, the film is hours long and in the midway point I had had enough.
Midway(adv): the goal was scored midway throught the forst half, the hotel is
situated midway between the two stations.

The middle distance: his eyes were fixed on a house in the middle distance, she was
staring into the middle distance.
Close(adv): they sat close together, dont come too close, she held her son close
and pressed her cheek to his, another car followed close behind, I couldnt get
close enough to see.
Close(adj): the buildings are close togther, this is the closest we can get by car,
we work in close proximity, he was shot at close range (pointblank), close dates,
they are close in age.
By(1): come and sit by me, the telephone is by the window, the bar is by my store.
At/ from close quarters: fighting at close quarters.
Close/ near at hand: help was near at hand, the property is ideally located where
all tge amenities close at hand.
On the doorstep: bars were on the doorstep.
In your own backyard: the residents dont want to see a factory in their backyard,
party leader is now facing opposition in his own backyard.
Nigh: Winter was drawing nigh.
Just round the corner: the bar was just round the corner, there were good news just
round the corner.
Under sbs nose: I searched everywhere for the letter and it was under my nose all
the time. see: stare sb in the face.
Hardby: a poor farmer lived hardby.
Convenient: the house is convenient to many schools, the hotel is convenient to
Handy(2): Always keep a first-aid kit handy.
Have you got a pen handy?
handy (for something/for doing something) (British English) Our house is very
handy for the station.
Near= close: where is the nearest bank?
Piece(12): she lives a piece from here.
Commutabel. see: cyclable, walkable.
Round here: there is no decent school roundhere.
Close up: traffic was jammed and cars were closing up behijd each other.
Close in on sth: the lions closed in on their prey.

Propinquity= proximity: he kept distance as afraid propenquity might lead him into
Proximity: a house in the proximity of the river, the proximity of the
neighbourhood to the college of London makes it very popular, the area has schools
in close proximity to each other, the house is in close proximity to airport.

To(3): the meadows streatched down to the river, her hair fell to her waist.
In the shadow of sth: the market is in the shadow of the City Hall.
Within(2): is it within a mile / walking distance?
Within easy reach of sth: the house is within easy reach of sports facilities.
Within spitting/ shouting distance. see: hailing distance.
Within the sound of sth: a house within the sound of the sea.
A stone's throw: we live just a stone's throw from here, it is within a stone's
Hair's breadth: they were within hair's breadth of being killed, he won by a hair's
Close range: closerange shots.

Stand over sb: I don't like you standing over me while I am cooking. See: get in
sbs hair. under your feet.
Breathe down sbs neck: I cant get any work done with you breathing down my neck.
Cheek by jowl: the guests packed cheek by jowl parted when he entered.
Side(7): keep close to my side, her husband stood at her side.
Closedset: closed set eyes.

Be within an inch of (doing) sth: she was within an inch of being killed, they beat
him to within an inch of his life.
Within an ace of (doing) sth: she came within an ace of victory.
Be/ come / etc within a whisker of (doing) sth: he came within a whisker of being
A heartbeat away from sth: the game was a heartbeat away from perfection.
Matter of inches/ etc: the bullet missed her by a matter of inches.
Border on sth: she felt anxiety bordering on hysteria.
Verge on sth= border on sth: dislike verging on contempt, dark blue verges on
black, some of his suggestions verged on outrageous.
Up there: it may not have been the worst week but it is up there, these people can
not live without the internet it is up there with air and water for them, it is not
my absolute dream but it is up there. see: more or less. see: SF: close thing.
Brink: be on the brink of death/ collapse/ war/ disaster/ making a discovery, he
pulled the country back from the brink, animals hoovering/ teethering/ poised on
the brink of extinction.
Teeter on the edge/ brink of sth: The country is teetering on the brink of civil
Precipice: the country was on the edge of a precipice.
Verge: he was on the verge of tears/ signing a contract, it brought the country to
the verge of bankruptsy.
Edge= brink= verge: he brought the country to tge edge of disaster.
See: degree: almsot.
The sword of Damocles.

Immediate(3): the prospects of immediate future are good, in the immediate

vicinity, he stood in her immediate right, my immediate predeccessor, the immediate
aftermath of the war.
Hard/ hot on sbs heels: he started running others hot on his heels, unemployment
figures followed hot on the heels of falling export.

Far(adv1): have you come far? it is not far to the beach, coutries as far apart as
japan and brazil, far away in the distance the train whistled, the farther north
they headed the colder it became, a concert of music from near and far.

Tele-: telescope, telepathy.

Remotely: remotely operated.
At/ from a distance: she loved him at a distance for years.
From afar: she loved him from afar, even from afar the castle seemed most

Distant: the distant sound of music, distant star, the time we spent together is
now a distant memory, peace was just a distant hope, the airport was 200 km distant
from here.
Distantly: somewhere distantly we could hear the sea.
In/ into the distance: we stood staring in the distance, we saw lights in the
distance miles of sands stretched into the distance.
Far/ further/ farther afield: you can hire a car if you want to expolre further
afield, journalists cam from as far afield as China.
Further= farther: we could walk further than i realized, can you satnd a bit
further away, the hospital is farther down the road.
Furthermost: the furthermost end of tge street.
Farflung: an expedition to the farflung corners of the world.
Faraway= distant: a war in a faraway country.
Faroff= distant= remote= faraway: a faroff country,
The back of beyond: we stayed in a farmhouse in the back of beyond.
Off the beaten track: they live miles off the beaten track. see: stand back At:
Miles from anywhere: we broke down miles from anywhere.
Stand alone: the arch stood alone at the entrance to the castle.

Not anywhere near/ nowhere near: the job doesn't pay anywhere near enough for me.
see: long shot. see: all: nothing like,
Wide(7): her shot was wide ( of the target).

Country mile: he won the race by a country mile, we missed the target by more than
the proverbial country mile, their views a countrymile apart.

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