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Gun Tanakom 1101

Process Journal

Process Journal (26/8/17)

Goal: Research overall topic about French revolution

Note: French revolution is a protestant from French citizens on the

government. The government that time is the noble family. They received a
lot of taxes from normal class people. Normal citizens made a movement.
They formed up to be a big group and revolted the noble family. They finally
changed French society into democracy.

References :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEZqarUnVpo

Reflection: I researched for an overview facts about the French revolution.

I did it pretty well, I knew the causes of this revolution and the result of it.

Process Journal (28/8/17)

Goal: Discuss with the group what we have found


-French revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s

-Ascension of Napoleon Bonaparte is the cause of the end of French


-White men ideas about freedom was more popular, then it changed how
French people think

-French people changed their government institution (Monarchy and


-Similar to American revolution because of the enlightenment ideas aected

people thoughts and led to the revolution

Many people died. Some had been killed by Guillotine which is a machine
that cut peoples heads.

-Kings predecessor left the country which was bankrupted + France

involved and took part with American revolution

Gun Tanakom 1101

-Two decades of poor agriculture and price of bread had gone up. Peasants
with is the largest group of people suered for decades so the noble family
cannot control them.

-At that time the government was selected by a few groups of people.

-The regime imposed heavy taxes.

-Rationalism was very popular that time, so people started to think that they
can also have their rights. The movement of revolving was bigger and
stronger until the noble family cannot fight all of them. As a result, the
knowledge and unity can finally take over the absolute power.

References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Revolution

Reflection: We discussed about what each of us had found. There were a lot
of information. So we cannot finish all of them in one day. We postponed
them it to another work day

Process Journal (29/8/17)

Goal: Research more and discuss more

Note: Our discussions have been written in the note of 28/8/17. They are
linked, so I put them together.


Reflection: Ive done a bit more researches. The major idea was not very
dierent. My group is doing a fiction, so we dont need to put all of the
information in our work. We finished our discussion.

Process Journal (30/8/17)

Goal: Assign each others to work

Reflection: Weve broadly assigned each others to write each of the parts of
the novel

Gun Tanakom 1101

Process Journal (1/9/17)

Goal: Draft the novel

Reflection: Weve drafted what will our novel be about. We cannot achieve
our goal that day because there weve talked about a lot of story and we
cannot come up with the conclusion

Process Journal (4/9/17)

Goal: Draft the novel(continue)

Reflection: We continue deciding our novel after weve been out of the main
track last time.

However, we still cannot achieve our goal because there are a lot of things to
put in a short novel. We have to mention about French revolution, John
Locke, Lockeanism, Rationalism, New World Uprising, Martin Luther, and
other sub topics. So, it is not easy to write every thing down in about 10
chapters novel.

Process Journal (7/9/17)

Goal: Write the plot of our story

Reflection: We have problems on the story because I mainly do Edmonds
story. Tarn mainly does Mangalas story. Win mainly does Roch. As a result,
when characters meet each others, I dont know much about the
background information of Mangala and Roch. I know only that Magala is
Gun Tanakom 1101
poor and Roch is a prince. Next time, my group and I will discuss on the
background information of each characters deeply so that this type of
problems will not happen again. In order to do that we have to appoint when
we will discuss because Tarn and I discussed first then when Win discussed
with Tarn later so I dont know much what Win would write about Roch.

Process Journal (12/9/17)

Goal: Write chapter 2

Reflection: I am assigned to write chapter 2,3 and 5. I firstly write chapter 2
which is mainly about the background information of Edmond. Edmond is a
writer who will involve with Lockeanism, John Locke and also Rationalism.

Process Journal (13/9/17)

Goal: Write chapter 2 (Continue)

Reflection: I try to write that Edmond is poor and his father has to pay a large
amount of taxes to the noble family which will be one of the factor that
Edmond will revolt.

Process Journal (14/9/17)

Goal: Write chapter 2(Continue)

Reflection: I complete the chapter 2 by fixing flaws in my texts

Gun Tanakom 1101

Process Journal (15/9/17)

Goal: Starting writing chapter 3

Note: John Locke is a philosophy who came up with an idea of freedom. He

stated that humans already has their freedom and government has a main
duty to protect those freedom. In addition, Lockeanism, the theory of John
Locke, also can be inferred that it supports the revolution because the
absolute power of the noble family leads to the dierent in classes, rights,
and freedom.

Reference: Notes in class and worksheet and also




Reflection: In chapter 3, John Locke and Lockeanism are being mentioned. I

try think for a long time because in the proposal, we have included John
Locke as a person. He was born and died before French revolution
happened, so according to historical timeline, it is impossible for John Locke
to have conversations with Edmond as a human. I decided to let him be a
spirit and talk with Edmond, as well as Mangala in their dreams.

Process Journal (16/9/17)

Goal: Peer review

Reflection: We check each others works in Google Docs. Tarn did really
good in my opinion. I think he is the true writer. He can write this novel with a
lot of adverbs that I am not familiar with. It shows that his vocabulary and
writing skill is great. Win also do a good work.

Process Journal (17/9/17)

Goal: Write chapter 3 (Continue)

Gun Tanakom 1101

Reflection: I complete chapter 3 by deleting some flaws that are suggested
by other members. They complain that those mistakes change the tone of
the whole story because they feel that the mistakes make it funny. Actually, I
want it to be sad.

Process Journal (18/9/17)

Goal: Start with chapter 5

Note: Rationalism is the view that "regards reason as the chief source and
test of knowledge" or "any view appealing to reason as a source of
knowledge or justification

In some sources, they stated that the truth can best be discovered by
reason and factual analysis, rather than faith, dogma or religious teaching

In my own words, I can conclude that rationalism is a idea that judge the
decisions base on the truth, reason and whether it makes sense or not. It
should be able to prove in the real world by using any scientific methods.
Not base on faith and belief.

Reference: Notes in class and also




Reflection: I start with my chapter 5 which is my last assigned individual

chapter. I have to include Rationalism in this too. I let two characters meet
and go to the library so they can search for more information about
Lockeanism and De Roon, another new character who is a mysterious
librarian, will mention about Rationalism.

Gun Tanakom 1101

Process Journal (19/9/17)

Goal: Start with chapter 5 (Continue)

Reflection: I insert the fictional part because I feel that chapter2 and 3 was
focus too much on Lockeanism which make the mood of fiction has been
decreased. It is more like academic paper in my opinion. I try to make my
chapter5 better in term of literature.

Process Journal (20-22/9/17)

Goal: Complete Process Journal

Reflection: I work on my process journal. I didnt do it every workday so I
have a hard time thinking about what I have done. I did it n the first few times
but after that I only work on the product. Next time if I have to do the
process journal, I will do it every workday so I wont have to catch up later
like this.