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8/9/2017 Laws of Thermodynamics - - Unit 3 - Week 2


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Unit 3 - Week 2

outline Assignment 2
Due date for this assignment: 2017-08-09, 23:59 IST.
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1) Zeroth law of thermodynamics derives the macroscopic property called 10 points
the portal
Week 1
Week 2 Pressure
Lecture 6:
Zeroth Law of 2) Which of the following gets conserved in first law of thermodynamics? 10 points
Work Transfer
Lecture 7:
First law of Heat Transfer
thermodynamics Energy
for closed
systems (Part Temperature
the value of n is infinitely large in polytropic process pVn = constant,
3) If 10 points
Lecture 8:
First law of
then the process is known as
constant volume
for closed
systems (Part constant pressure
II), some constant temperature
constant enthalpy
Lecture 9:
Tutorial 2: 4) The cyclic integral of which of the following is zero? 10 points
First law of
thermodynamics Work Transfer
for closed
Heat Transfer
Lecture 10:
Latent Heat
First law of
thermodynamics 5) Work done in free expansion is 10 points
for open
Quiz : negative
Assignment 2
Week 3 maximum

Internal energy is defined

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8/9/2017 Laws of Thermodynamics - - Unit 3 - Week 2

6) Internal energy is defined by the 10 points

Zeroth law of Thermodynamics

First law of Thermodynamics
Second law of Thermodynamics
Law of entropy

7) Theinternal energy does not involve the following energy into 10 points
Translational Kinetic Energy
Rotational Kinetic Energy
Macroscopic Kinetic Energy
Vibrational Energy
8) A cylinder contains 5 m3 of ideal gas at a pressure of 1 bar. This gas is 10 points
compressed in a quasi-equilibrium isothermal process till its pressure increases to 5
bar. The work in kJ required for this process is

9) A piston/cylinder contains 1 kg of liquid water at 20C and 300 kPa. 10 points

Initially the piston floats as shown in the figure with a maximum enclosed volume
of 0.002 m3 if the piston touches the stops. Now heat is added so a final pressure of
600 kPa is reached. The work done in the process will be

0.1 kJ
0.2 kJ
0.3 kJ
0.4 kJ

10)A cylinder/piston
arrangement contains 5 kg of water at 100C with x = 10 points
20% and the piston, mP = 75 kg, resting on some stops, as shown in the figure. The
outside pressure is 100 kPa, and the cylinder area is A = 24.5 cm2. Heat is now added
until the water reaches a saturated vapor state. The heat transfer (in kJ) will be in the
range of

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8/9/2017 Laws of Thermodynamics - - Unit 3 - Week 2


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