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STUDENT directed
Student interacts with the new information
shows understanding and applies the new
material, info or process.

Brainstorming Discovery headlines

Concept maps Graphic organizers
Illustrations/ cartoons Your questions
Data and Graphs Venn diagrams
Practice grammar points Make an invitation
Create a recipe Design an advertisement
Pictographs Four square analogies
Flow charts songs


Quizzes and tests are left side items

TEACHER directed
New information you are supposed to learn.

Lecture Rules for a game

Reading notes lyrics
Grammar Points Mini lesson
Procedures Classroom info
Worksheets Vocabulary
Audio clip transcripts

ALWAYS USE black, blue penicl

ALWAYS write theDAte and title on the top
Make an interactive
Introduce myself
Express my opinions
Write a letter
Read an English novel
Learn popular
Love Name
Like Live
Interests Birthday
Animal Color
Favorite Family
Secret Hobby









July January
August February
Septembe March
October April
November May
December June


Bye Good bye

Later Have a nice day


See you later

Faarewells Takecare

See you son Good night

It was nice to meet

So long

See you I look forward to


tomorrow meet you

The House
There is There are

Singular Plural
Where is the ball?
Is there Are there

Singular Plural

Yes, No, Yes, No,

There There There there
is isnt are arent
The best city in the world.
Vancouver is a cosmopolitan
city, so there are French,
Vancouver is in southwest Italian, Japanese, Indian,
Canada, next to the Pacific Thai, and Chinese
Ocean, 24 miles from the restaurants. Vancouvers
U.S. border. Chinatown is the second
biggest in North America,
after San Francisco. There is
also a lot of delicious, fresh

In the busy city center there

It is always a good time to
are some excellent, expensive
visit Vancouver. The weather
hotels. The beautiful
is never too cold or too hot.
Fairmont Hotel is $400 a
It is warm and sunny in the
night, but next to the sea
summer, but it rains a lot in
there are a lot of cheap,
the fall and winter.
comfortable hotels from $59
a night.

In the spring, go skiing in the

mountains in the morning and You dont need a car in
sunbathe on the beach in the
Vancouver. There are slow,
afternoon. In the summer, go
swimming, sailing, or fishing, or old buses and there is the
go walking in North Americas fast, modern Sky Train. Take
biggest park, Stanley Park. There the ferry it is a great way to
are excellent stores in Yaletown. see the city.
There is also theater, opera, and
music of every sort. Vancouver is
the City of Festivals.

Vancouver is called the best city in the world. Why? Is it the

spectacular mountains? The beautiful beaches? The excellent stores
and restaurants? Its all of this and more!
How to travel Where to Stay


The sixth of October October sixth

Nineteen ninety-seven Nineteen ninety-seven
Friday, 6th October,1997 Friday October 6th ,1997

When the year is 20 When the year is 1904 When is 1600

two thousand and... nineteen oh four sixteen hundred

Are the past simple forms of BE. Was is
used to talk about I He, She, It. Were is
used with You, We they

I You He She It You We They

Question Words
wear stand


Draw fly


grow sit

Irregular Verbs

fight drive


blow find


Teach sleep

Teri Horton, a 60-year-old lady from Los
Angeles, went shopping in San Bernardino,
a small city in California. She was in a thrift
store when she saw a colorful, modern
painting. She bought it for $5.

An art teacher saw the painting and said it

was by the American artist, Jackson
Pollock. Who is Jackson Pollock? said
Teri. She had no idea that he was a very
famous modern painter.

Many art experts came to her house to see

the painting. Some said that it wasnt a
Pollock, but one expert, Peter Paul Bir,
saw Pollocks fingerprint on the back. Bir
said, This is a real Pollock painting.

A rich man from Saudi Arabia was happy to

pay $9 million for it, but Teri said, No! I
want $50 million. In 2007, a Canadian TV
company made a movie about Teri and the
painting. The picture is now for sale in an
art gallery in Toronto. Price: $50 million!
Common verbs

Fall Winter

Summer Spring




1st first
2nd second
3rd third
4th fourth
5th fifth
6th sixth
7th seventh
8th eighth
9th ninth
10th tenth
11 eleventh
12th twelfth
13th thirteenth
14th fourteenth
15th fifteenth
16th sixteenth
17th seventeenth
18th eighteenth
19th nineteenth
20th twentieth
21st twenty-first
30th thirtieth
40th fortieth
50th fiftieth
60th sixtieth
70 seventieth
80th eightieth
90th ninetieth
100th a/one hundredth
1000th a/one thousandth
Past Simple

Use Time expressions:

when an action happened at a last year, week month, ago,

specific time in the past and is now yesterday morning, evening, in
finished. 1892, in winter, when I was young
I went to the cinema -sometimes used to tell a story
There was a man who lived in.
We spent a lot of time Japan in

Past simple ed(regular verbs) Questions and negatives

We invited them to our party, but We use did, didnt + infinitive
they decided not to come.
(-)They liked milk./She didnt like
But many verbs are irregular: milk.
write- wrote, go-went (?)Did I/She/they like milk?
Yes, I/She/they did.
No, I/She/they didnt.
Prepositions of time
is a preposition that allows you to discuss a
specific time period such as a date on the calendar, one of
the days of the week, or the actual time something takes

years: in 1992, in 2006

months: in December, in June
decades: in the sixties, in the 1790s

centuries: in the 19th century
seasons: in winter, in summer
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening

days: on Monday, on my birthday, on Christmas Day

days + morning / afternoon / evening /
night: on Tuesday morning
dates: on the 20th of June

times: at 8pm, at midnight, at 6:30

holiday periods: at Christmas, at Easter

at night
at the weekend
at lunchtime, at dinnertime, at breakfast time

next week, year, month etc
last night, year etc

this morning, month etc
every day, night, years etc

today, tomorrow, yesterday
When did you last When did you last Talk about a party
watch a film? What go shopping? What you went to. When
was it about? did you buy? did you go?
Talk about what
When did you last you did yesterday.
make an important Use time
decision? Talk about the topics in the boxes. expressions!
Use time expressions with the
When did you last When was your
correct prepositions:
cook a three best friend born?
1970 April
course meal? Who When did you
did you cook it for? the evening summer meet?
the 1960s
When did you last When was the last
play a sport? six oclock night
time you were
What kind of sport really excited?
the weekend noon
did you play? Why?
18 January Friday morning When is your
When did you last Saturday Sunday night wedding
make someone anniversary or your
angry? Why? birthday?

When did you last When did you go
have a good time? week night out the most?
year winter

When did you last When did you last

two weeks a year
get a present? have a holiday?
a few days a long time
What did you get? Where did you go?
Talk about what
you did last week. When did you last When do you
Use time use a computer? usually go on
expressions holiday?

Example: Laura can draw Fill in: cant

1. A bear _______ go.

2. A frog ________swim.
3. A dog ________fly.
Laura Lola
4. An elephant ____jump.
5. A cow _______sleep.
6. I _______see.

Olive Margaret


Can / Cant

Is used to talk about ability or inability

1.Match the pictures with the statements. Then answer the questions.

a)He can cook delicious chicken.

b)They can make a sandcastle.

c)She cant bake a cake.

Antonio Jessica
d)He cant drive well.

e)He can dive.

f)He cannot ski.

g)They can play nice music.

Leslie Ali
h)He cant play the piano.

Can The Moon Band play nice


Moon Band Sam and Kate Can Ali cook?______________.

Can Sam and Kate make sandcastle?

___ __________________________.

Can Leslie dive? _______________.

Joe Daniel
Can Jessie bake?______________.

Can Joe ski?_________________.

It describes a verb ,an adjective ,and another adverb. They
answer the questions HOW, WHEN, WHERE

Quickly Tomorrow
Happily Yesterday
Loudly Before
Easily After
Inside Above
Below Here
Carefully Fast
Pretty well A little
Its history

The Internet started in the 1960s. The United States Department of Defense
started it because they wanted a computer network to help the American
military. In the 1970s scientists worked on it and learned how to send messages
between computers. Then, in the 1980s, telephone companies made it possible to
communicate on the computer network in many more countries. An international
computer language was born, and the Net went worldwide.

Millions of uses

You can use the Internet for millions of things. You can google for information
about anything and everything. You can buy and sell clothes and cars. You can
book a hotel, a vacation, or movie tickets. You can pay your bills. You can watch
your favorite TV program. You can play chess with a partner in China. You can
chat with your friends and share photographs on Facebook. You can write a blog
about your life.

You can the list is endless!

Adjectives describe nouns



Arrange the adjectives in the right order:

1.- There was ________________________________________ outside the house.

(a dog, black, terrifying, huge)

2.- I gave her _________________________________________ for her birthday.

(some handkerchiefs, beautiful, white, cotton)

3.- There was ______________________________________ hanging on the wall.

(a picture, old, wonderful, Impressionist)

4.- Have you seen ____________________________________ lying on the floor?

(a pair of gloves, brown, leather)

5.- She was wearing ____________________________________________ .

(a sweater, winter, woolen)

6.- There is ______________________________________________ in this town.

(a church, Gothic, very old)

7.- My mother bought ___________________________________ for the picnic.

(several plates, plastic, blue, small)

8.- _________________________ didnt feel comfortable living with the British


(the girl, French, fifteen-year-old)

9.- There were ____________________________________________ on the shelf.

(a lot of ornaments, china, little, useless)

10.- Why dont you wear ________________________________ . Its rather cold.

(your coat, thick, fur)

or I'd like (to do something) is a polite way to express a
wish or desire:
Would you like? Is a polite way to offer things

Would you like some./a

I would like some./a

(Id like some./a)
This sentence lets someone know what you
would be interested in doing. This can be a
physical, mental or verbal action.

Would you like to...?

I would like to...

(Id like to)
Whats on your plate?
Three people from different parts of the world describe
what they eat each day.

Masumi Takahashi, Japan Caroline Green, U.S. Adella Ramirez, Barcelona

Name: Masumi Takahashi Name: Caroline Green Name: Adella Ramirez

Age: 50 Age: 29 Age: 21
Lives: Tokyo, Japan Lives: Brooklyn, New York Lives: Barcelona, Spain
Works: In a bank Works: In a restaurant Works: Student
In Japan we eat rice with I eat little and early. I have For Spanish people,
many meals. For breakfast toast and cereal for breakfast is the smallest
we sometimes have rice, breakfast and salad for meal just some bread
fish, and soup. But I usually lunch at about 11:30. For and jam and a cup of
eat cereal, toast, and jam. dinner I usually eat chicken coffee. We have lunch at
At 12:00 I have bento or fish. If I have a snack about 2:00, and its a big
thats a lunch box. My wife between meals, its always meal. Perhaps some pasta,
makes this for me every fruit. then salad, then fish or
day. There are small dishes I ride my bike to work meat, then a dessert. After
of rice, fish, vegetables, across the Brooklyn Bridge, lunch, some people have a
eggs, and sometimes meat. and run 5 miles a day. Id siesta they rest or sleep a
In the evening we have like to run the New York little
more fish, maybe with Marathon this year. Im a In the evening I like going
beans. Id like to eat with waitress, so Im on my feet to bars with my friends.
my children, but I dont get all day. We have tapas. Tapas are
home until 9:00. Too many people in this lots of little dishes. At
On the weekend we like country dont eat right. about 10:00, we go to a
doing things together. We They say they dont have restaurant and maybe have
go for walks and have time to buy food and cook, some seafood and rice.
dinner. We eat lots of small so they snack all the time. Dinner is a lot smaller than
dishes. We dont put a lot At home I like cooking for lunch. We go to bed very
of food on our plate, so we friends. For me the dinner late. Id like to do some
dont eat too much. table is the center of the exercise, go to the gym,
home. but I never have time.
Maybe one day!
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The Fatty Cow

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Starters Main Courses

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Welcome to Welcome to
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Taking Orders Taking Orders

__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________

Total bill: ________ Total bill: ________

Present Continuous

Affirmative Negative Question

We use be
we use be + ing we use be +not + ing followed by
verbs verbs Pronoun or
I am walking. I am not walking.
She is talking. She is not talking. Am I walking?
He is laughing. He is not laughing. Is she talking?
It is raining. It is not raining. Is he laughing?
They are singing. They are not singing. Is it raining?
We are cooking. We are not cooking. Are they singing?
You are smiling. You are not smiling. Are we cooking?
Are you smiling?

BE (am,is, are)

BE (am,is, are)


BE (am,is, are)

What are they wearing?

1-Laura is wearing jeans and a pink 6-Mark is wearing

shirt, also is wearing a brown belt. brown shoes,
black belt, blue
jeans and a red

4-Paul is wearing 3-Fred is

Brown boots, blue wearing black
7-Kate is wearing
jeand and a green shoes, a denim
black boots, two
tshirt. jacket, green
blouses, one green
pants and beige
and the other one is
blue, and gray pants. shirt.

5-Lucy is 8-Susan is
wearing blue
wearing brown
2-Tammy is leggins, blue
high heels,
wearing boots, a boots, green
pantyhose, a blouse fucsia
green blouse and
gray jacket ponytail and
gray pants
and a light blue same color of
skirt. skirt.
The Secret Millionaire

The Secret Millionaire is a popular new television program. Every

week a different millionaire leaves his or her comfortable,
expensive home and lives and works for ten days with people who
arent rich and need help. The people dont know who he or she is.
They are secret millionaires.

Colin Cameron is this weeks millionaire. He started his business 25

years ago when he was 19. Hes now worth $60 million and lives
with his wife and two teenage sons in a big, beautiful country
house. He also has a house in Mexico and apartments in New York
and Tokyo. He drives a red Lamborghini and even has a private
plane. He says: I am a very lucky man. Now I want to help people
who are not as lucky as I am, especially young people.

This week is different

Colin left his family last weekend and went by bus to Chicago. He is
now living in the South Side, a poor part of the city. He is staying
with a married couple, Roger and Margaret Watson. They think he
is looking for work in Chicago.

Roger and Margaret live in a small apartment on the eighth floor.

They only have one bedroom, so Colin is sleeping on the sofa in the
living room. They run a shelter for homeless teenage boys.

This week Colin is working with the boys in the shelter, an old, gray
building on a busy road. Some of the boys cant read and write very
well, and he is helping them learn so that they can find jobs.

Roger, Margaret, and the boys like Colin. They think that he is a
good teacher. They have no idea he is a millionaire.

Colin says: I miss my family a lot, but Roger and Margaret are
wonderful people. Im enjoying my time with them very much. Im
learning a lot about life. At the end of the week I want to give them
$100,000 to build a new shelter. Id like to bring my sons here to
meet them all.
stand up take off cry win create enter



teach fail sink lend freeze buy shout

get up

(in the
turn on love fix get on

(a bus)
wake up find

switch off

ask go

throw increase

spend finish

(money) land live

do begin

(computer) lose encourage attack allow

push take up

depart forget give send open accept hire


John is leaving on the

midnight train

Look! Its going to rain soon.

I was born in

I grew up in

I live with

My father is a.

My mother is a.

I go to school at

Im studying..

I want to be

Im going to

SIMPLE : Collocate facts, verbs of state, habits, truths at a certain point on the
time line.

past present future


related to a
related to the The future
past point in
present time time