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Alternative Response type of test is a test with two constant alternative options for all the items in the

test. It is either given in the form of true-false or yes-no type.

1. Declarative sentences should be used for true-false type while interrogative sentences are used for
yes-no type.

True-false: Verbs are action words.

Yes-No: Are verbs action words?

2. Avoid specific determiners such as always, never, no, more, nothing, sometimes, often, frequently, as
a rule.

Faulty: Students can do nothing to improve their language skills.

Improved: Students can improve their language skills.

3. Avoid disproportionate number of either true or false statement.


1. T

2. T

3. T

4. F

5. T

4. Avoid lifting statements directly from the book.

Faulty: A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun, a group of words acting as noun, or
another pronoun. (From Grammar and Composition Handbook of Glencoe McGraw Hill)

Improved: A pronoun can be a subject of the sentence as a substitute to a noun.

5. Avoid double negatives

Faulty: I do not have no chance of learning the skill of writing in journalism.

Improved: I have no chance of learning the skill of writing in journalism.

6. Avoid ambiguous statements.

Faulty: Lam-ang is a hero.

Improved: Lam-ang is a hero in the epic Biag ni Lam-ang.

7. Avoid unfamiliar, figurative or literary language.

Example: An intelligent student burns his midnight candle.

8. Avoid long statements especially those involving complex structure.

9. Avoid qualitative language whenever possible.

Faulty: Several Filipinos speak English.

Improved: Filipinos speak English.

10. Avoid using commands in a true-false type of test. Commands cannot be true or false.

Faulty: Learn the English language to communicate to foreign people.

Improved: English language is learned to communicate to foreign people.

11. If the statement is to test the truth or falsity of a reason the main clause should be true and the
reason either true or false.

Faulty: Essay is speaking since you express your opinion.

Improved: Essay is writing since you express your ideas and opinions.

12. Require the simplest possible method of indicating the possible response. Instead of requiring the
examinees to write true and false or yes or no let them write T and F and Y and N. Other coding schemes
could also be used for variability.

13. Indicate by short line or by () where the response is to be recorded. The responses may be arranged
in a column preferably at the right of the items.

14. Arrange the statement in groups. There is less eyestrain if items are arranged in groups of five, with
double spacing between each group.

15. Avoid regular recurrence of true and false statements.

16. Score in a plain true-false is right minus wrong and the number of correct responses for modified
true-false type.

17. As much as possible the answer for the first item in a true-false type of test is true.