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Competene tehnice pentru viitoarele locuri de munc

Nr. contract:
Lucrare scrisa de evaluare a competentelor la
Limba engleza

I. READING (10x1point= 10 p)

Read the text below and say if the statements are TRUE or FALSE:
a) A car mechanic has the same name everywhere. ____
b) He always performs the same task. ____
c) One of his/her tasks is to diagnose the problem. ____
d) Car mechanics have to inform the client of the price of the repair. _____
e) Basic vehicle maintenance is done by other professionals. _____
f) Replacement of various parts should be scheduled after failure. _____
g) Sometimes they have to replace some parts of the car. _____
h) The mechanics job has remained the same for many decades. _____
i) Thanks to computers, mechanics only need to know a lot about cars. _____
j) Computers are being used to help the mechanic to diagnose the problem with the car.


An auto mechanic (automotive technician in most of North America, car

mechanic in British English and motor mechanic in Australian English) is a
mechanic with a variety of automobile makes or either in a specific area or in a
specific make of automobile. In repairing cars, their main role is to diagnose the
problem accurately and quickly.

They often have to quote prices for their customers before commencing work or after partial
disassembly for inspection. Their job may involve the repair of a specific part or the
replacement of one or more parts as assemblies.

Basic vehicle maintenance is a fundamental part of a mechanic's work in modern industrialized

countries while in others they are only consulted when a vehicle is already showing signs of
malfunction. Preventative maintenance is also a fundamental part of a mechanic's job, but this is
not possible in the case of vehicles that are not regularly maintained by a mechanic. One
misunderstood aspect of preventative maintenance is scheduled replacement of various parts,
which occurs before failure to avoid far more expensive damage. Because this means that parts
are replaced before any problem is observed, many vehicle owners will not understand why the
expense is necessary.
With the rapid advancement in technology, the mechanic's job has evolved from purely
mechanical, to include electronic technology. Because vehicles today possess complex computer
and electronic systems, mechanics need to have a broader base of knowledge than in the past.
Due to the increasingly labyrinthine nature of the technology that is now incorporated into
automobiles, most automobile dealerships and independent workshops now provide sophisticated
diagnostic computers to each technician, without which they would be unable to diagnose or
repair a vehicle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto_mechanic


Circle the correct answer: (10x1p=10 points)

1.You may not like the cold weather here, but youll have to ________________, Im afraid.
a. tell it off b. sort itself out c. put up with it d. put it off

2.Its cold so you should __________________ on a warm jacket.

a. put b. wear c. dress d. take

3.Paul will look ______________ our dogs while were on holiday.

a. at b. for c. into d. after

4.She ___________________ a lot of her free time reading.

a. does b. spends c. has d. makes

5. Hello, this is Simon. Could I ___________________ to Jane, please?

a. say b. tell c. call d. speak

1. Theyre coming to our house ___________________ Saturday.

a. in b. at c. on d. with

2. I think its very easy to ___________ debt these days.

a. go into b. become c. go down to d. get into

3. Come on! Quick! Lets get _____________!

a. highlight b. cracking c. massive d. with immediate effect

4. I phoned her ____________ I heard the news.

a. minute b. during c. by the time d. the moment

5. I feel very ____________. Im going to go to bed!

a. nap b. asleep c. sleepy d. sleeper
Choose the best answer: (25x1p=25 points)
17. We _____ like to see the mountains.
1. _____ are you from? a) would b) will c) are
a) What b) Who c) Where
18. He _____ know how to spell it.
2. What do you do? Im _____ student. a) doesnt b) hasnt c) dont
a) the b) a c) the
19. This is the cinema _____ we saw the
3. Peter _____ at seven oclock. film.
a) goes up b) gets c) gets up a) when b) which

4. We _____ live in a flat. c) that d) where

a) dont b) hasnt c) doesnt
20. Im _____ when Im with you.
5. We dont have _____ butter. a) happyer b) happier than
a) a b) any c) got
c) happie d) the happy
6. Have you got a pen? Yes, I _____ .
a) am b) have c) got 21. This is _____ than I thought.
a) bad b) badder
7. I _____ there for a long time.
a) lived b) living c) live c) worse d) worst

8. He _____ to Brazil on business. 22. Do you know what _____ ?

a) go b) goed c) went a) time is it b) time is

9. I _____ play football at the weekend. c) time is now d) time it is

a) usually b) use c) usual
23. Everybody _____ wear a seat belt in the
10. I _____ in an armchair at the moment. car.
a) sitting b) m sitting c) sit a) must b) mustnt c) dont have to

11. My brother is older _____ me. d) doesnt have to

a) then b) that c) than
24. Tom has lived in this town _____ three
12. The phones ringing: _____ answer it. years.
a) Ill b) I c) will a) since b) from c) after d) for

13. He has _____ breakfast. 25. If we get up in time, _____ catch the
a) ate b) eaten c) eat train.
a) we catch b) we caught c) we had
14. The _____ have seen it before. caught d) well catch
a) childs b) child c) children

15. I cant _____ another language.

a) speaking b) speak c) to speak
16. Stephen _____ to visit his parents.
a) will b) going c) is going
III. DIALOGUE: (1x15=15 points)

Put the sentences in the following job interview in the right order:

1. Thank you very much Sir.

2. Well! Bright students like you generally proceed to foreign universities for higher studies. How
come you didn't opt for it?
3. Training will be for six months. Initially it will be held in Mumbai. Later, trainees will be shifted
to the regional offices for on-the-job training for another six months. Afterwards they will be
placed in anyone of the regional offices.
4. Good morning. Please sit down, Mr. Raj Kiran. Well! I am Kishan Sharma The CEO of this
5. You're welcome!
6. Thank you very much Sir. Well! May I know how long the training will be?
7. Good to meet you too. Your CV is very impressive. You have done well in your academics and
have got through with flying colours!
8. First of all, my parents couldn't afford it. Secondly, I didnt want to as I believe Indian
institutions offer quality education and it depends on the students to make the best use of it.
9. We are looking for fresher with such an educational combination to take on as trainees.
10. Say, within two weeks. You see, we have scheduled a number of interviews for this week.
You have a bright chance Mr. Raj Kiran. Best of luck!
11. Thank you very much Sir. You're very kind.
12. No. No exam as such. But you will be assessed for your performance through the entire
training period.
13. Is there any exam to be passed at the end of the training sir?
14. So glad to meet you Sir.
15. Sir, when will I get to know the result of this interview?

Write your answer here:

IV. WRITING (30 points)

Write a presentation of yourself in about 150 words. Include: name, age, physical
description, character traits, likes/dislikes, plans for the future and reasons why you
want to take part in this project.

I. READING: 10x1p=10 points

a. F; b. F ; c. T ; d. T; e. F ; f. F ; g. T ; h. F; i. F ; T.

II. GRAMMAR: 25x1=25 points

1. c; 2. B; 3. c; 4.a 5.b 6. b 7. a 8.c 9.a 10. b 11.c 12. a

13. b 14.c 15.b 16. c 17. a 18. a 19.d 20.b 21.c 22. d 23. a 24. d
25. d

III. VOCABULARY: 10x1=10 points

1.c 2. a 3.d 4.b 5.d 6.c 7.a 8.b 9.d 10c

IV. DIALOGUE:1x15=15 points

V. Writing: 30 points
- Layout (organised paragraphs): 2 points
- Number of words: 3 points
- All the information required included: 3 points
- Use of linking words: 2 points
- Vocabulary: 5 points
- Spelling: 5 points
- Correct grammar structures: 10 points

10 points given