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Damage form

1.0 General date

Customer- / Plant address

Company name M/s Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Center.
Street Erandawane, Near Mahatre Bridge
Postcode, town/city Pune - 411 004, Maharashtra
Country India
Phone 91 9158885180 & 91 9822435614
Email amolsane@dmhospital.org & d.gujar@dmhospital.org
Contact person Mr. Amol Sane & Mr. D. Gujar

Genset / engine / generator

Date of commissioning Under commissioning
Operating hours 3 hr.
Starts 10
Genset number 1325482
Engine type TCG 2020 V12
Engine number 2210649
Generator type MJB 450 LB4 B24
Generator number MZ 21041

Operating mode
Island- / Emergency Power X Peak load
Island parallel X Black start
Mains parallel CHP

Operating data
Winding temperature U T209 28.2 C
Winding temperature V T210 28.2 C
Winding temperature W T211 28.5 C

Bearing temperature A T459 29 C

Bearing temperature B T460 28.8 C

Condition of coupling ok X

1 09/27/2017
2.0 Error description

P145 Crankcase

3.0 Action already taken

During engine running "P145 Crankcase" alarm appeared and after that Crankcase fault appeared and en
Checked DC supply Voltage TEM AGS Panel found ok i.e. 25.90 V
Checked 15 V supply in TEM AGS Panel and on crankcase pressure sensor, found ok.
Now replaced Crankcase pressure sensor (Converter, Part No- 1232 1982) from our stock and Crankcase fault
get acknowledge.
Therefore We concluded that Crankcase pressure Sensor (Converter) is faulty.

2 09/27/2017
4.0 System checklist

Vibration measurement

Insulation measurement

Maintenance documents

Alignment protocol

Generator monitoring setting

Conclusive photos X

TEM histories (.has / .h6m / .h40) X

TEM operating log (.bte) X

3 09/27/2017
nd Crankcase fault

4 09/27/2017