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There are two mains type of nouns: Common

Nouns and Proper Nouns

Common Words for people, places

and things are called
Nouns common nouns.

1. These common nouns are words for things:

Ruler Ship Loyalty Cooker Spade
Chair Calculator Drill Dictionary Laziness
Hammer Crayons Ferry Carpet Printer
Bicycle Sofa Fridge Lawnmower
Truth Axe Book Bus
Pen Truck Lamp Computer
table Television Ladder Courage
Saw Pencil Train Telephone

2. These common nouns are words for animal. Notice that special names for young animals
are included:


Dog Puppy Fox Cub
Cat Kitten Elephant Calf
Cow Calf Kangaroo Joey
Horse Foal Bear Cub
Sheep Lamb Lion Cub
goat Kid Tiger Cub
Frog Tadpole Whale calf

3. These common nouns are words for places:

Bank Mall Restaurant
Airport Zoo Mosque
Hot Theater Supermarket
Gas station Factory Temple
Library Hospital Stadium
Park Nursery Shop
Museum School Synagogue
Farm Post office church
4. These common nouns are words for people who do certain things:
Singer Artist Magician
Manager Teacher Dentist
Sailor Driver Friend
Gardener Plumber Clerk
Dancer Photographer Athlete
Secretary Doctor Lawyer
Pilot Writer Brother
Police officer Farmer Technician

The names of particular

Proper people, places and things
are proper nouns. they
Nouns alwatys begin with a capital

1. These peoples names are proper nouns:

Robin Hood Frankenstein Santa Claus
Florence Nightingale George Washington Julia Roberts
Miss Park Granny Uncle David
Aladdin Mr. Young Professor Raj
Mom Harry Potter Mahatma Gandhi
Muhammad Ali David Beckham Nelson Mandela
Dad Granddad Aunt Diana
Mrs. Taylor Dr. Lee Jose

2. The names of the days of the week and the months of the year are proper:


Monday January August
Tuesday February September
Wednesday March October
Thursday April November
Friday May December
Saturday June
Sunday July
3. The names of special days and celebrations are also proper nouns:
New Years Day Halloween
Veterans Day Labor Day
Mothers Day Christmas
Fathers Day Ramadan
Thanksgiving Day Yom Kippur
Independence Day Valentines Day
Memorial Day
4. The names of special days and celebrations are also proper nouns:
Big Ben The Grand Canyon
The Empire State Building The Golden Gate Bridge
The Sphinx The Sydney Opera House
The Taj Mahal The Great Wall of China
Graceland Buckingham Palace
The Eiffel Tower Chaco Canyon Pueblo
The Learning Tower of Pisa The Statue of Liberty
5. The names of people who live in a particular country are also proper nouns:

Country People
Afghanistan Afghans
Australia Australians
Britain The British
China The Chinese
France The French
Germany Germans
India Indians
Indonesia Indonesians
Italy Italians
Japan The Japanese
Korea Koreans
Malaysia Malaysians
USA Americans
New Zealand New Zealanders
Pakistan Pakistanis
Samoa Samoans
Russia Russians
Nicaragua Nicaraguans
The Philippines Filipinos
Thailand Thais
South Africa South Africans
Spain Spaniards
Vietnam The Vietnamese