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Math - Problem Solving Plate : Differential Equations

Teacher Name: Ramon Flores

Student Name: ________________________________________

Neatness and Organization The work is presented in a The work is presented in a
neat, clear, organized neat and organized fashion
fashion that is easy to read. that is usually easy to read.

Strategy/Procedures Typically, uses an efficient Typically, uses an effective

and effective strategy to strategy to solve the
solve the problem(s). problem(s).

Use of Manipulatives Student always listens and Student typically listens and
follows directions and only follows directions and uses
uses manipulatives as manipulatives as instructed
instructed. most of the time.

Mathematical Errors 100% of the steps and Almost all (95-99%) of the
solutions have no steps and solutions have no
mathematical errors. mathematical errors.

Mathematical Terminology and Correct terminology and Correct terminology and

Notation notation are always used, notation are usually used,
making it easy to making it fairly easy to
understand what was done. understand what was done.

Mathematical Concepts Explanation shows Explanation shows

complete understanding of substantial understanding of
the mathematical concepts the mathematical concepts
used to solve the used to solve the problem(s).

Date Created: Aug 06, 2017 06:43 am (CDT)

e : Differential Equations

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The work is presented in an The work appears sloppy and
organized fashion but may be unorganized. It is hard to know
hard to read at times. what information goes together.

Sometimes uses an effective Did not uses an effective

strategy to solve problems, strategy to solve problems.
but does not do it

Student sometimes listens Student did not listens and did

and follows directions and not follows directions.
uses manipulatives
appropriately when

Most (90-94%) of the steps More than 10% of the steps and
and solutions have no solutions have mathematical
mathematical errors. errors.

Correct terminology and There is little use, or a lot of

notation are used, but it is inappropriate use, of
sometimes not easy to terminology and notation.
understand what was done.

Explanation shows some Explanation shows very limited

understanding of the understanding of the underlying
mathematical concepts concepts needed to solve the
needed to solve the problem(s) OR is not written.