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College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac

San Sebastian, Tarlac City

A.Y 2017-2018
Lesson Plan in Teaching Literature

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English IV

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the students should able to:
A. Identify the theme of the story
B. Talk about ones wishes and dreams
C. Express love through recognizing small task

II. Subject Matter

A. Title: Short Story: Tower to the Moon
B. Grade: Grade 4
C. Reference: English Learners Material 4 by Department of Education Republic of the Philippines
pg. 75-78
D. Material: Laptop, projector, chart, and a copy of the story

III. Procedure
A. Motivation
Teacher will give each student a piece of paper, where they will write their dreams.
They will put it on the chart.
Tell me about your dreams that you write?
Why you choose to become it (their dream)?
How you will achieve your dream?
B. Presentation
Read the story The King who wanted to touch the Moon
C. Discussion
Guide Questions:
- What was the kings dream?
- What did he ask the carpenter to do?
- Was the carpenter able to do the task at once? Why? Why not?
- How did the carpenter and his helpers find a solution to the problem?
- What did the king do when the tower was finished?
- Was the king able to reach the moon? Why?
- What did he tell the carpenter to do?
- Was the kings dream possible or impossible?
D. Generalization
What is the theme or moral of the story?
E. Application
Group the class into three and give each group a task card.
Group 1 Arrange the sequence of events in the story using the pictures.
Group 2 - Write a letter of advice to the king.
Group 3 - Using the pictures pick the best part of the story. Explain it.
F. Evaluation
Using this table, the students write their dream in categories; Dream for myself, Dream for my family
and Dream for the community.

Dream for myself Dream for my Dream for the

family community

IV. Assignment
Answer the activities 1 & 2 on pg. 77-78