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NARATOR: Friday, February 17th 2017, at 10 a.

m there has been a tremendous

earthquake, accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds in the South of
Merapi Vilage. The atmosphere became more rowdy, cries and screams
adorn this village and the community was rushed out of the house with a
very panic situation. The victims fell, not long after disaster, The emergency
teams of D4 Nursing arrived on the scene to help the victims of the disaster.
Deftly and quickly response The Teams of D4 Nursing sorting the victims

Jefri : Everybody dont be panic, Who listen my voice and was able to move,
please move closer to the sound source. Arif and Windi Please help the patients. !!
(Green triage victims).
Windi : Yes, sir!
Arif : This victim is in green triage, sir!
Jefri : quickly provide assistance.!!
Arif & windi : Yes, Sir!

Narrator : Arif and windy carried the victim to the post relief.

The Victim: Ouch, Ouch! Help sir! Help! My hand is very sore.
Arif : which is sick sir? let me see.
The Victim : Ouch, Hurt! Hurt! (menunujuk ke tempat luka)

Narator: This is the handling of the victim with a green triage performed by nurses Arif and
Windi. (Jeda sebentar saat perawat windy dan arif selesai melakukan pertolongan).

Arif : Windy, give me the equipment wound.

Windy : Yes. (mengambil peralatan luka) This is it.
Arif : Thanks Windy. Oke Sir, we will clean and treat your wounnd, so,please
The Victim: Ouch, Its so sick!
Windy : Sir, please detained, we have to clean your wound to avoid the infection.
Arif : Fortunately, your wound is not too severe, we're just going to clean and close the
The Victim : Oh No. Its so sick.
Windy : Be patient sir, Drink first (memberi minum)
Arif : take a deep breath, to reduce the pain as long as I treat the wound sir.
The Victim : (menarik nafas dalam)

The Narator : Arif and Windy is perform maintenance to the victims wound.

Arif : Ok Sir, we have finished treating your wound.

Windy : You should rest here sir, because we will help the other victims

The Narator : And nurse Jefri perform triage to one of the victims.

Jefri : The Red Triage Team bring the equipment closer !!

Ammira,tamik,nyak : Yes, Sir!

Jefri : Everybody, Please use PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE
EQUIPMENT) Dhania, please take the neckcolar and help me put it.

Nyak : Yes Sir!

Jefri : Tami, please check the airway.
Tamik : Yes Sir!! The Sound of breath is gurgling sir.. Everybody, logroll positions!
Ammira : Is the position already??
All : Ready!!
Ammira : when the count to 3, tilt the victim to the right !! understand?
All : Yes
Ammira : 1, 2, 3. And Count to 3, return the victim to the original position !! 1 2 3 ...

Jefri : Nyak, give NRM oxygen 12 liters/minutes. Ammira, check the chest!
Amira : Tamik, Get me a scissor!
Jefri : tamik, post 2 Lanes of RL infusion, 2 kolf then warmed it, use large abocat
and stream quickly.
Tamik : Yes Sir! Dhania help me to post infusion.
Dhania : OK!
Ammira : There is a lesion in the left chest, the percussion is dullness, and
hematothorak suspected

Jefri : Ammira, check all of the bleeding.

Ammira : Yes Sir! There is an internal bleeding in the abdomen and pelvis, and
external bleeding in the left tibia, has made a swathe hit suspected fracture.
Jefri : Okay good work, Dhania and tamik prepare splinting tools. Ammira, free the
patient clothing which suspected the location of the fracture.
All : Yes Sir!
Jefri : Go go go Hurry Up!! Dhania lets check patients PMS.
Nyak : Palpable pulse, Sir! try to movement your thumb. PMS is safe!
Jefri : Continue!!
Tamik : Sir! splinting is complete and PMS is safe.
Jefri : Dhania, check consciousness, pupil and victims muscle strength.
Nyak : Yes Sir!!
GCS : reflek mata (beri nyeri), verbal (pasien hanya mengerang), motorik
(beri nyeri pada sternum)
Pupil : beri sinar kedua mata (senteri)
Kekuatan otot : genggam kedua tangan korban, lalu suruh korban untuk
mengenggam tangan kita. Lalu rasakan kekuatanya, kuat tangan kiri atau
kanan atau seimbang.
Jefri : Tamik, Ammira ready for evacuation equipment (scoop stretchers)
Tamik,ammira : Yes Sir!
Nyak : Sir, the Score of GCS is 7, isochor pupil, a strenght muscles of right hand is
strong. And strenght muscles of left hand is weak.
Jefri : Everybody lets in Logroll Position.
Tamik : Count to 3, tilt the victim to the right !!1 2 3...
Jefri : Tamik, check the vertebrae (vetebrae)
Tamik : Yes sir!!vetebrae is safe!! Count to 3 return the victim to the original
position !!1 2 3...
Jefri : Move the victim to the scoop stretchers, ammira call the nearest hospital.

Narator: The Nurse Amira call the nearest hospital

Ammira : Yes Sir!! Hallo this is The emergency teams of D4 Nursing want to refer patients
with airway patent, attached neckolar suspicion cervical fracture, attached oxygen
NRM 12 liters / minute are lesion in the left chest suspected hemtothorak, inserted
infusion 2 lines RL 2 kolf warmed and stream quickly, found internal bleeding in
abdomen and pelvis are external bleeding in the left tibia and has been done swathe
press, suspected distal rfacture third of the left tibia was done splinting and safe
PMS, GCS 7, pupil is isokor, no injuries vetebrae. Please send an ambulance