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Chapter 3 : 66, 70, 76, 78, 86

66. You toss a protein bar to your hiking vompanion located 8.6 m up a slope, as shown
in Fig. 3.23. Determine the initial velocity vector so the bar reaches your friend moving


From the precondition ( .the bar reachs your friend moving horizontally), the y component of

the final velocity is zero. From this, we can get the bars time of flight.

t= ( : throwing angle)

v2 cossin
x = vcost = - eq (1)

1 v2 sin2
y = vsint gt 2 = -eq (2)
2 2g

Devide eq(2) by eq(1), it is possible to get this equation.

= tan1 ( ) = 58.31

from eq(1),

v= = 12.10(m/s)

= 12.10 cos i + 12.10sinj = 6.36i + 10.30j

70. Show that, for a given initial speed, the horizontal range of a projectile is the same for

launch angles 45o + 45o .

For given initial speed, the horizontal range is sin(20 )

For 0 45 o , horizontal range depends on sin(90 o 2 ) term.

And, sin(90 o 2 ) cos(2 )= constant.

So, it has same horizontal range.

76. Your alpine rescue team is using a slingshot to send an emergency medical packet to
climbers stranded on a ledge, as shown in Fig 3.24; your job is to calculate the launch speed.

What do you report?

From initial conditions ,

v x v y tan(20 o )
v yt gt 2 270
v xt 390

From above equations,

390 1
270 gt 2
tan(20 ) 2


vx 30 .493 m /s
v 89 .157 m /s
cos( 70 o )

78. In a conversion from military to peacetime use, a missile with maximum horizontal range
180 km is being adapted for studying Earths upper atmosphere. What is the maximum
altitude it can achieve if launched vertically?

To maximize horizontal range, launch angle should be 45

For that angle,

v 0 x max g 180000 9 .8 1328 m /s

If it is launched vertically with same speed,

v 1328 2
y max 0y 90000 m
2g 2 9 .8


(a)Show that the position of a particle on a circle of radius R with its center at the origin is

= ( + ), where is the angle of the position vector makes with the x-axis

It can be directly showed by using trigonometric function.

(b) It the particle movies with constant speed v starting on the x-axis at t=0, find an

expression for in terms of time t and the period T to complete a full circle

R = vt =

2 = T =

(c) Differentiate the position vector twice with respect to time to find the acceleration, and

show that its magnitude is given by Equation 3.16 and its direction is toward the center of

the circle

r = R2 (cosi + sinj)

So, magnitude is given by Equation 3.16 ( = , by the result of (b)), and its direction is toward

the center of the circle.(Because of the minus sign).

Passage problem

Alice (A), Bob(B), and Carrie(C) all start from their dorm and head for the library for an
evening study session. Alice takes a straight path, while the paths Bob and Carrie follow are
portions of circular arcs, as shown in Fig 3.26. Each student walks at a constant speed. All

three leave the dorm at the same time, and they arrive simultaneously at the library.