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Ponga estos verbos en tiempo pasado.

Ejemplo: Shine Shone

1. - Love

2.- Move out


4.- Tell

5.- Finish

6.- Change

7.- Point to

8.- Wait

9.- Stay

10.- Ride

Escriba oraciones negativas.

Ejemplo: l went to school last week

l. He fell off his bicycle

2. She made a cake for her sisrer .

3. They finished the test at 2:15 PM.

4. I rode the bus lo work this morning

5. l dreamed about my family last night

6. l told her the story

sta es la carta que Ben le escribe a su hermano. Llene los espacios en blanco con la
forma correcta del verbo entre parntesis.

Dear Tim

I (be) was happy to get your letter. Last Saturday, I (have) a birthday party. We (go)
to a nice restaurant in the city. I (eat) a big hamburger. Everyone (sing) Happy
Then we (have) a birthday cake and ice cream. Everything (be) delicious. I (get)
________a lot presents. Aunt Joise (give) me two presents. I (open not) them at
the restaurant. I (take) them home. All the presents (be) good.

Escribe la forma simple del verbo.

Ejemplo: Yesterday we walked to the caf walk

1. - He drove to school this morning.

2.- I saw a new movie on Saturday

3.-Ral went to the beach in August
4.- They played soccer last weekend
5.- Kay had a great time at the party
6.-He slept for ten hours on Saturday
7.-She felt sad when they moved