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Task 1
1. principle
principal ____s______
2. flour
flower ____s______
3 dairy
diary ____s______
4 though
through _____d____
5 stationary
stationery _____s____

Task 2
One syllable Stand cook

Two syllables Language message

Three syllables Technical commercial

Four syllables Polytechnic education

Five syllables examination Multiplication

Task 3
Some words have different stress in different contexts. Mark the main stress.
1 He is getting a divorce soon. Divorce : ……………..
He divorced his wife of thirteen years. Divorce : .…………….
2 I receive a present. Present : …………….
He presents the speech. Present : …………….
3. Malaysia exports cars to Britain. Export :
All the exports will be accounted for. Export : …………….
Activity 1
Rearrange these words in the alphabetical order as they would appear in the dictionary.

View Apple
Search Bright
Rattle Costume
Apple Hunter
Judge Judge
Costume Precious
Precious Rattle
Bright Search
Hunter View

Activity 2
Find the different meaning of the word “bear”.
a. The polar bear lives at the North pole. A large heavy animal with thick fur
b. The rambutan tree will bear fruit after three years. To produce fruit.
c. I can’t bear his foolishness. To tolerate
d. “Please bear in mind that the dateline for your assignment is next Monday”, said Pn.
Ros. To hold
e. Her insurance company will bear the costs of repairs. To support
Activity 3
Find the headword for the following words.
1. bulky bulk 6. manufacturer manufacture
2. clung cling 7. paneled panel
3. emptiness empty 8. rearrangement rearrange
4. gone go 9. stood stand
5. legendary legend 10. worshipper worship

Activity 4 & 5 please refer to the dictionary.


Feedback (word meaning)
Task 1 (2.1)
Use your dictionary and find out the meaning for all the words in BOLD.
i. Emerging __to become known_
ii. Remanufacturing __reproduce
iii. Components _ a part of a larger or more complex object_
iv Semi-skilled _ having or needing some training but less than skilled
v Landfills _dumping place
vi Snap-fits _ parts that fit together by inserting one into another
vii Nuts _a small piece of metal with a threaded hole for sewing on to a

Task 2

Give the synonym(s) and antonym(s) of each word below by filling in the blanks.
Words Synonym(s) Antonym(s)

i. old ancient New

ii. original Authentic Imitation

iii. rise Increase Fall

iv. large Big Small

v. fast Quick Slow

Task 3
Find the words that collocate with the word in the centre. economy
Tyre connection warming
Key clothes

spa glo
re bal
part peace view


Data fish motorcycle vehicles

raw d

food materials

Task 2

A. Read the following verbs and suggest other words that can be their partners.

e.g. generate heat / electricity

Generate income conduct a survey undertake a project

assemble cars adjust the volume/pressure Lay bricks
align the tyres record the readings compress gas/air
extinguish a fire report an accident

B. Read the following sentences and fill the blanks with the words given in Part A.

1. The workers were instructed to ___lay____ the bricks first.

2. The company has to __undertake___ the entire project according to the agreement.
3. The mechanic will try to ___align__ the wheels.
4. The supervisor will ___report___ the progress of the work at the site to the
5. This new equipment is used to ___extinguish__ fire more effectively than the
6. The engineers should __conduct__ an experiment to confirm the suitability of the
material before selecting it.
7. Please __adjust__ the speed of the machine to ensure the correct speed is used.
8. __record___ the reading of the voltmeter every five minutes.
9. The volume of this chamber is reduced to __compress__ the gas.
10. This is where the workers __assemble__ the parts of the vehicle.
11. The new developments in technology will certainly _generate_ a great interest
among the engineers.

Task 3
Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.
1. (pull, drag, tow)
(a) The speed of aircrafts can be affected by the __drag_.
(b) The __pull__ of the electromagnet is strong enough to lift a container.
2. (sever, cut, slice)
(a) Please __cut__ the sheet metal according to the size of the template.
(b) The electrical cutter is so sharp that it can __sever_the limbs from the body.
3. (adjust, stabilize, align)
(a) These structures are used to _stabilize__the vessel in rough sea conditions.
(b) Please ___adjust__ the volume of the amplifier by tuning the knob.
Task 1 (Part of speech)
Look at the words below and decide what part of speech they belong to.
Part of speech
a. install _____V________

b. monitor _____V,N________

c. match _____V,N________

d. drive ______V,N_______

e. card _____N

Task 2
Look at the sentences below. What part of speech is the underlined word in
each sentence? Is the meaning the same as in your own sentences?

Part of speech
a. They will install a new president next month.

b. The American scientists have built a scanner that monitors

damage to the ozone layer.

c. Students should be provided with materials that match

their needs.
d. I tried to drive home the point that we need more time
to prepare our project.

e. If she plays her cards right Cathy might get a promotion.


Task 3
Circle the nouns below that have a plural form.

region rose appeal information

jetty deer lawn trinket

grass experience osmosis yoghurt

Task 4
Write six other regular plural nouns.
a. _____EGGS_ b. ____BALLS_______ c. ______HOUSES____
d. _____CLASSES e. ____BABIES__ f. ____ COPIES____

Task 5
Singular Plural
gash gashes
class classes
tax taxes
potato potatoes
baby babies
a. For nouns ending in “-sh”- __S__, _X____ or _O__ add “-es” to make them
b. For nouns ending in a consonant “-y ”, we have to change the “y” to __”i”___.

Task 6
Use your dictionary and fill the table below.

Singular noun Plural noun

a. knife a. knives
b. tomato b.tomatoes
c.child c. children
d. chip d.chips
e. switch e. switches
f. foot f. feet

Task 7
What is the singular form of the underlined noun?
a. I like cities but Kuala Lumpur is the only _city__ I know well.
b. I’ll cut this mango into two halves - half for you and __half__ for me.
c. He bought two loaves of white bread and a __loaf__ of wholemeal bread.
d.Of all the women in the world, the __woman__ I love most is my mother.
e.The boys look forward to meeting the new _boy_ from Penang.

With VI
A transitive verb is a verb ___with___ a direct object. In the dictionary, it is
marked _VT__. An intransitive verb is a verb used _without__ a direct object. In
the dictionary, it is marked __VI___.

Task 8
Look up the words in the box using your dictionary. Decide whether they are
transitive, intransitive or both and write them in the correct column.

prompt remit
scan crackle glaze dent
drown fidget encode adjourn


Prompt Crackle Dent

Remit Fidget Drown
Scan adjourn

Task 9

Write sentences using five of the verbs from the box above.

1. ___(__students will construct their sentences)_____

Task 10

(a) put (e) recur

(b) talk (f) pick
(c) allow (g) propel
(d) ram (h) travel
Task 11
Fill in this table using your dictionary.
Infinitive Past tense Past participle
a. speak spoke spoken
b. hurt hurt hurt
c. swim swam swum
d. drink drank drunk
e. rise rose risen
f. grow grew grown
g. wear wore worn

Task 12

a. The ferry sank last night. sink

b. The chicken laid an egg lay_
c. Kok Chin fought with Ah Peng. fight
d. I slept in a hotel room last night. sleep
e. Mansor rode on his motorcycle all the way to
Kota Bharu last week. ride
f. Chang heard a strange sound coming from the
next room last night. hear
g. Siva caught a pick pocket yesterday. catch

From the noun magnet we can form other words.

1. magnet: _________________ 2. magnetically: ________________ 3.

magnetism: ______________ 4. magnetize: ________________ 5.
magnetizable : ____________ 6. magnetized : ______________ 7.
magnetizing : _________________(REFER TO DICTIONARY)
Decide which part of speech each word is. Then use the correct words to complete
these sentences.

8. ___magnetism___ is the science of magnetic phenomena and properties.

9. Floppy and hard disks are considered as _magnetizable _ storage devices.
10. Information is recorded on a disk in the form of magnetized ___spots.

From the verb record (pronounced / /) we can build up other words.

Recorder recording recorded

Complete these sentences with the correct words.

1. All disks must be initialized before information can be _recorded__onto them.
2. The _recording___ heads follow the tracks and magnetize the coating along each
3. A disk drive works very much like a tape _recorder_ that can play and record.

1. Class divisions are still found in many modern societies. _1_
2. My best friend and I are in the same class. _3_
3. I am attending a class in repairing computers at a technical institute. _3_
4. It is more comfortable flying business class than economy class. _2_
5. She graduated with first class honors in Mechanical Engineering. _4_

ACTIVITY4 Definition
( if any )
a. The glass will crack if you pour hot water into it. ___1_
b. The situation in Kosovo is very grave now. ___1_
c. Be careful not to soil your new shirt. ___1_
d. I left my English module in the workshop. __4__
e. The landing module separated from the mother-ship and landed on Mars. __3_

Book dinner remember computer
communicate dedication congratulation pretty
One syllable comb book

Two syllables pretty dinner

Three syllables remember computer

Four syllables communicate dedication

Five syllables congratulation communication



Task 1
The meaning of the following prefix and suffix.
1. Timer mode is disengaged.
Not in use
2. Breaks are noticeable in Hi-Fi soundtrack.
Could be noticed
3. Insert a cassette, or using adhesive tape, reseal the slot where the tab was
Seal again
4. The recorder’s preset positions have been set incorrectly.

Task 2
Add the correct prefix to the following words.
Possible Impossible
Load Reload
Set preset
Interrupted uninterrupted
Connected disconnected

Task 3
Add the correct suffix to the following words.
Parent Parenthood
Child Childless
National Nationality
Home Homeless
Friend Friendly

Task 4
Transform these words by adding suffixes or prefixes.
Kind (adj) Kindness (n)
Inform (v) Information (n)
Slow (adj) Slowly (adv)
Install (v) Reinstall (v)
Picture (n) Pictureque (adj)
Fruit (n) Fruitless (adj)
Head (n) Headful ( adj)
Circle (v) Circular (adj)
Cycle (v) Recycle (v)
Green (adj) Greenish (adj)

Task 5
Find these words in the dictionary. Put a tick ( / ) against the most common

Judgment / generalize / enroll / fulfill / organise

Judgement generalise enrol fulfil organize/

Task 6
Look up these words in the dictionary. Which spelling would a British person
use? Which spelling would an American use?

Theatre / theatre A
Rumour / rumor A
A Center / centre
Humour / humor A
A Color / colour
A Program / programme



Task 1

1. If you want to find out about bits and bytes, what page would you turn to?
__Pg. 17_______________________________________
2. You want to know about printers, which section would you turn to?
__pg. 40_______________________________________
3. What kind of information can you find in section 3?
___storage devices________________________________________
4. What is the content of pages 79 to 81?
5. On what page(s) is the internet discussed?
____pg. 87__________________________
Task 2

1. What are the three types of catalogue cards?

a. _____author _________________

b. _____title_______________

c. _____subject_______________

2. Complete Table 2.1 based on the given catalogue.

SHOEMAKER, Connie L. 234

English: Interactive Techniques for the ESL

Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers 1991
162p Illus. Appendixes Index

Table 2.1

Author Connie L. Shoemaker

Title Interactive Techniques for the ESL classroom
Publisher Heinle & Heinle Publishers
Copyright date 1991
Subject heading English
Number of pages 162
Call number 234

Task 3

1. The “Memory Quiz,” is on page ____________74__________________.

2. On page 19 you can find out about ______Open-ended interviews__________.

3. If you are interested in puzzles, you can refer to pages ____37-71_______.

4. Page 5 discusses _____Natural language learning_______.

5. If you want to know what pedagogy is about, you should read pages __4-5___.

(Feedback ) Self assessment.

Activity 1.
Complete the table by giving the definition of the following words:

Words Definition

CatalogueList of names, places, etc. in a special order

Contents page The front page of a book that shows the page, number, of
specific information
List of names, subjects, etc. at the end of a book




Task 1

a. dry rot,woodlice
b. dry food stores,plasterwork
c. soft furnishing
d. mould,silverfish
e. ants
f. they get destroyed by ants and earwigs

Pre Reading Activity

For each word, find two other words with related meanings.

globe 1. machine device robot

robot 2. tiny minute
world 3. planet globe world
heart 4. medicine operation injection
injection 5. manufacturing industry factories
arteries 6. bloodstream heart arteries
Task 1
Skim for the main ideas.

1. how small nanomachines are C

2. new developments in manufacturing B
3. a definition of nanotechnology C
4. general uses in medicine F
5. when to expect nanotechnology to be used H
6. nanobots and the environment E
7. uses in surgery G

Task 2

List A
1 Nanotechnology is so powerful that g
2. A TV screen is like a piece of paper so e
3. We have to change our ideas of size and strength in order to h
4. Tiny machines will be sent into the human body in order to c
5. Mini devices may stay in the human body in order to b
6. Chemicals could be manufactured as needed, so f
7. You have eaten too much junk food, so d
8. Medical instruments will be so tiny that a

Task 3
1. in diameter refers to (paragraph B )
a. length b. thickness

2. Nano describes (paragraph C)

a. strength b. size

3. To get rid of means (paragraph C)

a. to get something new b. to throw something away.
4. Minute means (paragraph D)
a. tiny b. big

5. Nanobots are (paragraph D)

a. big robots b. small robots

6. An assembly line is used to (paragraph D)

a. manufacture products b. sell products

7. Microscopic means (paragraph D)

a. very small b. very big

8. To store something means to (paragraph E)

a. keep something b. sell something

9. To have a big impact means to (paragraph F)

a. make a difference b. stay the same

10. A mission is (paragraph F)

a. something you intend to do b. something you don’t want to do

11. To swallow means (paragraph G)

a. to inject b. to eat
12. Just around the corner means (paragraph H)
a. later b. soon

Task 4

If you want to fix a leaking tap, the first thing you have to do is to turn off the
main water tap. This is to prevent water from gushing out when you open up the tap.
Next you have to turn on the leaking tap fully. This is to drain away any water left in
the pipe.
Then you must dig out the plastic cover on the handle. Then unscrew and remove the
handle. The next thing to do is to remove the spindle. You do this by first loosening the
spindle nut with a spanner. After that pull out the spindle. At the base you can see the
washer. Remove the worn out washer and replace it with a new one. Finally screw the tap on.



Task 1

Answer these questions.

1. What is the main idea of the dialogue?

The dialogue is about the Internet.

2. How do you connect yourself up to the Internet? What do you need?

You just need a PC, a modem, and a telephone line.

3. Why do you need to install a modem?

The modem is needed in order to connect you to the Internet server.

4. What are the services offered by the Internet?

The services offered by the Internet are e-mail, file transfer, news groups, real-time
chats and information retrieval on the World Wide Web.

Task 2

Answers are based on the students’ knowledge and other text/information.

Computers are machines that help people find answers to the questions. There are
many kinds of computers. Some are very large; others are so small that we can put them in
our pockets. The two basic, main, kinds of computers are analog and digital.
Computers can do many things. They can solve, answer, mathematic
problems, record airline reservations, help in space flights and direct nuclear
weapons. They can even speak and make translations from one language to
Analog computers measure physical quantities, such as the movement of
electricity or temperatures. This kind of computer, however, often does only one
job. For example, it guides, directs, planes. Analog computers are often used in
factories to control machines, to aim guns, and to help ships and planes stay on
course (in the correct direction).
Digital computers count numbers. These devices are very adaptable, so they
are more popular than analog computers. Digital computers are often programmed,
(instructed) to work alone, without people. This device can make choices in the
middle of a problem. For example, if in the middle of a problem, the computer
sees a positive number, it will continue working on the problem. If it sees a
negative number, it will stop working.
Every digital computer has five basic parts: the input, the memory, the control,
the logic, and the output. The input is the information we put in the computer, like the
data, numbers, and the instructions. The memory holds this information until it is
needed for the problem. The control device decides where and when to send the
information. The logic section solves the problem by using the instructions. The
output section puts the information out. Sometimes it is on paper. Sometimes it is on a
TV screen.
A computer needs to have a program in order to work. A computer program is
the group, set, of directions that a computer needs to solve a problem. Programmers
are the people who write these instructions in a computer language, such as COBOL
for business or FORTRAN for math and science. These instructions include a code
which tells the computer what to do and an address which tells it where to find the
necessary information in its memory.
We see computers almost everywhere around us. They are in businesses,
stores, airports, schools, and homes. The young children learn to use them in their
classes. Some people are unhappy about the computer revolution, but it is here to stay.

Answer the following questions.

1. The author explains the following words. What do they mean?
a. basic: main
b. solve : answer
c. on course: in the correct direction
d. data: numbers and instructions
e. programmer: people who write computer instructions

2. What do the following pronouns refer to?

f. them ( paragraph 1 line 2 ): computers
g. it ( paragraph 3 line 3 ): analog computer
h. they ( paragraph 4 line 1 ): digital computers
i. it ( paragraph 6 line 5 ): computer
j. them ( paragraph 7 line 2 ): computers

3. Highlight the examples in this passage.

4. Underline the main idea in each paragraph.
5. From the information in paragraph 5, label this diagram.
TITLE : 5 Basic Parts Of The Digital Computer



No Engine Forms of Transport
1. Steam ships, trains
2. Internal Combustion motor vehicles, aeroplanes
3. Diesel Internal Combustion trains, ships
4. Jet aeroplanes, boats,
cars & trains (future)

Metal joining methods

Soldering welding riveting

Soft soldering Silver soldering Brazing

Electric arc




Task 1
a. dialogue 2
b. dialogue 1
c. dialogue 1
d. dialogue 2
e. dialogue 2
f. dialogue 2
i. to start a conversation: a,b,c,& d
ii. to end a conversation : e & f

Task 2
a. Pretty good. Who are you with? 4

b. Yes. And you. 2

c. Are you here for the conference? 1

d. Glad to meet you. I’m Alfred Kodiang. 6

e. Tongkah. I ‘m in the sales division. 5

f. Yes. And do you think of it so far? 3

g. Oh, really? I work from Inventec. My name’s Ahmad Osman, by the way. 7
Task 3
1. In pairs, list down three expressions using greetings and self-
introduction to start a conversation.

a) A:_How do you do? I’m ……..

B: How do you do? My name’s ……..
b) A: Hi, I’m ……
B: Nice to meet you ……
c) A:
B: Glad to meet you. Please call me …..

2. In pairs, list down three expressions that introduce people to each

other to start a conversation.

a) A: Good afternoon. I’m …….. from …………….._

B: Good afternoon, sir/madam. I’m …………. the secretary. How
can I help you?

Task 4
1. Dialogue 2
2. Dialogue 1 & 2
3. Dialogue 3 & 4
4. Dialogue 4 because B interrupted A rather rudely.


Jean : 4
Jean : 2
Lisa : 7
Kuna : 5
Lisa : 1
Jean: 6
Lisa : 3.


Task 1
Dialogue 1

A: Are you going to Penang on business?

B: Yes, and you?
A: Yes, I’m going there for a few days. I’m Govind, by the way.
B: Pleased to meet you. My name’s Alice.
A: Glad to meet you, Alice. Do you travel much?
B: Yes, I do. My family say I spend more time traveling than staying at home
A: Is that true?
B: Well, perhaps it’s not quite true, but I do ….

Dialogue 2

A: I don’t think we’ve met. My name’s Ravi.

B: I’m Ching. Pleased to meet you.
A: Do you study here in Kuala Lumpur?
B: No, I’m just here for the education fair. I intend to further my studies overseas.
A: That’s interesting. Uh, would you excuse me? I have to speak to someone.
B: Of course. It was nice talking to you.




Task 1.

Complete the sentences in A and find the responses in B.

A. Asking for clarifications.

1. Could you tell me about the historical places in Malacca? (b)

2. Could you explain the legend of Mahsuri? (a)
3.May I know what are the activities at Redang Island? (c)

B. Making Clarifications.

a. Princess Mahsuri had been wrongly accused of adultery and sentenced to death.
Before she died, she cursed that Langkawi Island would not develop for seven
b. There are many historical places in Malacca, such as the A Farmosa, St.Paul
and Princess Hang Li Po’s well.
c. At Redang Island, you can visit the Marine Park Visitor Centre to feed the
colourful fishes and go snorkeling.
Task 5

Accept students’ answer.

Task 6
a. room key
b. seventh floor
c. at two-thirty

Task 7
Suggested answer
A. Can I help you
B. Do you have ……………
A. How long would you like ………….
B. ……. Kind of room would you like?
A. How will you be paying?

Task 8
Suggested answers
a. The bell captain will take her bags to her room.
b. The front desk clerk will give her the room key.
c. The housekeeper will turn down her bed.
d. The room service waitress will bring her some coffee.

Task 9
1. f
2. b
3. g
4. j
5. k
6. d
7. l
8. I
9. c
10. h
11. e
Task 10

1. double
2. departure
3a. airlines
3b. convenient
4. scheduled
5. check-in
6. apartment
7. facilities
8. kept
9a. arrangement
9b. hearing
10a. locally
10b. prefer

Task 11
1. greet a caller
2. identify the receiver
Hotel Aseania
3. request for the following information:
(a) room rates
I would like to enquire about the room rates. How much is a single room?
(b) room facilities
Is the room well equipped?
(c) hotel facilities
What about the facilities for guests?
(d) name of caller
Could I have your name, please?
(e) check in and check out time
what is the check in and check out time?

(f) contact number of caller

Can I have your contact number, please?
Attention : Reservations
(e) fax number
Can youAseania
give yourHotel,
fax number?
4. book a room Pulau Langkawi
Fax : 04-9882156
I’d like to book a single room, please.
From : Mr. Kenny Ng Soon Kok (Kuala Lumpur)
5. request the caller
Tel :to send a fax
012-2687998 16/5/02
Could you send us a fax to confirm your booking?

6. end
telephone conversation
Thank you for calling.
This faxyou
is tofor
(1)your help.my (2) booking at your hotel for (3) three nights from (4) 19th June to
(5) 22nd June at a price of (6) RM250.00 per night.
I would
Task 2 like a (7) single room at the hotel at about (8) 6 o’clock in the evening.
Yours faithfully,

Kenny Ng

Activity 1.

You asked a friend about her holiday. She gave you these answers. What were your questions?

1. To Langkawi Island.
Where did you go during the holidays?
2. Only for five days.
How long were you there?
3. No, it wasn’t. I first went there two years ago.
Was it your first time in Langkawi Island?
1. At a hotel on the beach.
Where did you stay?
2. Yes, it was delicious.
Was the food delicious?
3. I did a lot of sunbathing and swimming.
What did you do there?
4. It was very good.. Sunny and hot every day.
How was the weather?

Activity 2.
A: How about going to the theatre on Sunday afternoon?
B: Well, I’d rather go to an art gallery.
A: Why don’t we visit the National Art Gallery?
B: Good idea. Is it open on Sundays?
A: Yes. It’s open from 12 noon to 5 pm.
B: How much does it cost?
A: You have to ask the gallery for that.
B: And where is it?
A: It’s at Jalan Sultan Ismail.
B: OK. So I’ll see you on Sunday, 31 August, the Independence Day holiday,
A: Oh no! The National Art Gallery is closed on major holidays!

Activity 3
1. Do you have an open ticket, then? A. Yes, it’s valid for any flight on that
B. Yes, I still have to pay the fare.
C. Yes, I can go anywhere in the world.

2. My name’s on the waiting list as A. No, there is no standing room on the

a stand-by. Can I fly now? plane.
B. No, the flight will announced in the
transit lounge.
C. No, the flight is fully booked.

3. Do you want to book a sleeper, or A. As this is a long flight, I’d like a

just a seat? sleeper.
C. As this is an overnight train, I’d
to book a sleeper.
D. As this is an expensive hotel, I’d like
to save some money.

4. What’s the public transport like? A. The public usually does this.
Should I hire a car? B. Trains and bus do not run frequently.
E. Trains and bus are in bad condition.

5. Is service included in the hotel rate? A. Yes, you need not add any tips.
B. Yes, your car will be serviced while
you are asleep.
C. Yes, you will be served breakfast in
in your room.

6. Can you reserve three single rooms A. I’m sorry. Please ask your travel agent
for our group? for fuller details.
B. I’m sorry. We don’t handle
tours for groups.
C. I’m sorry. All our rooms have been