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Review homework

Phrase spot check

Travel discussion p 21

Starters for I think

In my opinion


As far as im concerned

In my view


Travel speaking 2 mins on board

Pronunciation homophones if 2 witches were watching 2 watches which witch would watch
which watch

Writing assessment scale

Part one and 2 1h 30

Around 45 minutes on each depening on which is easier for you

Write the conclusion as a class

Homework write it yourself

Sayings about the weather

Listening for homework script on p 200 if you need it

Talk through phrase spot knife and fork

Listening 1-05

Non-gradable adjectives are adjectives like married or wooden. You cant
be very married or a bit married. Non-gradable adjectives do not have different

Adjectives like terrifying, freezing amazing are also non-gradable adjectives.

They already contain the idea of very in their definitions freezing means very
cold etc.

Using adverbs of degree

When we use adverbs of degree to modify adjectives we usually have to use

different adverbs for gradable and non-gradable adjectives.

NOT Im completely hot.

NOT It was very fantastic!

With non-gradable adjectives

Its absolutely freezing in here. Shall I turn the fire on?

Hes completely fascinated by history. Why dont you buy him a history book?
This exercise is absolutely impossible.
That film is really terrifying. Dont go and see it on your own.

The adverbs absolutely and completely can be used with non-gradable adjectives.

Notice that really can be used with both gradable AND non-gradable adjectives.

Natural forecatsers homework

Fill in conditional form before you go! (maybe using gradable/non gradable adjectives ..)