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Young And Warm And Wonderful

Lyric by Musio by
Slowlv with m a t warmth


A Voice
. pb ~b

I - &d warm And Won -der - ful You are

I dreamed y~a'd be. Dreams

1 seemed -
im pro ba - - ble- AU at once hare coma true, now 1

t by ?RANK YDSIC COW., UQ West 6ltb W., N . 1 Yark IO,N.Y.

@ - ~ ~ r l g h1958
FRANK MUSIC Co. Ltd.. 11. St G-ry Stm(. London. W.1
lnmnational Copright Stcured AU -tm rvned
Any anang-t or adaptation of chis camporition u6han the conmu of thc bumo Is an infriruenwnf4copri#k
and the pnformancc of an* parodied vnnon is minly prohibited.
For A,ustrJia and N e w Z ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ - C H A P PhE CO.
L L LTD., National Building, Pitt Street, Sydndy
(Incorporated in Great Brita~n)
:I .
see, Ev-'ry search
ing heart
I I n I I

I- ness; Lme is on - ly r mat ter - of time.

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