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Non-Experimental Research

By definition, nonexperimental designs are those in Correlational Research

which none of the three criteria for true
Examines if variables relate to each other.
experimentation exists in the structure of sample
selection, exposure to an experimental condition, Quantifies the strength or relationship between the
and data collection. variables.
These designs are most useful when testing a Strengths
concept or construct a set of relationships.
Correlational research allows researchers to
Characteristics collect much more data than experiments.
Incapable of establishing cause-effect relationships. Because correlational research usually takes
place outside of the lab, the results tend to
Involves various ways of data analysis.
be more applicable to everyday life.
Primary- analysis of data collected by the
Weak points
researcher himself.
Correlation research only uncovers a
Secondary- analysis of data collected by
relationship; it cannot provide a conclusive
other people.
reason for why there's a relationship.
Meta-analysis- analysis of data expressed
A correlative finding doesn't reveal which
variable influences the other.
Survey Research
For example, finding that wealth
Aims at knowing what a big number of people think correlates highly with education
and feel about some sociological issues. doesn't explain whether having
wealth leads to more education or
Requires interview, questionnaire, and online
whether education leads to more
To obtain information about peoples
A correlational study to assess the
opinions and feelings about certain issue.
relationship between stress and coping
To identify present condition, needs, or behavior seen among patients with
problems in a short span of time. myocardial infarction in selected hospitals in
Balanga City.
To seek answers to problems.
Comparative Research
States the differences or similarities between or
Versatility- can tackle any issue affecting among people, things, objects, etc.
Examine the differences between two groups on
Efficiency- not costly some dependent variable.
Generality- it can get a good representation Strengths:
or sample of a large group of people.
Scientific process
Confidentiality- capable of safeguarding the
privacy of the respondents. Can utilize to control theories and analyse
the correlations of more than one variable
Weak points
Weak points
Cannot provide sufficient evidence about
the relationships of variables. Time consuming than survey

Cannot promote interpretive and creative Relies mainly on statistics

Cannot have an effective application.
A comparative study of dietary practices of
Example: anemic and non-anemic adolescent girls in
selected colleges.
A study to assess the factors influencing
postnatal depression among postnatal
mothers in Balanga City.