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Aurora Cannabis Inc.1,7 BUY

Last: C$2.84
September 26, 2017 Target: C$3.25

FLASH: ACB reports Q4/FY17 results below Share Statistics

expectations Shares o/s (mm, basic/f.d.) 371.6 / 410.8

52-week high/low $3.95 / $1.85
Aurora reported its Q4 results this morning with revenues of $5.9m, up Market capitalization (mm) $1,166.7
15% QoQ, but lower than our $9.1m forecast. The revenue miss was Projected return 14.4%
mainly driven by lower than expected average selling prices, combined All figures in Canadian dollars, unless otherwise stated.
with slightly weaker volumes.

Grams sold were 755kg, up 16% QoQ but below our 929kg forecast.
Average selling price per gram came in at $7.45, up 12% QoQ but lower Martin Landry, CPA, CA (514) 288-4016
than our $9.77 forecast, which was admittedly too high. mlandry@gmpsecurities.com

Adj. gross margin came in at 66%, down 600bps sequentially, but slightly Robert Fagan, CFA (514) 288-0318
higher than our 63% estimate.
Andrew Partheniou, B. Eng., MBA (514) 288-2256
OPEX per gram sold was up slightly QoQ for Q4/FY17, and came in at apartheniou@gmpsecurities.com
$7.58. This was much higher than our $5.89 forecast however, mainly driven
by higher than expected service fees paid to cannabis clinics.

The construction of the Aurora Sky facility remains on schedule, with 290,000 sq.ft. of structure now having been
erected. The company still anticipates being able to begin planting by the end of 2017, conduct initial harvests in early
2018, and complete construction by mid-2018.

Aurora also indicated upgrade work at the 40,000 sq.ft. Peloton facility is nearly complete, with first harvests also
anticipated for early 2018.

Impact: Negative Growth in grams sold slows down and adjusted gross margin compresses
Growth in grams sold has slowed this quarter, to an increase of 16% sequentially. This represents the companys slowest
growth rate since inception and is surprising given that there appears to be plenty of inventory on hand.

Auroras Q4FY17 adjusted EBITDA came-in at negative $1.8m, much lower than our expectation of $0.2m. While Auroras
Q4FY17 EBITDA was the lowest this year, we have limited details as to how much costs were related to the Aurora Sky
project. Hence, this large project could blur the companys near-term earnings power.

Surprisingly, the companys adjusted gross margin decreased sequentially to 66% from 73% previously, despite a
contribution from cannabis oils, which have a much higher profitability profile. This could be explained in part by higher
wholesale purchases, however, this was not disclosed.

Recommendation: Maintaining our BUY rating and $3.25 target

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