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## Versions ##


- Updated translations.
- Fixed an issue with passing of custom filters to our support site on the 'Report
an Ad' page, and the 'Report a Bug' page. (# 198)
- Added rich notifications as a user survey type. (# 195)

- Updated translations.

- Changed the 'Spread the word' link on the AdBlock menu to 'Donate to help support
AdBlock!', and added message logging when the AdBlock popup menu is opened. (#190)
- Updated Translations.

- Fixed an issue with the YouTube channel white-list feature. AdBlock now
correctly handles YouTube channel names with special characters such as '#".
- Fixed an issue on the black list wizard. The black list wizard now shows an
error message when a user creates invalid filter list rule. (#183)
- Updated the 'stats' processing to store and retrieve the next ping time, ping
count, and unique identifier to two different persisted storage areas. (#182)

- Fixed an issue with the lower section of the AdBlock Options page being hidden
behind the footer. (#167)
- Improved the security for the 'bandaids' processing on the
getadblock.com/installed page by improving the host name check, and adding a check
to click event for isTrusted. (#170)
- Updated the 'stats' processing to store the next ping time, ping count, and
unique identifier to two different persisted storage areas. (#174)

- Removed all debug logging from the ping process. (#168)

- Removed debug logging from the ping process. (#168)

- Added all unique messages in the locale message files from the three variations
of AdBlock (Chrome, Safari, Edge), so the locale files can be shared, and re-used
by all of the various versions of AdBlock. (#145)
- Fixed the text description for the "Show All Request" AdBlock menu item. (#137)
- Added logic to create and save the 'blockage_stats' object during installation.
- Removed extra 'descriptions' in the locale message. (#148)
- The extension will now recognize and process multiple links on our site
(getadblock.com/installed) that can be used to disable Acceptable Ads. (#159)
- Added debug logic to the ping process to help diagnosis issues with the ping
processing. (#150)
- A GNU version 3 license file is included with the extension. (#140)
- Added an option on the General tab of AdBlock options to enable / disable the
AdBlock devtools panel. (#142)
- Fixed issue with AdBlock icon display. (#160)

- Updated ABP Core 1.12.2 (#149)

- Added a link to the Privacy Policy on the Options page. (#147)

- Updated to ABP Core 1.12.1

- Fixed a bug on the 'Options' page, 'Filter List' tab. All of the checkboxes
would be inadvertently checked when a user clicked the 'Update Now' button, or
other similar actions. (#129)
- Added any remaining localStorage keys to the debug data, to help resolve any data
migration issues. (#132).
- Fixed a bug with the ping processing incorrectly sending the wrong value for the
aa parameter. (#134).

- Fixed a bug on the 'Options' page. Under certain circumstances the "Allow some
non-intrusive advertising" option on the General tab was not being saved. (#123)
- Added a check for data on the error object in the Error Reporting logic. (#126)

- Fixed a bug on 'Options' page when the page was openned prior to the background
page being initialized. (#112)
- Fixed a bug when the AdBlock context menu option was enabled / disabled on the
Options page. (#111)
- Fixed a bug on 'Report an Ad' page for non-English users reporting an ad on
English site. (#108)
- Updated the descriptions for certain language specific filter lists to include
'EasyList'. (#107)

- Fixed a bug in the data migration logic. (#114)

- Fixed the 'bug report' link on the Support tab for non-English users. (#105)

- Added missing message entries, and removed obsolete entries. (#102)

- Migrated AdBlock to use Adblock Plus (ABP)'s open-source core.

- Updated Translations.
- Fixed incorrect URLs / links on the Support tab of the Options page (#683).
- Changed the Malware filter list URL to download from ABP URL. Also added Malware
blocked count to the ping data (#680).
- Refactored the YouTube Channel whitelist feature (#599).

- Updated Translations.
- Removed old code that is no longer needed with migration to the new AdBlock
help / support site (#684).
- Fixed the AdBlock logo image on the "Show all requests" page (#678).
- Added a check for the tab 'id' property in the AdBlock popup (#674).
- Refactored the logic on the AdBlock Options page. Also, for Safari users, added
a message that Acceptable Ads and Content blocking are mutual exclusive (#682).

- Updated Translations.
- Updated the placehodler text in the "Show ads on web page or domain" example URL
- Removed duplicate logic on the General tab of the AdBlock Options page (#671).
- Migrated links to the new AdBlock help site (#632).
- Updated the "Report an Ad" and "Bug Report" pages to use the new AdBlock help
site (#632).

- Updated Translations
- Removed duplicate strings from the translation (message) files (#666).
- Added a timestamp query string to the Malware URL to prevent caching by the
browser (#668).
- For Safari users, content blocking will not be enabled by default (#665).
- Updated the Polish filter list URL (#651).
- Updated the Acceptable Ads un-subscribe message on Options page, General tab
- Updated the AdBlock image files (#654).

- Fixed a typo in the description of the AdBlock Warning Removal list, it should
be a lowercased 'b' (#658).
- Added a new parameter to the ping data to indicate if the advance setting is
enabled (#660).
- Fixed an issue with the blocking assistant on some sites (#644).
- For Chrome users, modified the "/installed" logic to use the Chrome specific
chrome.runtime.onInstalled API (#656).
- For Safari users, AdBlock will now use the WebKit content blocking feature on
new installations. (#619).
- For Safari users, fix a bug with the "Undo my blocks on this domain" feature

- Added a new, advanced feature to view all HTTP Requests for a tab (#653).

- Updated the URL of filter lists hosted on AdBlock's servers. (#652)
- Updated translations.

- Removed Michael's message. (#645)
- Added logic to the 'Report an Ad' page to check if Acceptable Ads is enabled.
- Added language specific filter lists for Arabic, Estonian, Icelandic and
Lithuanian. (#647)

- Modified the block image logic to not redirect any images, but rather cancel
the request. (#642)

- Modified the block image logic to not redirect certain images, but rather cancel
the request. (#638)
- Added logic to log a message when user clicks the disable acceptable ads link on
the '/installed'. (#639)

- Added required property for Safari 9 to info.plist file. (#636)

- Updated the style attributes of the Acceptable Ads message to better fit the
page / tab. (#635)
- Updated the ping data to send a 'u' when the Acceptable Ads is undefined. (#635)

- Added missing image file for Safari.

- Added Acceptable Ads filter list. (#627)

- Remove the timestamp query string from the Malware filter list URL

- Updated Translations
- Updated Malware filter list URL
- For Safari users, the 'Author' field was changed from Michael Gundlach to
BetaFish, Inc

- Removed the cache parameter for AdBlock CDN AJAX requests. (#626)

- Updated the AdBlock custom filter list URL. (#623)
- Update translations, remove unused entries. (#624)

- Made a runtime performance improvement for users subscribed to the Malware
filter list. (#597)
- Removed some temporary, cleanup code related to old filter lists. (#594)
- Added the total block count and the AdBlock custom filter list update timestamp
to the un-install URL to help determine why users are un-installing after just a
few minutes of use. (621)
- Added the ping count to the ping data. (#618)
- Removed the 'View the Resource' page. (#614)
- Added formatting lines for the debug informating for Tender support tickets.
- Removed a site specific 'bandaid' for 'thepiratebay'. (#593)

- Updated the Safari description and website information.

- Reverted the change that replaced 'Help Spread the Word' link in the AdBlock
popup with an Amazon affiliate link. (#612)

- To help with debugging AdBlock, the length of the error string sent to the
getadblock.com server has been increased. (#611)

- Added an user enabled option to anonymously send filter list usage metrics to us
to help improvement the functionality and performance of AdBlock. (#610)
- For new installation, users will be subscribed to the malware filter list. (#606)
- For users that have a locale of 'en-us', the 'Help Spread the Word' link in the
AdBlock popup has been replace with an Amazon affiliate link. (#604)
- Updated the malware notification text. (#598)
- Removed old log messages. (#589)
- Fixed a bug - Unicode domains in filter lists are now correctly processed. (#588)
- Changed the CSS rules from 'visibility: none' to 'visibility: hidden'. (#585)
- Fixed an issue with the AdBlock white-list and black-list wizards not appearing
on certain sites. (#582)

- Removed debug logging messages for Safari users. (#591)

- Added debug logging messages for Safari users. (#590)

- Added an if check to verify that domain is not undefined when processing URLs.
- Changed the order of evaluation in the Survey processing. (#576)
- Update the JavaScript error processing to include the stack trace information if
it doesn't include an HTTP URL. (#575)
- Updated the white-list filters for showing ads on Google Search when the 'show
Google ads' option is enabled. (#573)
- Removed Disconnect search code from AdBlock. (#568)
- Update the height of the Subscribe popup. (#491)

- Removed debug logging messages for Safari users. (#578)
- Updated translations.

- Added debug logging messages for Safari users. (#577)

- For Safari users, AdBlock will now block popups on Safari. (#547)
- For Safari users, the deleting of cached resource data when a tab or window is
closed has been simplified and improved. (#546)
- For Chrome users, AdBlock will ping upon browser startup when the installation
type is 'admin'. (#566)
- For Chrome users, AdBlock will retry to open the 'getadblock.com/installed' page
when it fails to open initially. (#564)
- Modified the translation of the DropBox error message to be easier for the
translation team. (#562)

- On the 'Report an Ad' page, the support / forum URLs for three filter lists
(Korean, Sweden, Turkish) were updated. (#560)
- In Chrome, removed the normalizing of the type on URL requests for fonts since it
is not needed. (#553)
- In Safari, improved the removal of pre-roll ads on YouTube. (#552)
- On the Custom tab, under AdBlock options, added the display of error messages
when an invalid filter is found during a save of custom filters. (#545)
- Added the ability to whitelist frames. (#521 & #518)
- Improved the YouTube channel whitelist feature, so that a YouTube page is only
reloaded when required. (#504)
- In Chrome, the 'number of ads blocked' counter is incremented when a popup is
blocked. (#497)
- In Chrome, on the 'Report an Ad' page, an option was added to enable and disable
other extensions to help find the source of an ad. Also, The debug information
from the 'Report an Ad' page, and the Support tab, will include other extension
information (if allowed by the user) to help us better resolve issues. (#462)

- Removed the retry logic when the "/installed" page open on getadblock.com. (#551)

- Fixed a bug in the retry logic when trying to open the "/installed" page on
getadblock.com. (#548)
- Added retry logic when the user is the "/question" page on getadblock.com. (#543)
- Added the filter text to the JavaScript exception message when an invalid option
is found in a filter. (#537)
- Fixed the logic for creating a YouTube whitelist channel filter to avoid white-
listing other channels. (#534)
- Fixed an issue with the whitelist / blacklist wizards not being displayed
correctly on certain sites. (#527)
- Added support for Internationalized domains (IDN) throughout AdBlock. (#495)
- Updated Translations

- New language: Gujarati

- Name change to back to "AdBlock"
- Updated Translations

- Name change to "BetaFish Adblocker" (temporary)

- For Chrome, added installation type to the ping data. (#530)

- For Chrome, added retry logic when the '/installed' page fails to open. (#525)
- For Chrome, added a message to include installation type, when AdBlock is
installed. (#526)

- Added the extension Id to the data included with the JavaScript error message.
- For Chrome only, improved / fixed the logic that is checking if the '/installed'
page is opened correctly. (#522)
- For Chrome only, added the approximate installation duration to the uninstall
URL. (#522)

- Fixed an issue with the DropBox sync processing duplicating filters during
browser start. (#442)
- Added a message to the options page when the DropBox sync processing failed due
to a large number of custom filters. (#474)
- Updated Translations

- Fixed JavaScript stack exception processing. (#515)
- Modified the new install check logic to only send a message when first run is
true. (#513)
- Modified the survey acknowledgement processing to log the 'message' property of
chrome.runtime.lastError (if it exists). (#516)

- Added browser and os version information to ping data (#510)
- Added validation logic to help detect an invalid installation state (#510)
- Added acknowledgement processing from overlay surveys (#510)
- Added 'stringify' to the AdBlock settings in the debug data (#512)
- Added a style tag of 'display:none' to Beta div tag in the AdBlock pop up menu.

- Enhanced survey processing (#453)

- For Safari users, added a user confirmation prompt when subscribing to a new
filter lists using the ABP syntax. (#502)

- Removed the Norwegian filter list since it is no longer active. (#489)
- For each subscribe filter list, added the last update timestamp to debug data.
- Added the malware notification setting to debug data. (#458)
- Added additional CSS to whitelist/blacklist dialogs to avoid display issues on
some websites. (#460)
- Removed an unnecessary call to sendResponse. (#484)
- For Chrome users, added a user confirmation prompt when subscribing to a new
filter lists using the ABP syntax. (#486)
- Fixed an issue when the request URL didn't contain a '.' (#500)
- Updated the Chrome web store description.(#501)

- Updated Translations
- In Chrome, added an uninstall URL (#493)

- Updated Translations
- In Safari, logic was added to dispatch an event when the extension blocked
content (#478)
- Fixed a small memory leak (#456)
- Added the extension installation Date to ping data (#448)
- Fixed a JavaScript error in Chrome when updating badge text (#446)
- Updated the workaround logic to Chrome's reporting fonts as "other" types (#439)

- Updated Translations
- Remove unnecessary code from ping processing.

- Fixed an issue when syncing custom filters using DropBox. (#413)
- Fixed an issue with the number of blocked ads on single page sites. (#414)
- Fixed an issue with the URL of Malware filter lists on the AdBlock Options page -
Filter List tab. (#436)
- Added an new Malware Notification option when users are subscribed to the Malware
filter list. (#435)

- Added a new option for Safari users - "ClickToFlash compatibility mode". (#421)
- Updated the Israel/Hebrew filter list forum link on 'Report an Ad'. (#423)
- Updated the style of the AdBlock popup menu for Chrome Beta users. (#422)
- Added the list of hiding rules to the AdBlock 'Show the Resources list' page for
Safari users. (#408)

- Added the saving of the malware filter list (same as other filter lists), so that
the extension doesn't need to do a request when the browser starts up.(#432)

- Added control logic to the getting of the malware filter lists (#430)

- Fixed a bug in the Safari extension when a windows was closed (#428)

- AdBlock now uses the YouTube API to retreive the channel name when users have the
Whitelist a YouTube Channel feature enabled. (#392)
- The 'Filter syntax tutorial' link on the AdBlock options / Customize tab now
checks if the generated URL is valid. (#394)
- Added a check for chrome.runtime.onMessage API, since it isn't available in
Chrome 25 and older versions. (#395)
- Added an option to the General options tab to not display the ads block counter
on the AdBlock popup menu.
The option to display the # of ads block was moved from the AdBlock popup menu to
the General tab as well. (#401)
- Added logic to set focus on new tabs open by AdBlock (for example, the options
pages), when the Chrome is running in incognito mode. (#405)
- On the 'Report an Ad' page, all of the questions are now bolded. (#416)
- Reformated the text and fixed typos in the change log. (#418)
- Modified several JavaScript throws statements to now use an Error object. (#420)

- Improved performance of extension when using the Malware filter list (#384)
- Added the 'show the resource list' page to the Safari version of the extension
- Added a timestamp to the JavaScript error text that is saved in local storage
- Added logic to determine the correct URL for the Filter list syntax link on the
Custom tab based on the user's language (#387)
- Updated the Japanese filter list URL (#386)

2.14.4: Removed unnecessary backup directory that was included in the zip and extz

2.14.1: Removed invalid character from the French message.json file

- Removed the Spanish filter list from the options since it is no longer being
supported (#366)
- Updated translation texts
- Updated the version numbers (added 39 and 40) for a Chrome bug workaround (see
crbug.com/410382) (#380)

- Modified the YouTube specific logic to use ABP approach (#372)
- Corrected the logging of JavaScript errors in the Chrome Beta version (#367)

- Added the ability to exclude / disable filter list entries (#241)
- Fixed an issue with a missing click handler on the popup menu (#359)
- Removed confusing message on popup menu (#360)
- Fixed a JavaScript error on the background page in Safari when several tabs are
closed while still being rendered. (#357)
- Added a user message that is displayed when the whitelist and blacklist wizard
can't run on older sites with framesets. (#352)
- Added a 'reload page' option to the white list wizard. (#349)

2.12.1: Fixed an issue with the back button in Safari & YouTube. (#350)

- Fixed an issue in the Chrome Beta version in the 'report an issue' link in the
popup menu. (#347)
- In Chrome, improved the cleanup of old data when tabs are closed. (#345)
- Fixed an issue with the whitelist wizard not being displayed on certain sites.
- Fixed an issue with the AdBlock icon in Safari 5.0 (#342)
- On the AdBlock options page, Filter Lists tab, add the title of custom filters
lists the users is subscribed to (if there is a title for the filter list). (#336)

2.11: In the 'Report an Ad' feature, the extension will now perform a check for
known malware
domains in the list of resources. If resources from a known malware site are
found, the
user is notified, and a link with more information is provided. If no
malware resources
are found, the page continues to work as before. (#315)

- Added a work around to a Chrome bug which incorrectly sets the element type
(#339) - see http://crbug.com/410382
- Added the column number to the information sent when a JavaScript exception is

2.10.2: Fixed JavaScript error on YouTube in Safari

- Improved the Safari AdBlock menu (#291)
- Fixed JavaScript error and ads showing on YouTube.com (#332)
- Removed retry logic on ping failures (#331)
- Modified text in buttons to black (#329)
- Added logic to determine the AdBlock version to help with support tickets (#328)
- Removed survey opt out option (#326)

2.9.4: Updated Translations

- Fixed an issue with DropBox sync process (#325)
- Fixed an memory leak issue in Chrome where pre-rendered tab information was not
removed when the tab id was changed (#324)
- Modified the 'Help Spread the Word' link in the popup menu to open a new tab
instead of being loaded in the menu (#318)
- Fixed an issue in Safari with un-whitelisting a site (blacklisting it) (#317)
- Improved the string processing of debug information when users report an issue or
ad to the AdBlock support site (#307)

- Fixed a JavaScript error in DropBox sync logic
- Added the new option 'show survey' to the options that are synced using Dropbox

2.9.1: Fixed a style issue on the whitelist and blacklist wizards

- Added a feature to allow users to synchronize their settings using DropBox
- Added an option to allow users to opt out of AdBlock user surveys
- Added logic to not log JavaScript error if they contain URL information
- Updated the version of jQuery and jQuery UI (2.1.1 and 1.10.3)
- Fixed an issue when AdBlock was paused but still blocked popup windows

2.8.2: Reverted translation because the line length exceeded the 132 character

2.8.1: Removed externally_connectable permission from manifest.json file to avoid

additional permissions needed for Beta version.

2.8: Added logic for Chrome beta users only; opening a /beta tab on updates.

- Added 'AdBlock Warning Removal' Filter list as an option on the Filter Lists
option page. (#296)
- Removed the logic to see if a user should be given a 'golden ticket'. (#298)

- Fixed an issue with Safari and the new translation process (#292)
- Added retry logic to the ping process, and enhanced survey processing (#290)

- Updated translations, and added translation credit file (#272)
- Default ad reports to private on the support web site, to avoid spam bot issues
- Added a link / option to the support page to show users how to report ads (#282)
- Corrected an issue in Safari with YouTube ads (@284)
- Removed 'beta' label from the Whitelist YouTube channels option (#288)

2.7.10: Corrected issue with 2.7.9 and the Safari / YouTube fix

- Updated logic to correctly block video ads with the HTML 5 player on Safari, on
youtube.com (#276)
- Improved the detection of getadblock.com website to ensure any injected extension
information only occurs on the correct website (#274)
- Include the total number of ads blocked in the weekly ping statistics (#274)

- Added setting information to bug reports (#267)
- Updated Finnish filter list URL (#270)
- Updated hiding style sheet configuration (#266)

- Added support information to bug reports (#265, #263, #231)
- Filter unnecessary whitelist rules (#264)

- Updated Translations
- Fixed font display issues in Chrome on certain OS'es (#255)

- Fixed JavaScript error in search (#251)
- Performance improvement (#248)
- Fixed changelog I18N placeholder issue (#253)

- Added Options to view the changelog on the support page (#244)
- Corrected issue with Chrome badge counter not being incremented for hidden
content (#237)
- Fix JavaScript error in search (#249)

- Added Extension version number to Ad Reports
- Added font support for some specific characters
- Improved Blacklist support on custom filters
- Fixed JavaScript error on Chrome popup menu

2.7.2: Issues #228, #220, #216, #219, #221, #227, #229

2.7.1: Updated Translations

2.7: New design for Options pages and popup menu

2.6.33-37: Bug fixes

2.6.32: Bug fixes, and URL updates

2.6.31: Bug fixes, and YouTube Channel Whitelisting

2.6.30: Removed unnecessary files

2.6.29: Bug fixes, remove Safari experimental feature, updated French filter URL

2.6.28: Small bugfixes (Safari YT Bug) and updated Chinese filter URL

2.6.19-27: Beta tests for survey

2.6.18: Minor fixes

2.6.17: Version bump.

2.6.16: Migrate from chromeadblock.com to getadblock.com

- Add Fanboy's annoyances list to the Filter Lists page.
- Fix Safari bug showing ads on Top Sites websites.

2.6.14: Settings measurement

2.6.13: Small bugfix for UI and updated Israeli filter URL

2.6.12: Beta test for survey

- New language: Catalan
- Ability to survey small numbers of users about possible developments in AdBlock

- Bugfix for slow initial filter subscription.
2.6.9 (beta channel only):
- Added and updated filter lists based on user's localization, added Malware and
Antisocial filter list
- Added RTL function for Arabic and Hebrew users
- Added language: Norwegian
- Bugfix: blocked ad count doesn't carry over into new, blank tabs

2.6.8: Removed crowdfunding message from AdBlock button

2.6.7: Update method call that otherwise breaks in Chrome Canary

2.6.6: Fix small bug in CrowdTilt notification code

- Help and ad reporting links now go to new support site
- Notification about a CrowdTilt campaign
- Blocked ad count is darker color to avoid looking like a notification

2.6.4: Undo one of the minor bugfixes in 2.6.3 because it itself had a bug breaking
AdBlock if you reloaded a page too quickly

2.6.3: Minor bugfixes

2.6.2: Don't forget user's badge view setting when AdBlock is paused (Pao), style
change of block counts in popup (tomasko)

2.6.1: Help link explaining new block counts section in popup

2.6.0: Simplify Filter Lists options tab (Pao), show blocking stats in toolbar
button and popup (Pao)

2.5.65: Blacklist wizard never gets hidden by page content (wormboy.d); updated
Russian filter URL (tomasko)

2.5.64: Ad report wizard makes user disable other extensions (Marcus Jackson);
'Report an ad' available to non-advanced users (tomasko), Follow button added to
Share page (tomasko), minor bugfixes

2.5.63: Pressing enter clicks default button in blacklist and whitelist wizards
(Pao), lock icon in install URL.

2.5.62: Put sharing link in Chrome toolbar button menu (tomasko), stop using
deprecated API (Pao), test lock icon in URL upon install

2.5.61: Filter list fetch improvements

2.5.60: Point to working EasyList and German URLs

2.5.59: Replace outdated Czech list with Czechoslovak list (tomasko)

2.5.58: Small UI change, and change French list URL (famlam); survey for Safari 6

2.5.57: Blacklister UI bugfix (John), corner-case Safari background image bugfix

(famlam), new Russian+Ukrainian URL

2.5.56: Minor Resource List bugfix (famlam), other minor bugfixes

2.5.55: Add Retina support in Chrome on Macs (John), minor bugfix (famlam), let
Safari users opt in to experimental faster method of hiding ads

2.5.54: Disable caching of blockcounts

2.5.53: Stop pointing to Amazon S3. Support block counts app.

2.5.52: Point to Amazon S3 for a moment

2.5.51: onMessageExternal not supported

2.5.50: Add block count statistics

2.5.49: Fix Hulu ad blocking again, plus minor bugfix

2.5.48: Minor bugfixes and UI changes

2.5.47: Update Finnish and French filter list URLs (john). Block video ads at
Hulu.com again in Chrome.

2.5.46: Correct toolbar button text in Safari (crazyskeggy). Resource List shows
source filter list; filter validation bugfixes; and memory and speed improvements
(famlam). Fix broken buttons in Hotmail.

2.5.45: Test users delaying payment decision for an hour

2.5.44: Fix filter validation bug, compress install package some (famlam)

2.5.43: Fix conflict with other extensions, remove dead Polish list, minor changes

2.5.42: minor changes, bugfixes on NFL.com and hotmail.com (famlam), Undo of

blacklist wizard rules available in button and context menus

2.5.41: Fix 'Show Google text ads' for Google Instant

2.5.40: Add support for selector exception syntax, code refactoring (famlam)

2.5.39: Small bugfixes (famlam) and a Retina display icon in Safari (John)

2.5.38: Fix context menus in Safari 5.0.6, log error line numbers to server,
several other bug fixes (all famlam)

2.5.37: Add a search box to the Resource List (famlam), blacklist wizard

2.5.36: Update to manifest version 2 (famlam) and turn back on CSP

2.5.35: Add warning to ad report page, stop using deprecated Chrome APIs (famlam).
Minimum Chrome version required is now 18.

2.5.34: Improvements to the Options page (famlam), the Resource List (famlam), the
Ad Reporter (john, famlam), the Blacklister (wormboy, famlam), and the Whitelister.
Decrease the chance of showing an ad at startup or when AdBlock is updated

2.5.33: Delete Chrome 16-style blocking code.

2.5.32: Get rid of occasional 'error: blocked by 3rd party' iframes in Chrome
2.5.31: various parsing bug fixes (famlam)

2.5.30: Popup blocking in Chrome (famlam)

2.5.29: Small domain parsing change (famlam), stop using beforeload in Chrome 17+,
get rid of 'blocked by third party extension' iframes

2.5.28: Button popup wasn't showing for Chrome 16 users who hadn't set any settings

2.5.27: Fix some websites broken by injecting a LINK tag

2.5.26: Don't warn RockMelt users of impending upgrade. Work around Japanese
filters issue (famlam).

2.5.25: Help explain CatBlock to users who missed it on April Fools or who want to
know how to get it after 4/4

2.5.24: Don't let websites open AdBlock pages; warn Chrome 16 users of impending
breakage (famlam); don't ask Safari 5.0 users to upgrade if they can't (zee)

2.5.23: Delete unmaintained translations. Want to see yours back again? Please
visit the HowToTranslate wikipage.

2.5.22: Stop honoring bogus Cache-Control headers, parse custom URLs better

2.5.21: Minor bugfixes, use https for Dutch filters (famlam)

2.5.20: Address a few broken websites (famlam)

2.5.19: Handle FB change that caused ads to show

2.5.18: Minor changes

2.5.17: Minor bugfixes

2.5.16: Revert popup blocking, as it disables AdBlock for Chrome 16 users. Will
add again when Chrome 16 is dead.

2.5.15: Apply Content Security Policy. Re-add popup blocking (famlam). Bug hunting.

2.5.14: Minor bug fixes

2.5.13: Fix Safari toolbar button menu bug (zee) and blacklist wizard UI bug

2.5.12: Refactoring, and work around a bug in Chrome 18 that breaks AdBlock

2.5.11: Typo

2.5.10: Show a menu when Safari toolbar button is pressed (Alexey Ermakov)

2.5.9: Turn on new webRequest code for all Chrome 17 users

2.5.8: Oops, disable popup blocking as adding it disables AdBlock. Fix broken
youtube ad blocking in Safari.

2.5.7: Popup blocking (famlam), speed improvement (famlam), remove dead Ukrainian
list (John)

2.5.6: Remove instrumentation

2.5.5: More bug hunting

2.5.4: Instrumentation to hunt down issue chromium:106913

2.5.3: Include stack trace in logs

2.5.2: Measure opt-in rate to new-style blocking, so we know when it's been tested
enough to enable for everyone

2.5.1: Quieter logging

2.5.0: All in-video and in-Flash ads are blocked in Chrome if you turn it on under
AdBlock Options

2.4.34: Don't break the toolbar button

2.4.33: Store data in Safari settings instead of localStorage, so Safari doesn't

wipe it out after Private Browsing

2.4.32: Fix critical bug breaking Safari after Private Browsing, remove dead
Norwegian list (famlam), new jQuery version (famlam)

2.4.31: Small changes (famlam), fix bug in waiting for idle

2.4.30: Fix Gmail bug in Safari, wait for idle before fetching filters (famlam),
fix filter normalization bug (famlam)

2.4.29: Add greek filters (drewish), disable pause on close (Famlam), and sent
last-modified and other headers to filter lists (Famlam)

2.4.28: Clicking 'Update Now' on Safari Filter Lists page now correctly shows
elapsed time

2.4.27: {{{[style]}}} change again, this time with workaround for GMail and Yahoo

2.4.26: Revert {{{[style]}}} rules change, as it breaks GMail in Chrome

2.4.25: Several small changes, plus {{{[style]}}} rules are supported again, and
some pages that spiked the CPU were fixed (famlam)

2.4.24: Small bugfixes, rework filter list manager (famlam), and add links to
project homepage on Options page (John).

2.4.23: Small bugfix, and support resourceblock.html in Safari (famlam)

2.4.22: Added background image blocking in Safari (famlam), a +1 button in the

Chrome browser action, and a small bugfix in the blacklist wizard

2.4.21: Minor Safari bugfixes

2.4.20: Minor speedup, graduate "new way to block ads" beta option and make it the
only way, and don't refresh the page after blacklisting if you can help it (famlam)

2.4.19: Minor bug fixes, improvement to unsubscribing oversubscribed users (famlam)

2.4.18: Retire the app version (famlam)

2.4.17: Warn users who oversubscribe to filter lists, and unsubscribe (one time)
users who oversubscribed.

2.4.16: Axe vietnamese filters; small bug fixes; helper wizard on Customize tab to
run AdBlock on only a few sites (famlam)

2.4.15: A pile of bugfixes by Famlam (Issues 5679 5380 699 5726), plus we added a
Ukrainian translation.

2.4.14: Minor bugfixes (Famlam)

2.4.13: Small UI changes and bugfixes (famlam)

2.4.12: avoid collision due to not-very-random seeds

2.4.11: AB test on install page

2.4.10: Minor bugfixes or edits for a couple websites.

2.4.9: Bugfixes by wormboy, Drewish, and famlam. Make the whitelisting wizard more
powerful (famlam).

2.4.8: l10n typo

2.4.7: i18n of the installation page. Switch to pay-what-you-want instead of


2.4.6: Typo

2.4.5: Hide advanced features behind advanced checkbox (famlam)

2.4.4: Finish roll out of new install page

2.4.3: Prettier new-install page, hopefully clearer to non-technical users as well

2.4.2: Bugfix in resourceblock; thanks to Juho again for the report. Remove
reference to dead file.

2.4.1: Translators get credit under AdBlock Options (Drewish). Minor bug fixes and
cleanup (famlam). Lazy-load black and whitelisting code only when it's needed, to
reduce memory in tabs.

2.4.0: Restructuring of a few parts of the filtering engine, resulting in (on my

fast laptop) a savings of 150-180ms per tab load(!), plus 3ms per resource on the
page. E.g. cnn.com with 150 resources saves about 650ms.

2.3.32: Fix bug related to clicking malformed filter list subscription links.
Thanks to Juho Nurminen for the report and most of the fix. Also fix a leaking
variable (famlam).

2.3.31: Fix blacklister bug for Chinese users (famlam)

2.3.30: AdBlock Options in Safari now accessible through Extensions|Preferences.

Subscribe legacy users to language-specific filter lists if they've never set up
their own lists.

2.3.29: Don't run bandaids on most pages (famlam)

2.3.28: Fix incognito app behavior. Fix manual filters paste bug (famlam).
Blacklist wizard bugfix (wormboy).

2.3.27: Test a new way to remove ads, which keeps some websites from breaking

2.3.26: Change app shipping

2.3.25: Remove dead log message (Drew)

2.3.24: Fix blacklisting wizard manual editing bug (famlam)

2.3.23: Text change

2.3.22: Fix blank install page in Safari

2.3.21: Fix Safari bug breaking AdBlock after restart. Thanks to conundrum on
Freenode, plus the many users on the issue tracker (Issue 5384) who helped diagnose
the problem!

2.3.20: Fix app description in manifest

2.3.19: Show install page to Safari users, and create app version of AdBlock

2.3.18: Fix broken signup for subscriptions

2.3.17: Internal code shufflins

2.3.16: Fix opt-in to Google search ads when using Google Instant

2.3.15: Speed and code improvements, and don't let the blacklist and whitelist
wizards be open at the same time (famlam, wormboy.d)

2.3.14: General cleanup and refactoring of helper functions

2.3.13: Make toolbar button tab-specific, so it looks right when multiple windows
are open (Famlam)

2.3.12: Fix "Block an ad on this page" from toolbar immediately after right
clicking page (Naesten)

2.3.11: Filter updates

2.3.10: Don't show context menu in Chrome Extension Gallery

2.3.9: Some resourceblock.html improvements and minor bugfixes (famlam, wormboy.d)

2.3.8: Highlight the element you're about to click in the blacklist wizard

2.3.7: jQuery and jQuery UI refresh

2.3.6: New advanced url-blocking wizard linked off of existing hiding wizard

2.3.5: Try yet again to get the mac-specific Hide Button message correct

2.3.4: Fix a bug: whitelisting a page wasn't updating the toolbar icon immediately

2.3.3: Show hide button message on install page too

2.3.2: Fix positioning of blacklist wizard (wormboy.d). Fix hide button message
bug on mac.

2.3.1: Tell Mac users workaround for hiding button, since Chrome 9 failed to ship
Hide Button on Mac (famlam)

2.3.0: Add a toolbar button (again), retiring the Browser Button For AdBlock

2.2.32: Bugfix: new installation page was showing checked 'Show a toolbar button'

2.2.31: Bugfix on ad report page (john) and more thorough validation of custom
blacklist entries (famlam)

2.2.30: Support opt-in to Google ads when not subscribed to EasyList (famlam)

2.2.29: Localization updates, correct a URL scheme bug, and remove dead code

2.2.28: Support $document filter syntax, allowing individual pages to be

whitelisted. Also added $elemhide support. (Famlam)

2.2.27: Ignore filters if they contain unknown options (famlam)

2.2.26: Support requiresLocation in abp:subscribe links (famlam)

2.2.25: Handle new EasyPrivacy filter that was breaking many websites

2.2.24: See which filter lists should be added to or removed from the options page.

2.2.23: In Chrome, reduce overall browser RAM usage by up to 30%, and decrease
AdBlock run time by about 50% :D

2.2.22: Validate filters on download instead of when inputting into filter engine,
because we input into filter engine on every page load. Saves 50ms per frame.
Goooo famlam! Also fix the parsing of `@@||$domain=domain.com` filters

2.2.21: New and improved Youtube ad blocking (famlam)

2.2.20: L10n typo

2.2.19: Change donation request to mention that this is now my full time job.

2.2.18: Bugfix for new frame blocking code

2.2.17: Keep youtube user-channel videos from autoplaying incorrectly (drewish).

Support frame,audio,video, and input type=image blocking (famlam).

2.2.16: typo...

2.2.15: Updated text description for web store launch

2.2.14: Fix broken Spanish translation. jQuery-1.4.4 for speed improvements.

Small bugfixes and improvements.
2.2.13: Subscribe non-English-speakers to an appropriate Easylist sublist (Famlam)

2.2.12: Roll back chrome.tabs.insertCSS() work while we figure out how to make it
run earlier and how to be specific for different iframes on a page.

2.2.11: Fix tagging typo

2.2.10: Use Chrome API for CSS hiding which should improve RAM and speed in Chrome.

2.2.9: Work around Chrome bugs related to chrome.tabs and SVG images. 'background'
type now deprecated in filter lists. Special cases for hotmail.com and hk-pub.com.
Add note to ad reporter about video ads not being blockable yet except in Youtube.
Speed up ad blocking in Chrome by removing a redundant regex parse. (All by

2.2.8: Use less memory in Chrome (famlam)

2.2.7: Vastly simplified mechanism for dealing with ads in Chrome that load before
the filter engine is in place (famlam). Also, we're now at 18 languages -- see
http://bit.ly/AdBlockTranslations for the list and for credits!

2.2.6: Memory and speed improvements (famlam)

2.2.5: Don't let users try to block the BODY tag

2.2.4: typo

2.2.3: Move the browser button back into a separate extension until Chrome supports
fully hiding browser buttons.

2.2.2: Make the Chrome right click menu disappear properly when requested or paused
or whitelisted

2.2.1: Typo fix

2.2.0: Add a browser button to AdBlock (integrating the Browser Button For AdBlock
extension.) Also add support for pausing Chrome AdBlock via the browser button.

2.1.15: Add Indonesian translation, and improve memory usage in Safari.

2.1.14: Block background images even when they are specified in stylesheets
(famlam). Touchups to the UI for manual blacklist editing. Fix typos in last

2.1.13: Warning popup to Chrome users that next week AdBlock will be disabled as a
necessary part of an upgrade, with instructions for re-enabling it.

2.1.12: Localized right-click menu text (famlam)

2.1.11: Memory savings in Chrome and probably some in Safari (famlam)

2.1.10: Revert to old Easylist and Easylist German URLs, per Wladimir Palant's
(author of Adblock Plus) request

2.1.9: Safari users also lose the context menus if they choose to via the Options

2.1.8: Quick patch to allow optional right click menus and to force Chrome 6 or
higher, to get rid of permission error messages for Chrome 5 users.
2.1.7: Optimize Chrome RAM usage when 'Block most ads...' beta option is disabled

2.1.6: Replace keyboard shortcuts with right click menu items

2.1.5: Add or update German, French, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Dutch, Polish,
and Chinese translations.

2.1.4: Found a workaround for Safari crashes

2.1.3: Roll back to 2.0.25, because Safari is crashing something fierce. Probably
due to 2.1.0, but just in case is the culprit (which was only released for
an hour before 2.1.0) I'm rolling to .25. This version will only be released to

2.1.2: A few remaining l10n tasks

2.1.1: Work around Gallery bug causing extension not to install...

2.1.0: Added internationalization support, and English Dutch and German

translations (Famlam, plus John Rey providing German translation)

2.0.26: Remove whitespace in hotmail, update some filter list links, fix a bug in
ad reporting page, and support filter list redirects -- all done by Famlam

2.0.25: Fix broken ad reporting link in Safari

2.0.24: Support object-subrequest a little better. Ask for fewer ad reports to

hopefully improve the signal to noise ratio.

2.0.23: Ignore certain filters that Webkit doesn't parse properly

2.0.22: Fix some Safari issues causing ads to slip through, and improve Chrome and
Safari memory usage.

2.0.21: Many bugfixes and small improvements by Famlam; read the full list at
adblockforchrome.googlecode.com under Source -> Changes

2.0.20: Chrome shouldn't emulate true blocking in subframes because each one costs
a fixed amount of RAM and some pages have *lots* of subframes.

2.0.19: Revert messed up grayscale icon for Safari toolbar

2.0.18: Work around Chrome bug causing Google Calendar to render incorrectly in
some cases

2.0.17: Bandaid to fix collapse-blocked-elements hanging on some websites

2.0.16: Correct third-party and first-party and match-case support (famlam)

2.0.15: Respect filter subscription expiration dates (famlam)

2.0.14: Give icons a new look (thanks tgines!), and don't lose the current tab when
reloading the Options page

2.0.13: Fix bug with "Collapse Blocked Elements" beta feature

2.0.12: Blacklist UI shows full effect of proposed rule. (famlam)

2.0.11: Support collapsing empty ad holding elements, and auto-subscribe
EasyList if you subscribe to an EasyList additional list (famlam)

2.0.10: Fix some filter rule parsing bugs and a small UI bug (famlam)

2.0.9: Grr, turns out Gmail needs a special case to work around a bug in Chrome
that makes CC and BCC fields disappear onclick. Put the special case back in.

2.0.8: Remove an old facebook layout hack that may be affecting safari

2.0.7: Before a user reports an ad via the blacklist wizard, point him to a helper
that makes sure he's got up to date subscriptions, and that the ad doesn't appear
in Firefox (if he has Firefox.) (Famlam)

2.0.6: Remove an old gmail special case

2.0.5: A few blacklist UI fixes (famlam)

2.0.4: Subscribe to filter lists when you click on abp:subscribe links on the web.
I *still* don't understand how Famlam pulled this off. Only works in Chrome.

2.0.3: Remove a workaround no longer needed

2.0.2: Add EasyPrivacy (now that we mostly block resources from downloading) and
remove Germany (an out of date filter that EasyList+additional German filters

2.0.1: Resource blocking works in Chrome Stable after all, so get Stable users in
on the goodness too.

2.0.0: True blocking of resources in Chrome 6. Most resources can be blocked

before they're even downloaded. Because Chrome doesn't fully support resource
blocking yet, a few resources will load so quickly that the resource blocker will
miss them, and they'll be removed after the fact as usual.

1.4.36: Workaround #2 for Safari crashes

1.4.35: Custom blacklist editing in Options, now supporting arbitrarily-complex

URL-based or CSS-based blacklist and whitelist rules, while still keeping a simple
interface for people who aren't comfortable with filter syntax. (famlam)

1.4.34: Workaround to avoid safari crashes until safari team fixes safari

1.4.33: Prevent empty element flashup in Safari

1.4.32: New filter list options (drewish), better element clicking in blacklist
wizard (famlam), fix some issues with removing unsubscribed custom filter lists.

1.4.31: Fix bug in .30 keeping Safari users from seeing Options page

1.4.30: Now supported in Safari as well -- see safariadblock.com

1.4.29: Add caching to making CPU usage even better when many DOM nodes are

1.4.28: Fix high CPU usage on sites that insert lots of DOM nodes after loading.

1.4.27: Lots of changes:

* Edit support in blacklist UI (by Famlam)
* 'Remove' labels by custom filter lists (by Famlam)
* New filter subscriptions available (by Drewish)
* You can press enter in textboxes on the Options pages to submit data (by Famlam)
* Make blacklist and whitelist more robust against page CSS (by Famlam)

1.4.26: 5 filter list additions and corrections (by Drewish). A slider on the
whitelister, an edit button on the whitelist options page, support for IP
whitelisting (by Famlam).

1.4.25: Fix regression: we stopped working around a Chrome 4 bug; blacklister can
now also create 'href' and 'data' filters.

1.4.24: Provide links to filter subscriptions from options page (by famlam).

1.4.23: Corrected a couple filter parsing bugs.

1.4.22: Workaround Chrome bug regarding removing SCRIPT elements.

1.4.21: Theme tweaks

1.4.20: Support the $third-party filter directive.

1.4.19: Correctly block OBJECTs with multiple < param > tags

1.4.18: Point to new options page from youtube

1.4.17: Tabbed Options page (by drewish).

1.4.16: Fix Google Reader ads, which regressed somewhere at or before v1.4 release;
added 'Edit' label after a custom blacklist entry (by famlam).

1.4.15: Added changelog link to Options page; improved CSS for blacklister (by
drewish and famlam).

1.4.14: Add Italian filters.

1.4.13: Move custom rules to chromeadblock.com.

1.4.12: EasyList+Corset has become just Corset (Korean filters.)

1.4.11: Detect and handle bad selector syntax that broke ChinaList.

1.4.10: Improved CSS for blacklister.

1.4.9: Small fix for when a user manually subscribes to a well-known filterlist.

1.4.8: Correct the error message upon internet failure during subscribing to a

1.4.7: Add support for type directives in filters, so if they only want to apply to
$images and $stylesheets, we don't apply them to $objects.

1.4.5-1.4.6: Pointing to the new location of Korean filterlist.

1.4.0-1.4.4: Improved and simplified filtering system under the hood.

1.3.49: Allow user to close (and never see again) the youtube help message.

1.3.48: Revert 1.3.46; it slowed down most websites. Working on a correct


1.3.47: Band-aid over badly parsed RuAd filter until a correct solution can be

1.3.46: Remove, don't just hide, Flash ads, to save CPU.

1.3.45: Add X icon to blacklister and whitelister dialogs.

1.3.44: Switch back to RuAd Russian filter list.

1.3.43: Auto-complete the description field as well.

1.3.42: Auto-complete the summary on ad reports from the "Frustrated?" link.

1.3.41: Alphabetize filter list (only new users will see the change.)

1.3.40: Fix bug that broke the "Update Now" button.

1.3.39: Fix slashdot effect from .37, and adhere to 5-day updates per EasyList
maintainers' request.

1.3.38: Log only successful manual filter subscriptions, to determine which should
be added to the standard list.

1.3.37: Get latest versions of all filters upon Chrome startup.

1.3.36: Improved the beta YouTube ad blocking feature; plus a message telling users
how to work around problems or disable the feature if they're having trouble.

1.3.35: Handle uppercased blacklist or whitelist manual entries correctly.

1.3.34: Standardize whitelist and blacklist UIs more, and don't let CSS from
underlying page bleed through.

1.3.33: No more alert on acid3 test -- Chrome gets to 100/100 even with AdBlock.

1.3.32: Working around a webkit bug in a very general way, so hopefully this is the
last changelog entry of this type!

1.3.31: Handle ksplice.com

1.3.30: Retire "Prevent ad flashup" as an option -- now it's always true.

1.3.29: Disallow z-indexes higher than the blacklist wizard's, upon wizard opening.
This keeps websites from hiding the wizard behind their ads or other content.

1.3.28: Working around a webkit bug.

1.3.27: Working around a webkit bug.

1.3.26: Working around a webkit bug.

1.3.25: Now blocking background image ads.

1.3.24: Now handling the '(Adblock' case when importing filters. Working around a
webkit bug that hasn't merged into Chrome stable yet.

1.3.22: Working around a webkit bug that hasn't merged into Chrome stable yet.
1.3.21: Tooltip on filter list names showing the URL you're subscribing to.

1.3.20: Fixes hole in Options page where a script tag in blacklist would run the

1.3.19: The adp:subscribe syntax is coverted to the proper url. URLs that don't
point to filter subscriptions are not supported.

1.3.18: Working around a webkit bug that hasn't merged into Chrome stable yet.

1.3.17: Added helpful buttons for contributors.

1.3.16: Added a Donate button to the Options page.

1.3.15: Remove two experiments from the Contributors section that didn't pan out.

1.3.14: Possibly fixes bug that makes AdBlock stop working when leaving Chrome open

1.3.13: Fixes bug that let whitelister open multiple dialog boxes.

1.3.12: Working around a webkit bug that hasn't merged into Chrome stable yet.

1.3.11: Added YouTube in-video ad blocking. Based heavily on AdThwart's code.

1.3.10: Allow blacklist entries in easylist syntax.

1.3.9: Created an initial CHANGELOG file.

1.3.8: Fixed a problem with converting to the new Russian list.

1.3.7: Added Danish filter subscription.

1.3.6: Working around a webkit bug that hasn't merged into Chrome stable yet.

1.3.5: Point to a new Russian subscription list.

1.3.4: HTML updates to Options page.

1.3.3: Point users to bug tracker on the Options page.

1.3.2: Working around a webkit bug that hasn't merged into Chrome stable yet.

1.3.1: Attempt to point to a new Russian subscription list.

1.3.0: Initial import.

## Changelog for the Opera version of AdBlock ##

1.0.8: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.60.

1.0.7: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.57.

1.0.6: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.47. Added high density icons for
OS X Retina. Work around Opera bug regarding to the blocking of third-party

1.0.5: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.46. Attempt to combine identical
rules with different options (this fixes the "Don't run on this domain' option)
(Opera 12.10 only). Make sure the button popup has the correct size. Enable
reporting an ad from within the extension (Opera 12.10 for advanced users only).

1.0.4: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.44 and 2.5.45. Work around Opera
bug where a list that says it's not modified is marked as broken. Fix issue where
removing background ads could remove the page content.

1.0.3: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.43. Fix UI issues for the
blacklister and whitelister. Add support for the improved blocking method in Opera

1.0.2: Include changes from AdBlock for Chrome 2.5.42. Improve popup blocker speed.
Fix incorrect gray button icon for non-disabled sites. Add context menu items
(Opera 12.50 only)

1.0.1: Fix an issue where type-specific rules ($image for example) weren't ignored
in Opera 12.01

1.0: First release