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List of accepted papers

# Title Track Authors

Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things and Big Labib Zawra; Hala A. K. Mansour; Nagy
1570343758 Technologies in the Implementation
Data Analytics Messiha; Adly TagElDein
of Industry 4.0

A Review of Wireless Sensor

Applications in Remote Sensing and Internet of Things and Big
1570347301 Mohammed E. El-Telbany; Maha A. Maged
Space Industry State of the Art and Data Analytics

Hybrid Model for Cloud Data Security

1570347765 Intelligent Systems Moshira Azam
Using Steganography

A generic optimization solution for

Djamel SABA; Berbaoui Brahim; Houssem
1570348330 hybrid energy systems based on Intelligent Systems
Eddine Degha; Fatima Zohra Laallam
agent coordination

Manipulating sentiment analysis Intelligent Language

Sara Ahmed; Ahmed Sallam; Ghada El-
1570348589 challenges in morphological rich Processing: Trends and
languages Applications

Software Watermarking for Java

Internet of Things and Big
1570351698 Program Based on Method Name Jianping Chen
Data Analytics

A model of Electrokinetic Platform for

Separation of different sizes of Reda Mohamed; Yehya Ghallab; Hamdy
1570351776 Informatics
biological particles (Blood formed Abd elhamid; Yehea Ismail

Based on BP and MPSO Optimal

Control Systems and
1570351991 Algorithm Robot Vacuum Path Qinghua Su

Modeling and Performance Analysis Control Systems and Amr Abo Salem; Tarek Khedr; Gamal El
of Planar Parallel Manipulators Robotics Ghazaly; Mohamed Mahmoud

A Text Mining Based Literature

1570352327 Analysis for Learning Theories and Intelligent Systems Rania Hodhod; Hillary Fleenor
Computer Science Education

Sergio Henrique Monte Santo

Adopting Fuzzy Techniques To Save Andrade; Edvar Oliveira; Rodrigo Dias
Internet of Things and Big
1570352424 Energy In Smart Home Control Alfaia; Anderson de Freitas Souto; Carlos
Data Analytics
System Renato Frances; Nandamudi Lankalapalli

A Study of the Effect of Agile

1570352495 Approaches on Software Metrics Intelligent Systems Doaa Shawky; Salwa Abd El-Hafiz
Using Self-Organizing Maps

Vehicle To Vehicle "V2V"

Internet of Things and Big Ahmed Yasser; M. Zorkany; Nemat Sayed
1570352649 Implementation in Developing
Data Analytics Abdel Kader

Diagnosing Heart diseases using

Hadeer El-Saadawy; Manal Tantawi; Howida
1570352720 morphological and dynamic features Intelligent Systems
AbdelFattah Shedeed; Mohamed Tolba
of Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Breast Cancer Detection Using

Roaa Mubarak; Mohamed El-
1570352848 Polynomial Fitting for Intensity Informatics
Adawy; Shaimaa Abd Rabo
Spreading within ROIs

Spatiotemporal Reasoning for

1570352959 Complex Video Event Recognition in Intelligent Systems Leslie Frank Sikos
Content-Based Video Retrieval

A Comparative Study of Trust

Internet of Things and Big Hayam Mousa; Osama Shible
1570352961 Mapping Functions in Mobile Phone
Data Analytics Youness; Mohiy M. Hadhoud
Participatory Sensing Applications

I2Evaluator: An Aesthetics Metric- Intelligent Language

1570353049 tool for Evaluating the Usability of Processing: Trends and Neila Chettaoui; M. Bouhlel
Adaptive User Interfaces Applications

Semi-supervised Approach to Soft

Sensor Modeling for Fault Detection Shun Takeuchi; Takuya Nishino; Takahiro
1570353064 Intelligent Systems
in Industrial Systems with Multiple Saitou; Isamu Watanabe
Operation Modes
Enhancing indoor localization using Internet of Things and Big Mohamed Nabil; Mohamed B
IoT techniques Data Analytics Abdelhalim; Ashraf AbdelRaouf

A Bidirectional LSTM and

Intelligent Language
Conditional Random Fields Kai Xu; Zhanfan Zhou; Tianyong
1570353091 Processing: Trends and
Approach to Medical Named Entity Hao; Wenyin Liu

Low Complexity Intra-Prediction

Farid Saleh; Samir G. Sayed; Amr
1570353141 Algorithm for Video Coding Informatics
Mohamed; Alaa Hamdy

Energy Aware Mobile Cloud

Samar Said; Sameh Salem; Samir G.
1570353145 Computing Algorithm for Android Intelligent Systems
Sayed; Elsayed Saad

Internet of Things and Big Mohanad Odema; Ihab Adly; Hani

1570353157 Smart Aquaponics System for IIoT
Data Analytics Ragai; Ayman M. Wahba

Intelligent Language
Performance Analysis for Sentiment
1570353162 Processing: Trends and Mohamed Taha; Doaa Mohey El Din
Techniques Evaluation Perspectives

Semi-supervised Image Clustering

1570353166 Intelligent Systems Sarah Habashi
using Active Affinity Propagation

Optimizing Deep Learning Based on

Sherihan Abuelenin; Samir Elmougy; Fadya
1570353251 Deep Auto Encoder and Genetic Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Language
Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Samir Elmougy; Sherihan Abuelenin; Eman
1570353255 Processing: Trends and
Tweets Naguib

Automatic Classification of Masses in Basma Mohamed; Nancy Salem; Marwa

1570353271 Informatics
Digital Mammograms Hadhoud; Ahmed Farag Seddik

Novel Design Based Internet of

Internet of Things and Big Hassan Morsi; Mohamed Youssef; Gamal
1570353303 Things to Counter Lone Wolf. Part A:
Data Analytics Sultan
Nice Attack

Wireless LED Street Lighting System Control Systems and Bassam Abo-Elftooh; Hani
Design Robotics Ragai; Mohammed El-Nozahi

Crowdsourcing Speech and Intelligent Language

1570353420 Language Data for Resource-Poor Processing: Trends and Hamdy Mubarak
Languages Applications

Improving Multiple Routing in Mobile Hamdy Ahmed Mohamed

1570353586 Ad Hoc Networks Using Fuzzy Intelligent Systems Sayedahmed; Imane Amin-Fahmy; Hesham
Models Ahmed Hefny

Enhancing Semantic Arabic

Information Retrieval via Arabic
1570353588 Informatics Eslam Amer
Wikipedia Assisted Search
Expansion Layer

Human Arm-Leg Smart Gesture-

1570353619 based Control in Human Computer Intelligent Systems Sahar Magdy; Sherin Youssef
Interaction Applications

Design and Simulation of Fuzzy

Control Systems and
1570354762 Water Monitoring System using WSN Azza Muhammad; Mohamed Elkhatib
For Fishing

Automating Requirements Elicitation Mohamed A. Abd Elmonem; Eman

1570354855 Informatics
of Cloud-Based ERPs Nasr; Mervat Gheith

Bio-Inspired Load Balancing Marwa Gamal; Rawya Y. Rizk; Hani

1570355951 Intelligent Systems
Algorithm in Cloud Computing Mahdi; Basem El Naghi

Automatic Arabic Ontology Intelligent Language

1570356178 Construction framework: Processing: Trends and Dalia Fadl; Mostafa Aref
Insectivore's case study Applications

Hammam Alshazly; M.
An Experimental Evaluation of
1570356366 Informatics Hassaballah; Abdelmgeid Ali; Guanghui
Binary Feature Descriptors

Passivity Based Decoupling of Control Systems and

1570356653 Ahmad Taher Azar; Fernando Serrano
Lagrangian Systems Robotics

Developing an Efficient Clique-based

Taysir H Soliman; Sherine Rady; Hassan
1570356695 Algorithm for Community Detection Informatics
in Large Graphs

1570357157 Evaluating Learners' Progress in Informatics Hesham Elhoseny; Mohamed El-

Smart learning Environment hoseny; Samir Abdelrazek; Alaa M. Riad

Internet of Things and Big Ahmed Nassar; Ahmed Montasser; Nashwa

1570357460 A Survey on Smart Cities' IoT
Data Analytics Abdelbaki

Understanding Medical Text Related

1570358151 to Breast Cancer: Review of current Informatics Noha Ali

HTTP Application Layer DoS Attack

1570358315 Informatics Nashwa Abdelbaki; Mohamed Mohamed
Mitigation Using Resources Monitor

Gesture Recognition for Improved

1570358326 User Experience in Augmented Informatics Nashwa Abdelbaki
Biology Lab

Novel Multi-Input Multi-Output Brain

Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Mohamed H. El-Saify; Gamal El-
1570358370 Intelligent Systems
Controller for PUMA 560 Robotic Sheikh; Ahmed El-Garhy

A New Hybrid Approach Using

Genetic Algorithm and Q-learning for Doaa Elsayed; Mervat Gheith; Eman
1570358689 Intelligent Systems
QoS-aware Web Service Nasr; Alaa El Din M. El Ghazali

A Computational Offloading
1570358763 Framework for Object Detection in Informatics Maged Youssef; Amr Mokhtar
Mobile Devices

Use of Arabic Sentiment Analysis for Intelligent Language

Rabab Saudy; Eman Nasr; Mervat
1570358838 Mobile Applications' Requirements Processing: Trends and
Gheith; Alaa El Din M. El Ghazali
Evolution: Trends and Challenges Applications

A Hadoop Extension For Analysing Internet of Things and Big

1570358925 Mohamed Bakli
Spatiotemporally Referenced Events Data Analytics

Secret Image Sharing Based On Internet of Things and Big Mervat AA; Hatem S. Abdul-kader; Osama
Elementary Cellular Automata Data Analytics S. Younes

Control of New Type of Fractional Control Systems and Ahmad Taher Azar; Adel Ouannas; Shikha
Chaos Synchronization Robotics Singh

Control of a Two Link Planar

Electrically-Driven Rigid Robotic Control Systems and Ahmad Taher Azar; Jitendra Kumar; Vineet
Manipulator using fractional order Robotics Kumar; Kanwar Pal Rana

Wavefront and A-star algorithms for Control Systems and

1570359095 Issa Zidane
mobile robot path planning Robotics

A New Model for Detecting Similarity Abdulaziz Shehab; Mohamed

1570359154 Informatics
in Arabic Documents Elhoseny; Mahmoud Zaher; Lobna Osman

Stock Exchange Threat Modeling,

1570359158 Informatics Ehab ElShafei; Nashwa Abdelbaki
EGX as a Case Study

An Empirical Analysis of User Mohamed Elhoseny; Abdulaziz

1570359171 Informatics
Behavior for P2P IPTV Workloads Shehab; Lobna Osman

HTTP Application Layer DDoS

1570363450 Attack Mitigation Using Resources Informatics Mohamed Mohamed; Nashwa Abdelbaki

Semantic Cloud Community

1570363664 Informatics Tamer Al-Mashat
Framework for Services provision

Detecting Twitter Users' Opinions of

Arabic Comments during Various Naglaa Sleem; Taysir H Soliman; Hosny
1570363674 Informatics
Time Episodes via Deep Neural Ibrahim

EEG-Based Emotion Recognition

1570365091 Using a Wrapper-Based Feature Informatics Mohammed AbdelAal
Selection Method

Intelligent Language
Discover trending topics of interest to
1570365094 Processing: Trends and Sherief Abdallah

Early Prediction of Wheat Diseases

1570370705 Informatics Essam eldean F El Fakharany; Ahmed Reda
Using SVM Multiclass Methods

Coronary Artery Vessel Tree Marwa Shams; Safwat Hamad; Mohammed

1570370741 Enhancement in Three-Dimensional Informatics A.-Megeed Salem; Howida AbdelFattah
Computed Tomography Angiography Shedeed