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Date : 6 July 2017

Day : Thursday

Time : 12.20 p.m. 12.50 p.m. (30 minutes)

Class : Year 5

Level of proficiency : Mixed-ability

Focused Skill : Writing

Integrated Skill : Grammar

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Unit 9 Space Exploration

Content Standard : 3.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to form letters and words in neat legible print including
cursive writing.

Learning Standards : 3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print with correct spelling:

(a) sentences

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1) Write sentences based on the pictures correctly.

2) Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions of direction.

Educational emphases : CCTS

- contextual learning, thinking skills (analyzing and applying)

Multiple intelligences

- interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, linguistic


Moral value : Cooperation.

Language content : Vocabulary

- Across, through.

Teaching aids : Worksheets, PPT Slideshow.

Background knowledge : The pupils have learnt about prepositions of direction in

previous lesson.
Steps/ Time Content Teaching and Learning Strategies Remarks
Set induction Group activity: 1. Teacher recaps the previous Rationale:
(3 minutes) 1. Recaps of lesson on prepositions of To arouse pupils
previous lesson. direction. attention about the
2. The pupils respond to teachers lesson.
Presentation Whole class activity: 1. Teacher introduces the sentence Rationale:
(5 minutes) 1. Introducing structure for prepositions of To introduce the
sentence structure. direction through slideshow. sentence structure
2. Teacher gives examples of the of the prepositions
sentences. of direction.

Teaching aids:
PPT slideshow.
Practice Pair work activity: 1. Each pair labels the sentences Rationale:
(10 minutes) 1. Labelling the using s, v, p, o . To let the pupils
sentence structure. 2. Teacher facilitates the pupils know the position
during the activity. of the sentence
3. Teacher discusses the answer structure.
with the pupils.
Teaching aids:
Production Pair work activity: 1. The pupils shows their Rationale:
(10 minutes) 1. Construct understanding of the prepositions To test the pupils
sentences based on of direction by constructing understanding on
pictures. sentences based on pictures the topic.
2. The pupils read their sentences. Teaching aids:
3. Teacher facilitates the pupils in Textbook.
correcting their sentences.
CCTS: thinking
skills (analysing
and applying)
Closure Group activity: 1. Teacher asks several pupils to Rationale:
(2 minutes) 1. Concluding the share about todays lesson. 1. To conclude the
lesson. 2. Teacher inculcates moral value. lesson of the day.
2. Inculcating moral 3. Teacher concludes the lesson. 2. To inculcate
value. moral value(s).

Follow up activities: Answer the worksheets given.