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Name Surname 3rd November 2015

Revision Unit 5

1. Complete the table:

Adjective Simple adverb Comparative adverb Superlative adverb


2. Match the meanings of take to the following words:

1. take exams
2. take a train
3. take medicine
4. take the second turning
5. take a photo/picture
6. take an umbrella

a. carry
b. make
c. do
d. catch
e. go along
f. use

3. Choose the right words to complete the sentences:

1. Laura always does her homework too quickly/ more quickly and makes mistakes.
2. Hans spoke more quitely /the most quietly of all the people in the class.
3. My dad drives much carefully / more carefully than my mum does.
4. You speak English really good / well.
5. I swim often /less often than I did when I was younger.