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Personal Enhance Plan

Venice D. Birmingham

UW Platt

I am a leader of integrity and I possess self- confidence. I believe in being a leader

of integrity because it earns the respect from others and is morally correct. If I have confidence

in myself others will have confidence in me and trust that I am leading them in the right direction.

Goleman speaks of the importance of good self-esteem and how it effects everyone in your life.

(Daniel Goleman, 2002) I think having a good self-esteem is an important quality because we

work with children and we help to develop them emotionally in the early stages of their lives,

and we need to be aware of things ourselves before we can help others.

Throughout the years, I have also developed the skill of battle- hardened confidence,

I have learned to overcome facedown adversity. (Holly Elissa Bruno, 20012) With this lesson

learned I can mentor others to get through obstacles and challenges. I am passionate with the

families and staff; I am concerned about theyre total wellbeing. I try to help and assist them in

any way that I can. As a leader, I tend to take a friendly approach, but I still follow the rules of

the center rules and regulations.

I am a person that doesnt give up on tasks set before me. This skill has been

inspirational to people that are around me. I am a good listener, I tend to try to hear people out

instead of making assumptions about them or the situation. I take my time and try to train people

to reach their highest potential. I believe in having open communication with the staff and

families, allowing them to give input on different policies that I set forth for the center.

I possess human skills that allow me to assist a group to achieve a common goal.

This skill helps me work effectively with subordinates, peers, and superiors to accomplish the

organizations goals. (Leadership, Peter G. Northouse, 2013). I believe that I have some

problem-solving skills. Being able to construct solutions plays a special role in problem solving.

In addition to problem solving skills, effective leadership also requires social judgment skill.

These skills are necessary to solve unique organizational problems. (Leadership, Peter G.

Northouse, 2013) I believe that I communicate effectively. I am good leader and good listener. I

work with state agencies where they send volunteers to the center and I coach them into

becoming a child care teacher. I believe that my moral values and beliefs are influential to others.

with the training and years of experience I have the competence in the work- related attributes. I

believe that me being a leader with integrity is diverse and culturally important. In some cultures,

is hard for them to trust other cultures and by me displaying that I am honest and do things that

are morally correct it will help others trust me. By me having the skill of good communication it

helps me to learn and understand other cultures and give them the opportunity to understand me.

I believe when I am open and friendly it helps the relationship build a good foundation. I

believe with the smart leader attributes of leadership skills I have a lot of the skills, but there are

a lot that I need to improve on. The first skill that I would like to improve on is conflict

resolution, I try my hardest to avoid conflict as much as possible. I try to please people and to

avoid any type of conflict, but I learned throughout the years that is very stressful and not being

realistic. I would also need to improve on celebrating every situation, anything that is positive in

any capacity in business should be praised and sometimes I fail to do that. I believe if the

positive things were acknowledged all the time people will feel more appreciated and will

continue to make positive contributions to the center. I want to do personal leadership

assessments as well giving the staff surveys more often.


In conclusion

I believe that the skills I have as a leader and the skills that I need to improve on would

help the vision that I have for my program. I plan to expand the center with a school and have a

resource center for the community. By me being a woman with good moral values and open

communication and the other skills I possess will enhance my program goals because being open

and honest will bring about good strong relationships, and it will make it easier for everyone to

get along and work together. The skills that I need to improve on will help the program to grow

as I desire it to. All the smart leader attributes are important skills to have. I believe that no

matter how many skills that you have as a good leader there is always room to improve.


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