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(RBECis the product of 16 years' study and seven years of intensive consultations,Roco said many years ago.

When former President Aquino proposed the K12 program, people were hesitant to the idea of adding two more years in
the basic education. The fact that the students will spend a longer time at school and increase the expenses of their
education, some considered it as a disadvantage. But then, in order to meet the international standards, the country must
put forward a better curriculum to shorten the gap with the neighbouring countries high quality education. Over the long
haul, the Philippines may steadily keep up with other nation in terms of academic excellence. It is like an assurance of a
bright future for the country.

But why the government was so keen to pass the K12 program? Students have an inadequate comprehension of basic
competencies caused by the old curriculum. The old curriculum is too congested that it should be delivered for 12 years
but is being taught in only 10 years. The insufficiency of the Academic Learning Time is shown in the inadequate
comprehension of basic competencies of the Filipino students. In result, DepEd records report the a plummeting
achievement level of elementary and secondary school students based on the National Achievement Test (NAT) results
from S.Y 2005-2010. The quantity of the students that made it to get next higher education in both elementary and
secondary school also shrunk from 2007-2010.

Acording to Antonio Tinio, In previous years, we have always heard rosy statistics from DepEd about the supposed
improving achievement levels. Now, we see the true picture of the ugly state of affairs. (Ronda, 2011)

These are bleak statistics that should be highlighted to force the government to take more drastic action to arrest the
deterioration of the state of education by allotting more resources to education in the next few years, Tinio said.(Ronda,

(Luistro also presented their ambitious K (Kindergarten)+12 Basic Education Curriculum program as one of their main
solutions to improve the learning competencies of Filipino graduates and raise their chances of getting employed.) (DI