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Name :____Zhu Weida_____________________________ Course/Student No :____BSED-

English 200911073________________ CAMPUS MINISTRY OFFICE

Adamson University

1. In your stay in Adamson, how and in what instances you were able to feel that God is working in your
life as a student?

During my study in Adamson, i can feel that God is around, every time when our classmate pray before
the class, i think God will lead and guide their ways and give them proper instructions in their path
to success, God's will and spirit will alway be with me and others in my life and career.

2. As an Adamsonian,what could be your greatest contribution to the Church and our country in

As an education graduates, i will become an educator in the furure, teaching is a lifelong career, it's my
responsibility to do my best to make contribution for my country, education is very important for the
future development of a country,i will follow the will and the spirit of a responsibile teacher and make
education a career of my own.

3. A Vincentian graduate is known to be hardworking,patient,persevering and have a compassionate

heart for the poor.How would you concretize these qualities in your life after graduation?

For me, a future educator, it's my job to have a positive attitudes during my teaching, i will try my best
to be patient while treating my students, i will love and be respect to my students because everyone is
equal and have their own learning style and different personalities, I should teaching them using variety
of teaching methods.I will concretize those qualities in my future life and career.

3C's are the attributes of a Vincentian Graduate. How do you understand

the following? Give example:

a. COMPETENCE: As a graduation student, i should have enough professional competency and be

prefiency in my academic knowledge and performance, it's a must for a furure teacher.

b. CHARACTER: be dilligent,patient,persevering and have a positive attitude in life and work is important
for the teacher in the furure, teacher serves as a model to the students, what teacher do and act can
affect the attitudes of his
or her students.

c. CHARITY: Moral values and virtues serves as a mirror to examine a qualified teacher is suit to be an
educator, a teacher should always have their own personal values and ethical behavioral norms in their
minds and will alway follow those values in their career.

(For Catholics only) Please Check: _Zhu Weida , I promise to go to confession and hear mass in the
future (especially before I graduate).