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Renewable and Alternative Energy Tutorial 5 2017

1. Renewable energy resources (such as wind, solar, and biomass, among others) have emerged
as an important engineering topic mainly due to the profound advantages of the corresponding
plants over conventional plants (such as fossil-fueled and nuclear). However, there are some
disadvantages. State TWO (2) negative impacts of staying near wind turbines facilities.

2. What companies make water pumping wind turbines?

3. What companies make small wind electric systems?

4. How do small wind turbines compare with other renewable energy technologies suitable for
decentralized rural electricitation?

5. Various governments and local authorities around the world have established renewable
energy targets and promoting increased penetration of electricity from renewable sources.
Why are small wind turbines better than diesel generators or extension of utility lines in
developing countries?

6. How do small turbine costs compared to the costs of other alternatives?

7. To transform wind power to electrical power efficiently, the placement of wind turbines in a
wind farm is optimized to maximize capture of wind resource and minimize wake loss and
turbulence interactions from multiple turbines. Many information are required to make sure a
wind power energy project is demonstrated to be viable. Discuss it.

8. What size tower is used for a small-scale wind turbine?

9. How much land is needed for a small wind system?

10. How much power is needed to power a household or farm?

11. What are the environmental benefits of wind power?

12. Renewable power generators, whose percentage is growing annually, are spread across many
countries, and wind power alone already provides a significant share of electricity in some
areas. The contribution of wind energy, in particular, has grown swiftly over the past decade,
from 18 GW of net installed capacity at the end of 2000 to 159 GW at the end of 2009. What
are the negative impacts of wind power?

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Renewable and Alternative Energy Tutorial 5 2017

13. The wind doesnt blow all the time. How much can it really contribute to a utilitys
generating capacity?

14. How much of wind energy can be produced by using utility-scale turbine?

15. Malaysia is one of the countries in the world working to facilitate the growth of renewable
energy industry. Renewable energy based sources and environmental friendly technology is
expected to play an important role in meeting with Malaysias Energy Demand and at the
same time reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Is it possible to install a wind power
plant in Malaysia? If yes, where is the location?

16. What is wind turbine and how does it work?

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