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Problem List Signs and Symptoms

Red Flags Substance

Stimulants during childhood, anti-psychotic medication during teen years and
most recently a beta blocker

His father left his mother after he was born and his mother died when
he was young, his maternal grandmother was the paternal figure in his
Few of his cousins spent time in jail, and he was close with an uncle
who died 3 years ago

Self Functioning Behavioral Excesses and Deficits

In retaliation to a young man who accidentally bumped his food, he
took the workers lunch and threw it in the trash. Mr Bs beverage was
also replaced by the other worker but by then he said it was too little,
too late
He was fired for calling the restaurant he was working in to ask his
work schedule everyday
He throws tantrums whenever he had faced criticisms and there were
negative comments about his work

Affect mood excesses/ deficits and dysregulation

Mr B easily got bothered at a co-worker joking other peoples names
and threatened him to take him outside. He used foul language and
reacted saying Tell me that was fair
It was bothersome for Mr B that there are silly competitions in work in
finishing the job the fastest
He never admits his fault ex. He pushed down a co-worker and the co-
worker got bruises but he said he barely touched the person
He disliked school because students had teased each other
He is unable to accept his mistakes
He regrets some incidents, he bails on it
He has anger control issues and admits to it
Always asserts that he is right

Cognitive Distortion
He obtained a full IQ score of 65, with a higher Verbal than
Performance IQ Scores
His reading skills were reported to be at the third grade level
Math skills were reported to be at the second grade level
Weakness in number concepts
Disorganized speech Ex. And there are a couple of women who are
friendly enough, but one of them likes to play one guy against another.
Thats not right. One of the best trainees finished the programme a few
weeks ago and left for a job.
When asked for routine personal data, he took out his wallet and
retrieved a folded piece of paper which contained his name, birthdate,
address, phone number, grandmothers name and other information that
he said he usually needed when he completed job applications
Some of his statements sounded like repetitions of instructions he had
been given in the training programme, such as you dont open up that
bottle in the janitor closet, you would pass out

Awareness Issues
He refused previous referrals for individual counselling because he is not

Physiological Illness and Factors

Mr B was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
He walked with a slight limp
He had some limitations in the use of his right hand
He had some articulation problems, but is understood
He wore glasses because hes near sighted
Social and Relational Conflicts and Instability
interpersonal He had very few acquaintances with whom he is friendly with
Functioning He is really judgmental about people around him and thinks he is better
than them Ex. There were few young guys in the programme. They
than they know it all. I knew more before I started the programme than
they will ever know.
He threatened a co-worker joking about names to take it outside
He pushed a co worker who was trying to pass him in the hallway
He has a strong admiration for a co-worker that left for another job
He was fired in some of his jobs because he had disagreements with his
supervisors and because of insubordination
He is very sensitive of complaints in work and easily angered by
He brought his frustrations at home and sometimes he argues with his

Interpersonal Deficits
Weakness in socialization evident in how he would only have
acquaintances and how he argues with other people
Lacks interpersonal skills such as verbal communication, non-verbal
communication, listening skills and negotiation because he cannot take
criticism in a positive way
Assertiveness may also be evident in how he calls out other people like
how he uses threats and foul words in asserting himself

Societal Crime
Functioning There were reported increase in crimes when he arrived in the
There were incidents of threatening people
He sometimes used his fists to defend himself

Occupational and School Options

Attended Public school special education classes until 18 years of age
but he said he did not enjoy school because students teased each other
Adult education classes; learned about computers and electronics
Vocational Program
Radio announcing school but it was said that he could not get a position
in the radio
Janitorial work but he was almost always fired because of disputes with
Recent workwas working 20 hours at a fast food company where he
was tasked of cleaning the lobby, the rest rooms and around the

Access to Basic Services

He attended a public school special education
He goes to a radio announcing school
He has a membership in the health club
He has access to medical services since he did take stimulants, anti-
psychotic medications and a beta blocker.
The causes of Mr Bs anger episodes usually stems from his environment. Mr.
B gets extremely upset fast when confronted with very uncomfortable and
disorderly situations like when people are joking around too much so they
knock over things (e.g his drink), when people cant seem to understand that he
didnt like things and that they should stop doing it (e.g nickname-calling) and
when people try to be one step ahead of him (e.g at company competitions).
Hes very sensitive with the way his supervisors treat him and hed disagree
with them thats why he usually jumps from one job to another. He also does
not like it when his routines and the order of how he do things change. Hes
also sensitive to sounds thats why he had a disagreement with his neighbor
who was being loud in their apartment. Hes very affected whenever he seems
to think that his being unemployed is due to the fact that he cant get along with
people, a fact that his grandmother would tell him multiple times. His
frustrations are at work because when hes had a bad day at work, sometimes it
would lead to an argument with his grandmother.
Mr. Bs parental figure is his grandmother only. His father left them when hes
still in the womb while his mother died when he was young. He has no siblings
but he has elder cousins who he rarely saw. Some of them spent time in jail. He
was close with his uncle but he died three years ago due to a heart condition.
During his teen years, he didnt mention having any friends from his school
where he took special education classes. Since this age, he had a history of
talking back to his teachers, throwing things, and non-compliance. In fact, he
got suspended after getting into a fight in the lunchroom.
Mr. B had been prescribed stimulants during his childhood, anti-psychotic
drugs during his teen years, and recently a beta-blocker. Although he refused
previous referrals for counselling, he has never been psychiatrically

Mr. B is very much eager to come to therapy because his supervisor told him
that it would help him get a job. Because of this, he partakes in role-playing
activities with the therapist to improve his interpersonal skills. Although there
are some reluctance with admitting his difficulty in anger control, he doesnt
seem to have an issue answering the therapists questions.

Mr. B doesnt like to be part of group therapies because he believes that his
business is not for everyone to hear. He also insists that all his supervisors
should treat everyone fairly. This is problematic because he doesnt take into
consideration that he has no control over other peoples attitudes.

Core Hypothesis
Mr. Bs firm belief that everyone should act according to how he wants and
how things are supposed to be achieved in his own order only are the reasons
why he occasionally gets temper outbursts when things dont go his way.

Submitted By:
Penaranda, Patricia
Rosales, Via Isabel
Villaflor Kathlyn O.

Submitted to:
Ms. Andrea Martinez
Psychology 155

September 09, 2017