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Some of us go with those Coaching Institutes that readily offer

admission without conducting an Admission Test or conduct it

as a mere eyewash. 2018
FIITJEE conducts Admission Tests to gauge the aptitude & potential of a Student to qualify Aspirants
JEE Advanced, JEE Main & various other exams. FIITJEE does not offer admission to Students

are the
in its Classroom / Integrated School Program who do not qualify the Admission Test.
But some Institutes offer admission readily as their sole motive is to make money Can you predict
while others, those conduct the admission test, conduct it as a mere eyewash which
does not assess a Students potential & capability in the real sense. what Rank will you get &
where do you stand at the

National level ?

Some of us believe the Results published by some unscrupulous

Coaching Institutes which could be fake & fabricated. Do you know

the topics
This is Kaliyug and some institutes indulge in wrongful practices by advertising fake &

fabricated Results and some of us fall into their trap by believing them blindly. Such you need to improve upon,
compared to other serious
Institutes purposely hide crucial details about its Students, buy results of Students not taught
JEE 2018 aspirants ?
by them by paying huge sums of money and advertise these results heavily across the country.

Do you have
committed by Some of us go by our Childs choice
If our child chooses to join an Institute which his / her friends or peer group are joining,
a Strategy

for success & have you

then we blindly let him / her join that institute. You being the guiding light for your child,
started working towards it ?
must verify your childs choice by carefully examining the facts & information about

Parents while various prospective institutes before taking the final decision.

Have you done

enough practice
Some of us overstress the need to save money

choosing a In order to save some money, would you really want to compromise on input parameters
like comprehensively trained Faculty, structured teaching Methodology, Student centric
to ensure that you perform
optimally on the JEE day ?

programs & approach, enabling environment & infrastructure ? Any amount of money spent
on these Institutes which do not provide all the necessary attributes mentioned above,

Coaching Institute is a complete waste.

If you answer No
to any of the above,
then you must appear in...

Insufficient inquiry / research and Lack of Awareness

for their Child ?

Just think, how much time & effort you put in to inquire / research when you buy
a Mobile Phone, TV, Car etc ?
Support Exam
15th October 2017

For Class XII / XII Pass Students

Let these mistakes not disrupt your plans for your Childs future. Avoid any uncertainty and choose the Best Coach of the Country ~ FIITJEE
aspiring for JEE 2018

Know your projected Rank in

Big Bang Edge Test JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2018

Get acquainted with your

Strengths & Weaknesses

Assess your current Preparedness

For Students presently in Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI Sunday, 15th October 2017 & Aptitude for the JEE Day

Avoid faltering on the JEE Day

 xperience the Big Bang Edge Test (in case of Class VIII, IX, X & XI) on the expected Each & Every day is Crucial !
Total Cash Scholarships + Tuition Fee Waivers for
new Pattern of JEE Advanced 2018. FIITJEE Classroom Programs + Hostel Fee Waivers
The classes for Students joining through Big Bang Edge Test will start
worth about Rs. 2 Crores. Subject to terms & conditions.
Get Detailed Analysis of your Current Readiness & what you need to do for the immediately thus giving them a head-start over others.
aspired Goal (studying at an IIT) as well as Intermediate Milestones (Jr. Olympiad,
Students will get extra time to adapt better to the quantum jump in the level of Last Date to Register :
NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, BITSAT, Olympiads). Offline : 11th Oct. 2017 | Online : 12th Oct. 2017
difficulty in academics.
Fee for Exam : Rs. 200/- (inclusive of Tax as applicable)
Get your Current IQ & Potential Evaluated. Besides this, you will also get detailed This head-start over others will help Students take a remarkable lead in grasping
Exam Cities : More than 70 cities across the country.
Relative Performance Analysis across Subjects, Chapters & Concepts. intricate concepts thereby improving their understanding by leaps & bounds.
For Online Registration, log on to www.fiitjeelogin.com
On joining a FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program through Big Bang With this head-start, the entire syllabus will be completed much earlier over other
For Offline Registration, get the
Edge Test, you will be paying the Lowest Fee for session starting April, 2018. Students thus giving them ample time for revision & consolidating the syllabus. Paper Application Form from your nearest FIITJEE Centre.

www.bigbangedge.com www.ftse.fiitjee.com

with Rs. 200/-* for Students registering for FIITJEE Test for the first time
Last Date to Register : 28th September 2017 with Rs. 100/-* for Students who had registered for any FIITJEE Test in the past
These programs are designed
From 29th Sept. to 12th Oct. 2017
For Online Registration, log on to Mobile registration utility available at For Offline Registration, get the Paper Application to catapult your All India Rank
For Students registering for FIITJEE Test For Students who had registered for
www.fiitjeelogin.com www.fiitjeelogin.com/mobile Form from your nearest FIITJEE centre. from 2000 to a Rank in Top 20
for the first time - Rs. 300/-* any FIITJEE Test in the past - Rs. 200/-*
*(inclusive of Tax as applicable).
Exclusively for XII Pass Students


Condensed Classroom Program (300 Hrs.)

Where winning is a habit ! For Class XII / XII Pass Students

Intensive Contact Program

(138 / 96 Hrs.)

For Class XII / XII Pass Students

SUPER Intensive
Contact Program (54 Hrs.)
F o r u m f o r I I T - J E E
National Admissions Office : FIITJEE House, 29-A, Kalu Sarai, Near Hauz Khas Metro Station, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi - 110 016 Ph: 011 - 49283471 / 73 / 75 Effective revision is extremely important once the
JEE syllabus is complete. These Programs are crafted to
Ph.: (South Delhi: 46106000), (East Delhi: 43002500), (Punjabi Bagh: 45634000), (Dwarka: 28035964), (Rohini: 47064000), (Janak Puri: 45616600), empower Students to constructively revise the most
(Noida: 4754800), (Gurgaon: 4628400), (Faridabad: 4174582), (Ghaziabad: 2820004) important topics of JEE Syllabus within a short span of
time, thus also helping them to plug loopholes, if any.
Toll FreeAdmissions
National No. 1800114242 Web: www.fiitjee.com
Office: FIITJEE Vihar, New Delhi Toll Free No. 1800 11www.twitter.com/fiitjee
House, 29-A, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya 4242 Web: www.fiitjee.com www.youtube.com/fiitjeeltd www.instagram.com/fiitjee.india
www.facebook.com/fiitjeeindia123 www.twitter.com/fiitjee www.pinterest.com/fiitjee0550

FIITJEE - 25 Years of Innovation, Sincerity, Ethics, Consistency & Hard Work

Size : 33 x 51 sq. cm. for HT- Delhi & NCR Dated : 23.09.2017