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In my magazine I have used a

direct mode of address. I know

The hypodermic theory can be this because the women on the
implied because the target front cover is looking directly
audience are older teenagers. So at the reader giving clear eye
they become inspired by the older contact, this is communicating
generation. So this women on the with the audience so therefore
front cover, will make teenagers the reader will fell involved.
because inspired by her and want Also language such as your
to learn how to have skin like her which has been included in the
and hair like her. So this is really front cover creates a direct
important for the target audience mode of address as you are
for this magazine. Whereas it there involving them in the texts.
was an older lady in her late 60s
teenagers wouldn't been as
inspired by her as there would be
a huge age difference. Formal language has
been used for
example exclusive
hairstyles that you
can follow this
means I am not
using informal
The Gratification theory can be language such as
implied as we can see because the slang. This will
magazine informs and educates. attract a middle to
This is a key part to a magazine higher class target
cover as people who want to audience.
learn will come and buy the
magazine knowing it will educate HYPERBOLE has been used on the front
them and be helpful for them. cover of this magazine. This has been done
Another reason why the to exaggerate the magazine and to make it
Gratification Theory is a key seem new.
point to a magazine cover is I applied the theory of preferred or dominant reading because my
because it makes an active target audience is people who want to improve themselves so they
audience rather than the effect buy my magazine to help them. This means my magazine will not
theory which would create a be challenged in anyway because they will agree with what the
passive audience. magazine contains.