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Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Change Over Calculator

Guidance Notes :
This tool provides an estimate of the time required to dilute and flush through HSFO to meet the legislative sulphur limits
required for operating in a SOx Limited Zone (SLZ), such as a SOx Emission Control Area (SECA), EU Directive 2005/33/EC
or CARB. Please fill in all the data fields and select the required sulphur limit from the drop down menu or define your
own value to determine time and cost involved to achieve the sulphur limit at the engine inlet. The calculation is based
on a complete linear blend of the two fuels during the dilution stage. It should be noted that this calculation is an
estimate for guidance purposes and that spot samples to check actual sulphur content at various stages of the dilution
process are recommended to account for any operations not considered.

It is necessary to ensure that adequate quantities of ready-to-use oil fuel for engines and boilers used for propulsion and
generation plant remain continuously available during any changeover procedures from HSFO to LSFO.

In addition it is necessary to confirm with engine and equipment manufacturers that main and auxiliary engines, boilers
and associated fuel treatment equipment are suitable for use of low sulphur fuel oils and implement any
recommendations made by the manufacturers.

The compatibility between the HSFO and LSFO should be verified before commencing the change over process.

This calculator applies to fuels passing through the heavy fuel oil system only. It is not applicable to disitillate fuel being
supplied directly from the distillate fuel oil tank.

Lloyds Register FOBAS will be happy to assist anyone requiring further guidance.

Contact : fobas@lr.org

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Lloyds Register 2009

Version 3.0
S u lp h u r c o n te n t [% m /m ]
LOW SULPHUR FUEL OIL CHANGE-OVER CALCULATOR Graphical representation of change over time from HSFO to LSFO
Version 3.0

HSFO - High sulphur fuel oil

LSFO - Low sulphur fuel oil
HSFO in the settling tank at start of change over 20 t
HSFO in the service tank at start of change over 5 t
HSFO in the mixing/deaeration tank 10 t
Sulphur range 4.5% - 0.0% m/m
Rate of fuel consumption (engines) 1 t/hr
Settling tank
Service tank
Mixing tank
Click on yellow box and select required sulphur value from drop down list or
alternatively double click on box to enter your own value
Required sulphur content at engine Inlet 1.5 % m/m

High sulphur fuel price 350 $/t

Low sulphur fuel price 395 $/t
Sulphur content of HSFO 4.5 % m/m
Sulphur content of LSFO 0.3 % m/m
Elapsed time from start of change over [hr]

S u lp h ur c o n t e n t [ % m / m ]
Change over time for compliance 42.7 hr
Added cost due to additional consumption of LSFO 1,924 $

Sulphur range 1.0% - 0.0 % m/m

Settling tank
Service tank
Mixing tank

1 Elapsed time from start of change over [hr]
0.5 0.5