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Useful Information for the Next Generation of Jewish Families

Fall into Autumn

The Teenage Brain Chol Hamoed Fun
Author Nancy Krulik
Supplement to The Jewish Standard October 2017
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New Pediatric ER and Inpatient Center

Atlantic Health System is introducing an innovative approach to pediatric care at Chilton Medical Center, the
only one of its kind in the northern NJ region. The Childrens Center will offer an exceptional level of care to
our most precious patients, combining pediatric emergency services and inpatient care within a brand-new,
family-friendly environment.

With sleeping accommodations for parents, a kids playroom and a family lounge, our team of experienced
and compassionate pediatric physicians and nurses will put your familys needs first. And, because we are part
of Atlantic Health System, there is ready access to more than 100 pediatric specialists who provide advanced
expertise at Goryeb Childrens Hospital at Morristown Medical Center.

Where you go for pediatric care matters

Chilton Medical Center 97 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ atlantichealth.org


CMC-6995-17 ChildrensCtr_JewishStd.indd 1 8/18/17 12:03 PM


October 2017
Chol Hamoed Fun. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
Local places to enjoy during the break
School of Dance

Art from the Heart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Ballet Jazz Hip Hop Tap

Encouraging your childs creative side Lyrical/Contemporary Acrobatics
Creative Movement Musical Theater
Good Habits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Combination Classes Boys Only Classes
Setting up a year of success Adult Barre Fitness
Write On Nancy Krulik . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Classes for Ages 2 - Adult Beginner to Advanced
Prolific childrens author visits Bergen County

Local Teen on Food Network. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 NOW

Chef Eitan Bernath makes second appearance
Special 10-week session
Generation G. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 fromAUDITION
October 15 through
OUR 17.
Visiting Williamsburg, Va. Space is limited,
THEyour place!
TEAM! Dance
The Teenage Brain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 www.mariannsdance.com Birthday
Understanding the changes
Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 49 East Midland Ave. Paramus, NJ 07652
Pictures of our children 201-261-1207


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Great picks for you
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! Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 experience!
Things to do this month

Simchas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Newer, Better, More Spectacular!

Celebrating our milestones

MissionStatement Thrilling New Rides!

About Our Children is designed to help Jewish families in our area live healthy, positive lives thatPROOF
make the O.K. Giant Slides Giant Spider
most ofBY: _____________________________
the resources available to them. By providing useful, current, accurate information, this publication aims to guide Obstacle Course MountainO.K. WITH CORRECTIONS BY:_________________________
parents to essential information on faith, education, the arts, events, and child-raising in short, everything that Air Cannon Alley and Slide
todays Jewish family, babies to grandparents, needs to live life to the fullest in North JerseyPLEASE READCounty.
and Rockland CAREFULLY Sports
And More!

AdvisoryBoard SALES PERSON: Ellen Zitis

Birthday Parties!
PUBLICATION: NR-Community News North
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Dr. Annette Berger, Psy.D. Jane Calem Rosen SIZE: 3 col X 4.88 in Giant indoor inflatables INDD
Psychologist, Teaneck Marketing and Communications Specialist Spider
Private bounce and party rooms Mountain
Michelle Brauntuch, MS,CCLS Barry Weissman, MD
Child Life Specialist, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Pediatrician, Hackensack and Wyckoff Hassle-free, easy to plan!
Hope Eliasof Cheryl Wylen Dedicated party pros
Marriage and Family Therapist, Midland Park Director of Adult Programs and Cultural Arts Clean, safe and secure
Howard Prager, DC, DACBSP YM-YWHA of North Jersey, Wayne We clean up!
Holistic Chiropractor, Oakland FIRST
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e-mail: AboutOC@aol.com.


musings from the editor
drive. Have been since 17. Even Not, Hey, this is big. Now youre old ing that we would complete our errands right highway heading home. When I
took a job in Motor City, where the enough to handle this responsibility. before the rain and the nightfall. But it reached the gas station, I didnt think it
first paved road in North America But instead, Life. And. Death. was not to be. It turned dark quickly and polite to simply use the gas station to
emerged and where the car was born. Of course, now as a parent of a driv- the drizzle turned to drops, and I wasnt turn around. I decided to get some gas.
Detroit and its suburbs and exurbs de- ing-age teen, I understand the fear factor. happy. Fill it up please. Regular. Cash.
veloped because of and alongside the But that not-so-subliminal message of fear Add to that, the weight of my old girl, My tank was already full, but the at-
automobile. that I first learned has been my front-seat Tanya, the Toyota. I had been food shop- tendant who witnessed my ridiculous
I do drive, but Im not exactly an ea- passenger. Still, Ive pushed through. Ive ping for a three-day yontif and the gro- illegal lane switch managed to pump a
ger or enthusiastic driver. My memory traversed half the country behind the ceries, including cases of seltzer, were few dollars in anyway.
of learning to drive was a high school wheel. Ive commuted on major highways weighing down the car something fierce. Is that all? he asked.
course, practice in a double brake stu- and byways. Ive driven through snow, ice- (A three-day yontif, means shopping to Yes. Thanks.
dent driver car, and then more practice slicked roads, and rainstorms. Ive gotten prepare for the apocalypse.) To which he replied, Oh, my God!
in the ghost-like outer corners of Brook- from point A to point B in the car. So between the car feeling like it was But really, thank God, we were okay.
lyn where no car and no person is seen. Not that I liked it. Ive never been the sagging from overweight, and the rain, It was not exactly a moment of glory
My father, who as a young man living one to suggest we pile the family in the and the darkness, I was going to head for me. Both having capitulated to my
in Cleveland, Ohio, acquired a car even car and take a drive into the country or home as soon as I could before more rain fear and doing a crazy thing on the road
before he acquired his knowledge of the head for an impromptu day trip. I wish I fell. I inadvertently took a wrong turn right there in front of the driving-age kid.
English language, was my teacher. That were that woman. But Im not. and was to be headed onto the highway What can I say?
first lesson was sobering. So when I recently had the kids in the wrong direction. Instead of taking I hope thats a driving lesson that we
Heidi, he said as I sat behind the in the car after picking them up from that highway, I turned around on the definitely leave behind.
wheel of his Oldsmobile Cutlass Su- school with a pre-holiday long to-do road to head in the opposite direction. But as a life lesson, perhaps theres
preme. Continuing in Yiddish, Driving, list shopping, tailor, etc. it was much What I didnt realize was that the value. If you find yourself heading down
he warned, is life and death. to my chagrin that the weather forecast- turn I made was not exactly legal. Not the wrong road, even if its hard to do,
Da-dum. ers were predicting heavy rains from one only wasnt it legal, I unwittingly crossed you can always turn around.
Not, Hey, this is great. Now youll of the many hurricanes that have been a divider. I figured I would turn around Cheers,
have your freedom. devastating the Caribbean. I was hop- through a gas station and get onto the


Bronxville Englewood
Woodcliff Lake Wyckoff

Piatas * Crafts * Entertainment * Sombreros * Birthday Cake

(packages range from $13.95 - $21.95 per child)
for party info
201.848.4088 * www.BlueMoonMexicanCafe.com

Chol Hamoed Fun

H E I D I M A E B RAT T exhibition encourages youngsters to learn, play and
solve problems using STEM concepts with Thomas the

cience and sukkah? Tank Engine and his friends. Young learners can practice
But of course. At Liberty Science Center, the counting objects, comparing sizes, and learning colors.
world-class interactive science museum, which Older children can practice math skills, learn basic engi-
never ceases to amaze and inspire, visitors during Suk- neering concepts, discover science ideas through play
kot chol hamoed will have a spacious sukkah to enjoy and see how technology works.
their meals while checking out the Jersey City museums Another new exhibition, We Explore, takes young-
new exhibitions. sters on an inside adventure to camp where they learn
Just opened for fans of Thomas the Tank Engine about campfires and the science of the great outdoors.
and his friends is a trainload of adventures with the new Children 2 to 5 years old can join the LSC park rangers,
exhibition, Thomas & Friends: Explore the Rails. The build a faux fire, toast play marshmallows, tie knots, go
fishing, and explore the ecosystem of a log. We Explore:
Camp Liberty takes place daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30
p.m. Liberty Science Center is located at Liberty State
Park, 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City. 201- 200-
1000, www.lsc.org.
If creating art is your thing, Sunshine Pottery in En-
glewood is hosting a mini-camp on October 9, 10, and
11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for youngsters 6 and older. The Thomas the Tank Engine at Liberty Science Center.
mini-camp will include instruction, and campers will
complete two art projects: a pottery project and a can- ers should bring along their lunch and dress to make a
vas project, said Alice Small, owner of Sunshine Pottery. mess. There is plenty of parking available at the location.
Ms. Small will offer a $5 discount for those campers Sunshine Pottery, 260 Grand Ave., Englewood. 201-541-
who make reservations. The daily mini-camp fee is $50. 5559. www.sunshinepotterynj.com.
Painting greenware at Sunshine Pottery.
She said that walk-in clients, who just want to do individ-
ual projects, not in the camp, are also welcomed. Camp- Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our Children.

Pottery Painting Mosaics

Black Light & Canvas Painting Clay Glass Jewelry
Birthday Parties
Register Now for Fall
Afternoon Programs
Mommy & Me
No Sitting Fee Lots of Free Parking Completely Accessible

Hamoed 260 Grand Ave.
Englewood, NJ
sunshinepotterynj JS



How to Encourage
Your Childs Art from the Heart

t some point in time, nearly every preschooler
picks up paper and crayons and begins to draw
out disjointed circles and haphazard lines. Al-
though this may appear to be random doodle, it could
be the beginning of a life-long love in the visual arts. Even
if your child isnt a budding Botticelli you can nurture
a love and appreciation for the fine arts. So where do
you begin?
Art Educator Malissa Rees believes art appreciation
begins with everyday experiences early on. It can be
as simple as looking at illustrations in books and talking
about the colors, shapes and mediums used, she said.
Or take your children outside and point out the trees
and the effects of the sun on nature.
For Devon Godek, this came naturally. From the time
she was 3, Devon would say, Daddy, look at the colors of
the sunset, or Look at the design in the clouds. Then
she would try to draw them, said Joe of his now 9-year-
old daughter. It was obvious even from preschool that
her work was more intricate than other kids her age.
Valerie Schulte had a similar experience with Maggie,



now 5. From a very early age, my daughter was extreme- said Mr. Godek. Now I ask questions to stimulate discus- art museums. Many facilities cater to children with kid-
ly creative, said Ms. Schulte. At 2, she was enthralled sions and she responds better. friendly audio headsets, printed booklet and/or guides.
with crayons and moved quickly on to finger paints. She Ms. Pozzi and Ms. Reese both think accentuating the Even if they dont, you can create impromptu games such
also loved to manipulate clay. Even now when she plays positive is the best approach. Praise the process and as scavenger hunts for various shapes, colors, animals,
waitress, she takes our orders and draws pictures of point out positive features of each piece. And dont be portraits and/or landscapes. Keep the experience upbeat
what we want. concerned if its a little off color. and fun, and leave before boredom sets in.
Experts agree Maggie and Devon both display signs Its okay if kids want to make the hair blue or a tree What if repeated attempts to encourage your child
of an artistically gifted child. purple, said Ms. Reese. Thats the beauty in childrens in the visual arts are met with failed endeavors? Back off
If a child has an intense desire to color, draw or ex- artwork; its carefree and whimsical. Encourage that. and try something else such as dance, music or theater.
plore other materials, it may be a sign he has a natural One way Ms. Schulte encourages Maggie in art is to I didnt set out to make my girls artists. I just wanted
gifting, says Art Educator Debra Pozzi. There may also enroll her in community classes. to give them a well-rounded education and help them
be an unusual perception of his surroundingsthings She really enjoys being with other kids who are develop an appreciation for all things, said Mr. Godek.
r other children wouldnt notice, like figures or forms working on the same project, she said. Shes just real- Devon and [her sister] Taylor have both taken dance
w or colors. izing her individuality and how everyones work turns and are learning to play the keyboard. We take them to
- Even if a child doesnt initially display extraordinary out differently because they all have their own styles. plays too. I think if you expose kids to a variety of op-
d artistic skill, its a good idea to continue exposing him to When children take instruction, they are exposed portunities, sooner or later youll start to see their inter-
n the arts. to a variety of materials and new techniques taught by ests emerging.
e Parents shouldnt make assumptions their children trained individuals, says Ms. Pozzi. This helps them
o arent talented because it may not show up until later grow as artists. Denise Yearian is the former editor of two parenting maga-
in life, Ms. Pozzi said. Even if it turns out they arent Another way to instill a love for the arts is to visit zines a mother and grandmother.
n gifted or dont have a desire to do art, exposing them will
e enrich their lives and give them a better appreciation of
g their surroundings.
. Schulte hit this roadblock with her son, now 11.
s When Jack was little, he enjoyed coloring like most kids.
But by the time he was 4, it was apparent he was all about
e sports, she said. Thats when the struggle began to get
f him to participate in creative projects.
n Like Jack, there are many children who prefer other
- activities to visual arts. But Reese says those interests
t can still be translated into art.
Find out what your child is interested incartoons, Sunday, October 29
, cars, video gamesthen use those as springboards for
projects, she said. If you have a boy who likes cars, say,
1pm 3pm @ Camp Veritans
Lets make a cardboard car together. If hes into sports,
suggest a 3-D shoebox scene.
Whats most important is that you encourage, but
dont push. Be careful with correction too.
On a few occasions, Ive tried to correct Devons
work but it wasnt well received. Shes her worst critic,




Gymnastics and Silks

Four Good Habits

Fencing Princess Dance and more age 2-1/2 to adults

Dance Acting Musical Theater Voice Choreography

Performing Arts
300 Knickerbocker Rd Cresskill
To Help Your Child
Flourish This Year

S LOV I E JU N G R E I S - WO L F F nored or misread. They do better with emojis than living

breathing human beings. Texting all types of emotions is

ts back to school time. Regardless of your childs age, easy but saying Im sorry, Im so happy to see you,
there are steps you can take to help your child thrive or Im excited feels clumsy. The power of a kind word,
and flourish more this year. The key is focusing daily reassuring gesture, and sympathetic eye cannot be mini-
on these habits. Our children recognize our priorities mized. Our children are losing this vital human connec-
when we dont drop the ball despite the pressures and tion through which relationships are built and endure.
stress of family life. Teach your child to put down his phone, especially
at dinnertime. Be sure to lead by example. Sit down and
1. Daily responsibility communicate together. Share a funny story or something
REGISTER NOW FOR FALL Putting homework and books into knapsacks nightly, that happened to you during the day.
We're open during Chol Hamoed. clearing away your plate and fork from the dinner table,
placing laundry in the hamper are all examples of daily 3. Good study habits
Register today for Trial Classes.
tasks that teach children to be self-responsible. When Children require calm and adequate time to study. Push-
Go to www.cresskillperformingarts.com
you realize that the mess you make is yours to clean and ing off studying until the last possible minute is a bad
to reserve your spot!
that there is no one who is going to be accountable for habit. Checking texts or Instagram while doing home-
Questions? 201-390-7513 201-266-8830 your tasks but you, maturity is gained. work ensures a distracted mind. A loud noisy environ-
Parents often give lectures about being responsible ment does not encourage concentration. If you know
studio-info@cresskillperformingarts.com but the real way of transmitting this essential character that your child is a procrastinator, or that assignments
www.cresskillperformingarts.com trait is through making sure that our children live what are consistently missed as the year passes, set a goal to
we preach. tackle the issue this year. Ask your child before the prob-
Successful children understand that they can be self- lems begin: what can we do to make this year better? In-
reliant and independent. They dont whine about their volve your child in the solution. Good study habits bring

Come Smile with Us tasks. We dont fall apart as easily if we recognize that life
is about accountability and responsibility.
children to feel more secure and self-assured as they face
their school day.
Parents should be careful not to put down their chil-
2. Good relationship skills drens teachers and authority figures. We must model
Children who are socially happy in school and know how the behavior we expect. When we speak respectfully
to settle conflicts with peers will be more successful stu- of teachers and school rules, children understand that
dents. If you see that your child is getting bogged down in their behavior towards school and authority matters.
arguments with siblings or friends, make a mental note of We will not look away at rudeness, ignoring of tests and
what is happening. Is your child overly sensitive? Is she projects due.
easily explosive? Does he always have to get his way?
Does your child know how to give space to others-both 4. Value effort over grades
physical and emotional? Is shyness or lack of self-confi- We have come to fear failure. Many parents would rather
dence preventing socialization? stay up the entire night and complete the science fair
Social skills are not automatic. As children grow we project than see their child grapple with a poor grade.
may notice that they are being excluded. Some children Take a step back and recognize that even when not do-
are socially awkward. Others dont know how to read so- ing well there is opportunity for growth. There is no life
cial cues properly. And there are those whose parents that will not be touched by disappointment. Each per-
TEANECK DENTIST hovered when they were little so that they are now inept
in grade school, high school, even college.
son will find themselves in a situation where he has fallen
and must pick himself up and try again. If never allowed
A 20-year study at Penn State and Duke found that the experience, how will our children know the power of
We put the Care kids with good social skills became more successful as their efforts?
into Dental Care! years passed; it behooves us to help guide our children. Resilience cannot be taught; it must be lived. Give
Pay attention to the way your child deals with peers your child space to grow.
Richard S. Gertler, DMD, FAGD and family members. Instead of jumping in, allow your Pushing the idea that grades matter more than ef-
Ari Frohlich, DMD child to find resolution. If you must, speak privately to fort strips children of discovering their inner power to
Sami Solaimanzadeh, DMD your child about the right way to apologize and forgive. accomplish greatness.
(Some adults may need to brush up on these skills before This year pave the road toward success by focusing
Come visit us in our new home teaching their children.) Open your childs eyes to feeling
empathy, giving a helping hand to someone in need, and
daily on these four habits.

1008 Teaneck Road Teaneck being sensitive to others challenges. Slovie Jungreis-Wolff is a parenting educator, relationship
201.837.3000 Too many of our children sit in front of their screens
completely oblivious to the people around them. Facial
coach, teacher, and the author of Raising a Child With Soul,
www.teaneckdentist.com expressions, eye contact, body language is completely ig-
St. Martins Press.

Visit us on Facebook Aish.com

Convenient Morning, Evening & Sunday Hours



Nancy Krulik
More than 200 Childrens Books and Counting
H E I D I M A E B RAT T zoo, Switcheroo; How I Survived Middle
School; George Brown Class Clown; Magic

ancy Krulik and I definitely could Bone, and others.
have read her books when we were She has written more than 200 books,
in second grade class in our Brook- for children and young adults, including
lyn elementary school some decades ago. three New York Times bestsellers.
We would have laughed and delighted at After I got my head wrapped around
the characters shenanigans, and when the chunk of time and the chunk of ac-
we finished one book, we would have complishment, we just chit-chatted like
hungered for the next, and the next, and two girls.
the next. Now Ms. Krulik has a
Of course Nancy new protagonist with mis-
Krulik and I were only adventures, Zeke Zander,
7 years old. We were an alien who lands on Earth
learning how to create and is confused by the
the curlicues in cur- weird things humans do
sive writing and the here. The Kid from Planet
basics of addition and Z is illustrated by Louis
subtraction. Thomas.
Nancy Krulik, first full row, and Heidi Mae Bratt, middle row, in their first grade class picture.
How ironic was it He cant blend in, said
that when she was in Ms. Krulik of Zeke. I think
elementary school my that all children sometimes Ms. Krulik predicts that there will always they will always be hiding underneath
daughter, Shaina, came feel like they dont fit in one be a robust market for childrens books. their blanket with a flashlight reading,
home from the library way or another. Children will always want to sit on she said.
with a stack of Katie Ms. Krulik will be visit- your lap and have you read to them, or Lets hope so.
Kazoo, Switcheroo books written by ing our area on October 17, making a stop
none other than Nancy Krulik, my one- at the Harrington Park Elementary School
time friend and neighbor who moved to and Cottage Lane Elementary School
Cherry Hill, N.J. after she finished second in Rockland County. She also will meet
grade? and greet more young fans at Books and
When we got the chance to meet re- Greeting in Northvale at 4 p.m.
cently after all these years, I didnt know I try to make it fun, said Ms. Krulik,
whether to feel old or to feel young. who lives in Manhattan with her husband,
I remembered Nancy as an ador- composer Daniel Burwasser. She has two
able, brown-eyed, loquacious friend, who grown children daughter Amanda,
hands down, was the smartest girl in who writes with Ms. Krulik and teaches
our class. And here she was, grown up, elementary school, and Ian, a musician.
charming, and successful: Nancy Krulik, Theres no letting up in her plans to
the prolific and popular childrens author keep writing, and to keep school-age chil-
of such book series including, Katie Ka- dren reading. Already on the horizon with
a 2018 publishing date is yet another se-
Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About ries, Princess Pulverizer.
Our Children. Even with the digitized landscape,



Chef Eitan Bernath Competes Again

H E I D I M A E B RAT T Mr. Fieri about an appearance on Guys In addition, Eitan has been asked
Grocery Games. to contribute a monthly spot on the

e shot to fame as the kippah-clad I was jumping up and down, said Ei- Feedfeeds Instagram Stories, which has
11-year-old on The Food Networks tan. I was flipping out. It was so surreal. 1.3 million followers. He is the only kosher,
show Chopped. Now Eitan Ber- I am so grateful and glad that I went that and perhaps the youngest contributor to
nath, 15, has appeared on The Food Net- night to meet him. Guy is amazing. Hes so the new social media app, Collide. He
work for a second time this time as a warm, so enthusiastic and has such a pas- was asked to be part of the new platform
contestant on Guys Grocery Games, sion about cooking. by Food Network star Justin Warner, who
hosted by chef and television personal- Being on Guys Grocery Games, where was one of the judges on Guys Grocery
ity Guy Fieri in a show that aired Septem- Eitan cooked turkey burgers and hand cut Games, and who called Eitan the Culinary
ber 24. French fries for the first challenge, and Kosher Batman on the show.
It was literally a dream come true, spicy fish tacos with cole slaw and salsa My husband and I are continuously
said Eitan, who has idolized Mr. Fieri to verde for the second challenge, was un- shocked by the quality of what he produc-
the point where he has the celebrity chefs believable, Eitan said. On the show, he es, said Eitans mother, Sabrina Bernath,
cookware decorating the walls of his bed- had the help of his show mentor, Food who lives with her family, husband Jason,
room, collects his autographed posters Network star Aarti Sequeira, who assisted and son, Yoni, in Teaneck.
and cookbooks, and has even dressed him, and very importantly, tasted his food Eitan Bernath While Eitan may not have captured
up like the spiked, platinum-haired chef because, keeping kosher, Eitan could not. the grand prize on Guys Grocery Games,
for Purim. It was unbelievable, said Eitan, a and posts a new recipe weekly on his food his award is even greater.
So to be asked to become one of three Frisch sophomore. To be cooking for my blog. Major companies, such as Manisch- Said his mother: It is at times surreal
contestants on the show where super idol. For Guy to taste my fish tacos. And ewitz, have recognized his food photogra- that our little 14-year-old was invited by
fan chefs competed for a $20,000 prize for him to show me how to use a man- phy and he has interned with profession- one of the biggest Food Network stars to
was beyond his imagination. He met Mr. doline (a kitchen tool used to thinly slice), als, including noted food photographer appear on his show. With simply no fear
Fieri for a second time at a book signing was incredible. Matt Armendariz. or hesitation, he has befriended some of
last year, and chatted with the chef about I am a super fan. Having seen Eitans photography the biggest players in the secular culinary
his own food blog, and his appearance on Eitan is also a super committed work improve leaps and bounds over television world, while remaining true
Chopped. He then gave Mr. Fieri his busi- chef, recipe developer, food blogger and the past few years, its been an honor to to his frumkeit. We simply could not be
ness card and asked him to check out his food photographer. witness the talent and drive he has first more proud.
food blog. To date he has more than 18,000 fol- hand, said Mr. Armendariz. Im beyond
Before he got home that night, there lowers on his Instagram account, with thrilled to see what the future holds for Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About
was an email requesting him to chat with 500 new followers each week. He creates him and his photography. Our Children.

Visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Va.

E D S I L B E R FA R B ing fire. If the fire began to die, he pumped the bellows to
bring it to life. He was holding metal rods in the fire until

t was a magical dress, simple blue and white calico, they became white-hot and could be bent into horse-
with a turquoise sash and a white bonnet, but when shoes or other shapes.
she put it on nine-year-old Sonia became a maiden of I feel very sorry for the blacksmith, Sonia said as
18th century Williamsburg. She was ready to tour Virgin- she stepped outside into the hot sunshine.
ias colonial capital. At home she had computers to do her typing and
As she walked down Duke of Gloucester Street local printing. In the colonial print shop Sonia was transported
tradesmen passing by bowed and tipped their hats an to a bygone age. There in hand set frames were the let-
unexpected thrill. In a yard called Patriots at Play she ters that spelled the message of the day. The printer with
took a turn with a bow and arrow, milked an imitation ink-stained hands banged two spongy balls to stimulate
cow, did some colorful drawing and learned about the the ink, then rubbed them on the frame to spread the
kind of sheep and cattle in the colony. ink, covered it with a sheet of paper, then turned a huge
This was amusing, but her keen interest was the ar- screw that pressed the paper onto the inked plate. Thus
tisans. She liked making things and watching the experts was printed the news of the day, a broadsheet perhaps
do it. Who could be more skilful than the silversmith? alerting the colonists to the latest taxation outrage by
She was in luck. The silversmith was making spoons. She the British.
watched as the smith put the heated metal in a curved In the courthouse, Sonia learned how laws were
mold. Sonia held it in place. The smith with a heavy iron The authors granddaughter in Colonial garb shooting an arrow. enforced in the 18th Century revolutionary days, and
weight punched it into a spoon shape. Sonia was particu- was startled to see that one form of punishment was
larly pleased to see the silversmith was wearing the same versmiths, and the workplace not as comfortable. On a whipping with the cat-o-nine tails. Compared to that she
kind of costume she was. summer day with the temperature in the high nineties,
The blacksmiths work was not as delicate as the sil- the blacksmith sweltered over a huge forge with a roar- Past continued on page 15



The Teenage Brain

Understanding The Developing Mind
H e i d i M a e B rat t cant stressors on a lot of levels. ents during this period.
AOC: How does this brain develop- Dr. Wang: We cant underestimate

he teenage years. Ask any parent ment impact the teenager and what can the value of sleep. Have your kids get
about the joys and frustrations as- parents do to help their teens transition enough sleep, as close to 9.25 hours as
sociated with that nearly decade- more smoothly? possible. Be consistent and practice
long period when their children transi- Dr. Wang: A lot of the stereotypes good sleep hygiene. Absolutely no drink-
tion into adulthood. The hormones. The of teens are due to this maturation pro- ing or drug use. The brain is very fragile
rebellion. The new drivers license. The cess, emotional reactivity, novelty seek- and highly vulnerable to addiction. If a
newfound independence. We all know the ing, impulsivity, peer influence, poor teenager starts drinking at 14 or younger,
changes too well. planning, and the like. Changes also this can create a 45 percent chance of
But the brain? make sleep more of an issuedelayed dependence verses a 9 percent chance
Absolutely, said Dr. Kai-Ping Wang, circadian rhythm, sensitivity to light ex- of dependence if drinking begins at age
director of pediatric psychiatry at The posure, homework/social media, early 21. Make sure your teens are choosing
Valley Hospital. He hopes to educate par- high school start timesmeans that 59 a good peer group. Its also a good idea
ents and others about the critical changes percent of high school students get less to have your teenagers be involved in
taking place in the brain during the teen- than 6 hours of sleep on school nights. music, sports, and or other academic
age years. Dr. Kai-Ping Wang With the recommendation of 9.25 hours, pursuits. And warn them of the dangers
Whether its the stress of school or chronic sleep deprivation is making ado- of distraction, especially with driving,
social pressures, the life of a teenager is synaptic pruning and axon mylenation. lescence worse and can lead to deficits in and multitasking, which can lead to
filled with many challenges. Meanwhile, This occurs in an uneven fashion with the their attention, increased irritability, acci- poor focus.
teenagers confront these challenges while prefrontal cortex being the last to mature dents and injury, and suicidality.
their brains are not yet fully developed. in late adolescence. AOC: In very practical terms what is Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About
In fact, the brain continues to mature AOC: How long does the brain con- the best advice that you are giving par- Our Children.
and develop throughout adolescence and tinue to mature and develop into ear-
well into early adulthood. ly childhood?
That is why it is important for par- Dr. Wang: The brain doesnt fully ma-
ents to understand what their childs ture until around age 25.
brains are going through. Its no secret AOC: Why is this impor- YOUR CHILD needs special education.
that teenagers behave differently than tant information?
adults. Teenagers are more likely to act Dr. Wang: The development period
You want her to have a Jewish education.
impulsively without pausing to consider means the brain is highly fragile to insults, You want him to be included.
the consequences of their actions, experi- particularly alcohol and drug exposure,
ence mood swings or misinterpret social and concussions. Poor impulse control,
cues and emotions. judgment, and peer influence can be bet-
Dr. Wang, who recently spoke ter understood by these brain changes.
about the subject in Washington Town- Being aware helps us address the greatly
ship, shared his thoughts with About increased risks during the time period,
Our Children. such as accidents, suicidality, aggression,
AOC: What exactly is going on in the criminality and risky behavior.
teenage brain? AOC: Have todays stressors for
Dr. Wang: With new advances in neu- teens had any additional impact on their
roimaging in the past two decades weve brain development?
learned that the brain undergoes a sig- Dr. Wang: Increased academic and
nificant period of remodeling during ado- social pressures, electronic devices, and
lescence, that is neuronal proliferation, social media are among the more signifi-


Art of Excellence Studio Serving Children with a Broad range of SpeCial needS
Unlock your Creativity with Classes in
Drawing and Watercolor
Special education uniquely integrated within Jewish Day Schools
Structured Lessons - Relaxed Atmosphere
Fabulous Results! Individualization Educational excellence
Age 7 to Adult - All levels of ability Meeting each childs academic, social, and emotional needs
Art Portfolio Preparation Available Elementary Schools n High Schools n Adult Services

Artist, Rina Goldhagen 201-248-4779

www.sinaischools.org/js 201-833-1134

About Our Children OCTOBER 2017 11

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8

1. Exciting beginnings. Eitan Huberman, 5, heads for his first day of school, while his younger 5. Members of Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne gathered to welcome Shabbat under the stars
brother, Yehuda, 9 months, looks on. with a potluck dinner.
2. A student at the Bris Avroham Hebrew School in Fair Lawn learns about Rosh Hashanah. 6. C-Teen high schoolers gathered for a graffiti art competition event sponsored by Valley
Chabad. They collected school supplies for children affected by the hurricane in Houston.
3. The newest 8th graders to attend the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies
(BCHSJS) joined their new school friends for an afternoon of bowling. 7. The students at Sinai Schools show what they are learning about Rosh Hashanah.
4. Waynes Shomrei Torah PreKadima and Kadima students learn to make apple cider and 8. Students at the JCC of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah religious school in Paramus met
explore nature at the Lorrimer Audubon Center in Franklin Lakes. Karen Ashram, author of Seasons and Colors, at the first Sunday Special.



TopChoices O C T O B E R 2 0 17

Peppa Pig Live!

At bergenPAC
Peppa Pig Live! Peppa
Pigs Surprise comes to
bergenPAC. Peppa Pig, the
number one family show
of 2016, is back with an
action-packed live show
featuring kids favorite
characters as life-size
puppets and costume
characters in Peppa
Pigs Surprise. Peppa
and George know that
Mummy Pig and Daddy

Lisa Loeb Concert

Pig have a big surprise for
them but what is it? Join
the family and the rest of
At The Jewish Museum their friends in an all sing-
ing, all-dancing adventure
Lisa Loeb is a singer-songwriter, producer, touring artist, actress, author, eyewear designer, full of songs, games and surprises. Sunday, October 9. Shows 3 and 6 p.m.
philanthropist and mother. The Renaissance woman, whose award-winning songs from bergenPAC, 30 North Van Brunt St., Englewood. 201- 227-1030, www.
Catch The Moon, (with Elizabeth Mitchell), Nursery Rhyme Parade!, and Feel What U bergenpac.org.
Feel, will perform at The Jewish Museum on October 22. Youngsters 3 to 8 years old and
anyone else can delight in her irresistible pop melodies. Ms. Loeb hit the scene with her
1994 song, Stay, which was the soundtrack for the film, Reality Bites. Concert by Lisa

Chol HaMoed Workshops:

Loeb. Sunday, October 22, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Ave.
at 92 St., Manhattan. 212-423-3200, www.thejewishmuseum.org.

Mobiles for Modigliani

The Jewish Museum presents
the first exhibition in the United
States to focus on Italian art-
ist Amedeo Modiglianis early
drawings made in the years
after he arrived in Paris in
1906. These works illumi-
nate Modiglianis heritage as
an Italian Sephardic Jew as
pivotal to understanding his

The Cosmic Wheel

artistic output. The museum
is offering workshops for
youngsters during the Sukkot

For All Biking Needs break. They may discover the

portraits found in the exhibi-
Now is the best time to get out the childrens bicycles and have them ride in the crisp tion, Modigliani Unmasked
fall air and take in the colorful foliage. For any and all biking needs, The Cosmic Wheel and create a colorful mobile
has been the go-to place since it opened in 1976. The knowledgeable and attentive that includes portraits of the
staff is helpful, and they can fit or fix a bicycle for any and all riders, regardless of level. family. The workshops for children 3 to 10 years old
The Cosmic Wheel also has been a first place winner in the Jewish Standards Readers are 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 8; Monday, October 9; and Tuesday,
Choice survey. We are a family-oriented, full-service bike shop, said owner John Russo. October 10. The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Ave. at 92 St., Manhattan. 212-
423-3200, www.thejewishmuseum.org.
We strive to make our customers happy with a proper fit and fair pricing. The Cosmic
Wheel, 184 Main St., Ridgefield Park, 201-440-6655. www.cosmicwheel.com



The Good Life With Kids

To Add Your Event to Our Calendar
Send it to:
Calendar Editor
About Our Children
New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group
1086 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ 0766 AboutOCaol.com
To Our Readers: This calendar is a day-by-day schedule of events. Although all information is as timely as we can make it, its a good idea to call to or fax it to: 201-833-4959
Deadline for November issue (published October 27):
verify details before you go. Tuesday, October 17

Tuesday, October 3 Sign up for 10 or 11 a.m. Teaneck

Public Library, 840 Teaneck
271G Livingston St., Northvale. 201-
784-2665. www.booksandgreet-
Digitally Distracted: The Valley Road,201-837-4171, www.teaneck. ings.com.
Hospital will host a free community org. Welcome Simchat Torah in
health program, Digitally Distracted
Family Craft Program: Children Closter: Temple Beth El invites
7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mahwah Public
age 4 and older are invited to the community to join for an Erev
Library, 100 Ridge Road, Mahwah.
make and keep a craft project. 11 Simchat Torah/Consecration Service
Join renowned therapist, author and
a.m. and 7 p.m. No registration at 6:30 p.m led by Rabbi David S.
TV Host Tom Kersting, for an eye-
required. Teaneck Public Library, Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer,
opening discussion of how parents
840 Teaneck Road, 201-837- and student Cantor Julie Staple,
can help their kids use technology
4171, www.teaneck.org. featuring our Shabbat Unplugged
in a healthy way. There is no fee, but
Band. 221 Schraalenburgh Road,
registration is required. 800-825-
5391, www.valleyhealth.com/events.
Wednesday, Closter. 201 768-5112. www.tbenv.
October 11 org.
Wednesday, Family Movie Matinee: Join Thursday,
October 4 friends at the library for movies
See Wednesday, October 11, on the big screen. No registration October 12
Family Fun for Sukkot in Closter: Author Anthony Horowitz at required. Children 9 years and Celebrate Simchat Torah: Fun for See Sunday, October 29, Kids N Comedy Show
Temple Beth El invites the com- Books & Greetings younger must be accompanied by the entire family as Chabad of the
munity to join in a Sukkot Family to all families with 2- to 5- year-old children and
a caregiver. At 10:30 a.m. Teaneck Pascack Valley celebrates the completion of the
Fun Night with dinner at 6 p.m. led by Rabbi siblings. 221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, 201-837-4171, Torah. Dinner and dancing at the Groves Rooms at
David S. Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer, and 768-5112. www.tbenv.org.
www.teaneck.org. the Hilton Woodcliff Lake. There will be a kids pro-
student Cantor Julie Staple. RSVP required. 221
My First Book Club: Perfect for kids in kinder- gram. 6 p.m. 200 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake. Family Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El in
Schraalenburgh Road Closter. 201 768-5112. www.
garten or first grade reading on their own or with 201-476-0157. Closter invites the community to join a Shabbat
help. The club will read a book in preparation for Simchat Torah in Emerson: The public is invited Family Service at 6:45 p.m. All are welcome.
Friday, October 6 the meeting, discuss and do crafts and activities. to Congregation Bnai Israel in Emerson to cel- Temple Beth El is located at 221 Schraalenburgh
Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. www.tbenv.org.
Family Shabbat at Temple Emeth: Family Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, 201- ebrate Simchat Torah at 7 p.m. Join the clergy
837-4171, www.teaneck.org. and Hebrew School in this multi-generational Music Service at Temple Emeth: Musical Shabbat
Shabbat services at Temple Emeth at 7:30 p.m.
Author Anthony Horowitz at Books & Greetings: event. Congregation Bnai Israel, 53 Palisade Ave., service at 8 p.m. featuring Rabbi Steven Sirbu,
1666 Windsor Road in Teaneck. 201-833-1322.
Anthony Horowitz, author of the #1 New York Emerson. 201-265-2272, office@bisrael.com, Cantor Ellen Tilem and the Temple Emeth band.
Times bestselling Alex Rider novels, will be appear- www.bisrael.com. Enjoy Shabbat with music, singing and dancing.
Family Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El in 1666 Windsor Road in Teaneck. 201-833-1322.
Closter invites the community to join a Shabbat ing at Books & Greetings at 4 p.m. to promote his Toddler Time at the Library: Stories, song and
latest book, Never Say Die. Books & Greetings, play for early readers, walkers up to 2 years old. www.emeth.org.
Family Service with a Sukkot Pie Tasting Oneg at
Sign up for 10 or 11 a.m. Teaneck
6:45 p.m. All are welcome. 221 Schraalenburgh
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Tuesday, October 24
Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. www.tbenv.org.
201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org. Toddler Time at the Library: Stories, song and
Saturday, October 7 Wednesday,
play for early readers, walkers up to 2 years old.
Sign up for 10 or 11 a.m. Teaneck Public Library,
Pizza and Sukkot Services in Emerson:
Congregation Bnai Israel hosts family services and October 18 840 Teaneck Road, 201-837-4171, www.teaneck.
sukkah Pizza in the Hut lunch. Adults and chil- Bubblegum Book Club: Designed
for kids in 2nd or 3rd grade. The Jazz House Kids Returns: New Jersey Performing
dren 12 and older can join a learning service at 10
club will read a book in prepara- Arts Center (NJPAC) presents an evening with
a.m., familes with children 8 to 11 can join services
tion for the meeting, discuss and Jazz House Kids. Jazz House returns to its roots in
at 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Familes with children under
enjoy related games or activities. Newark with this stylish, all-star celebration featur-
7 will be able to join a Family Shabbat program
Registration required. 4 to 4:45 ing David Sanborn, Sheila E and Kenny Barron, all
from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. All followed by lunch. No
p.m. Teaneck Public Library, 840 under the musical direction of virtuoso bassist and
charge, but reservations requested. Congregation
Teaneck Road, 201-837-4171, bandleader Christian McBride. 5:30 p.m. NJPAC,
Bnai Israel, 53 Palisade Ave., Emerson. 201-265-
www.teaneck.org. Prudential Hall, One Center St., Newark. 888-
2272, office@bisrael.com, www.bisrael.com.

Camp Veritans
Sunday, October 8 Thursday, Sunday, October 29
October 19
Holds Open House
Mobiles for Modigliani: To dovetail with its new
Lisa Loeb in Concert: Delight in irresistible pop
exhibition, Modigliani Unmasked, The Jewish Got Code?: The Teaneck Public melodies and award winning songs from Catch the
Museum is offering art workshops for children dur- Library is offering a chance Moon (with Elizabeth Mitchell), Nursery Rhyme
ing Sukkot chol hamoed. In the workshops from Camp Veritans is holding its open house on Sunday, to learn how to create mobile Parade!, and Feel What U Feel, in Lisa Loebs debut
10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. youngsters ages 3 to 10 Oct. 29 from 1 to 3 p.m. for new and returning campers applications, websites and com- concert at the Jewish Museum. For kids 3 to 8
can discover the portraits found in the exhibition puter games for students grades
for the summer 2018. Attendees can take advantage of years old. From 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 1109 Fifth
Modigliani Unmasked and create a colorful mobile 4 through 8. Learn, have fun
a one-day special discount. Ave. at 92 St., Manhattan. 212-423-3200, www.
that includes portraits of their family. The workshop and explore with Tech Roots
The camp, for youngsters turning 4 by Oct. 15 thejewishmuseum.org.
will also run on Monday, October 9 and Tuesday, Academy. Meets Thursdays
October 10. 1109 Fifth Ave. at 92 St., Manhattan. through those entering 10th grade, will provide new through November 16 at 5:30 Kids N Comedy Show: Monthly show highlight-
212-423-3200, www.thejewishmuseum.org. ing the funniest kids on the block. Kids N Comedy
programming, have a newly heated pool, and offer p.m. Registration required. Teaneck
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, helps tri-state area teens and tweens ages 9 to
Sukkot Chol HaMoed in Woodcliff Lake: Join in campers in 6th and 7th grades who attend the spe-
201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org. 18 do their own stand-up. 1 p.m. Gotham Comedy
the fun to Chabad of the Pascack Valley Lulav &
cialty camp weekly trips. Club, 208 W. 23 St., Manhattan. 212-877-6115,
Esrog Mobile Sukkah. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30
p.m. Jewish folk singer Tali Yess & Band will be on The open house will feature hayrides and lots of Friday, October 20 www.kidsncomedy.com.
family fun, said director Carla Rudow. We hope to be
hand as will Judd Memphis BBQ. Bring family and
friends for a morning of fun in the park. Wooddale able to give kids a great summer experience, create
Tot Shabbat in Closter: Temple
Beth El holds its monthly Tot
Tuesday, October 31
Park in Woodcliff Lake. 201-476-0157. Shabbat, led by Rabbi David S. Toddler Time at the Library: Stories, song and
great memories and make lifelong friends. play for early readers, walkers up to 2 years old.
Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer
Tuesday, October 10 For more information, 973-965-1220, www.
and student Cantor Julie Staple Sign up for 10 or 11 a.m. Teaneck Public Library,
Toddler Time at the Library: Stories, song and
campveritans.com. Camp Veritans, is located 225 at 5:15 p.m. and featuring songs, 840 Teaneck Road,201-837-4171, www.teaneck.
Pompton Road, Haledon. stories, crafts and snack. Open org.
play for early readers, walkers up to 2 years old.



Past continued from page10
entrance to a delightful exhibit, one of So-
thought the stocks and pillory, which nias favorites, the art museum. The folk
were on display outside, were not so se- art section gave Sonia a chance to create
vere. They were among the favorite pho- her own quilt on a computer. She could
to opportunities in Williamsburg. Sonia watch an intriguing display of fabric worn
obliged by inserting her head and hands by models as they appeared one after
in the pillory and feet in the stocks for another in a showcase on a full-length
the camera. video screen. There were antique toys
It was time for a break at Chownings and Noahs Ark with animals entering
Tavern where minstrels played while two by two, and dollhouses with minia-
Births Sonia sipped cider. ture furnishings.
With her colonial dress, Sonia was a A special treat was in the museum
SARINA EMMA GERTLER natural to visit the grand home of Peyton auditorium where a duet performed a
Sarina Emma (Sarina Zahava) Gertler was born on August 29, Randolph, the wealthy 18th century po- concert of sea shanties accompanied by
2017, in Hackensack to Beverly and David Gertler. Maternal litical leader who sought freedom for the fiddle, castanets and even a hurdy-gurdy.
grandparents are Chana and Avraham Kramer of Savannah, colony yet owned 27 slaves. The audience joined the finale, a rousing
Ga. Paternal grandparents are Ellen and Dr. Richard Gertler of It was a short walk from the Randolph What do you do with a drunken sailor?
Teaneck. Sarina Emma is named after her great-grandmothers, House to the Governors Palace where By days end it was time to give up
Yetta (Sora Yitta) Massarsky and Dorothy (Devora Sara) Levy and the royal ruler of the colony presided in the dress and return to real life. It was a
a great-great grandmother, Golda Minna Levy.
grandeur until the Revolution. From the sad moment, like Cinderella at the stroke
nearby parade ground came the sound of midnight. Yet there was excitement
of pipes and drums and musket fire. It ahead the motels swimming pool. So-
ALEXANDER JOSEPH STERMAN was tempting to rush over and watch, nia, fishlike, was diving, splashing and up-
Alexander Joseph Sterman was born August 16, 2017, to Shlomit, but by then the 90 degree heat was tak- ending herself under water. Best of all, she
ne Gertler, and Koby Sterman of Teaneck. Alex is named after ing effect. It was decided instead to rest in found a friend to do it with. Together they
his maternal great-grandfather Sidney Gertler, Alexander Zusha, the shade, and wait for the Williamsburg made plans for the next day. The magic
(Shalom), and his maternal great-uncle, Steven Jay (Shmuel shuttle bus that tours the Revolutionary dress and the 90-degree heat were a thing
Yosef) Massarsky. His grandparents are Dr. Richard and Ellen City, and visit the 1773 Public Hospital to of the past.
Gertler and Howie and Ruchie Sterman, all of Teaneck. learn how the sick were treated in colo-
nial days. Ed Silberfarb was a reporter for the Bergen
It was a frightening sight. The mental- Record in New Jersey, then the New York
ly ill were restrained in cruel devices like Herald Tribune where he was City Hall

B'nai Mitzvah straight jackets, shackles for the wrist and

ankles, even cages. It seemed more like a
bureau chief. Later, he was a public infor-
mation officer for the New York City Transit
JESSE BROSS SAMUEL MODLINGER torture chamber than a hospital. Authority and editor of one of its employee
Jesse Dylan Bross, son of Samuel Modlinger, son of Yet next to this grim display was the publications.
Maria and Michael Bross of Jennifer and Alan Modlinger
Bloomingdale, and brother of and brother of Zachary
Willow and Sasha, celebrated Modlinger, celebrated becom-
becoming a bar mitzvah on ing a bar mitzvah on Shabbat,
September 9 at the Jewish September 2 at Congregation
Congregation of Kinnelon in
Pompton Lakes.
Beth Sholom in Teaneck.
Bridgette Norr, daughter of
Svetlana and Peter Norr of
Oradell and sister of Danielle
and Gregory, celebrated
JAMIE FREEDMAN becoming a bat mitzvah on
September 16 at Temple
Jamie Freedman, daughter
Emeth in Teaneck.
of Robyn and Jay Freedman
of Upper Saddle River and
sister of Jordyn, celebrated
becoming a bat mitzvah on
BENJAMIN CARTER September 16 at Temple
Emanuel of the Pascack
Benjamin Carter, son of Robyn
Valley in Woodcliff Lake.
and John Carter of Hillsdale
and brother of Rachel, Chris,
Andrew, and Catherine, ALEXANDRA PUTZER
celebrated becoming a bar Alexandra Putzer, daughter 973-661-9368
mitzvah on September 9 of Jane and Jason Putzer of
at Temple Emanuel of the Harrington Park, celebrated
Pascack Valley in Woodcliff becoming a bat mitzvah
Lake. on September 9 at Temple ETHAN SQUADRON
Beth El of Northern Valley in
Ethan Squadron, son of
Marcy and Michael Squadron
of Upper Saddle River and 1 hours of skating (during public session)
brother of Harrison, celebrat- Private decorated party room
Off ice party attendant
ed becoming a bar mitzvah Skate rental
on September 2 at Temple Invitations for party guests
Pizza and soda
Emanuel of the Pascack Personalized Carvel ice cream cake
Valley in Woodcliff Lake. Favors and candy
FREE skating pass for future use
Birthday child receives FREE Ice Vault T shirt



in New Jersey*

Top quality care. The Valley Hospital was

recognized for outstanding
performance in:

Again and again. Aortic valve surgery

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Colon cancer surgery
Heart bypass surgery
U.S. News & World Report studied data from more than
Heart failure
4,500 medical centers across the nation to help patients
Knee replacement
find leading inpatient care. The Valley Hospital is proud to
Lung cancer surgery
be recognized among the top 5 hospitals in New Jersey.
We were evaluated on clinical outcomes, safety and nursing
care all data that are connected to overall quality.

Providing top quality care is our number one priority. We

believe it is why patients choose us. Again and again.


*U.S. News & World Report

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