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We congratulate you for choosing a YOMEL product.

Always buy original YOMEL spare parts and service.

It is important to have the information given below at hand to receive efficient and quick

- Spare part position number in this catalogue

- Spare part code
- Spare part name
- Machine model printed on the identification plate
- Machine serial number printed on the identification plate
- Customers name
- Address where the parts should be delivered
- Delivery option (post courier)


Yomel S.A. Ruta 65 y Av. Mitre - Tel. Fax 02317 430776
(6500) 9 de Julio - Pcia. de Bs As - Rep. Argentina

Spare part dept. direct line: +54 2317 430776

E-mail - repuestos@yomel.com.ar

Illustrations, technical information and data in this spare parts catalogue are to the best of our
belief correct at the time of printing.
YOMEL S.A. reserve the right to make changes in design, features, accessories and specifications
at any time without notice.
YOMEL S.A. is without any obligation in relation to implements purchased before and after such

Illustrations in the present catalogue are not for assembly purpose, only as spare part identification
at purchasing.
Published by engineering department YOMEL S.A.

S.P.P. N: DES144I DATE: 9/5/08 VERSIN:000 L.V.D.: 9/5/08