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Mummify an Apple

Materials Needed:
Apples (1/2 per student) Vegetable Oil (approx. tbsp.
Ziploc bags (2 per student) per student)
Sharpies Cinnamon (approx. tbsp. per
Rock Salt (50 lb. bag per 30 student)
students) Toilet paper (approx. 6 ft. per
Plastic Cups student)
Cardboard boxes

1. Each student places (plastic) cup of rock salt in a Ziploc bag.
2. Cut apples in half. It is not necessary to remove cores, stems, or seeds. Place
apple into bag with rock salt.
3. Add another cup salt to bag and seal tightly.
4. Gently shift salt until the juicy side of the apple is covered by salt.
5. Apples need to sit in salt for 10-12 days.

DAY TWO: Sarcophagus (optional)
Students can create and/or decorate a small sarcophagus (coffin) to take their
mummified apples home in.
Suggestions: Origami boxes; small Chinese food boxes (some restaurants may

FINAL DAY: Oil, Spices, & Wrapping
1. Student removes apple from salt and places it into a new Ziploc bag. Salt bags
are thrown away.
2. Each student adds spoonful of vegetable oil and spoonful of cinnamon to
the bag. Close tightly.
3. Gently massage the oil and spices mixture over all sides of the apple. Remaining
salt crystals are okay
4. Students will wrap the mummified apple in toilet paper (4-5 times each
direction: up/down, right/left, and the diagonals). The amount of toilet paper
that needs to be used may depend on how OILY the apple is compared to how
thin the paper.
5. Wrapped apples can be placed in the prepared sarcophagus.
6. Clean up, and youre done!

Taking the Apples HOME
Make sure students do not leave the apples in their lockers. While they should
not go rotten if dried out completely, they will attract ants.
Apples should not be eaten.