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Task 2: Prepaired Speech (Individual)

The Social Problems of Youths

Good morning teacher and my fellow friends. I am here to give a speech on the social
problems of youths. Todays youth will be tomorrows leaders. However, there are many social
ills plaguing them. These cause us to feel worried about the future of our country.

Firstly, what are the social ills? Social ills are the problems that a tremendous number of
youths involved in such as smoking, taking drugs, playing truant and so on. They like to take
drugs when they feel disheartened. Many youths are destroying their future because they are
under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They will also try to run away from home when they
quarrel with their parents.

In school, they play truant and cut class. They prefer to loiter around shopping
complexes instead of turning their attention to their studies. Instead of using their free time
meaningfully, they get involved in vandalism under peer pressure. These are various ills that are
plaguing the youths.

What are the causes for this dismal situation? Nowadays, alarming number of youth lack
parental guidance. Their parents are too busy at work. They do not even talk to their children.
Broken families will also cause children feeling neglected, unloved and forgotten. This problem
can be curbed if parents play a more caring role in bringing up their children. There should be
more communication between children and parents. They must advise their children to turn over
a new leaf. Parents should keep track of their childrens movement. Daily discussions about
schools, checking of exercise books and going on holidays together will go a long way in
creating a strong emotional bonding between the children and parents.

Besides, there are many children abused physically and mentally by their parents.
Marital disharmony resulting in unemployment, and financial problems contributes to the family
break-ups and the children end up feeling lost and unloved. Then, they will try to get involved in
social ills to get their parents attention.

Furthermore, schools should play a more caring role too. Teachers and counselors play
an important role in teaching discipline and imparting knowledge. They should collaborate with
their students parents and let their parents know if their children misbehave, play truant or have
problems. Cooperation between schools and parents is vital to overcome many discipline
Moreover, some of the youths lack religious and moral values. Parents should import
religious and moral values in their children so that they can think rationally and evaluate their
actions correctly.

The government can also play an effective and important role in curbing social ills. The
setting up of various type of camps such as summer camps and motivation camps can teach
youths to be independent, constructive and encourage team spirit. This will also contribute to
the development of the nation. Government schemes can make youths occupy themselves

In a nutshell, the youths of today have to stand up, hold hands with other youths and rise
to the challenge of becoming more productive and useful citizens. Thank you.

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