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Name: Macayan, Maria Ella G.

Course & Section: BSED-TLE 1A

Subject: Developmental Reading
Teachers Name: Miss Roxxane Joy Capatoy

Title: Carrots
Author: Patty Verzo
Carrots are commonly portrayed as being orange but they
are also found in white, Yellow, red and Purple. The deeper
the orange color of carrot, the more beta Carotene it
contains; Beta carotene is a Compound that the body
naturally converts to vitamin A. A medium size of carrot
contains 25 calories band 6 grams of carbs. While being
famous for benefitting our vision (particularly our night
vision), carrots also have an important role in our healthy
skin, teeth and bones. There are different various ways to
cook and eat carrots like pulped, mashed, boiled, pureed,
grated, fried, steamed, stewed, baked and etc.