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Criteria 4 Exemplary 3 Accomplished 2 Developing 1 Beginning

Does a full share of work Does an equal share of Does almost as much Does less work than other
or more work work as others group members
Assigns a clearly defined Assigns roles, but roles Assigns roles, but roles No effort made to assign
role; group members are not clearly defined or are not adhered to roles to group members

perform roles effectively consistently adhered to Often sides with friends Acts as cliques or
Always considers all views Usually considers all views instead of considering all individuals rather than
25% and helps team to reach and helps team to reach views group
fair decision fair decision Sometimes argues Arguments within group
Never argues with Rarely argues Group settles problems Little attempt to solve
teammates Group seldom solves its and gives up easily problems; gives up easily
Group tries to solve its problems as a team and
problems by itself without asks classmates or
seeking outside help teacher for help
Takes initiative in helping Works agreeably with Can be coaxed into Did not meet partner(s) at
the group get organized partner(s) concerning meeting with other agreed times or places
and setting times and organization and times and partner(s) Lack of organization;

places to meet places to meet Somewhat organized choppy and confusing;

Product is extremely well Product is organized with ideas; not presented in format difficult to follow
organized with an an introduction, body, and sequence No goals established
introduction, body, and conclusion Goals not clearly defined Does not accomplish
conclusion Goals are established, but Barely accomplishes the assignment
Has realistic, prioritized, some are too general job
and measurable goals Accomplished basic
Highly productive in assignment
accomplishing assignment
Collects and contributes Collects and contributes Collects and contributes Collects and contributes
accurate content mostly accurate content somewhat accurate inaccurate content
Goes above and beyond At times, takes initiative to content Does not utilize resources

to research information find extra information Uses only materials effectively

Communicates and shares Shares information with provided Keeps information to self;
all information with the the group Shares some information does not share with group
group Usually does the assigned with the group Relies on others to do the
Always does the assigned work; rarely needs Rarely does the assigned work
work without having to be reminding work; often needs
reminded reminding
Provides many ideas for Participates in discussions Listens to others; on some Seems bored with
Member Responsibility
the assignment about the assignment occasions, makes conversations about the
Clearly communicates Usually shares opinions suggestions assignment
desires, ideas, personal and thoughts with other Rarely expresses feelings Never/almost never spoke
needs and feelings partner(s) or preferences up
Listens and speaks a fair Listens, but sometimes Usually does most of the Monopolized conversation;
amount talks too much or too little talking, rarely allowing does not allow others to
Each team member is Often encourages and others to speak; or seldom speak
treated with respect and is respects team members talks, allowing others to Does not respect or
encouraged Hands in most dominate encourage other members
Hands in all assignments assignments on time Some members are not Does not hand in some/all
on time encouraged or respected assignments
Hands in most
assignments late
Presentation is clever and Presentation is thoughtful Presentation is at times Little creativity used; bland
Presentation is well done; Presentation is hard to

original clearly presented

Engaging; captures interesting to audience Presentation is at times follow; poorly organized
interest of audience Some use of visual aids interesting to audience No use of visual aids
10% Appropriate variety of Visual aids somewhat add Limited use of visual aids
visual aids to or clarify presentation Visual aids do not clarify
Visual aids add to or or add the presentation
clarify presentation

Final Score ___100_____________