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Based on the novel Sing To The Dawn written by Minfong Ho.

The scene that made me sad was at Dawans house, when

Dawan didnt get the approval from her father to further her
study in the city. Her father said to her that Dawan was not
worthy of receiving the scholarship to further her study in the
city. Instead, the father said Kwai should be the one to get the
scholarship. This can be shown in chapter six where Kwai
gloated over his father support for him to further his study and
seized the opportunity to ask his father whether he would let him
go to the city if he had won the scholarship. Dawans heart sank
upon hearing this and perceived that as a threat from Kwai
whom she thought did it intentionally to spite her. Based on my
personal opinion, I feel angry and at the same time upset,
because my family does not believe in me that I can actually
futher my study in the city no matter what my gender is, as this
what Dawan feels when her father and Kwai do not support her.
Other than that, Kwai was unsatisfactory about Dawan winning
the scholarship. Therefore, he threatened Dawan to tell their
father about him getting second place for scholarship, and this
upset Dawan. The evidence from the novel in chapter five,
which Kwai revealed that he came in second and was likely to
go to the city in replacement of Dawan. Feeling petrified,
Dawan pleaded with Kwai not to let their father know of his
coming in second. She needed the scholarship more than he did
as their father would stop paying for her education next year. In
my opinion, as a brother kwai should not do like that to his
sister. Actually Kwai needs to respect his sister and supports her
in furthering her study.
Moreover, Dawans mother did not support her to further her
study in the city, and she felt devastated that her mother did not
support her. This can be shown in chapter three ,where dawans
mother chided grandmother for giving dawan false hopes, she
decided to go with dawan to meet noi on behalf of grandmother.
In my opinion, dawans mother should support Dawan to further
her study in the city instead of scolding Dawans grandmother
for giving her hope. This thing will make Dawan extremely sad
because her own mother treats her that way.
Furthermore, dawans father was very difficult to accept Kwai
to not be able to get the scholarship and go to the city. This can
be found in chapter eleven, which Kwais father was angry at
Kwai for not telling him that he came in second in the exam.He
spoke to both Kwai and Dawan. Kwai insisted on his sister
taking up the scholarship and Dawan implored her father to be
fair to her.In my opinion, Dawans father should not
discriminated among his children and accept the decision one of
his children get to further study in the city.
Lastly,the scene at dawans house was a sad scene because
females are always fitted into the mold of caregivers who are
homely and submissive so as to be perceived positively and to
gain the acceptance of the society. Gender discrimination and
inequalities of opportunities offered to women in the patriarchal
society .This mindset is portrayed not only through male
patriarchal figures of different social strata . In conclusion,
everybody , especially family members must support each other
in order to further their study and pass with flying colours , and
get good achievement in life.