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Bulletin bibliographique des tudes sur les littratures et le film populaires n 93



septembre 2017

Marginalia est publi 4 fois par an par

565, rue de Provence, Longueuil, J4H 3R3 (Qubec/Canada)


NDLR: il est largement question de la
GNRALITS littrature populaire dans cet ouvrage,

CREMONA, Nicolas, L'Aventure, Malakoff,

Rappel : la rubrique intitule Gn- Dunod, (Tout en fiches), 2017, 191 pages.
ralits prsente des ouvrages dans
[Prpas scientifiques, programmes, 2017-
lesquels on mlange les genres, les 2018]
inclassables, les tudes sur le roman et le
Janklvitch: L'aventure, l'ennui, le srieux -
film daventures, lhumour et le comique, Homre, L'Odysse, Conrad, Au coeur des
la culture populaire en gnral, ainsi que
tnbres -
certaines curio-sits ditoriales...
DERIES, Graldine & Natalia LECLERC (dir.),
L'Aventure, Paris, H & K, 2017, 128 pages.
LITTRATURE [20 fiches: sur les oeuvres au programme]
Janklvitch: L'aventure, l'ennui, le srieux -
Homre, L'Odysse, Conrad, Au coeur des
BARNER, Ashley, The Case for Fanfiction: tnbres
Exploring the Pleasures and Practices of a
Maligned Craft, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, ELLIS,Douglas, et al., The Art of the Pulps:
2017, 277 pages. An Illustrated History, San Diego (CA), IDW
Challenging readers to rethink what they read Publishing, 2017, 240 pages. Prface de F. Paul
and why, the author questions the aesthetic Wilson.
assumptions that have led to the devaluing of A team of experts in each of the ten major Pulp
fan fiction--a genre criticized as tasteless and genres, from action Pulps to spicy Pulps and
derivative--and other "guilty pleasure" reading more, chart for the first time the complete
(and writing) including romance and fantasy. history of Pulp magazinesthe stories and their
The complicated relationship between "fanfic" writers, the graphics and their artists, and, of
and intellectual property is discussed in light of course, the publishers, their market, and
the millennia-old tradition of derivative readers.Each chapter in the book, which is
literature, before modern copyright law illustrated with more than 400 examples of the
established originality as the hallmark of great best Pulp graphics (many from the Editors
fiction. collectionsamong the worlds largest) is
organized in a clear and accessible way,
BREMNER, Natalia & Jamal BAHMAD (dir.), starting with an introductory overview of the
Trash Culture in the Francophone World, genre, followed by a selection of the best
dans French Cultural Studies, vol. 20, no 2, covers and interior graphics, organized
aot 2017. chronologically through the chapter.
Sommaire ici :
FARAGO, France, L'Aventure, Malakoff,
Armand Colin, 2017, 235 pages. Janklvitch:
BUSBY, Brian, The Dusty Bookcase: A
L'aventure, l'ennui, le srieux - Homre,
Journey through Canada's Forgotten,
L'Odysse, Conrad, Au coeur des tnbres
Neglected and Suppressed Writing,
Windsor, Biblioasis, 2017, 368 pages.
Brian Busbys The Dusty Bookcase explores the HAYNES, Rosslynn D., From Madman to
fascinating world of Canadas lesser-known Crime Fighter: The Scientist in Western
literary history: works that suffered censorship, Culture, Baltimore, John Hopkins University
critical neglect, or brilliant yet fleeting Press, 2017, 424 pages.
notoriety. These rare and quirky totems of Drawing on examples from Britain, America,
Canadiana, collected over the last three Germany, France, Russia, and elsewhere,
decades, form a travel diary of sortsthrough Haynes explores the persistent folklore of mad
books instead of maps. Covering over one doctors of science and its relation to popular
hundred books, and peppered with fears of a depersonalized, male-dominated, and
observations on the Canadian writing and socially irresponsible pursuit of knowledge for
publishing scenes, Busbys work explores our its own sake. She concludes that todays public
cultural past from a unique slant, questioning response to science and scientistsmuch of it
why certain works, rightfully or otherwise, are negativeis best understood by recognizing
celebrated and others ignored. the importance of such cultural archetypes and

their significance as myth. From Madman to millions, for 10 cents a copy. The best-known
Crime Fighter is the most comprehensive study editor of this era was Leo Margulies, editor-in-
of the image of the scientist in Western chief of Standard Magazines The Thrilling
literature and film. Group. During one period, he bought two
million words a month. He edited more than 70
HORRALL, Andrew, Inventing the Caveman: magazines and was, for a time, the highest-
from Darwin to the Flintstones, Manchester, paid pulp magazine editor in the country. Leo
Manchester University Press, (Studies in Margulies: Giant of the PulpsHis Thrilling,
Popular Culture), 2017, 240 pages. Exciting, and Popular Journey, by his nephew,
Philip Sherman, includes stories by members of
LEMONNIER, Lon, Manifeste du roman his family, friends, and writers, about his
populiste et autres textes, [dition tablie generosity and encouragement to so many.
par Franois Ouellet], Le Raincy, La Thbade,
(L'esprit du peuple), 2017, 182 pages.[Le WIRTH, Ute (dir), Komik: ein interdiszi-
roman populaire franais: 1900-1945]. plinres Handbuch, Stuttgart, J. B. Metzler,
2017, 415 pages.
MAGLIO, Mitch, Fiction House; from Pulps
to Panels, from Jungle to Space, Yeo Books,
2017, 300 pages.
From sexy jungle girls to even sexier raygun- CINMA & TLVISION
toting space women and beyond, the comics
from Fiction House had it all! Now, for the first
time, the history of the legendary publisher, AGUILAR, Carlos, Cine comico espanol,
the leading purveyor of Good Girl Art during 1950-1961: riendo en la oscuridad,
the Golden Age of comics, is told by Valencia, Desfiladero Ediciones, 2017, 302
historian Mitch Maglio in a single volume! pages.
Stuffed with breathtaking cover repro-ductions,
original artwork, and full-length stories, Fiction BAREFOOT, Guy, The Lost Jungle:
House: From Pulp to Panels, From Jungles To Cliffhanger Action and Hollywood Serials
Space tells the story of one of the most of the 1930s and 1940s, Exeter, University
successful publishers through the works of of Exeter Press, (Exeter Studies in Film
legends such as Matt Baker, George Tuska, Lou History), 2017, 256 pages.
Fine, Bob Lubbers, and Lily Rene. Why has the Hollywood sound serial received
so little scholarly attention? These short,
MURPHY, Bernice M., Key Concepts in usually weekly films ending in cliffhangers
Contemporary Popular Fiction, Edinburgh, began in the silent era but continued to be
Edinburgh University Press, 2017, vii, 150 extremely popular in the 1930s and 1940s
pages. after the advent of synchronized sound. In The
Key Concepts in Contemporary Popular Fiction Lost Jungle Guy Barefoot explores the
represents an invaluable starting point for popularity of particular serials such as Flash
students wishing to familiarise themselves with Gordon (1936) and The Lone Ranger (1938),
this exciting and rapidly evolving area of contextualizing the serial in the broader
literary studies. It provides an accessible, context of American film culture during the
concise and reliable overview of core critical Great Depression and Second World War.
terminology, key theoretical approaches, and Barefoot also examines less familiar science
the major genres and sub-genres within fiction, western, jungle, and crime serials, and
popular fiction. considers the production of sound serials,
highlighting how they drew upon earlier
SHERMAN, Philip, Leo Margulies: Giant of conventions of silent cinema and melodrama.
the Pulps; His Thrilling, Exciting and
Popular Journey, Altus Press, 2017, 356 BIANCHI, Pietro, Il cinema comico,
pages. Bergamo, Editore Lubrine-LEB (Appunti di
Pulp magazines written initially for boys in the cinema), 2017, 112 pages.
first half of the Twentieth Century dominated
the industry with stories about cowboys and BONNAL, Nicolas, Les Mystres de Stanley
Indians, science fiction, and adventure. They Kubrick: une approche culturelle et
were written by such illustrious authors as critique, Paris, Dualpha dition, (Patrimoine
Louis LAmour, Ray Bradbury, L. Ron Hubbard, du spectacle), 2017, 290 pages.
and Isaac Asimov, with a readership of tens of

BOUGIE, Robin, Cinema Sewer, vol. 6: The swashbuckler Black Eagle (1946), an
Adults Only Guide to History Sickest and adaptation of Les Miserables(1947), the
Sexiest Movies, Godalming (Surrey, UK), FAB peplum Theodora, Slave Empress (1954) and a
Press, (Sewer Movies), 2017, 192 pages. number of cult-favorite Gothic and horror films
Issues 27 to 29 of Robin Bougie's celebrated such as I Vampiri(1957), The Horrible Dr.
underground smash magazine are revisited in Hichcock (1962) and The Ghost (1963). Freda
this sixth wild volume, along with an additional was first championed in the 1960s by French
80 pages of never-before-seen interviews, critics who labeled him the European Raoul
rants, comics, hard-to-find classic movie Walsh, and enjoyed growing critical esteem
advertising, and graphic illustrations by Bougie over the years.
and a host of his talented friends from both the
comic book and animation industries. CURTI, Roberto, Tonino Valerii: the Films,
Regardless of whether readers are just Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2016, 232 pages.
discovering the world of classic porn, horror, Tonino Valerii is one of Italys best genre film
and exploitation movies, or if they're long time directors. Starting out as Sergio Leones
fans, they'll find plenty to get excited about, as assistant on For a Few Dollars More(1965), he
they gleefully slosh around in the filth of the went on to direct spaghetti westerns that stand
Cinema Sewer! out among the most accomplished in their
classDay of Anger(1967), The Price of
BRACCI, Simone, La poetica del male. Power (1969), A Reason to Live, a Reason to
Vision pulp nel cinema contemporaneo, Die! (1972) and My Name Is Nobody (1973).
Roma, Aracne Editore, 2017, 68 pages. He also directed the outstanding giallo My Dear
Nel cinema cresciuta, a partire dallo scorso Killer (1972). This book examines Valeriis life
decennio, la necessit di raccontare un certo and career in depth for the first time, with
tipo di tematica, la volont di esporre agli occhi exclusive interviews with the filmmaker,
dellopinione pubblica la rappresentazione del scriptwriters and actors, and critical analysis of
male inteso come riflesso condizionato delle his films.
nostre societ. Lautore tenta di spiegare il
motivo del successo planetario, che, a cavallo DAROWSKI, Joseph J. & Kate DAROWSKI,
del nuovo millennio dominato da una fase di Frasier: a Cultural History, Lanham (MD),
insicurezza e instabilit politica globale, porta il Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, (The Cultural
pubblico a ricercare nella violenza mediatica History of Television), 2017, 252 pages.
la risposta salvifica ai propri timori. Un esempio In Frasier: A Cultural History, Joseph J.
di cinema pulp? Sangue, violenza e ironia. Darowski and Kate Darowski offer an engaging
analysis of the long-running, award-winning
CAMPBELL, Bruce & Craig SANBORN, Hail to show, offering insights into both the onscreen
the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie stories as well as the efforts behind the scenes
Actor, New York, Thomas Dunne Books, 2017, to shape this modern classic. This volume
336 pages. examines the series as a whole, but also
The journey from Evil Dead to Spider- focuses on the shows key characters, including
Man to Burn Notice was long, with plenty of Eddie, the canine. Close looks at set design,
adventures/mishaps along the way. I never class issues, and gender roles are also
pictured myself hovering above Baghdad in a provided, along with opinionated reviews of all
Blackhawk helicopter, facing a pack of wild 264 episodes, highlighting the peaks and dips
dogs in Bulgaria, or playing an aging Elvis in quality across more than a decade of
Presley with cancer on his penis - how can you television.
predict this stuff? The sheer lunacy of show
business is part of the fun for me and I hope EDWARDS, Kyle, The Hollywood B-Film:
you'll come along for the ride. NDLR: ce livre Cinema on a Shoestring, New York,
fait suite If Chins could Kill (2001), premire Wallflower Press, (Short Cuts), janvier 2018,
partie de cette autobiographie. 144 pages.
Each chapter of this volume offers a clear and
CURTI, Roberto, Riccardo Freda: The Life concise examination of a distinct period in the
and Work of a Born Filmmaker, Jefferson history of this vast but relatively unknown area
(NC), McFarland, 2017, 376 pages. of film history. Case studies explore Warner
In an eclectic career spanning four decades, Bros.' B-film unit in the 1930s, Poverty Row
Italian director Riccardo Freda (19091999) stalwart Monogram Pictures in the 1940s and
produced films of remarkable technical skill and 1950s, independent upstart King Bros. in the
powerful visual style, including the 1960s and 1970s, and Quentin Tarantino's and

Robert Rodriguez's homage to B-film excess GRAYSON, Jerry, Film Pilot: from James
in Grind-house(2007). Bond to Hurricane Katrina, London, Adlard
Coles, 2017, 272 pages.
FERRIS, Suzanne & Mallory YOUNG (eds.), Film Pilot: Flying the Lens is full of entertaining
Chick Flicks: Contemporary Women at the behind-the-scenes stories (some that almost
Movies, New York, Routledge, 2017, 272 ended in disaster for Jerry and an A-list actor
pages. or two) and revelatory insights into just how
A companion to the successful anthology Chick this invisible sector of the film business
Lit: The New Womans Fiction, this edited operates. We all take aerial footage for
volume consists of 11 original essays, prefaced granted, without appreciating the lengths gone
by an introduction situating chick flicks within to shoot it. This is perhaps never more
the larger context of chick culture as well as apparent than when Jerry's skills are called
womens cinema. The essays consider chick upon to gather more important footage the
flicks from a variety of angles, touching on burning oilfields of Kuwait following the first
issues of film history, female sexuality Gulf War, and flooded New Orleans after
(heterosexual and homosexual), femininity, Hurricane Katrina.
female friendship, age, race, ethnicity, class,
consumerism, spectatorship, pleasure and HAMILTON, Charles R. & Allen H. REDMON
gender definition. An afterword by feminist film (eds.), Clint Eastwood's Cinema of
theorist Karen Hollinger considers the chick Trauma: Essays on PTSD in the Director's
flicks transformation from the womans films of Films, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2017, 200
the 40s to the friendship films of the 80s and pages.
those of the "return to the classics" trend of the Preface 1
90s Coady Lapierre
Introduction (Charles R. Hamilton and Allen H.
FREESE, Gene, Classic Movie Fight Scenes: Redmon) 9
75 Years of Bare Knuckles Brawls, 1914- Civilian PTSD in The Outlaw Josey Wales
1989, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2017, 277 (Sydney Sian Walmsley) 23
pages. Welcome to the Ranks of the Disenchanted:
Examining more than 300 filmsfrom The Feminism and Pacifist Spectacle in The
Spoilers (1914) to Road House(1989)the Gauntlet (Andrew Grossman) 37
author provides behind-the-scenes details on Eastwoods Depiction of Violence and PTSD in
memorable melees starring such iconic tough- Private Citizens (Alison S. Wallace) 53
guys as John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Robert "What face do you put with your enemy?"
Mitchum, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Clint Identifying Trauma in In the Line of Fire and
Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Absolute Power (Maria I. Cipriani) 67
Chan. Mourning and Melancholia in Blood Work and
Vanessa in the Garden (Fernando Gabriel
GANDINI, Leonardo, Brian de Palma, Roma, Pagnoni Berns and Canela Ailen
Gremese Editore, 2017, 127 pages. Rodriguez Fontao) 84
The Trauma of Cyclical Violence in Mystic River
GIACOVELLI, Enrico, Parole de comique: la (Charles R. Hamilton) 99
slapstick comedy dans les annes d'or des Moral Injury and Civilian Authority in the War
dessins anims et de la comdie Films of Clint Eastwood (Kathleen A. Brown and
sophistique (1930-1950), Rome, Gremese, Brett Westbrook) 115
2017, 238 pages. Belated Casualties: Delayed Stress Disorder in
Gran Torino (James F. Scott) 130
GOODALL, Mark, Sweet and Savage: The National PTSD in Invictus (Laurence Raw) 143
World through the Mondo Film Lens, "Hes here and hes there": Projecting Recovery
Headpress, 2017, 220 pages. Foreword: in American Sniper and Sully (Allen H.
Jeremy Dyson. Redmon) 158
Conclusion: Eastwoods Perfect World (Charles
GRANO, Francesco, Proiettili eroici. L'heroic R. Hamilton and Allen H. Redmon) 175.
bloodshed di John Woo, Rossano, Ferrari
Editore, (Arte e spettacolo, 4), 2017, 158 HILL, Rob, The Bad Movie Bible: The
pages. Ultimate Modern Guide to Movies That are
so Bad They're Good, Art of Publishing,
(Movie Bibles), 2017, 240 pages.

HUBIER, Sebastien, Pin Up Girls, Playmates
et Bimbos, Dijon, ditions du Murmure, NICKELODEON PRODUCTIONS, "Yo soy
(Borderline), 2017, 90 pages. Franky": le guide officiel. Tous les secrets
Ne ds le XIXe sicle, la pin-up est, par de la srie, Paris, Les Livres du Dragon d'or,
excellence, LA reprsentation rotique et 2017, 76 pages. [Telenovela pour la jeunesse].
marchande de la fminit dans notre monde de
la socit de consommation,elle-mme rgie RODE, Alan K., Michael Curtiz: A Life in
par trois principes qui ne laissent pas de se Film, Lexington, University Press of Kentucky,
recouper : sex sells , sex is for sale , (Screen Classics), 2017, 704 pages.
sex is health . Ayant subi des mtamorphoses
successives dans les Annes folles, pendant la ROHRER, Seraina, La India Maria:
Seconde Guerre mondiale,puis tout au long des Mexploitation and the Films of Maria
fifties, tantt elle s est rapproche d autres Velasco, Austin, University of Texas Press,
types comme la flapper ou la media lolita, 2017, 254 pages.
tantt elle a engendr de nouveaux modles de La India Maraa humble and stubborn
beaut tels la playmate et la bimbo. C est l indigenous Mexican womanis one of the most
histoire de ces beauts particulires que popular characters of the Mexican stage,
s'attache le prsent ouvrage. television, and film. Created and portrayed by
Mara Elena Velasco, La India Mara has
KING, Rob, Hokum ! The Early Sound delighted audiences since the late 1960s with
Slapstick Short and Depression-Era Mass slapstick humor that slyly critiques
Culture, Oakland (CA), University of California discrimination and the powerful. At the same
Press, 2017, 253 pages. time, however, many critics have derided the
iconic figure as a racist depiction of a negative
LANZONI, Rmi Fournier, Rire de plomb: la stereotype and dismissed the India Mara films
comdie l'italienne des annes 70, Paris, as exploitation cinema unworthy of serious
L'Harmattan, (Champs visuels), 2017, 261 attention. By contrast, La India Mara builds a
pages. convincing case for Mara Elena Velasco as an
artist whose work as a director and producer
LAZARO-REBOLL, Antonio & Ian OLNEY (eds.), rare for women in Mexican cinemahas been
The Films of Jess Franco, Detroit, Wayne widely and unjustly overlooked.
State University Press, 2018, 338 pages.
The Films of Jess Franco looks at the work of RYFLE, Steve & Ed GODZISZEWSKI, Ishiro
Jess "Jess" Franco (1930-2013), one of the Honda: A Life in Film, from Godzilla to
most prolific and madly inventive filmmakers in Kurosawa, Middletown (Conn.), Wesleyan
the history of cinema. He is best known as the University Press, 2017, 336 pages.
director of jazzy, erotically charged horror Collaboration de Yuuko Honda-Yun et Preface
movies featuring mad scientists, lesbian de Martin Scorsese.
vampires, and women in prison, but he also
dabbled in a multitude of genres from comedy SANDS, Zach, Film Comedy and the
to science fiction to pornography. American Dream, New York, Routledge,
(Routledge Advances in Film Studies), 2017,
LEBLANC, Damien, Les Rvolutions de Mad 184 pages.
Men, Levallois-Perret, Playlist Society, 2017, Film Comedy and the American Dream is an
131 pages. examination of national identity in the era of
the American superpower as projected in
LINDVALL, Terry, J. Dennis BOUNDS, and Chris popular comedic films that center on issues of
LINDVALL, Divine Film Comedies: Biblical upward mobility. It is the story of what made
narratives, Film Subgenres, and the Comic audiences laugh and why, and what this says
Spirit, New York, Routledge, 2016, 212 pages. about the changing shape of the American
Dream from the end of the Second World War
MORSIANO, Alberto, Quentin Tarantino: les through the first part of the twenty-first
films du ralisateur qui a rinvent le century.
cinma, Rome, Gremese, (Les grands
cinastes), 2016, 191 pages. SOLLA, Gianluca, Buster Keaton. L'In-
venzione del gesto, Nocera Inferiore,
NATHAN, Ian, The Coen Brothers: The Orthotes Editrice, (Sillabario), 2016, 202
Iconic Filmmakers and Their Work, London, pages.
Aurum Press, 2017, 176 pages.

STRATTON, James, 100 Guilty Pleasure and The Lives of Others), films that focus on
Movies, Indianapolis, Dog Ear Publishing, those who are watched (like The
2017, 534 pages. Conversation, Cach, and Ed TV), films that
Illustrated with dozens of carefully chosen feature surveillance societies (like 1984, THX
photographs, this entertaining collection of 1138, V for Vendetta, The Handmaid's
essays celebrates a particular kind of movie Tale, The Truman Show, and Minority Report),
well made, irresistible and often overlooked. surveillance procedural films (from The Naked
With the same knowledge and insight that City, to Hong Kong's Eye in the Sky,
characterize his previous books on film, author The Infernal Affairs Trilogy, and
James Stratton deftly analyzes a remarkable the Overheard Trilogy of films), and films that
assortment of personal favorites, everything interrogate the aesthetics of the surveillance
from Now, Voyager to Batman Begins, image itself (like Sliver, Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai
Inspector Clouseau to James Bond. Whether Diaries), Der Riese, and Look). Wise uses these
focused on a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films to describe key models of understanding
dance number or a Seth Rogen stoner comedy, surveillance (like Big Brother, Panopticism, or
the writing is breezy, smart and informative. the Control Society) as well as to raise issues
Along with such familiar titles as The Devil of voyeurism, trust, ethics, technology,
Wears Prada and Remember the Titans, visibility, identity, privacy, and control that are
Stratton introduces readers to lesser-known essential elements of today's culture of
gems like Diplomatic Courier, The Narrow surveillance.
Margin, Prime Cut and Under Fire. The
selections represent every major genre of film:
domestic drama, musical, film noir, Western,
science fiction, comedy, biopic, war, espionage, ROMANS ET FILMS
sports, superhero and horror. Among the
acting careers examined are those of Cary POLICIERS
Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Greer
Garson, Burt Lancaster, Meryl Streep, Matt
Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington,
Daniel Craig and many others.

STERRITT, David, Rock'n Roll Movies, New

brunswick, Rutgers University Press, (Quick
Takes: Movies and Popular Culture), 2017, 152

STOREK, Timo & Svenja TAUBNER (eds.), Von

Game of Thrones bis The Walking Dead:
Interpretation von Kultur in Serie, Berlin, LITTRATURE
Springer Verlag, 2017, xviii, 380 pages.
APARICIO NEVARO, Felipe (dir.),
WAGNER, Kristen Anderson, Comic Venus: Reescrituras del imaginario policiaco en la
Women and Comedy in American Silent narrative hispanica contemporanea,
Film, Detroit, Wayne State University Press, Mulhouse, ILLE (Institut de recherches en
(Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media), langues et littratures europennes), , 2016,
2017, 304 pages. 357 pages.
Investigacin y anlisis de textos
WALTER, MArcello Bruno, Stanley Kubrick, contemporneos (R. Bolaos, E. Fuentes, J.
Rome, Gremese (Les grands cinastes), 2016, Maras, J. Madrid, Javier Calvo, Muoz Molina,
175 pages. Prfae et postface de Roberto C. Posadas, O. Pz. N. Ponce y otros) por
Lasagna. especialistas europes y latinoamericnaos (F.
Aparicio. E. Fuentes, Dolores Rajoy, Shelley
WISE, J. McGregor, Surveillance and Film, Godsland, Myriam Roche, S. Girbs, Olga
New York, Bloomsbury Academic, 2016, xi, 192 Godoy, Chand, Andrea Pezze, Jorge Chen y
pages. otros.
Drawing on dozens of examples from around
the world, J. Macgregor Wise analyzes films BECK, Sandra, Narratologische Ermit-
that focus on those who watch (like Rear tlungen: Muster detektorischen Erzhlens
Window, Peeping Tom, Disturbia, Gigante, in der deutschsprachigen Literatur,

Heidelberg, Carl-Winter Univer-sitts Verlag, new career of global popularity, enhanced by
2017, 823 pages. the Bond film franchise. In the realm of fiction,
a glance at the fiction bestseller list will reveal
BLANCHER, Marc, Polar et post-modernit, the continuing appeal of novelists such as John
Paris, L'Harmattan, 2016, 675 pages. le Carr, Frederick Forsyth, Charles Cumming,
N au coeur de la tourmente Stella Rimington, Daniel Silva, Alec Berenson,
transformationnelle qui caractrise le Xixe Christopher Reichto name but a fewand
sicle, le polar incarne la contradiction par illustrates the continued fascination with the
excellence. En effet, ses dtracteurs disent de spy novel into the twenty-first century,
lui qu'il est la fois populaire et inclassable decades after the end of the Cold War. There is
tandis que les aficionados y voient un genre also a burgeoning critical interest in spy fiction,
riche l'infini, se nourrissant aussi bien de la with a number of new studies appearing in
science que du social. En interrogeant le terme recent years. A genre that many believed
mme de policier l'auteur prsente et would falter and disappear after the fall of the
questionne la relle substance de son objet Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet
d'tude et se demande, en essence, si le polar empire has shown, if anything, increased signs
n'aurait pas incarn une postmodernit avant of vitality.
EDWARDS, Martin, The Story of Classic
BENDER, Jesko, 9/11 erzhlen: Terror als Crime in 100 Books, Scottsdale (AR),
Diskurs- und Textphnomen, Bielfeld, Poisoned Pen Press, 2017, 357 pages.
transcript Verlag, 2017, 271 pages. This book tells the story of crime fiction
published during the first half of the twentieth
BONNAL, Nicolas, Littrature et cons- century. The diversity of this much-loved genre
piration: les grands auteurs l'ge des is breathtaking, and so much greater than
complots, Paris, Dualpha ditions, 2017, 247 many critics have suggested. To illustrate this,
pages. the leading expert on classic crime discusses
La thorie de la conspiration est prsente one hundred books ranging from The Hound of
comme une panace intellectuelle rserve the Baskervilles to Strangers on a Train which
des esprits grognons et infrieurs. Ce livre highlight the entertaining plots, the literary
dmontre exactement l'inverse. Depuis des achievements, and the social significance of
sicles les grands crivains ont saisi les vintage crime fiction. This book serves as a
prodigieux changements qui ont boulevers companion to the acclaimed British Library
notre poque, et ils les ont dnoncs. De Crime Classics series but it tells a very diverse
Chateaubriand Chesterton, de John Buchan story. It presents the development of crime
Jack London, de Dostoevski Cline, tous les fiction-from Sherlock Holmes to the end of the
grands auteurs (romanciers et essayistes) ont, golden age-in an accessible, informative and
chacun leur manire, dcrit, romanc, engaging style.
vilipend la terrible re des conspirations que
nous nommons le monde moderne. FORSHAW, Barry, American noir: The
Pocket Essential Guide to US Crime
BUCKTON, Oliver, Espionage in British Fiction, Film & TV, Harpenden (UK), Oldcastle
Fiction and Film since 1900: The Changing Books, Pocket Essentiel Series, 2017, 224
Enemy, Lanham (MD), Lexington Books, 2017, pages.
364 pages. The word "Noir" is used here in its loosest
Espionage in British Fiction and Film Since sense: every major living American writer is
1900 traces the history and development of the considered (including the giants Harlan Coben,
British spy novel from its emergence in the Patricia Cornwell, James Lee Burke, James
early twentieth century, through its growth as Ellroy and Sara Paretsky, as well as non-crime
a popular genre during the Cold War, to its writers such as Stephen King who stray into
resurgence in the early twenty-first century. the genre), often through a concentration on
Using an innovative structure, the chapters one or two key books. Many exciting new
focus on specific categories of fictional spying talents are highlighted, and Barry Forshaws
(such as the accidental spy or the professional) knowledge ofand personal acquaintance
and identify each type with a vital period in the withmany of the writers grants valuable
evolution of the spy novel and film. A central insights into this massively popular field. But
section of the book considers how, with the the crime genre is as much about films and TV
creation of James Bond by Ian Fleming in the as it is about books, and this book is a
1950s, the professional spy was launched on a celebration of the former as well as the latter.

American television crime drama in particular is divenuti star nel loro campo), riflettendo
enjoying a new golden age, and all of the sull'ansia sociale che hanno determinato,
important current series are covered here, as documentando l'interesse dimostrato da registi,
well as key important recent films. scrittori e produttori e il fascino esercitato sul
grande pubblico. Dalla politica alla psichiatria,
GEHERIN, David, Funny Thing About dalla criminologia al cinema, Iannaccone
Murder: Modes of Humour in Crime Fiction accompagna il lettore alla scoperta di coloro
and Films, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2017, che, per citare John Milton, hanno preferito
277 pages. regnare all'inferno piuttosto che servire in
Focusing on crime fiction and films that artfully paradiso.
combine comedy and misdeed, this
comprehensive study explores the reasons why KABATCHNIK, Amnon, Blood on Stage, 1600
writers and filmmakers inject humor into their to 1800: Milestone Plays on Murder,
work and identifies the various comic Mystery and Mayhem, Lanham (MD),
techniques they use. The author covers both Rowman & Littlefield, 2017, 826 pages.
American and European books from the 1930s In Blood on the Stage, 1600 to 1800: Milestone
to the present, by such authors as Rex Stout, Plays of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem, Amnon
Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard, Donald E. Kabatchnik profiles near fifty works of theft,
Westlake, Sue Grafton, Carl Hiaasen and Janet treachery, court intrigue, incest, and murder
Evanovich, along with films from The Thin produced over these two centuries. Among the
Man to the BBCs Sherlock series. plays discussed in this book are The Beggar's
Opera by John Gay, Horace Walpoles The
HUMANN, Heather Duerre, Gender Bending Mysterious Mother, Friedrich Schillers The
Detective Fiction: A Critical Analysis of Robbers, and George Lillo's The London
Selected Works, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, Merchant, which was based on an actual case
2017, 200 pages. of murder. This volume also includes American
Introduction: Dressed to Kill 1 plays such as The Prince of Parthia by Thomas
1. Policing Gender in Mickey Spillanes I, the Godfrey and William Dunlops The Fatal
Jury and Vengeance Is Mine Deception. William Shakespeare is also
2. Uncovering a Double Life in Ruth Rendells represented with the classics Othello, Macbeth,
A Sleeping Life and King Lear.
3. Corporeality, -Cross-Dressing and a "Cozy" Entries are presented chronologically, and each
Mystery Novel: Charlotte MacLeods The Corpse includes a plot synopsis, production data,
in Oozaks Pond opinions by critics and scholars, and
4. Criminality and -Cross-Dressing in Sue biographical sketches of playwrights and key
Graftons "D" Is for Deadbeat actors.
5. Disguise and Deviance in P.D. James
Devices and Desires LACOURBE, Roland, crits nigmatiques,
6. Subverting Stereotypes in Val McDermids Lulu. com. ditions Semper Aenigma, 2017,
The Mermaids Singing 266 pages.
7. Transitioning to New Ground in Detective Ce recueil comprend sept articles et neuf
Fiction: Renee James Transition to Murder critiques parus entre 1998 et 2007 dans le
8. Detecting Gender in Mark SaFrankos The magazine mythique Enigmatika. On y
Suicide trouvera, entre autres : une vocation des
9. The Transgender Presence in Robert principaux crimes dont Hollywood fut le
Galbraiths The Silkworm thtre ; quelques rflexions sur les romans
10. The Transgender Detective in T.E. historiques de John Dickson Carr ; une tude
Wilsons Mezcalero: A Detective Sanchez Novel de la trilogie Lintott par Jean Stubbs ; un
Conclusion: Criminality, Conventions and survol de lUchronie littraire ; une analyse de
Concealment in -Post-World War II Detective luvre traduite en franais de Mark McShane ;
Fiction un texte de rflexion sur luvre policire
dAnthony Abbot ; et des critiques de
IANNACCONE, Mario Arturo, Meglio regnare curiosits littraires (comme un roman policier
all'inferno. Perch i serial killer popolano sign George Sanders), de grands classiques
il cinema, la letteratura e la television, (comme LInsouponnable Grandison de
Torino, Lindau, (Le comete), 2017, 449 pages. Charlotte Armstrong ou La Cinquime Femme
Questo libro analizza il fenomeno da un punto de Henning Mankel), de chefs-duvre de la
di vista antropologico, sociologico, psicologico e politique-fiction (comme Les Larmes de
politico, raccontando i casi celebri (i killer lautomne de Charles McCarry) ou de quelques

ouvrages majeurs encore trop mconnus Bond in terms of the greatly changing world
(comme lexceptionnel Conspiration des order of the Bond yearsa lifetime that
tnbres de Theodore Roszac). Louvrage stretches from 1953, when the first novel
saccompagne de plus de quarante pages appeared, to the present. Black argues that the
dillustrations. Bond novelsthe Fleming books as well as the
often-neglected novels authored by others after
MAGEDERA, Ian H., Outsider Biographies: Fleming died in 1964and films drew on
Savage, de Sade, Wainewright, Ned kelly, current fears in order to reduce the
Billy the Kid, Rimbaud and Genet: Base implausibility of the villains and their villainy.
Crime and High Art in Biography and Bio-
Fiction, 1744-2000, Amsterdam, Boston et BOSTRM, Mattias, From Holmes to
al., Brill/Rodopi, 2017, 344 pages. Sherlock: The Story of the Men and
Women Who Created an Icon, New York,
OLLERMAN, Rick, Hardboiled, Noir and Gold The Mysterious Press, 2017, 608 pages.
Medals: Essays on Crime Fiction Writers In From Holmes to Sherlock, Swedish author
from the 50s to the 90s, Eureka (CA), Stark and Sherlock Holmes expert Mattias Bostrm
House Press, 2017, 298 pages. recreates the full story behind the legend for
A complete collection of Rick Ollerman's the first time. From a young Arthur Conan
informative and insightful Stark House Doyle sitting in a Scottish lecture hall taking
introductions, with lots of new material by the notes on his medical professors powers of
author. observation to the pair of modern-day fans who
brainstormed the idea behind the TV
sensation Sherlock, from the publishing worlds
first literary agent to the Georgian princess
A PROPOS DES AUTEURS who showed up at the Conan Doyle estate and
altered a legacy, the narrative follows the men
and women who have created and perpetuated
BECHTEL, Stefan Laurence Roy STAINS, the myth. It includes tales of unexpected
Through a Glass Darkly: Sir Arthur Conan fortune, accidental romance, and inheritances
Doyle and the Quest to Solve the Greatest gone awry, and tells of the actors, writers,
Mystery of All, New York, St. Martin's Press, readers, and other players who have
2017, 320 pages. transformed Sherlock Holmes from the
Known to the world as the creator of Sherlock gentleman amateur of the Victorian era to the
Holmes, Conan Doyle had undergone what odd genius of today.
many considered an enigmatic transformation,
turning his back on the hyper-rational Holmes JACKSON, Lawrence Patrick, Chester B.
and plunging into the supernatural. What was it Himes: A Biography, New York, W.W.W.
that convinced a brilliant man, the creator of Norton & Company, 2017, xv, 606 pages.
the great exemplar of cold, objective thought,
that there was a reality beyond reality? Though MANGHAM, Andrew, Dicken's Forensic
most modern sources make Conan Doyle out to Realism: Thruth, Bodies, Evidence,
be a kindly but credulous old fool, and though Colombus, The Ohio State University Press,
the spiritualist era was rife with fraud, Stefan 2016, xvi, 253 pages.
Bechtel and Laurence Roy Stains take a closer Dickenss Forensic Realism: Truth, Bodies,
look. They reexamine the old records of trance Evidence by Andrew Mangham is one of the
mediums and sances, and they discover that first studies to bring the medical humanities to
what Conan Doyle and his colleagues bear on the work of Dickens. Turning to the
uncovered is as difficult to dismiss now as it field of forensic medicine (or medical
was then. jurisprudence), Mangham uncovers legal and
medical contexts for Dickenss ideas that result
BLACK, Jeremy, The World of James Bond: in new readings of novels, short stories, and
The Lives and Times of 007, Lanham (MD), journalism by this major Victorian
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2017, 218 author. Dickenss Forensic Realism argues that
pages. the rich and unstable nature of truth and
This book presents an insightful and thoroughly representation in Dickens owes much to the
entertaining exploration of the political context ideas and strategies of a forensic Victorian age,
of the Bond books and films. Jeremy Black obsessed with questioning the relationship
offers a historians interpretation from the between clues and truths, evidences and
perspective of the late 2010s, assessing James answers.

MEUNIER, Dominique & Herv WEILL, Seul Der Film noir, in seiner klassischen Form von
Ellory: livre de conversations avec R. J. 1941 bis 1959 in Amerika angesiedelt, war ein
Ellory, Mulhouse, La Maison du Moulin, 2017, Sammelbecken europischer Filmemigranten.
172 pages. Vorlufer wie die Romane der "hard-boiled
school" und die Gangster-filme der 1930er
REYNOLDS, Nicholas, Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Jahre sowie die Rahmenbedingungen Kriegs-
Spy: Ernest Hemingway's Secret Adven- und Nachkriegsschock werden zum Gegenstand
tures, 1935-1961, New York, William Morrow, der Forschung Brandlmeiers. Um 1940 bricht
2017, xxi, 357 pages. sich die Psychoanalyse auch in den USA Bahn:
Statt intakter Individuen hufen sich fortan
ROCCA, Danielle Della, Sherlock Holmes, Figuren mit psychologischen Krankheitsbildern
YoucanPrint, 2017, 708 pages. wie Amnesie, Schizophrenie, Paranoia und
Klaustrophobie. Moderne Varianten von dipus
und Elektra werden inszeniert und Fetischismen
jedweder Art thematisiert. Die Femme fatale
CINMA & TLVISION wird durch die Faszination des Homme fatal
ergnzt und auch Nekrophilie und lebende Tote
BAYS, Jeffrey Michael, Suspense with a tauchen als Motive auf: der Film noir als
Camera: A Filmmaker's Guide to "Generalprobe der Postmoderne".
Hitchcock's Techniques, San Francisco (CA),
Michael Wiese Productions, 2007, 220 pages. COPPOLA, Francis Ford, The Godfather
How did Hitchcock manipulate his audience into Notebook, New York, Regan Arts, 2016.
a state of frenzy? Hitchcock scholar Jeffrey
Michael Bays has made this question his lifes DECKER, Kevin S., David R. KOEPPEL & Robert
mission, and is here to share his top tips for ARP (eds.), Philosophy and Breaking Bad,
escalating suspense and leaving your audience New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, xx, 266
begging for more. pages.
This volume considers the numerous
BONNAL, Nicolas, James Bond et la philosophical ideas and arguments found in and
tlvision comme arme de guerre, inspired by the critically acclaimed
Independently Published, 2017, 150 pages. series Breaking Bad. This show garnered both
critical and popular attention for its portrayal of
BOURGET, Jean-Louis, Rebecca: Alfred a cancer-stricken, middle-aged, middle-class,
Hitchcock Paris, Vendmiaire, (Contre- high school chemistry teachers drift into the
champ), 2017, 144 pages. dark world of selling methamphetamine to
Manderley, fastueuse demeure gothique de la support his family. Its characters, situations,
cte des Cornouailles, se joue un drame and aesthetic raise serious and familiar
fascinant. La jeune pouse du riche Maxim de philosophical issues, especially related to ethics
Winter, dsempare dans un milieu o elle and morality. The show provokes a bevy of rich
volue pour la premire fois, se trouve questions and discussion points.
perptuellement en butte au souvenir de la
premire femme de son poux, lnigmatique DE LUCA, Gabriele, Fargo. La serie. Il
Rebecca, qui semble hanter encore les lieux. fascino discreto del male, Roma, Edizione
Tir du best-seller de Daphn du Maurier, Estemporanee, 2017, 88 pages.
Rebecca, sorti en1940, est la premire
ralisation amricaine dAlfred Hitchcock. Mais FIELD, Matthew & Ajay CHOWDURY, Some
tait-ce vraiment son film, ou celui du Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the
producteur, David O. Selznick, internation- James Bond Films, The History Press, 2018,
alement reconnu pour Autant en emporte le 7120 pages. [Rdition] Prface de George
vent (1939) et rput pour son Lazenby.
interventionnisme ? Deux visionnaires pour une
uvre magistrale, analyse en dtail dans un FUNNELL, Lisa & Klaus DODDS, Geogaphies,
ouvrage combinant description de squences, Genders and Geopolitics of James Bond,
tudes comparatives et lectures critiques. New York & London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017,
xi, 242 pages.
BRANDLMEIER, Thomas, Film noir: die This book discusses the representational
Generalprobe der Postmoderne, Mnchen, geographies of the Bond film franchise and how
text+ kritik, 2017, 161 pages. they inform our reading of 007 as a hero.
Offering a new and interdisciplinary lens

through which the franchise can be analyzed, MILLER, Ron, Mystery Classics on Film: The
Funnell and Dodds explore a range of topics Adaptation of 65 Novels and Stories,
that have been largely, if not entirely, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2017, x, 220 pages.
overlooked in Bond film scholarship. [Le sommaire dtaill du livre - trop long pour
ces pages - est disponible sur le site de la
GAUTEUR, Claude, Henri-George Clouzot : maison d'dition].
l'oeuvre fantme, La Madeleine, LettMotif,
2017, 98 pages. MOULLIC, Gilles, Meurtre d'un bookmaker
L'oeuvre d'Henri-Georges Clouzot, de chinois, de John Cassavetes: strip-tease,
L'Assassin habite au 21 (1942) La Prisonnire Crisne (Belgique), Yellow Now, (Ct film),
(1968), est connue et reconnue. Mais qu'en 2017, 102 pages.
est-il de son oeuvre fantme, des scnarios
originaux qu'il a crits mais non tourns, l'un PALMER, Scott V., The Other Films of
notamment avec Jean-Paul Sartre, des Agatha Christie, Cypress Hill Press, 2017,
adaptations, telle que Chambre obscure d'aprs 294 pages.
Vladimir Nabokov, de L'Enfer arrt aprs This book, which I call The Other Films of
quelques jours de tournage, ou encore des Agatha Christie, is a collection of films made for
remakes qu'elle a suscits ? TV and the cinema which do not deal with films
including the characters of Miss Jane Marple
JACKE, Andreas, Mind Games: ber litera- and Hercule Poirot. These films and characters
rische, psychoanalytische und gender- can be found in books I have previously
theoretische Sendeinhalten bei A. C. Doyle written, called The Films of Hercule Poirot,
und der BBC-Serie Sherlock, Wiesbaden, and The Films of Miss Marple. I have also
Berlin, Springer Verlag, 2017, 219 pages. written a book entitled Agatha Christies Ten
Little Indians on Film and TV, which compares
LEBLANC, Damien, Les Rvolutions de Mad the nearly dozen filmed versions of that novel.
Men, Levallois-Perret,ditions Playlist Society,
2017, 136 pages. PARENTE, Nicolo, Ciak, si spara. Da
Rcompense par de nombreux prix, soutenue Romanzo Criminale a Gomorra e
par la critique et par un fidle contingent Suburra: il crimine italiano sul grande e
d'admirateurs, Mad Men a rinvent, de 2007 piccolo schermo, Battipaglia, Nicola Pesce
2015, le concept de la srie tlvise Editore, (Narrativa), 2017, 157 pages.
historique. Durant sept saisons, celle-ci a
montr l'Amrique des annes 1960 travers PETTEY, Homer B., R. BARTON PALMER &
le regard de ses personnages officiant dans Setevn M. SANDERS (eds.), Hitchcock's
l'univers de la publicit et oeuvrant Moral Gaze, Albany, State University of New
quotidiennement faonner le concept de rve York Press, 2017, 331 pages.
amricain. Au-del de son lgance visuelle et Introduction
de sa rputation glamour, Mad Men se R. Barton Palmer and Steven M. Sanders
distingue par un univers narratif profondment Skepticism
original, port par un hros mlancolique qui se 1. Jealousy and Trust in The Lodger
dbat dans une poque marque par Graham Petrie
d'incessants changements politiques et 2. Fun with Suspicion
sociaux. Thomas Leitch
3. Heroic Satans and Other Hitchcockian
LVY, Frdric Albert, Bond, l'espion qu'on Heresies
aimait, Paris, Hors Collection, 2017, 312 Nick Haeffner
pages. 4. Guilt, Confession, and . . . Then What?:
La srie des James Bond dcrypte par l'Expert The Paradine Case and Under Capricorn
franais du genre : Frdric-Albert Levy, l'un Brian McFarlane
des cofondateurs de la revue de 5. The Forgotten Cigarette Lighter and Other
cinma Starfix. Vous ne regarderez plus Moral Accidents in Strangers on a Train
jamais l'agent 007 comme avant. George Toles
Girls, gadgets, exotisme,dcors, pour-suites Immorality
automobiles, cascades, rpliques laconiques et 6. Hitchcocks Immoralists
drles... Il ya tout cela, il faut tout cela dans Steven M. Sanders
un "Bond". 7. Hitchcock the Amoralist: Rear Window and
the Pleasures and Dangers of Looking
Sidney Gottlieb

8. Voyeurism Revisited her craft. She was effective in a range of
Richard Allen diverse roles, from an outcast prostitute in
Moralizing John Fords classic Stagecoach (1939) to the
9. Alfred Hitchcock as Moralist ambitious tennis mother in Hard, Fast and
Murray Pomerance Beautiful (1951) to the embittered wife of a
10. The Deepening Moralism of The Wrong Man landowner in William Wellmans overlooked
R. Barton Palmer gem My Man and I (1952). Nominated for four
11. Hitchcock and the Philosophical End of Film Oscars, she deservedly won Best Supporting
Jerold J. Abrams Actesss for her portrayal of Gaye Dawn, a
Moral Acts gangsters broken-down moll in Key Largo
12. The Dread of Ascent: The Moral and (1948). The author covers her life and career in
Spiritual Topography of Vertigo detail, recognizing her as one of the finest
Alan Woolfolk actresses of her generation.
13. The Philosophy of Marriage in North by
Northwest SRISIER, Pierre, L'Empire de la
Jennifer L. Jenkins mlancolie: l'univers des sries
14. The Loyalty of an Eel: Issues of Political, scandinaves, Paris, Vendmiaire, 2017, 187
Personal, and Professional Morality in (and pages.
around) Torn Curtain Les tribulations d'une femme Premier ministre
Neil Sinyard (Borgen), des meurtres morbides dans des
15. Hobbes, Hume, and Hitchcock: The Case of paysages dsols (The Killing), l'omniprsence
Frenzy de la brume et de la neige (Lillyhammer), des
Homer B. Pettey enquteurs traumatiss (Wallander), en perte
de repres (The Bridge) Au cours des
PLANISI, Luis Abbou, James Bond: Behind dernires annes, les sries scandinaves se
the Smoking, CreateSpace Independent sont imposes comme un phnomne majeur.
Publishing, 2017, 352 pages. Admires en Grande-Bretagne, salues en
France, copies aux tats-Unis, elles mlent la
SAN JUAN, Eric & Jim MAC DEVITT, spcificit des socits nordiques la
Hitchcock's Villains: Murderers, Maniacs familiarit de thmes universels (libert,
ad Mother Issues, Lanham (MD), Rowman & intgration, fminisme) et incarnent une
Littlefield, 2017, 185 pages. tlvision haut de gamme. Si leur succs a
In Hitchcocks Villains: Murderers, Maniacs, and bnfici de la vague du polar nordique, elles
Mother Issues, authors Eric San Juan and Jim sont aussi nourries d'influences plus
McDevitt explore a number of themes that form profondes: anciennes sagas vikings, thtre du
the foundation of villainy in Hitchcocks long XIXe sicle, rcits gothiques et film noir
and acclaimed career. The authors also provide amricain. Un dcryptage indit qui donne les
a detailed look at some of the directors most cls du phnomne.
noteworthy villains and examine how these
characters were often central to the enjoyment SIMMONDS, Meg, Le Style 007: tout l' art
of Hitchcocks best films. Whether discussing des films de James Bond, Paris, Huginn &
Uncle Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt or Norman Muginn, 2016, 316 pages.
Bates in Psycho, the authors consider what
attracted Hitchcock to such characters in the THOMAS, Benjamin, Fantmas: Louis
first place and why they endure as screen Feuillade, Paris, Vendmiaire, (Contre-
icons. champ), 2017, 108 pages.
En 1913, Fantmas, gnie du crime et hros de
SCUDIERI, Barbara, La donna e l'uomo nel roman populaire, devient une star du cinma
cinema di Alfred Hitchcock, Indepently muet. Film en cinq volets dune rare crativit,
Published, 2017, 241 pages. le Fantmas de Louis Feuillade offre au criminel
lune de ses incarnations les plus abouties.
SCULTHORPE, Derek, Claire Trevor: The Life Scnographie inventive, montage audacieux,
and Films of the Queen of Noir, Jefferson prsence mystrieuse du hors-champ : au
(NC), McFarland, 2017, 277 pages. cours dune traque endiable dans le Paris de la
Claire Trevor (19102000) is best remembered Belle poque, tous les prodiges de cet art
as the alluring blonde femme fatale in such nouveau sont convoqus au service de
iconic noir films as Murder, My Sweet (1944) linquitante puissance du bandit masqu.
and Raw Deal (1948). Yet she was a versatile
performer who brought rare emotional depth to

Un classique dune trs grande modernit
formelle, qui a largement contribu au mythe
du Matre de lEffroi .
VALDEZ, Marc P., A Guidebook to Breaking LIMAGINAIRE
Bad Filming Locations: Albuquerque as
Physical Setting and Indispensable
Character, Createspace Independent
Publishing Platform, 2017, 382 pages.

WARD, James J. & Cynthia J. MILLER (eds.),

Urban noir: New York & Los Angeles in
Shadow and Light, Lanham (MD), Rowman &
Littlefield, 2017, 254 pages.
In Urban Noir: New York and Los Angeles in
Shadow and Light, James J. Ward and Cynthia
J. Miller have brought together essays by an SCIENCE-FICTION
international group of scholars that examine FANTASTIQUE & FANTASY
the dark appeal of these two cities. The essays
in this volume explore aspects of the noir and
neo-noir cityscape that have been relatively
unexamined, including the role of sound and
movement through space, the distinctive LITTRATURE
character of certain neighborhoods and locales,
and the importance of individual moments in
time. Among the films discussed in this book ATALLAH, Marc, L'Art de la sciene-fiction,
are classic noirs Double Indemnity (1944), He Chambry, ditions Actu-SF & Yverdon
Walked by Night (1948), and Criss Cross (Suisse), Maison d'Ailleurs, 2016, 95 pages.
(1949), as well as neo-noirs such as Cotton
Comes to Harlem (1970), Klute (1971), Taxi ABOTT, Carl, Imagining Urban Futures:
Driver (1976), Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), Cities in Science-Fiction and What we
Cruising (1980), Alphabet City (1984), Devil in Might Learn from Them, Middletown (CT),
a Blue Dress (1995), Drive (2011), Rampart Wesleyan University Press, 2016, 276 pages.
(2011), and Nightcrawler (2014). Carl Abbott, who has taught urban studies and
urban planning in five decades, brings together
urban studies and literary studies to examine
how fictional cities in work by authors as
different as E. M. Forster, Isaac Asimov, Kim
Stanley Robinson, and China Miville might
Want to receive Marginalia (free) ? help us to envision an urban future that is
Send e-mail adress to viable and resilient. Imagining Urban Futures is
nspehner@sympatico.ca a remarkable treatise on what is best and
strongest in urban theory and practice today,
S. v. p n'oubliez pas de signaler as refracted and intensely imagined in science
tout changement d'adresse fiction.

Marginalia et disponible gratuitement BARBINI, Francesca T. (ed.), Gender,

Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy
sur simple demande: pas de frais, de
and Science Fiction, Edinburgh, Luna Press,
pubs ou autre nuisances ! 2017, 246 pages.
The papers explore how society, as reflected in
crire l'adresse courriel ci-dessus real life, literature, movies, TV, games and
cosplay, is currently dealing with gender
identity and sexuality in speculative fiction,
asking an important question: do we have a
problem? Featuring papers from Juliet E
McKenna, Kim Lakin-Smith, Cheryl Morgan, A J
Dalton, Jyrki Korpua, Hazel Butler, Lorianne

Reuser, Anna Milon, Rostislav Krka and Alina BOTTING, Fred & Catherine SPOONER (eds.),
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Imaging Gothic from the Nineteen Century
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Science: The Real Science in Science University Press, 2017, 192 pages.
Fiction, Amherst (NY), Prometheus Books, In a collection of essays that ranges from the
2017, 304 pages. Victorian fiction of Wilkie Collins, Bram Stoker
Learn about relativity through Orson Scott and Richard Marsh to the music of Tom Waits,
Card's Ender's Game and the movie world horror cinema and the TV series Doctor
Interstellar; black holes and wormholes in Who, this book finds fresh and innovative
connection with Contact and Planet of the contexts for the study of Gothic. Combining
Apes; theories about the origin of life as essays by well-established and emerging
reflected in Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: The scholars, it should appeal to academics and
Next Generation, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to students researching both Gothic literature and
the Galaxy; computer science and artificial culture and the cultural impact of new
intelligence in reference to A.I. Artificial technologies.
Intelligence; and much, much, more.
BRAUDY, Leo, Haunted: On Ghosts,
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Ethics, Berlin & New York, Springer, (Science The Handbook to the Ghost Story sets out to
and Fiction), 2017, 204 pages. survey and significantly extend a new field of
In this highly original book, Russell Blackford criticism which has been taking shape over
discusses the intersection of science fiction and recent years, centering on the ghost story and
humanitys moral imagination. With the rise of bringing together a vast range of interpretive
science and technology in the 19th century, methods and theoretical perspectives. The
and our continually improving understanding of main task of the volume is to properly situate
the cosmos, writers and thinkers soon began to the genre within historical and contemporary
imagine futures greatly different from the literary cultures across the globe, and to
present. Science fiction was born out of the explore its significance within wider literary
realization that future technoscientific advances contexts as well as those of the supernatural.
could drama-tically change the world. Along
with the developments described in modern BRODERICK, Damien, Starlight Inter-views:
science fiction - space societies, conscious Conversations with a Science Fiction
machines, and upgraded human bodies, to Writer, Ramble House, 2017, 298 pages.
name but a few - come a new set of ethical
challenges and new forms of ethics. BUCKLEY, Chlo Germaine, Twenty-First
Century Children's Gothic: From the
BLAKE, Linnie & Agnieszka Soltysik MONNET Wanderer to Nomadic Subject, Edinburgh,
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Gothic in the Neoliberal Age, Manchester, This is the first monograph that brings together
Manchester University Press, 2017, xiii, 219 the fields of Gothic Studies and children's
pages. fiction to analyse a range of popular and
Through analysis of texts drawn from literary works for children published since
literature, film, television, theatre and the 2000.
visual arts (from the Europe to South East Asia, The book covers texts from popular culture,
Africa to North and South America) the novels by much-neglected female writers, as
collection examines the ways in which the well as more celebrated works: Frances
representational strategies of the gothic mode Hardinge's The Lie Tree, Neil Gaiman's
are ideally suited to an exploration of the dark Coraline, Darren Shan's Zom-B, Jamila Gavin's
side of neoliberal enterprise. Coram Boy, Paula Morris's Ruined, Derek
Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant, Anthony
Horowitz's The Power of Five; as well as films

such as Frankenweenie and Paranorman. This sacrifice and revolution would they tell if they
broad scope allows for clear demonstration of could talk? At once a visceral analysis of
the broad relevance of nomadic subjectivity for dubious racial myth, pop-cultural history and
children's literature criticism. philosophical provocation, Undead
Uprising asks how ecstatic ritual, voodoo
BUTTSWORTH, Sara & Maartje ABBEN-HUIS possession, zombie labourers, and meddling
(eds.), War, Myths and Fairy Tales, New spirits have come to meld Haiti's national
York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, xii, 243 pages. identity for better or worse.
Introduction: Tales of War and Wonder
Reflecting on War, Myths, and Fairy Tales and DAVISON, Carol Margaret & Monica GERMANA,
the Breadcrumb Trails Between (eds.) Scottish Gothic: An Edinburgh
Buttsworth, Sara (et al.) Companion, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University
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as Search for Meaning in Holocaust Cinema This interdisciplinary collection is the first ever
Lichtner, Giacomo published study to investigate the multifarious
The Boy with the Bread: Consuming Hansel strands of Gothic in Scottish fiction, poetry,
and Gretel in the Twenty-First Century theatre and film. Its contributors - all
Buttsworth, Sara specialists in their fields - combine an attention
Abelardo Daz Alfaros Tales: The Tragicomedy to socio-historical and cultural contexts with a
of the Dawn of US Intervention in Puerto Rico rigorous close reading of works, both classic
Gutarra, Dannelle and lesser known, produced between the
Once Upon a Nation: Fables and Fairy Tales in eighteenth and twenty-first centuries.
Canadian Plays About War
Thistle, Lindsay DESPRS, Elaine, Pourquoi les savants fous
Flying Home: Aestheticizing and Americanizing veulent-ils dtruire le monde ? volution
Experiences of Exile and Migration in the d'une figure littraire, Montral, Le
Second World War as Fairy Tales of Return and Quartanier, 2016, 338 pages.
Restoration Cet ouvrage suit lvolution du savant fou par
Conrad, JoAnn lanalyse de quatre romans : Et on tuera tous
Child Soldiers in Medieval(esque) Cinema les affreux de Boris Vian (1948), Le berceau du
Burkholder, Peter (et al.) chat de Kurt Vonnegut (1963), Lautre le du
A Trap of Our Own Making: Mark Twain and docteur Moreau de Brian Aldiss (1980) et Le
the Mechanized Warfare of King Arthurs Court dernier homme de Margaret Atwood (2003),
Blom, Paul E. qui mettent en fiction une riche rflexion
Life Was a State in Which a War Was On: thique sur la pratique de la science. Dans ces
A.S. Byatts Portrayal of War and Norse uvres, le savant fou, pouss par une curiosit
Mythology in Ragnarok: The End of the Gods insatiable et la recherche du dlice technique,
Beyer, Charlotte cre des substances et des tres sans se
War and the Ruby Tree. The Motif of the proccuper des consquences : un cristal
Unborn Generations in Jewish Womens Story- capable dradiquer la vie terrestre, des formes
Telling de vie artificielle, des animaux transgniques
Heywood, Simon (et al.) ou des cratures hybrides, voire une race
nouvelle destine remplacer lhumain.
CARDIN, Matt, Horror Literature Through
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That Speak to Our Deepest Fears, Westport Function of Evil across Disciplinary
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[en deux volumes]. 2017, 244 pages.
The work draws from authors in different
CUSSANS, John, Undead Uprising: Haiti, fieldsincluding history, literary and film
Horror and the Zombie Complex, Strange studies, philosophy, and psychologyand from
Attractor, 2017, 404 pages. around the world to provide an analysis of evil
There are zombies among us! From the rotting in such topics as deeply canonical as Beowulf
hordes of TV's The Walking Dead to the and Shakespeare to subjects as culturally
blockbuster nightmares of World War Z and 28 resonant as Stephen King, Captain America, or
Days Later, our popular culture is overrun with the War on Terror. By bringing together this
the ravenous undead.But where do these otherwise disparate collection of scholarship,
strange creatures come from, and what this collection reveals that discussions of evil
peculiar tales of mesmerism, freemasonry, pig across disciplines have always been questions

of how cultures represent that which they find FISHER, Benjamin Franklin, The Gothic's
socially abhorrent. Gothic: Study Aids to the Tradition of the
Tale of Terror, New York, Routledge, 2017,
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American Gothic Culture: An Edinburgh
Companion, Edinburgh Uni-versity Press, GAFFRIC, Gwennal (dir.), La Science-fiction
2017, 256 pages. en Asie de l'Est, dans Res Futurae, no 9,
This new Companion surveys the traditions and 2017.
conventions of the dark side of American Gwennal Gaffric
culture - its repressed memories, its anxieties La science-fiction en Asie de lEst : histoire et
and panics, its fears and horrors, its obsessions perspectives de recherche
and paranoias. Featuring new critical essays by Loc Aloisio : Le roman scientifique en
established and emerging academics from a Chine : prmices dune science-fiction
range of national backgrounds, this collection instrumentalise
offers new discussions and analyses of Florine Lepltre : Usages du futurisme mdical
canonical and lesser-known texts in literature en Chine pr-rpublicaine : craniotomie et
and film, television, photography, and video rgnration dans deux rcits de science-fiction
games. (1904-1905).
Gwennal Gaffric : La trilogie des Trois corps
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chronique d'une mal-aime, Dinan, Terre de Chine contemporaine
brume, (Terres fantastiques), 2017, 264 Benot Berthelier : Enjeux idologiques et
pages. littraires de la science-fiction en Core du
Les gens heureux n'ont pas d'histoire. Certains Nord depuis 1945
autres non plus. Des quatre as de la littrature Maxime Danesin
fantastique (fantme, vampire, loup-garou, La reprsentation de la censure dans la srie
goule), personne, jusqu' prsent, ne s'est romanesque japonaise Library Wars : une
intress au dernier. Pas une tude. Pas une lecture la lueur de Fahrenheit 451
anthologie sauf une, toute rcente, dans la Thomas Michaud : Harmonie, la critique dun
mme collection. Pas un articulet. Ce livre est totalitarisme mou par un roman japonais
un acte de contrition tardive. Il vient tard. Il Denis Taillandier : Lmergence dune forme de
vient aussi temps, car la goule va mourir, nanopunk au Japon : Gunnm de Kishiro Yukito
dvore petit petit par le zombi et son Bounthavy Suvilay : Neon Genesis Evangelion
mythe avec elle. Ne dans les dserts ou la dconstruction du robot anime
impitoyables d'Afrique du Nord, elle a forc les Suk Hee Joo : Du Transperceneige de Jacques
portes de l'Occident, au xviiie sicle, pour Lob et Jean-Marc Rochette Snowpiercer de
devenir l'horreur ncrophage qui cure les Bong Joon-Ho : une inspiration mutuelle entre
crivains eux-mmes. Les plus grands lui ont arts visuels dans le domaine de la science-
rendu hommage, certes (Hoffmann, fiction.
Maupassant, Lovecraft, Howard, Smith, Long, EN DIRECT DE SCIENCE FICTION STUDIES
Bloch, Grant, Ray), mais il s'agit souvent d'un Wei Yang : Voyage au cur dun futur inconnu
hommage isol, comme une dme payer au : analyse du genre dans le cinma de science-
fantastique. La goule sent mauvais, dans tous fiction chinois du nouveau millnaire
les sens du terme, mais elle existe, ignore, Mari Kotani : Lespace, le corps et les aliens
mprise. Un exil humiliant. Il fallait un jour dans la science-fiction fminine japonaise
l'tudier de prs, cette crature abjecte. A VARIA
l'heure o l'on encense les pires tyrans de Alice Ray : Retraduire Limbo : le syndrome
l'humanit, pourquoi laisser la goule sa littraire du membre fantme
solitude plus odieuse que ses murs ? ENTRETIEN
NDLR: du mme auteur, chez le mme Takayuki Tatsumi, Mari Kotani et Denis
diteur, une premire anthologie mondiale Taillandier : propos de la science-fiction
consacre ce thme nglig: Femmes de japonaise Entretien avec Tatsumi Takayuki et
sang, 2017, 224 pages. Kotani Mari men par Denis Taillandier.
[consultation en ligne de tous ces articles]
FIORETTI, Daniele, Utopia and Dystopia in
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multitude of places and spaces haunted by Stories, The Master of Masks, A Dream by
spectres, memory, trauma and nostalgia in the Old Canal, Hell is Other People: Robert
literature, art and film from Victorian times to Bloch and the Pathologies of the Family.
the present. Appreciations of the Writings of Joel Lane:
Mapping the Territory: Joel Lanes Essays, by
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Gothic effigy brings together for the first time deutschsprachigen Science Fiction
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media associated with Gothic, some of which Osteuropa, Frankfurt am Main, et al. Peter
have never received serious study before. This Lang, 2017, 636 pages.
guide is the most comprehensive work in its
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artifacts, from the work of Salvator Rosa and 2017, 224 pages,
the first illustrations of Gothic Blue books to the
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Currently popular areas such as Gothic fashion, Eutopian and Dystopian Literature and
gaming, T.V. and film are considered, as well Film, Edimburgh, Edinburgh University Press,
as the ghostly images of magic lantern shows. 2017, 240 pages.
Focusing on the utopian genre (which includes
KEE, Chera, Not Your Average Zombie: positive and negative worlds), this book offers
Rehumanizing the Undead from Voodoo to an in- depth account of the ways in which the
Zombie Walks, Austin, University of Texas most creative writers, filmmakers and thinkers
Press, 2017, 236 pages. have envisioned alternative worlds in which
surveillance in various forms plays a key
LA, Claudia, Arte fantastica. Dalle leggende concern. Ranging from Thomas More's genre-
greche al cinema dei giorni nostri, defining Utopia to Spike Jones' provocative film
Narcissus.me, 2017, 126 pages. Her, Imagining Surveillance explores the long
history of surveillance in creative texts well
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Bradburys Existential Paradigm for the Horror la Phnomnologie de l'esprit, relve donc ici
Genre, The Territory of the Others: The Dark un pari audacieux : faire entrer l'immense
Fiction of Theodore Sturgeon, No Secret champ de la science-fiction dans le geste le
Place: The Haunted Cities of Fritz Leiber, plus inventif de la philosophie moderne. C'est
Ruins of Time: The Mortal Terrors of Harlan bord du vaisseau La Logique de Hegel qu'il
Ellison, The Ruins of Reality: Thomas Ligotti entreprend pour cela, d'une criture alerte et
and the Uses of Disenchantment, World Gone image, de nous faire voyager travers une
Wrong: H.P. Lovecrafts Mythology of Loss, multitude d'univers, ceux de Van Vogt, de H.
Forever Always Ends: Robert Aickmans Visions G. Wells ou de Lovecraft, mais aussi d'Asimov,
of Afterlife. Other Critical Essays by Joel Lane: de Philip K. Dick, et de tant d'autres.
Strange Eons and the Cthulhu Mythos,

S'appuyant sur les trois parties de La Logique works from the 1890s to the present. The
tre, Essence, Concept , Jean-Clet Martin dcrit result is an innovative study that is both
avec minutie les grandes articulations des theoretically aware and historically nuanced,
oeuvres, littraires et filmiques. Il nous featuring an international list of established and
dmontre que c'est toute l'histoire de la emerging scholars based in Britain, Europe,
science-fiction qui se nourrit aux paradoxes de North America and Australia.
la logique. Au-del de Dick, elle trouve chez
Clarke, Baxter, Robinson, Wilson, ou Poul MULVEY-ROBERTS, Marie, Gothic Im-
Anderson, les embrayeurs d'un monde pluriel, mortals: The Fiction of the Brotherhood of
entranant nos vies sur des devenirs trs the Rosy Cross, New York, Routledge, 2017,
trangers au temps chronologique. 253 pages.
The first full-length study into 'Rosicrucian'
MATHESON, Neil, Surrealism and the novels, Roberts traces the emergence of this
Gothic: Castles of the Interior, New York, distinct fictional genre to reveal a continuous
Routledge, (Studies in Surrealism), 2017, 266 occult tradition running through seemingly
pages. diverse novels. This book should be of interest
Surrealism and the Gothic is the first book- to students and lecturers of English literature,
length analysis of the role played by the gothic women's studies.
in both the initial emergence of surrealism and
at key moments in its subsequent development O'GORMAN, Farrell, Catholicism and
as an art and literary movement. The book American Borders in the Gothic Literary
argues the strong and sustained influence, not Imagination, Notre Dame, University of Notre
only of the classic gothic novel itself Ann Dame Press, 2017, 368 pages.
Radcliffe, Charles Maturin, Matthew Lewis, etc.
but also the determinative impact of closely PILSCH,Andrew, Transhumanism: Evo-
related phenomena, as with the influence of lutionary Futurism and the Human
mediumism, alchemy and magic. The book also Technologies of Utopia, Minneapolis,
traces the later development of the gothic University of Minnesota Press, 2017, 256
novel, as with Bram Stokers Dracula, and its pages.
mutation into such works of popular fiction as
the Fantmas series of Marcel Allain and Pierre PLANKA, Sabine (ed.), Critical Perspectives
Souvestre, enthusiastically taken up by writers on Artificial Humans in Children's
such as Apollinaire and subsequently feeding Literature, Wrzburg, Knigshausen &
into the development of surrealism. More Neumann, 2016, 235 pages.
broadly, the book considers a range of motifs
strongly associated with gothic writing, as with POWELL, Hunter, Gothic Incest: Gender,
insanity, incarceration and the accursed Sexuality and Transgression, Manchester,
outsider, explored in relation to the personal Manchester University Press, 2018, 272 pages.
experience and electroshock treatment of
Antonin Artaud. A recurring motif of the RIEDER, John, Science Fiction and the Mass
analysis is that of the gothic castle, developed Cultural Genre System, Middletown,
in the writings of Andr Breton, Artaud, Sade, Wesleyan University Press, 2017, 224 pages.
Julien Gracq and other writers, as well as in the Rieder starts from the premise that science
work of visual artists such as Magritte. fiction and the other genres usually associated
with so-called genre fiction comprise a system
McCORT, Jessica R., Reading in the Dark: of genres entirely distinct from the pre-existing
Horror in Children's Literature and classical and academic genre system that
Culture, Jackson, University Press of includes the epic, tragedy, comedy, satire,
Mississippi, 2017, 258 pages. [Nouvelle romance, the lyric, and so on. He proposes that
dition]. the field of literary production and the project
of literary studies cannot be adequately
McKAY, Robert & John MILLER (eds.), conceptualized without taking into account the
Werewolves, Wolves and the Gothic, tensions between these two genre systems that
Cardiff, University of Wales Press, (Gothic arise from their different modes of production,
Literary Studies), 2017, 304 pages. distribution, and reception.
Drawing on representations of werewolves and
wolves in literature, film, television and visual ROAS, David (dir.), Historia de lo fantastico
culture, the essays investigate the key texts of en la cultura espanola contemporanea
the lycanthropic canon alongside lesser-known

(1900-2015), Madrid, Iberoamericana, 2017, Science Fiction and Activism, Oakland (CA),
386 pages. University of California Press, 2018, 168 pages.
From the 1960s to the present, activists,
SANDERS, Elizabeth M., Genres of Doubt: artists, and science fiction writers have
Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Victorian imagined the consequences of climate change
Crisis of Faith, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, and its impacts on our future. Authors such as
2017, 188 pages. Octavia Butler and Leslie Marmon Silko, movie
Preface directors such as Bong Joon-Ho, and creators
Introduction: The Secular and the Supernatural of digital media such as the makers of the
in Victorian Life and Fiction Maori web series Anamata Future News have
1. The Problem with Creation: Narrating the all envisioned future worlds in the wake of
Break with God imminent environmental collapse, engaging
Frankenstein: The Lonely Fall audiences to think about the Earths
The Island of Dr. Moreau: The Animal and the sustainability.
Machine Imagining the Future of Climate
2. Doubting Magic: Christian Fantasy During Change introduces readers to the history and
the Crisis most significant flashpoints in climate justice
Phantastes: Doubt in the Hero through speculative fictions and social
The -Water-Babies: Doubt in the Reader movements to explore post-disaster
The Princess and the Goblin: Doubt in the possibilities and the art of world-making.
Flatland: Doubt in the World TITLESTAD, Michael & David WATSON (eds.),
3. "Powers of their own": Evil and The Ongoing End: On the Limits of Apo-
Compromise in -Late-Victorian Urban Fantasies calyptic Narrative, New York, Routledge,
88 2017, 100 pages.
Humanity, Evil and Religion at the End of the The essays comprising this volume concern a
Century range of writers engagements with apocalyptic
Intrusion and Compromise reasoning. Extending from a reading of Percy
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Bysshe Shelleys Triumph of Life to critiques of
"A profound duplicity" contemporary American novels, they examine
Dracula: "Up-to-date with a vengeance" the ways in which end times reasoning can
4. Supernatural Longing: The Beginnings of inhibit imaginative reflection, blunt political
Modern Fantasy advocacy or more positively provide a
Lewis Carroll: Growing Out of Enchantment repertoire for the critique of complacency.
William Morris: A Sealed Enchantment
Epilogue: -Twenty-First-Century Enchantments UHRIG. Meike, Vera CUNTZ-LENZ & Lizie
KOLLINGER (Hrsg.), Wissen in der
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Publication Record, New York, Pegasus Book,
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In the mesmerizing Clockwork Futures, Brandy Austen, Radcliffe, Edgeworth and Burney,
Schillace reveals the science behind London, New York, Anthem Press, 2017, xii,
steampunk, which is every bit as extraordinary 240 pages.
as what we might find in the work of Jules
Verne, and sometimes, just as fearful. These WALOWSKI, Pawel, Der (neue) Mensch und
stories spring from the scientific framework we seine Welten: deutschsprachigen fantas-
have inherited. They shed light on how we tische Literatur und Science-Fiction, Berlin,
pursue science, and how we grapple with our Frank & Timme, 2018, 268 pages.
destinyyesterday, today, and tomorrow.
WEBB, Stephen, All the Wonder that Would
SHERIFF, Amanda, The Overstreet Guide to Be: Exploring Past Notions of the Future,
Collecting Horror, Timonium (MD), Gemstone Cham (Suisse), Springer Verlag, 2017, xiii, 344
Publishing, 2017, 192 pages. pages.
It has been argued that science fiction (SF)
STREEBY, Shelley, Imagining the Future of gives a kind of weather forecast not the
Climate Change: World-Making through telling of a fortune but rather the rough feeling
of what the future might be like. The intention

in this book is to consider some of these This book examines dystopian fictions recent
bygone forecasts made by SF and to use this paradigm shift towards urban dystopias. It
as a prism through which to view current links the dystopian tradition with the literary
developments in science and technology. In history of the novel, spatio-philosophical
each of the ten main chapters - dealing in turn concepts against the backdrop of the spatial
with antigravity, space travel, aliens, time turn, and systems-theory. Five dystopian
travel, the nature of reality, invisibility, robots, novels are discussed in great detail: China
means of transportation, augmentation of the Mivilles Perdido Street Station (2000)
human body, and, last but not least, mad and The City & The City (2009), City of
scientists - common assumptions once made Bohane (2011) by Kevin Barry, John
by the SF community about how the future Bergers Lilac and Flag (1992), and Divided
would turn out are compared with our modern Kingdom (2005) by Rupert Thomson. The book
understanding of various scientific phenomena includes chapters on the literary history of the
and, in some cases, with the industrial scaling dystopian tradition, the referential interplay of
of computational and technological maps and literature, urban spaces in literature,
breakthroughs. borders and transgressions, and on systems-
theory as a tool for charting dystopian fiction.
WEINSTOCK, Jeffrey Andrew (ed.), The The result is a detailed overview of how
Cambridge Companion to American Gothic, dystopian fiction constantly adapts to and
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017, reflects on the actual world.
268 pages.
ZARATE RUIZ, Francisco, Cuentos de horror
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Science Fiction, Edinburgh, Edinburgh estudio y antologia, Binges, Ed. Orbis
University Press, 2017, 224 pages. Tertius, 2017, 305 pages.
One of the reasons that speculative
materialism challenges anthropomorphism is
that a human-centred approach to the
environment is leading to ecological collapse.
Therefore, when non-human things are taken
to be as equally valid objects of investigation ALEFELD, Yvonne-Patricia, E. T. A. Hoffmann,
as humans, a more responsible and truthful Marburg, Tectum Verlag, 2017, 241 pages.
view of the world takes place. Brian Willems
draws on the science fiction of Cormac ALLART, Patrice, Psychose Arkham: les
McCarthy, Paolo Bacigalupi, Neil Gaiman, China itinraires de Robert Bloch et Ramsey
Mieville, Doris Lessing and Kim Stanley Campbell, Paris, L'Oeil du Sphinx, (La
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including Graham Harman, Quentin Meillassoux pages.
and Jane Bennett.
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WOLF, Mark (ed.), The Routledge Compa- Jean Ray & Lovecraft, Paris, L'Oeil du
nion to Imaginary Worlds, New York, Sphinx, (La Bibliothque d'Abdul Alhazred),
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This companion provides a definitive and
cutting-edge guide to the study of imaginary BONNAL, Nicolas, Le Salut par Tolkien:
and virtual worlds across a range of media, eschatologie occidentale et ressour-
including literature, television, film, and games. cement littraire, Lucan (Irlande), Avatar
From the Star Trek universe, Thomas Mores ditions, (Les Inactuels), 2016, 256 pages.
classic Utopia, and J. R. R. Tolkiens Arda, to
elaborate, user-created game worlds ANDRE-DRIUSSI, Michael, Roadside Picnic
like Minecraft, contributors present Revisited; Seven Articles on the Soviet
interdisciplinary perspectives on authorship, Novel That Inspired the Film Stalker,
world structure/design, and narrative. Albany (CA), Sirius Fiction, 2017, 56 pages.

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la sauvagerie la civilisation, les identits se
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Comment est ne la srie la plus culte des
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Education in Doctor Who (Aven McMaster and prend possession de son propre univers,
Mark Sundaram) jusqu la folie parfois. Il y attire un amant,
Remixing the Imperial Past: Doctor Who, une matresse, des ami(e)s dans une aventure
British Slavery and the White Saviors Burden interminable et frquemment fatale. Les
(Susana Loza) miroirs contribuent galement lapparition
Part 2. Historical Drama: Genre and dun personnage dans le rcit amplifiant
Conventions linquitude ou le dsir son gard. Enfin, les
Doctor, Go Roman: "The Romans," Emperor miroirs trompent et amusent
Nero and Historical Comedy in Doctor Who Le livre propose de nombreux exemples de
(Carey Fleiner) facties mimtiques en cinma, emprunts aux
History as Genre, Aesthetic and Context in "The plus grands auteurs classiques et modernes :
Gunfighters" (Ramie Tateishi) Hitchcock, Visconti, Godard, Welles, Dreyer,
A Rude Awakening: Metafiction in Eric Pringles Kubrick, Duras, Truffaut, Fassbinder, Chantal
"The Awakening" Akerman et, Narcisse entre tous, Cocteau ! Les
(Andrew -ODay) miroirs comme prtextes danalyse des films?
Part 3. Historical Constructions /Recons- On ne saurait mieux dire alors que tout film en
tructions reflte dautres, linfini.
Playing with History: Terrance Dicks, Fans and
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K. Harmes) Brian A. Pavlac
Part 4. History and Identity Part I Kings, Queens, Knights, and Strategy
1 High and Mighty Queens of Westeros

Kavita Mudan Finn another. Thats why author Jim Papandrea
2 A Machiavellian Discourse on Game of turned to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix,
Thrones : Jacopo della Quercia Terminator, Spider-Man, Batman, Dr. Who, and
3 Chivalry in Westeros half-a-dozen other modern shows, discovering
Steven Muhlberger in each one powerful images of Christ and
4 Of Kings, Their Battles, and Castles salvation.
Brian A. Pavlac
Part II Slaves, Barbarians, and Other Others PETERSON, Phillip P., 250 Science-Fiction
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: Brian de Ruiter
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Part III Women and Children 123
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Childhood in Game of Thrones THEATRE OF BLOOD (1973) Directed by
Helle Strandgaard Jensen and Magnus Douglas Hickox. It is notoriously difficult to mix
Qvistgaard Comedy and Horror. Rare are the examples
11 Writing the Rules of Their Own Game: where one element does not overpower the
Medieval Female Agency and Game of Thrones other: BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE
12 The Power of Sansa Stark: A Representation But perhaps no film gets it so spectacularly
of Female Agency in Late Medieval England : right as THEATRE OF BLOOD, and perhaps no
Danielle Alesi actor has ever embodied the twin masks of
Part IV Religion Comedy and Tragedy so perfectly as Vincent
13 Continuity and Transformation in the Price in what is, arguably, his finest role.
Religions of Westeros and Western Europe
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Westeros and in Western Civilization : Kris
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Part V The Background tiques : le dmonzmerveille. Dans les
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Giacomo Giudici
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19 Setting up Westeros: The Medievalesque In the long-awaited American Gothic Jonathan
World of Game of Thrones Rigby tells the story of the Hollywood horror
Gillian Polack film from its 19th-century beginnings through
to the arrival of Vincent Price as a genre star in
PAPANDREA, James L., From Star Wars to films like House of Wax and The Fly. This 60-
Superman: Christ Figures in Science year period encompasses the shadowy
Fiction and Superhero Films, Bedford (NH), nightmares of the silent era, the breakthrough
Sophia Institute Press, 2017. hits produced by Universal, Warner Bros and
When cultures such as ours toss Jesus out one M-G-M in the early days of talkies, the
door, He comes in albeit disguised through thoughtful RKO chillers of the 1940s and the

post-war boom in lurid science-fiction shockers. From Slavery to Sex: Commodifying Romance
Out of print for more than ten years, American in the Zombie Film (Jennifer Huss Basquiat)
Gothic has been extensively revised and Nobody Wants to Be -Un-Anything: Pushing
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the first time. Undead (Scott Rogers)
The Idea of Love and the Reality of Deadgirl
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McFarland, 2017, 269 pages. Jackson)
More than 400 films and 150 television series Uncanny Valley Romance: Warm Bodies, Her
have featured time travelstories of rewriting and the Bits
history, lovers separated by centuries, journeys and Bytes of Affection (Paul Muhlhauser and
to the past or the (often dystopian) future. This Jack D. Arnal)
book examines some of the roles time travel Zombies Want Serious Commitment: The
plays on screen in science fiction and fantasy. Dread of Liquid Modernity in Life After Beth,
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2017, 251 pages. (Jennifer Rachel Dutch)
Horror films have for decades commanded The Zombie Apocalypse as Hospice Care:
major global audiences, tapping into deep- Maggie and the Zombie Turn as Cipher for
rooted fears that cross national and cultural Terminal Illness (William A. Lindenmuth)
boundaries in their ability to spark terror. This Disaster Utopia and Survival Euphoria:
book brings together a group of scholars to (A)Sexuality in the Zombie (Post) Apocalypse
explore the ways that this fear is utilized and (George J. Sieg)
played upon by a wide range of filmmakers.
Contributors take up such major figures as STEVEN, Mark, Splatter Capital: The
Guillermo del Toro, Lars Von Trier, and David Political Economy of Gore Films,
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Franklin, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Juan Lpez
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pages. New York City, 1976. Newspaper ads dare the
Foreword by Kyle William Bishop 1 denizens of Times Square to see a morbid
Introduction: Kissing Corpses and Significant movie called The Incredible Torture Show. The
"Others": film is yanked from theatres. Years later it is
Facing Our Obsession with Apocalyptic Love retitled Blood Sucking Freaks and hits pay dirt,
(Ashley Szanter and Jessica K. Richards) becoming a perverse cult classic. Its writer and
director is Joel M. Reed. Like his films, the life

of Joel M. Reed is a crazy cocktail of New York TRIOLLET, Christophe (rid.), Darkness,
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grindhouses of the 1970s.
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and TV), 2016, 141 pages important territory neglected by the film-
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TRIBE, Steve, Doctor Who: A Brief History directors Hershell Gordon Lewis, Russ
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Le cinma gore, c'est grave ? (Christophe biographies, genre overviews, filmographies,
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reprsentation son institutionnalisation personalities, lists of recommended films,
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salon (Benjamin Campion) /// Le gore Hollywood's Pre-Code Horrors 1931-1934
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pass comme cran (Yohann Chanoir) /// Fulci, horror market, to The Black Cat (1934), the
le gore et la censure (Lionel Grenier) /// De last chiller released before the strengthening of
l'influence d'Akira Kurosawa sur le cinma the Code. Each film is thoroughly analyzed, not
sanglant (Eric Peretti) /// L'pope Sushi only in its insinuations and/or portrayals of sex
Typhoon. Sexe, gore et humour potache and violence, but in the context of the era in
(Sbastien Lecocq) /// Lucifer Valentine. which it was made and the reactions of critics
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Paul Verhoeven. Goor, vous avez dit goor ?
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vampires (Alan Deprez) /// Snuff movies, Organized by genre, including comedy, horror,
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Torture porn, jusqu'au bout de l'horreur offers 300 reviews of genre films from all over
(Christophe Triollet) /// Violence au cinma the world, 160 photos, and exclusive interviews
(Christophe Triollet) /// Violence et cinma and quotes from the people behind some of the
(Jean-Baptiste Guegan) /// Violence et most offbeat films ever made. Alongside this
chtiment. La justice par la mort (Lionel Trelis) curated list of viewing recommendations,
/// La violence est parmi nous (Christophe longtime fans and new comers to strange
Triollet) /// Mimtisme et confusion (Lionel cinema gain bits of fun and informative trivia.
Trelis) /// Franche-Chine. Violence, cinma et For example, David Caruso's film debut was
censure (Jean-Baptiste Guegan) /// Conflits de Without Warning (1980), a carefree trip into
gnration, suicide et ultra violence. Tabous the woods thwarted by killer flying alien discs.
cinmatographiques d'une jeunesse sacrifie Lurking in these so-bad-they're-good-films,
(Sbastien Lecocq) /// Les films X violence. you'll find other familiar actors like David
Une censure mconnue du cinma franais Carradine, James Brolin, Martin Landau, and
(Albert Montagne) /// L'affaire du film Martyrs Ryan Gosling in films like Death Race 2,000
(Christophe Triollet) /// Les revues interdites (1975), The Car (1977), The Being (1983), and
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The popular and critical successes of films
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1990s led to an impressive international
explosion of scary films dealing with ghosts.
This book takes a close look at a number of
those films from different countries, including
the United States, Japan, South Korea, Spain,
and Great Britain. Making a crucial distinction
between these atmospheric films and
conventional horror, Michael Walker argues
that they are most productively seen as ghost
melodramas, which opens them up to a
powerful range of analytic tools from the study
of melodrama, including, crucially, psycho-

WEAVER, Tom, with David SCHECTER, Robert

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488 pages.
fiction movies of 19511955. Standing as a
This biographical encyclopedia covers every
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John Brunass Universal Horrors (Second
Western series on American television from
Edition, 2007), it covers eight films: The
1960 through 1975, with analyses of key
Strange Door, The Black Castle, It Came from
players. The entries provide birth and death
Outer Space, Creature from the Black Lagoon,
dates, family information, and accounts of each
This Island Earth, Revenge of the Creature,
players career, with a cross-referenced
Cult of the Cobra and Tarantula. Each receives
a richly detailed critical analysis, day-by-day
An appendix gives details about all Western
production history, interviews with filmmakers,
series, network or syndicated, 19601975. The
release information, an essay on the score, and
book is fully indexed.
many photographs, including rare behind-the-
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figure in American popular culture, from his
277 pages. Foreword by Stacie Ponder.
1933 premier as a radio serial hero through a
This in-depth study examines the youth
highly-rated television series (19491957) to a
subculture, history and politics of the era,
2013 feature film. Created by script writer Fran
focusing on such films as Buffy the Vampire
Striker and radio station owner George W.
Slayer (1992), Scream (1996), I Know What
Trendle, the character was meant to embody
You Did Last Summer (1997), Idle
courage, fair play and honesty, and writers had
Hands (1999) and Cherry Falls (2000).
to adhere to specific guidelines.
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Introduction Preface 1
1: The Quiet Man Gets Noisy: Sergio Leone, Introduction 3
the Italian Western and Ireland, Christopher Performing the Iconic West: Wild West Shows
Frayling (Cynthia J. Miller)
Section I: Trans-Genre Roots Buckskin Fringe and Cavalier Culture in the
2: Pietro Germi, Hybridity and the Roots of the Hollywood Western (Sue Matheson)
Italo-Western, Pasquale Iannone The Urbanized West of Cecil B. DeMille (David
3: Malaysian Pirates, American Cowboys, and Blanke)
the Marginalised Outlaw: Constructing Other-ed "They taught us to be men": Cigarettes,
Adventurers in Italian Film, Aliza S. Wong Westerns and (Mostly) John Ford (Richmond B.
Section II: Ethnic Identities, Transnational Adams)
Politics The Good Bounty Hunter: Steve McQueen in
4: Spectacles of Insurgency: Witnessing the Wanted: Dead or Alive (Kelly C. MacPhail)
Revolution as Incoherent Text, David Hyman Racialized Markers of Gender and Gendered
and Patrick Wynne Markers of Race in 1950s Westerns (Deborah L.
5: Emancipation all 'Italiana: Giuseppe Colizzi -Kitchen-Doderlein)
and the Representation of African Americans in "Mister, this is cattle country": Livestock and
Italian Westerns, Lee Broughton Gender in Western Films (Jim Daems)
6: Corbucci Unchained: Miike, Tarantino and Ride Em Cowboy: Equine Representations in
the Postmodern Discursivity of Exploitation the Western (Stella Hockenhull)
Cinema, Mikel J. Koven Horses for Ladies, -High-Ridin Women and
Section III: Asian Crossovers Whores (Maria Cecilia de Miranda N. Coelho)
7: Bounty Hunters, Yakuzas and Ronins: The Sexual Signification of the Gun in Western
Intercultural Transformations between the Film (Fran -Pheasant-Kelly)
Italian Western and the Japanese Swordfight Rifles and Things in Winchester 73 (Katherine
Film in the 1960s, Thomas Klein A. Johnson)
8: Spaghetti Westerns and Asian Cinema: The Cowboy Brew: Coffee and Conflict in the
Perspectives on Global Cultural Flows, Ivo Westerns of Budd Boetticher, Jr. (Christopher
Ritzer Minz)
9: Cowboys and Indians: Transnational Cowboy Accommodations: Plotting the Hotel in
Borrowings in the Indian Masala Western, Iain Western Film and Television (Monica
Robert Smith Montelongo Flores)
Section IV: Routes of Relocation, Transition When Worlds Collide: Town and Country,
and Appropriation -Mise-en-Scene in Have Gun, Will Travel
10: For a Few Comic Strips More: (Robert E. Meyer)
Reinterpreting the Spaghetti Western through Executioner, Judge and Priest: The Desert
the Comic Book, William Grady Sublime in Westerns (Helen M. Lewis)
11: Transit to East Germany: the Distribution Machines in the Garden: Technology and the
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in the German Democratic Republic, Rosemary "Dynamite blows two ways": Dynamite in
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12: Spaghetti Westerns and the 'Afterlife' of a Trippy Pictures: Iconicizing the American Acid
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Its a cinematic image as familiar as John western va devenir un sujet de recherches, et
Waynes face: a wagon train circling as a parfois dironie pour les artistes contemporains
defensive maneuver against Indian attacks. et les cinastes. Bien que le western noccupe
This book examines actual and fictional wagon- plus une place dominante dans l'imaginaire
train battles and compares them for realism. It populaire, il continue de faonner notre culture.
also describes how fledgling Hollywood Dans les mdias populaires, certaines
portrayed the concept of westward migration personnalits politiques sont traites de cow-
but, as the evolving industry became more boys , et Internet est devenue la Nouvelle
accurate in historical detail, how filmmakers Frontire. Pendant ce temps, des ralisateurs
then lost sight of the big picture. [Sommaire de westerns contemporains comme Quentin
dtaill sur le site de l'diteur. Rdition: 2009] Tarantino (Django Unchained, 2012), Ang Lee
(Brokeback Mountain, 2005) ou Joel et Ethan
MUELLER, Stefanie, Christa BUSCENDORF & Coen (True Grit, 2010 et No Country for Old
Katja SAKOWSKY (eds.), Violence and Open Men, 2007) trouvent de nouvelles faons de
Spaces: The Subversion of Boundaries and remettre en question les vieilles notions de
the Transformation of the Western Genre, race, de genre et de sexualit. Paralllement,
Heidelberg, Winter Verlag, (American Studies), certains artistes amrindiens apportent des
2017, 203 pages. rponses fortes aux rles strotyps dans
Sommaire dtaill sur le site de l'diteur. lesquels on les enfermait souvent. Enfin, les
The classic Western film is characterized by the thmes abords dans ce livre trouvent des
tension of open and enclosed spaces as well as chos directs dans les dbats actuels sur la
by the lone heros exposure to the vastness of violence des armes, les rles sexuels
both tempting and dangerous spaces. John traditionnels et les relations raciales en
Fords cinematography in particular has Amrique.
contributed to a specific spatial iconography
that is premised on this tension and that TETRO, Michele & Stefano DI MARINO (dir.),
survives, albeit transformed, in contemporary Guida al cinema western, Bologna, Odoya,
(Neo-) Western films. While scholars of the (Odoya Library), 2016, 671 pages.
Western genre have long acknowledged a
connection between space and violence WHEELER, Denise Deutsche Indianer: eine
beginning with Frederick Jackson Turners kleine Kulturgeschichte ber Freiheit,
famous description of the Western frontier Blusbrder und letzte Mohikaner,
the essays in this collection provide a fresh Vergangenheitsverlag, 2016, 200 pages.
perspective. Es will dem Phnomen der deutschen
Indianerbegeisterung, die vor fast 200 Jahren
SCAPPOLA, Francangelo, La leggenda del mit dem Erscheinen von James F. Coopers "Der
western. Da John Ford a Quentin letzte Mohikaner" ihren Anfang nahm,
Tarantino, Genova, Il Nuovo Melangolo, 2016, geschichtlich auf die Spur kommen. Dabei geht
237 pages. es um Fragen wie: Warum gibt es das Gefhl
der Verwandtschaft ausgerechnet mit den
SMITH, Thomas Brent & Mary-Dailey Indianern und nicht mit einem anderen
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Western: A New Frontier in Art and Film, populrsten Indianer? Welche Rolle spielte Karl
Milano, 5 Continents, 2017, 304 pages. May und wie ging man mit seinem Erbe in Ost-
Retraant lvolution du genre depuis les und Westdeutschland um?
premiers westerns et jusqu leurs derniers
avatars, en passant par les westerns classiques
de John Ford et le super-western de
l'aprs-guerre, l'exposition met en vidence le
dialogue qui sest nou entre le film et les
beaux-arts, les faits et la fiction. Dans les
annes 1960, le western a t radicalement
transform par le ralisateur italien Sergio
Leone, le titre de lexposition tant lui-mme
un clin dil lun de ses films. En s'appuyant
sur les thmes centraux du genre pour mieux
les bousculer, Leone rend hommage au
western et, dans le mme temps, le
dconstruit. partir de cette poque, le

Six: Representing Hajji: This Generations
RCITS DE Enemy "Other"

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pages. Miniver, Sergeant York, They Were Expendable,
Looking closely at films such as All Quiet on the and many othersDonald illustrates how
Western Front, Full Metal Jacket, and The Hurt various propaganda techniques aligned the
Locker, Binns reveals the commonalities in nations entertainment with government aims.
Hollywood films despite the distinct conflicts
and eras they represent, and he shows how FRICK, Werner & Gnter SCHNITZLER (dir.),
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Introduction: The Resilience of Racist
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Abramss FOBBIT

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guerre civile espagnole: du mythe la pages.
mmoire, Paris, ditions hispaniques, (Histoire La Chose de Waterloo : lexpression
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Cet ouvrage retrace 70 ans de production quil y a qualifier la bataille du 18 juin 1815.
d'images et de rcits de guerre, tels qu'ils sont Quest-elle devenue au fur et mesure de ses
apparus dans le cinma, de la propagande de incessantes vocations depuis deux cents ans
choc ne au plus fort du conflit, jusqu'aux dans les textes les plus divers (livres dhistoire,
documentaires et reportages rtrospectifs, Mmoires, roman, posie, thtre) ?

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des romances rotiques, et qui devrait
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Les romances rotiques se suivent et se
ressemblent : la femme et l'homme rpondent
des strotypes triqus, leurs interactions
sont autant simplistes que convenues et le
dsir fminin doit se cantonner quelques
clichs hyper rducteurs.
Camille Emmanuelle, qui a crit sous pseudo
une douzaine de romances rotiques, nous
ouvre les portes de ce genre littraire qui,
force de favoriser une sexualit normalise,
ATTIMONELLI, Claudia & Vincenzo SUSCA, devient un obstacle une relle libration
Pornoculture: voyage au bout de la chair, sexuelle de la femme. Avec la verve qui la
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qu'on veut, encore, faire jouer l'homme et
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Nouveau Monde ditions, 2017, 538 pages. age of Swedish pornography in the 1970s, with
La sexualit l'cran est devenue a specific focus on pornographic films screened
omniprsente, mais a-t-elle cess d'tre un in Malm between 1971 and 1976. How, Mariah
tabou ? Le cinma pornographique, depuis la Larsson asks, was that one small citys
loi de 1975, reste ghettos malgr les embrace of the eras sexual liberation both
tentatives, parfois russies, de certains representative and unique in relation to the
cinastes intgrer des scnes explicites dans rest of Sweden?
des films interdits aux moins de 16 ans. A
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manire elliptique l'instar des films des
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reprsentations cinmatographiques de la
sexualit sont encore trop souvent archaques. TULLOCH, John & Belinda MIDDLEWEEK, Real
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de l'aprs-guerre jusqu' nos jours. Elle porte Oxford & New York, Oxford University Press,
une attention particulire aux films qui ont lait 2017, 376 pages.
scandale, et dont elle analyse la rception
critique, ainsi qu' quelques stars, symptmes
de l'rotisation des socits occidentales

That's All Folks !

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