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Meco Edrian C.

Winona Elise R. Bautista

Grade 11- Arts and Design

We interviewed Francine Beatriz DG. Pradez about her experience as a public speaker. Francine
is a Student Supreme Government (SSG) Officer at Dagupan City National High School and
according to her, being a public speaker is a hard thing to do as a person. And according to her,
you must do the speech before one week of a occasion, and also if you are a speaker,
nervousness should not be prioritized, if you when putting the nerves ahead, you will lose your
speech, and lastly your speech should be orderly so your audience will not be bored.

So lets took on her experience, she have only two distinct opportunities that she stood out. Her
first public speaking was she given the Welcome Address of 2nd Moving Up Day in April 7,
2017, she is our Valedictorian in Grade 10 Science Technology Engineering Program (STE). She
does not put the nerves ahead, because she does not think that she is wrong in her speech. Her
hands were fidgeting and her voice was shaky as she held on to the podium. She said, you really
cannot remove your nerves.But once I started voicing out the lines filled with memories that I
shall forever treasure, the fear and the anxious thoughts faded in the background. The world
seemed infinite, the audience a lot less frightening and the scene a picturesque moment of
triumph over my waterloo. I found my passion -- public speaking. Public speaking for me is not
just an act it is a commitment to use your voice to inspire and motivate people and to show them
the bright sides of the world. she said. And because we are with those who are moving up, it
seems that shes not losing or nervous on her speech. We inspired the speech of Francine. And
we think that other Grade 10 students also inspire our Valedictorians speech.

And her second experience as a public speaker, was during the fifth Regional Committee
Meeting of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. Where she given her opportunity to talk about her
insights, ideas and experiences in the Jamboree Denmark 2017. As a speaker, she noted that the
main thing we should all do when speaking is to make sure that you are making the audience feel
welcomed by your presence, captivate their attention and inspire them to be a better person. In
addition, speakers who in essence have a certain sense of influence through their words must
establish basic truths and deliver their message without showing any signs of fear or
nervousness. As a speaker feel the emotion bubbling within the audience, relate to them and try
to find what makes them feel good. All in all, these are what makes up a well-rounded speaker
based on her experience.

We thank Francine to opportunity to interview with her. We have learned a lot from her. We
learn that being a public speaker is really difficult but if you can do it, your audience will
appreciate your speech.