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Financial Risk Management

Subject overview
Do you want to know more about financial risk management?

We live in a volatile financial world. Global events show that the unthinkable could and does happen. To
thrive in this environment, organisations need to understand the risks that exist, their interrelationships
and how they should be managed.

Professionals Financial Risk Management course provides a valuable insight into the key sources of
financial risk, their measurement and the practical strategies used to mitigate them.

Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:
1. Define the main types of risk and discuss the effect of risk on various finance sector enterprises.
2. Explain the characteristics of market risk and discuss how it is measured.
3. Explain the characteristics of credit risk and discuss how it is measured.
4. Explain the characteristics of operational risk management and discuss how it is measured.
5. Describe the role of regulators in risk management and discuss the effects of legal/regulatory and
reputation risk on organisations.
6. Explain the role of Basel II and III in risk management.

Topic 1: Introduction to financial risk management
Topic 2: Market risk
Topic 3: Credit risk
Topic 4: Operational risk
Topic 5: Legal/regulatory risk and reputational risk
Topic 6: Basel II/III and risk management.

The workshop is two full day, (8:00am 3:00pm).

For each of the six topics, there is a multiple choice quiz containing five questions relating to that topic. The
quizzes are available online.
Quiz: Open book, multiple choice.