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Ancient Egyptian Webquest Evaluation Sheet

Area of Evaluation Does not meet Meets expectation

(0) (5)

Students identify important Students were not able to Students found detailed
details about their topic. find important information or information about their topic
did not complete information and documented it on their
sheet. information sheet.

Students can connect to why Students do not identify how Students demonstrate an
their topic is important to their topic is important to the understanding of the
Ancient Egyptian History. history of Ancient Egypt. importance of their topic and
how it contributed to society
in Ancient Egypt.
Students collaborate to Students do not participate in Students work cooperatively
complete tasks. their roles and do not work and complete all tasks with
together to complete the detailed information from the
task. resources provided.

Students share most Students do not share details Students share specific details
important information to about their topic with the about their topic from the
their class members and class. resources and show that they
show that they are became experts on the topic
knowledgeable about their they learned about.

Groups Total: /20